Truth always comes out in the end: economic crises spur war talk

The Government reported its “advance” estimate of first quarter 2017 GDP today. The data-monkeys at the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported that the economy grew at just 0.7% annualized in Q1. This is down from the alleged 2.1% annualized growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2016. It was also 36% below the 1.1% forecast of the average Wall Street monkey economist.–Rory Hall and Dave Kranzler, April 28, 2017

The train is slowing, like to a crawl. Which means bad news for Trump’s administration. But au contraire, mon ami. That is precisely what the banksters wanted. Someone to pin the blame on other than themselves. But Trump has a political option, that is to wage politics by that other means–WAR. It distracts the lemmings and will unite the country. Americans love nothing better than war. It gives their meaningless lives some meaning other than themselves. Reasoning also exhibited by Adolf, another Rothschild stooge if not a Rothschild himself. Another way of saying Trump is no longer in control, but rather the neoconservatives are. I do think there will be a nuclear war. You pick the opening act: Syria, Iran, North Korea. Any will do since I do not believe either Russia or China can allow the U.S. to control these three critical venues. Certainly, China does not want Yankees poking around in the South China Seas and Taiwan Straits, anymore than Russia can afford to lose their only warm water port in Tartus Syria. They know, and I know, the path to Moscow goes right through the Ukraine plains. Do you really think the Chinese and Russians are going to circle the wagons and allow themselves to be set upon by hostile U.S. forces? Of the two adversaries, the Chinese have the more clever defense. They’ll let the Americans march onto their lands, but not let them out. It is the plan Hitler should have carried out against the British at Dunkirk. Well, it’s just about showtime: LIGHTS, CAMERAS, ACTION.

Dear “useless eaters”, don’t expect our dear government to warn you of the impending catastrophe. This is much more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis. Knowing that we are on the verge of nuclear war would create unnecessary panic, and we certainly don’t want that to happen. That might result in a mad rush to get out of the city. Much better for people who are about to be turned into shadows on the ground to not know their fate.  This is all about central banking, so the elites are the only ones who need or require the truth.  So yes, they are given  special briefings, like those held at the White House, for U.S. Senators.  But the elites cannot keep a secret, like the fact they’re buying up property down under in New Zealand.  Yes, the perfect spot to build a nuclear hardened bunker and wait out a world war.  Also a spot less likely to experience the effects of radioactive trade winds.


Trump’s gunboat diplomacy fated to fail; but if you make Kim lose face the war the Rothschilds want will be on.

Anyways, our so called-allies, Commie China and Russia are not exactly trustworthy partners because their own national security are at stake.

They are not stupidos that want the U.S. to set up shop next door.

Their amassing troops as I type will ultimately be used to repel us. Like get real Bro. That means we want the crazy Kim to actually attack us, for all the monetary reasons discussed previously, like the issuance of a world currency that requires all central banks get on board. So let’s see: 1) China is developing its own payments system, 2) Russia is developing its own payments system, and 3) there is no Rothschild central bank in North Korea, Syria, Libya, Iraq or any other country we now find it necessary to attack.

Indeed, in Libya Moammar Kadhafi wanted to use the gold dinar as payment for oil, Saddam Hussein the euro, and now Iran also wants to use gold as payment for oil. Why the Rothschilds not only don’t like countries without central banks, but also detest people who see gold as money. No coincidence here to also learn that the Federal Reserve has been intervening into the gold market to suppress its price by lending gold forward to bullion banks who then sell the gold into the market, i.e., suppressing its price, and then buying bonds that increase their price and lower rates.

In fact, Deutsche Bank has already settled lawsuits that alleged they manipulated gold and silver prices. Again to prevent us, meaning the United States, from becoming a true banana republic with a peso currency, we must stop all three countries in and around the Korean peninsula, since the Rothschilds backed our currency with oil.

The only thing now that backs the value of our currency is of course gunboat diplomacy. However, by not controlling the price of oil during the Bush administration, the Russians benefited from high oil prices to restore their military. What we basically have here is Sitting Bull and Geronimo saying they’ll help the Long Knives reign in Kim, knowing full well they’re dealing with people who speak with “forked tongue”. Hence when push comes to shove, they’ll join Kim at the Little Bighorn or 38th parallel (armed with repeating rifles or ballistic missiles) to teach Custer Trump an important lesson. With one crucial proviso: the Rothschilds want Trump to lose face. That is what will really make World War III or War in Our Time. Somehow you knew this was how it was goin’ to end from the moment we took our first Indian scalp. A bunch of tribes ganging up on us. Just as Custer had his Pawnee scouts we will have our South Korean and Japanese allies. Let’s just make sure we attack the hostiles with the sun at our backs like the Son of the Morningstar.

By the way, Russia’s Ministry of Defense has announced that with China they have agreed to their primary targets in the event of war with the United States. I say, Seattle-San Francisco-Los Angeles will be among the first to go. Hey, if you’re like me, you’ve probably forgotten all about the immigration problem and the vaunted wall. It’s not goin’ to matter. Look at it this way. If our Korean escapade sours, Trump will have accomplished something, like eliminating the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Quote of the day . . .

He [i.e., Trump] now appears to be little more than a traditional Republican with more than a little dash of Kardashian sleaze in him, a boorish reality-TV star reading from a

    neocon script

that could have been written for many of his GOP rivals, except he delivers his lines with worse grammar and a limited vocabulary, favoring imprecise words such as “beautiful” and “sad.”. . Trump has put his tail between his legs and become a housebroken dog to neocon dogma. He also licks the hand of Israel and Saudi Arabia as he and his team keep repeating the favorite Israeli-Saudi mantra that “Iran is the principal sponsor of terrorism.”–Robert Parry, April 25, 2017

No change or revolution, that is sure. But observable actions that expose the real underlying moral order as nothing more than genuflection to the banksters. Like Donald Trump’s new claim he is both a nationalist and globalist. Really? Who can say? If you flip once you could flip again ad infinitum. Meaning there really is nothing to believe when it comes to his discourse.

Trump’s Pacific Pivot . . .

Having just about flip-flopped 180 degrees on his foreign policy pledge, and become a neoconservative and follower of Barack Obama, Mr. Trump now wants a war in Korea to justify U.S. military presence in East Asia.   Again, Russia and China were not born yesterday.  If its transparent to this writer that Trump has taken over Obama’s policies, then it also clear to Xi and Putin what the U.S. is after.  That is, a beachhead  on the Korean peninsula, the equivalent of Russia camping out on the Mexican border.  No, I do not think the Russkies and Chinese are dumb enough to allow that.  What you do, is what Sitting Bull did at the Little Bighorn.  You invite the Custer wannabes to chase you over the horizon, and then bring a million or so Chinese troops to bear on the invaders.  Trump violates MacArthur’s advice to never engage in a land war in Asia.  Korea is nothing but a honey pot of the Khazarian Mafia banksters, and most likely their agent Jared Kushner.  Or perhaps Putin’s trap to lure the desperate Americans into another Vietnam, as Zbig lured the Russkies into Afghanistan.   Hahaha.  What goes around always comes around sooner or later.  To this writer, though, Korea looks like an opportunity to create a quagmire for Americans like the Seminole Wars, which also tied down a populist president in Andrew Jackson.  History is clear: Americans do not win guerrilla wars.  They never defeated Osceola, Geronimo, Vo Nguyen Giap or any other guerrilla resistance.  In fact, neither North Korea nor the U.S. ever signed a peace treaty for the Korean War.  In fact, we still haven’t brought the Taliban to heel in Afghanistan.  When it comes to fighting the barbarians, the Americans record is spotty at best.   It results from a lack of knowing what one is fighting for thousands of miles from home territory, while our opponents see it as a conflict of national liberation.  They are in for the long haul, while we need a quick and dirty war to sustain home front support.  Hence, expect this time around nuclear weapons to be used—on both sides.

From Venezuela to France, socialism is failing all over the world . . .

Third Internationale

Yet is wanted by Democrats in U.S.  Go figure.  But it doesn’t compute for this observer.  Venezuela, a rich country mind you with large oil reserves, cannot even feed its people.  France’s social democracy has also been an utter failure with socialist Francois Hollande so unpopular he did not even bother running for re-election.  Despite these setbacks, American Libtards continue their push for socialism oblivious to the fact their policies under Obama have undermined America’s economy.  And when the public rises up against this economic debasement, the so called leftists seek to deny its voice with thuggery and coercion.  So we can clearly see there is not a dime’s worth of difference between socialism (i.e., national socialism) and fascism.  America has not been taken over by leftists, but rather by hard-core fascists who have to impose their will through force and violence.  Both Democrats and Republicans, being globalists, Bilderberger sycophants are in truth Nazis in the vein of Bilderberg’s founder, Prince Bernhard von Lippe, a onetime Schutzstaffel captain  under Heinrich Himmler (the real brains behind the Holocaust).  The modus operandi of such people is to masquerade as their opposite.  As for example, how Donald J. Trump attempted to masquerade as a nationalist, when he was just a neoconservative in drag.  Now discredited since he bombed Syria, and now provokes North Korea to provide a pretext for a general World War.  Didn’t he say on the campaign trail he would curb U.S. military adventurism.  That he wouldn’t do what Hillary and the U.S. establishment did in Iraq?  Yes, he said all those things, but that is the type of prevarication that constitutes the identifying detail of a Nazis.  This is because since Carl Schmitt, fascists have understood that the easiest means of undermining democracy is simply to lie.  Why also the Nazis believed democracy could be destroyed and circumvented using precisely distorted communication, well like Barack Obama—the archetype of a fascist or prevaricator—and now Donald J. Trump. Yes, FREE SPEECH stands in the way of any form of fascism and must be eliminated at all cost. Even at the expense of the institution where it was founded in the U.S.

Donald now the new globalist . . . but what the public wants is revenge, so he’ll do just fine — thank you.

If indeed Le Pen is defeated, it may show that the corrupt, plutocratic, anti-Christian, anti-national pseudo-elites have found the formula to ensure their perpetuation in power, for a while anyway. That, however, will do nothing to address the political, economic, demographic, and above all spiritual crises that characterize their misrule. It means only that they have beat back orderly and peaceful attempts by decent citizens to change course before it’s too late. If that turns out to be the case, it will only mean that the collapse, when it comes, will be all the more terrible.– Zero Hedge, April 28, 2017

Yes, The Donald has flipped to being just another globalist. That is, he listens to Jared Kushner, and not Steven Bannon. But I do believe a real world exists apart from manufactured perceptions. And that world order is declining economically quickly. We have reached debt saturation once again, and like 2008, people are tapped out because real wages, those adjusted for inflation, are not growing but contracting, economic activity is simply slowing to a crawl. This is why there is war talk once again. Economic crisis is hovering over the elites like the Sword of Damocles. Why they now also face political crises in Marine Le Pen, Donald J. Trump, and Brexit. Their rule is being rejected; they are despised, and the public wants their pound of flesh for what they have done. In short working people want revenge, and some guy like The Donald is just fine as long as he extracts that revenge upon Mexicans, building a wall, or even the Khazarian Mafia banksters. Yes anti-Semitic attacks are rising precisely because the strategy of today is exactly the same as pre-1933 Germany. The elites have unleashed daffy socialism upon Protestants, as they also attempted to do in Germany, and it has been rejected as a foreign body demanding an immune response. And anyone who harbors the disease of socialism will also be rejected by Americans. The top Illuminati know this. It is the path to creating civil war, followed by World War III. I reiterate the BIG KABOOM remains right on schedule. Having said that, the conflict between labor and capital is not primary, but secondary to actual ethnic discord. Because economic systems are mere predilections of religions or if you like, elective-affinity. So what are proclaimed to be ideological differences, are in truth religious differences and cannot be ameliorated with talk or discourse, since they are different value systems.

Dear readers,

Trump’s tax cuts will never happen. The economy is deteriorating much too quickly. The last GDP of 0.7% percent was telling. That along with the possible election of Marine Le Pen in France say the globalists are in deep deep trouble. When the globalists are in trouble, they start a war hoping for a reset of Bretton Woods with China elevated to top dog. That means the current top dog, the United States, is going to go down with of course the help of Rothschild banking interests. That’s at least what they think. The Iskra here will be a Le Pen victory. That should trigger World War III, provide cover for the banksters, and remove the main impediment to the New World Order–THE UNITED STATES. Enslavement to a new slavery or serfdom is just around the corner when the radioactive dust settles. If you’re a suvivalist, good luck. Since I’m on the Left Coast, I believe it will be sacrificed in any nuclear exchange. Why I believe defense contractors have been abandoning the West Coast in droves for the last several decades. Nothing just happens except for the lemmings. Fairy tales do come true when they happen to you. And if Le Pen doesn’t win, well as Roseanne Roseannadanna would say, “Never Mind”.