The Glow Worm State

San Francisco radiation . . .

Four times greater than background radiation.  Contamination has arrived on the West Coast.  Yet does the government warn residents?  NOOOOOOOOO.  Oh well, the Golden State is now the Glow Worm State.  The Japanese have lost all confidence in their government.  How long before Californians begin asking questions?  When thyroid cancer from iodine-131 picks up.  Historically this occurs amongst children first whose developing thyroid glands are vulnerable to radioactivity. 

There is no safe level of radioactivity, especially when it enters the food chain.  There is a qualitative difference between external exposure and ingesting radioactive particles.  Akin, as I’ve noted, to standing by a warm fire and ingesting hot coals.



The new master race . . . Quote of the day

Israel has become an apartheid state, where our children carry out war crimes on our behalf; where (in a sickening twist of history) the Jews have become a master race – the Palestinian – has no rights, no identity.—Zeev Smilansky, Dec. 27, 2013

Israel is a Nazi colony.  It is in fact, as the above quote indicates, following in the footsteps of the Teutons. 

That is, the Baltic Crusades (12th-16th centuries) that ran roughshod over the Slavs until around 1410 and the historic battle at Tannenberg, in which Polish lands were liberated from Teuton control.  In fact, some of the earliest reservations of Slavs was to be found east of the Elbe River. 

Today that heritage is simply being used to run roughshod over the Palestinians.  Never forget many of the so called Zionists were born Germans.  However, what’s important is that millenniums of conquest turned the German people into racists, as the four hundred year march across America and decimation of Native Americans  turned our country into a racist state.

In fact that heritage of conquest continues to this very day under various ruses. 

It is sort of like a Stockholm Syndrome where the conquered identified with their conquerors, at least the idea of domination.  I might add that most Jews originated in Poland and not Germany.

In other words, you become that which you hate.  A very Hegelian notion.

Power considerations


. . . speculators are using record amounts of borrowed money to speculate in equities, with NYSE margin debt now close to 2.5% of GDP. This is a level seen only twice in history, briefly at the 2000 and 2007 market peaks. Margin debt is now at an amount equal to 26% of all commercial and industrial loans in the U.S. banking system. Meanwhile, we are again hearing chatter that the Federal Reserve has placed a “put option” or a “floor” under the stock market.—Zero Hedge, December 26, 2013

This time around it’s never different.  The above speculation is a hallmark of approaching crashes.  For example, this is what we saw in 2007.  Will the Fed be able to reflate the economy after the next crash? 

No, I don’t think so.  If it attempts to, the sovereign debt bubble will be the last bubble to pop after which I would not be surprised to see the breakup of the United States into regions.  Commie California will be the first banana republic of the gringos. 

From there, then a hundred year secular decline into Third World status.   As I’ve asserted, nowhere have Catholic countries been able to maintain development, by which I mean sustained growth in per capita income. 

And the strategy is to become Catholic to maintain power, not to maintain development.

More malarkey

Why you should care about 9/11?


The woman in this gaping hole of the World Trade Center North Tower is Edna Cintron.  Now supposedly according to NIST this area where Ms. Cintron is standing and waving for assistance was too hot for a human.  After all, the official story is that the tower collapsed because the structural steel supports melted from the heat of the subsequent fire of jet fuel.  Again as you can clearly see, there was no smoke or fire surrounding Ms. Cintron.


In other words, the official story by the U.S. government is a bunch of malarkey.  Ms. Cintron was sacrificed for some untoward end yet to be investigated.  She and the other 2996 lives lost on 9/11 deserve justice and their day in court.  There is no statute of limitation on mass murder.

See the below video of Danny Jowenko explaining why WTC7 was definitely a controlled demolition—by professionals. And if that building was a controlled demolition, there is a high probability the whole loaf of baloney is suspect.

Ms. Cintron worked for Marsh & Mclennan on the 98th floor of the North Tower.  This was a company headed up by Jeffrey Greenberg, the son of Maurice Greenberg who held the paper to the World Trade Center Towers.  And no Jeffrey Greenberg did not die on September 11, 2001.  He apparently went into Marsh & McLennan’s midtown headquarters that day.  How fortuitous?

What makes the Fed smarter than markets?

Something has to give . . .

You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.  Housing rates are rising in response to expansion of the money supply, but if you turn off the spigot the stock market is going to crash.  This is what happens when you intervene and distort markets for political reasons, as the Federal Reserve has done.

The claim is that the Fed should set rates as opposed to allowing the market to do its job.  Instead of the markets ending the bubbles, the Fed extends them making the inevitable adjustment just that much more extreme.  This is what happened in 2008. 

Today we have the biggest bubble in financial history, a quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble.  Why the Fed is having a hard time tapering their money printing.  Recall back in 2008, the Fed was trying to make it sound like it was a subprime problem, but the audit of the Fed showed otherwise.  The subprime mess amounted to about a trillion dollars, while the audit showed that the Fed doled out $16.1 trillion dollars to prop up the too big to fail banks.

Money that was required to settle credit default swaps and other gambling positions by the big banks.  One or the other, the housing or stock market bubbles, figures to pop.  If you taper, stocks are likely to implode, and if you don’t mortgage rates are likely to rise in response to money supply, which is the real measure of inflation.

The idea that the Fed can set rates any better than any other politburo is pure command and control fantasy, worthy of any socialist country.  And like all other socialist countries the United States will implode. 

End of story.

Domino theory

Let’s see . . .

Congress exposes the Saudi 9/11 cover-up, and then the Gulf Cooperation Council announces they want closer ties with the Chinese.  Not only that, but the U.S. officials are reported to be hopping mad at the Israelis for selling weapon technology to the Chinese.  What next?  Britain issuing an apology for 19th century Opium Wars with the Middle Kingdom?  Nothing would surprise me as the U.S. heads south.  My prediction: a banana republic in my lifetime in the good ol’ US of A.

It is sooooo over folks.

Another takedown for the folks that say the Elders of Zion is a conspiracy theory of the Ochrana.  Yeah, but is it true?