Ha ha ha . . . WTC7 never hit by a plane comes down like this?

Only a fool would believe an explanation like NIST’s that WTC7 came down because of fires. A clear controlled demolition. LOCK THEM UP! And the best way of doing that is to vote the globalists out.


DB: stay of execution?

Rumors are flying after Barry and Angela got on the phone to discuss Deutsche Bank. The rumor being that the Department of Justice case against DB might only result in a $4-5 billion fine, as opposed to the expected $14 billion originally floated. On the rumor shares of DB rose dramatically. The globalists are indeed in trouble and they’re banding together to rescue their dodgy social movement. That is, whatever you wish to call it, but the cut in fine is nothing more than another bail-out for a too-big-to-fail bank. But no need to float rumors, let’s just wait and see.
DBAbove is an overlaid chart of Lehman Brothers (red line) and Deutsche Bank’s current trajectory. But as in the case of the too-big-to-fail American banks, bailing out the banksters leads to nothing more than moral hazard, and a far worse financial mess sometime in the future. Not a guess, but a certainty. Barry however like Teflon Bob will be long gone when the shit hits the fan. Now the real reason for bailing out dodgy DB is to make sure Hillary still has a chance in November. So let’s see. The entire political establishment, corporations, and banksters are aligned against Trump, but even with that Hillary still needs help like a bailout for financial criminals–IN OTHER COUNTRIES. That really exemplifies globalism, a bunch of market losers. I’m just here to tell you it won’t work. The system is going down, and having Hillary in the White House is not going to change that. As always, patriots just need to be patient, and continue to clean their weapons.

Weak truck sales a harbinger of recession

truck sales

Intuitively this should make sense. Transports have been weak which means goods are not moving and being shipped. Ergo: no need for trucks or at least new ones. Such sales declines precede a recession. Just another piece of empirical evidence that indicates this economy is in serious trouble. But for political purposes, i.e., getting Hillary elected, such news and information is censored out of the main stream media, that of course also wants Hillary elected. They also do not inform the lemmings about the impending war with Russia that the clueless Barack Obama has stumbled his way into. I’m giving our Commander in Chief the benefit of the doubt that he did not want to start WW III, and that it was a mistake. But painted into the corner by Vladimir Putin who has out strategized Obama at every turn, you either escalate to WW III or concede defeat in Syria and all hopes of removing Bashar al Assad for the banksters.

U.S. scuttles ceasefire . . . let’s bring out the big guns and kabooms

Moscow was taken aback by Washington’s reaction, it’s blatant disregard for the soldiers they killed, and its obvious determination to sabotage the ceasefire. Having reflected on Obama’s de facto rejection of the agreement, Putin pursued the only viable option left open to him; more war. As a result, he has intensified his efforts on the battlefield particularly around Aleppo where the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and crack-units from Hezbollah have launched a three-prong attack that will dispose of the US-backed jihadists that have destroyed much of Syria over the last half-decade and displaced over 7 million civilians.

Bottom line: Having foreclosed the political option for reducing the violence, the Obama administration will now face the consequences for its rejection.

The spineless Barack Obama will now have to make a decision. The Aleppo rebels (i.e., ISIS) are surrounded and will be massacred by Syrian, Hezbollah and Russian forces. Surrounded by superior forces? Is this Aleppo or the Little Bighorn. Obama can only save them by escalating his confrontation with the Russians by attempting to enforce a unilateral no-fly zone to provide the rebels some breathing room. That will, however, mean war with Russia that will never recognize any such no-fly zone. In fact, I would bet the Russians are perfectly willing to shoot down American planes attempting to enforce any such no-fly zone with the S-400 surface to air missile system in Syria. Either way, World War III is dead ahead. Get your nuclear hardened bunkers Hollywood meatheads while you can. They’re selling out fast. But here’s what you will come up to when you leave your bunker: 60 miles in all direction of wasteland. But hey, you’ll be alive. I don’t however think people will be in the mood to travel perhaps a hundred miles to take in a movie. Unless, it’s Miss Venezuela Alicia Machado. But maybe you guys can arrange a fund raiser for Hillary–ehhhhhh? Myself, I’m hoping that Susan Sarandon runs.

Alicia Machado admits to being getaway driver in a murder

I thought I heard everything. But Hillary using a gal who admits to being a getaway driver in a murder as a victim of misogyny–tops them all. Or as Ms. Machado says, “everyone has a past.” Well, yeah, but certainly one not so colorful. I love this election. My opinion is one shouldn’t excuse misogyny anymore than people who participate in murders. But I guess Hillary thinks otherwise, like misogyny is worse than murder. A true feminist.

Hillary helped launch ISIS & the migrant crisis, yet it’s Trump on the defensive because he said Rosie O’Donnell was fat. Let that sink in.

Ha ha ha. Never overestimate the American electorate. The country is really close to nuclear war with Russia, and the Americans are obsessing over Trump’s misogyny. Well, I suppose it is more important to feminists than an actual existential threat to the country. And calling Rosie or Alicia Machado fat isn’t going to trigger the latter, but I will bet the house that electing Hillary will lead to nuclear war. Vlade in fact has said it will. But more likely turning Americans into crispy critters will result from 1) the imposition of a Syria no-fly zone, or 2) operational activation of the anti-missile defense systems we are currently installing in both Romania and Poland. Either of those two things will lead Russia to World War III. Now the only way for Kerry and Clinton to get a no-fly zone they want (i.e., the banksters want) was ably summed up by General Joseph Dunford: You go to war with Russia, which will also be war with China. The anti-missile emplacements along Russia’s border? Well, that is equivalent to putting missiles into Cuba. We didn’t allow it, and neither will the Russians. And let us imagine our claims about the missile system are true, that it will be able to intercept Russia’s ICBMs. That would mean that Russia’s second strike retaliation would be neutralized, and actually provide a window of opportunity for an American first strike of Russia. Ergo: our anti-missile emplacements make nuclear war more likely, not less. I would even argue that it makes a Russian first strike upon American territory more likely, not less. War is coming, and it is just a matter of how soon. So after Americans worry about hurting the feelings of Rosie and Alicia, ask them how it compares to a nuclear winter? Winning a “debate” on such sophomoric issues pales in comparison to the fix the country is in this very moment in both Syria and the Ukraine, to say nothing about the fact Deutsche Bank with $61 trillion in derivatives on its books is on the verge of collapse. But right, let’s discuss the weight of Rosie and “Miss Piggy”, as if they’re of general importance to the American public. To Alicia I would advise that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Consider the source of the diss, and move on. What’s of importance is that Hillary created a failed state in Libya that has led directly to her arming and funding terrorists in Syria, that she now wishes to have a no-fly zone over. And consider what the latter means. We are telling Syria that they cannot fly over their own territory, as if we would ever allow such a thing in our own country. If we try; it is war, plain and simple. And since, Russia is a key ally of theirs, it will also be war with them, as well as China. Now let that sink in.

Globalists idea of urban renewal . . .

wastelandIf the globalists continue to press their no-fly zone in Syria, Russia and China will respond. The crux of the debate, since Americans are enamored with debates, is the following: Neither Russia or China is going to give up national sovereignty and integrate into the so-called American evil empire. The only way of enforcing a no-fly zone is just as General Joseph Dunford suggests, going to war with Russia which will mean also war with China. But don’t expect the American people to be informed about this. The less they know the better, since the deplorables, as Clinton calls them, are simply the expendables. While Russia has spent the last couple years constructing miles of underground bunkers, the U.S. government has done virtually nothing to protect America’s population from a nuclear attack. Truthfully, they have no intention of saving any of the expendables, that they refer to as “useless eaters”. Meanwhile back here in LaLaLand the sale of nuclear bunkers for the wealthy is up 700 percent. News travels very slow to the lemmings however.