The presupposition of NATO is largely a ghost

The original foundations of the NATO alliance were built on alleged military necessity: now that this argument is no longer viable, the NATO-crats are struggling to build new foundations that are fundamentally political – the creation of a European super-state. Of course, these two concepts are historically linked: the European project – aided and in large part originated by the US – was born as a adjunct to and in support of NATO as a bulwark against the spread of Soviet influence. Yet the campaign to create a European “patriotism,” a sense of nationality out of the disparate peoples of the continent, was always buttressed by the one factor that all nations depend on: fear. Fear, that is, of conquest by outsiders, aliens who would ride roughshod over their lands and traditions.

With the disappearance of the Soviet Union, this fear has largely dissipated. After all, the Russians are arguably half-European, at the very least: they are less alien than, say, the Turks, who enjoy NATO membership. During the cold war, the prospect of being assimilated into the Soviet borg conjured visions of the cultural transformation – and ruin – of ancient societies. Absent the ideological other-ness of “Putinism,” whatever that may be, no one imagines that Russian soldiers are about to rampage across Europe, burning non-Orthodox churches and forcing everyone to memorize Putin’s favorite aphorisms. — Justin Raimondo,, May 31, 2017

Let’s get real. Germany is hiding behind NATO for two reasons: 1) it doesn’t have to expend large amounts on the military that would raise taxes, and keeps interest rates within reason (i.e., it prevents the crowding out of investment by the government), and 2) the euro is undervalued relative to its productivity.

Trump has merely called out the Krauts for being freeloaders. Sure Germany likes the arrangement because it makes them an industrial superpower, vendor lending to the Lilliputians of Europe who in turn consume German produced goods, thereby doing to the rest of Europe what Great Britain once did for India–prevent them from competing with German industry.

As long as the EU exists in its present configuration the rest of Europe will largely be prevented from developing. You want to develop: shut yourself off from the parasites of the world like Japan did during the Sakoku period. Free from the imperialists like Britain, Japan advanced and developed while India stagnated. In fact, I might argue its relative isolation from foreign manufactured goods forced it to develop its own industry.

For a counter argument see the works of UCLA economic historian Robert Brenner.

Japan was the only country that autochthonously developed in the late 19th century. China couldn’t develop within this period because of Britain and the same applied to India. And to the extent Mexico ties its horse to the U.S. hitching post, it will not develop. There is a vast difference between assembling and manufacturing. The other impetus is of course a military sector, that provides an initial market for industrial output. And as subsequent developments have finally shown, the Indians and Chinese neither lacked for the required mental faculties to develop, but it had to be introduced from without, though their development occurred at the cost of a zero sum loss to American workers. Fine up to a point until you realize for the system to remain stable China and India must sell into a U.S. market which is perpetually weakening, as famously noted by the Dr. of Doom, Marc Faber. So when China slows, it is a sign of America slowing. Which can all be seen in the Baltic Dry Index which remains at historic lows.
BDIThe cost of moving dry goods or intermediate raw materials used in production by ship. Clearly, production all around the world is slowing because of too much debt. People must cut expenditures to not fall in arrears on their debts. Which is of course the opposite of what the quantity-theory monetarists predict. A clear falsification of their predictions, yet persisted in because they are not practicing economic science but New World Order religion to bond the people to a neofeudalism. Then they wish to bring back the Papacy to control the lemmings. The Federal Reserve would be just as effective if they used incantations and spells to do their forecasting, or perhaps throwing out bones on a piece of parchment to read the future. In point of fact, it would most likely be more accurate. Dismal science? Even worse, Hebrew voodoo.


Kathy Griffin: It’s free speech and more importantly political speech

I don’t care. What would be news however is that Donald J. Trump would have beheaded Griffin. Now that would have signified we lived in a monarchy instead of a democracy. What Griffin thinks is her business.
She’s obviously a liberal/retard like the rest of Skullcap Hollywood in general. We right of center don’t cotton to political correctness. That’s the UC system, I’m sorry to say since I graduated from it. Griffin should not have apologized anymore than Milo on the right. Her apology acknowledges we now live under Stalinist political correctness. And if that is true, there is no reason for political etiquette. It should be over thrown at any cost. Politics is a contact sport, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Why the Democrats are as obsolete as a pteradactyl

The Democrats are just morons. That is the real problem with the party of Donkeys. Nothing more! They have substituted the new god of credit creation for growth in real wages.

This is because the Democrats have abandoned real production where real value added or as Marx would say real surplus value is created. Consequently, the people’s real standard of living has been on the slide for more than 40 years. In point of fact, 1973 was the nadir of Americans prosperity and growth in real wages.

Instead, Democrats like Dianne “Dirt Bag” Feinstein and Nancy “Pedo” Pelosi have enriched themselves through the new mode of production of military expenditures. Nothing more than “front running” military appropriation to enrich themselves with inside information concerning expenditures.

Instead of squeezing out profits from cutting costs and reinvestment in plant and equipment, the Democrats siphoned more for themselves through the squeezing of the direct producers. That is, in our Military-Industrial-Security Complex mode of production you squeeze more out the peasants by extra-economic means of promoting terrorism and endless wars. Not coincidentally, what also happened during the classic feudal period.

But what do we know about feudalism without a doubt: It was a stagnant economy. This is because the product of the peasants was siphoned off in taxes, and if need be the knight vassals rode out from the lord’s castle to separate them from said produce.

Well guess what when you extract surplus through coercion, the peasants come to realize you should only work as hard as necessary to cover your subsistence–and no harder. There is no dynamism to the economy for precisely the same reason there is no dynamism to the present economy. The peasants discretionary income is being siphoned away to pay for a Military-Industrial-Security Complex.

Now you can substitute credit for a time, but sooner or later there will be debt saturation that prevent the peasants from consuming. And that is what precisely brought on the peasant wars of the early 16th century; they fell below the level of subsistence reproduction. Trump is just indicative of the peasant wars to come in the 21st century. The ol’ notion pandered by our daft elite that you can have both guns and butter is a completely crock of shit.

Democrats vainglory attempt to smear Trump

The Russia/Trump investigation? A vainglory attempt to smear The Donald, and to cover the murder of a Democratic voter analyst of the DNC by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. More importantly a distraction from the real story of PizzaPedogate (e.g., see the investigative reporting of David Seaman) in which many members of the Democratic Party are involved. The Democrats are a cesspool of corruption, and need to be brought down. Indeed, they should never be allowed to hold power again by Americans. And if working Americans who were stabbed in the back by the Democrats NAFTA trade deal return to the polls in 2020, Donald J. Trump will once again prevail. Finally, now out of power, it is clear that Obama and Clinton were on the payroll of Angela Merkel, who is yet another crypto-politico whose heritage is shrouded in mystery by the German government. Yes, Angela Kasner (aka Merkel) the former communist from the German Democratic Republic that was once in the hands of the former Soviet Union, who in 2016 gave $5 million dollars to the Clinton campaign, and thus became Clinton’s most favorite European politician. The real Russian connection, my dear readers? Look to the ever devious and diabolical Huns of Germany. Obviously, they came up with their Trump smear campaign, by simply framing him with the same plan they are actually engaged in with Merkel, with the Russians being the Sixth Degree of separation. In other words, my dear readers it will only take two or three steps to connect a member of Trump’s entourage to some Russian. So what! That is what you expect from social network theory, and the so-called Six Degrees of Separation. HoHuuuuuuummmmmmmm. Cute, but not all that smart.

So why don’t academia and the sociology profession not blow the whistle on the Democrats’ Six Degrees of Separation Russia hoax. Well, mainly through the tyrannical government’s control of the National Science Foundation and the granting of research money. In fact most of academia is in bed with the government, and there are no degrees of separation at all. I would even argue that such things as social network theory are designed for the control and manipulation of the lemmings. Dear readers, if you’re at all interested in Social Network Theory see the “Small World research” of Stanley Milgram, who is much more famous for a study on obedience to authority. It is not my area, but as the Jared Kushner debacle shows, it might have some practical political uses to discredit political opponents. The ol’ guilt by association motif. Or perhaps the old parental admonition not to hang out with the wrong people.

Big Brother Obama illegally spied on American citizens

According to Circa, the Obama administration self-disclosed the NSA rule violations during a closed-door hearing on October 26, 2016, just days before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. The court, which was usually supportive of the Obama administration, declared that the Obama administration’s failure to disclose the massive amount of personal information previously collected amounted to an “institutional lack of candor” and was a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue,” according to a court document from April 26 of this year.

Some officials that served in the Obama administration, such as National Security Adviser Susan Rice, have argued that the data collection was legal under the minimization rule changes that Barack Obama made in 2011. However, even the NSA’s own watchdog group says that this argument is simply not true. “Since 2011, NSA’s minimization procedures have prohibited use of U.S.-person identifiers to query the results of upstream Internet collections under Section 702,” the court ruling said. “The Oct. 26, 2016 notice informed the court that NSA analysts had been conducting such queries in violation of that prohibition, with much greater frequency than had been previously disclosed to the Court.”–Jayson Veley, May 30, 2017

Dear reader, a rule change which itself is illegal under the Constitution, does not make it legal because the president enacted it. Of course, the U.S. government is not only spying on American citizens, as in Eric Blair’s 1984, but also using such information to smear their political opponents. That is the globalists arguments are so morally bankrupt and devoid of probative logic, the only recourse for the Obama administration was to employ ad hominem attacks upon their opponents gleaned from their illegal surveillance. That is par excellence the quiddity of tyranny.

Past and Present: Koufax vs. Kershaw

I’ve been lucky enough to see both Dodger pitchers. Koufax had a little more giddy-up to his fastball that rose and produced a lot of pop-ups. Their breaking balls are comparable, though I don’t recall Koufax throwing a slider like Kershaw does. To compare Koufax and Kershaw is also like comparing Mantle to Trout. If you’re a baseball fan, it’s a real treat. And if you don’t know who these monikers belong to, then you’re not a baseball fan and it doesn’t matter. Greatest baseball athlete, either Robinson or the The Bo. Robinson was a four sport star athlete for UCLA. Greatest crime, not being able to watch Robinson in professional football with his UCLA teammate Kenny Washinton, who likewise broke the color barrier in that sport. Bo was just a freakish athlete like Bob Hayes with the Cowboys. Greatest sports scribe? Bar none, Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times. That is, when he wasn’t passed out on Bud Furillo’s kitchen floor.