The Great Epidemic?

There have been a little over a hundred cases of measles in a population of 300 million. Someone needs to point out if you divide the 100 cases by 300 million, this is not a high probability event, and hardly constitutes an epidemic. This is a sales job for Merck, and its black CEO. That’s my take. By the way, the last death from measles occurred way back in 2003. Again hardly something that warrants the fear mongering of the Zionist Fourth Estate, unless of course, it is doing Merck’s bidding? Something I personally would not rule out as a possibility. More likely, I think is that Obama is attempting to extend his Nazi medicine’s individual mandate so sometime in the future parents would lose their right to medical procedures and vaccines inflicted upon their children. Under of course the mandate that children are the property of the state like the Hitler Youths were. Or as Hillary likes to drone: “It takes a village to raise a child.”


Technical Divergence does not support recovery

SalesThis dear readers, does not support this:
The valuation of equities is way out of line with reality. Just another indication that the Federal Reserve has destroyed price discovery in the markets. But of course it is not just equities that are distorted, but also precious metals, interest rates, and commodities.

Where are we in the business cycle? We don’t know because we have no honest price discovery, which in turn leads to poor decision making on the part of managers. Do we invest in plant and equipment to meet demand? We simply don’t know because of distorted prices because of Federal Reserve money printing. Based upon sales and profits, you would have to say no. Not even on the basis of effective demand could you know, since that too is being manipulated by the one off fall in gas prices that ephemerally gooses spending.

Players in the market are no longer guided by fundamentals, but simply one thing: whether the Fed is going to keep the money spigot open. And that is the crux of the matter, without inflation debts cannot be serviced with cheaper dollars and could easily bring down the whole house of cards–meaning the bond market. Therefore the only rule being followed is: Inflate or Die. Because for everything else, capitalist rationalization and calculation has been destroyed by the Fed.

It distinctly reminds me of socialist production where the so called workers councils were to determine what to produce, in what quantity, to meet demand where they literally had no clue as to what that demand was. Even with mounds of data, the Fed is flying blind because of distorted price discovery. As they say: Garbage in; garbage out. So we limp along never fully recovering until the next credit excess created by the Fed, where the markets must turn down again. However, if this is the sales and profits we obtain with Q.E. to infinity, I fail to see how doing more of it is going to change the outcome.

We are going to tank–that’s the bottom line.

Ernst Moritz Hess: A Jew protected by Hitler

Hess Letter
Did Hitler hate Jews? Well, not at least Ernst Moritz Hess* who the Nazis adjudged to be Jewish through his mother’s side of the family. No, what Ernst Hess was was an assimilated Jew, one of many who served with distinction in the Imperial Army of the Kaiser. Hess himself being awarded the Iron Cross, First and Second Class. No, the Führer even interceded on his behalf to protect him from Nazi persecution. Why many, including our own Office of Strategic Service, believed Hitler was himself a quarter Jewish. In fact if the Gestapo and SS wanted to rid the Reich of Jews, they would had to have turned in many of their own, like Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich. As we know today, there was a passel of Jews running around Nazi Germany on Aryan passports and papers. People such as Ernst Hess was precisely the problem for the Zionists, Jews who were fully assimilated and loyal to the German state did not desire packing up and heading off to Palestine. Hess, himself, simply lucked out that he served in the same unit that Der Führer did in World War I, it however does not show a universal hatred of Jews on the part of Hitler. As the Jewish publication Judaism notes there is no documentary evidence linking the Holocaust to Adolf Hitler. Nor of his sister Angela who is known to have defended Jewish students at her boarding house. Could siblings be at such odds on the Jewish question? And was it not a Jew, Hugo Gutmann, who recommended Hitler for the Iron Cross 2nd Class, a high point in Hitler’s life up to that point. The primary reason I think more work must be done on the ties between the Jewish Federation of Germany and Himmler’s Schutzstaffel. Why precisely the SS’s Leopold von Mildenstein meetings with the Jewish Federation of Germany’s Kurt Tuchler demand scrutiny.

*Hess also personified the incrementalism of the Nazi method. First he lost his position as a judge through the Restoration of Professionalism in the Civil Service law, and then he was prevented from public service to the Reich altogether through the Nuremberg Laws that prevented Jews from public service. Slowly, but methodically Jews became persona non grata in German public life. Making it all that easier for them to be simply disappeared. Don’t think it can happen here in the U.S.? Wrong again. It already did with Japanese Americans, so those who say the FEMA camps are harmless and their threat is nothing more than conspiracy theory, it is in truth not true. Anymore than the reservations were harmless encampments. The United States has a long history of selectively enforcing their Constitution like the present stooge now inhabiting the White House. And for the Mexicans now egging on the president today, just remember the precedent set in granting amnesty by fiat today can just as easily be used to round you up by fiat in the future, under this president or some other president.

I cannot stress this enough: What are all the Executive Orders for?

Nazi incrementalism . . . totalitarianism by small steps
Posted on February 14, 2015 Standard Reply

Fascism was not born of revolution, but of small steps stripping away civil liberties in small increments. The vaccine tyranny is but another example of this method. Whereby vaccines become mandated denying parents choice of what goes into their children. Meaning of course, that the future Hitler youth corps do not belong to the parents, but to the state. As Katie Worthman, a survivor of the Holocaust in Austria remarks the takeover of society and the installment of fascism was remarkably mundane.

Katie Worthman was born in Austria, and lived there for seven years under Hitlers brutal regime, and after world war II, she also lived three years under Soviet communist occupation. Needless to say, but Mrs. Worthman is someone who has an acute awareness of how media distorts things and tyranny comes to power. Mrs. Worthman, not only says that the media was wrong about how Hitler came to power, but she says that “In the beginning, Hitler didn’t look like, or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician.”

She says that the story of Hitler overthrowing governments and people in order to come to power just simply isn’t true, but rather the Austrian people elected Hitler with 98% of the vote at the ballot box. Mrs. Worthman then goes on to say that the Austrian people had guns, but the government began to say that they were dangerous, so they began to implement gun registration. Then she said this was followed by turning in their weapons to the police station in order to cut down on crime, and if citizens didn’t… there would be capital punishment.

Mrs. Worthman says that the dictatorship, “didn’t happen over night, but it took 5 years, gradually, little by little, to escalate to a dictatorship.”

She then goes on to say that, “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that’s liberty.”

As a Nazi survivor, what is her advice to us… “Keep your guns, keep your guns and buy more guns.”

Fascism was born out of mundaneity. That is it resulted from incremental changes to vulgar everyday life. Virtually imperceptible to the everday actor. But slowly the Jew was squeezed out of public life by such mundane matters as not allowing them to sit on public benches. They first began to disappear from public life long before they were spirited off to the concentration camps. This is the sole purpose of Barack Obama’s executive orders to slowly strangle the life out of everyday Americans and patriots. To pave the way for their incarceration to the some 800 FEMA camps constructed around the country, like the “relocation camps” constructed for Japanese Americans before World War II. The only question: What ethnic group will it be this time? Or will it be assimilated Americans like the assimilated Jew Ernst Hess in Germany?

What if Obama wasn’t American? . . .

What if the whole purpose of the Fourth Amendment was to outlaw general warrants? What if the Fourth Amendment specifically guarantees the right to privacy to all in America in their persons, houses, papers and effects?

What if, in order to emphasize its condemnation of general warrants, the Fourth Amendment requires the government to obtain a warrant from a judge before invading the persons, houses, papers or effects of anyone and lays down the preconditions for the issuance of such warrants? What if those preconditions are individualized suspicion and articulated evidence of crime — called probable cause — about the specific person whose privacy the government seeks to invade?

What if these principles of constitutional fidelity, privacy and probable cause and the unlawfulness of general warrants have been regarded universally and publicly as quintessentially American values, values that set this nation apart from all others?–By Andrew P. Napolitano, February 26, 2015

Forget about hypotheticals, what if you just judge a person by their actions and not their goofball rhetoric. What we get when we do that is that Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is not American and cannot pass as an American even if he was tutored by the greatest acting coach of all time . . . and employs a forged document as his birth certificate. It doesn’t matter. Because he doesn’t act or think as an American that knows one whit about what brought on the Revolutionary War, and why we threw off British Imperialism in the colonies. He simply “isn’t.” And that also goes for the ZioNazi advisers he has surrounded himself with.

The Long March . . . backwards to the future

A recent story maintains the United States has been deployed against hostiles for 222 out of its 239 years of existence or about 93 percent of the time Americans have been at war.

Since roughly the beginning of our republic, Americans have been riding roughshod over Native Americans, Mexicans, the French and pretty much whoever got in their way of lands west of the Atlantic Coast. After the French and Indian wars around 1763, Scotch-Irish Presbyterians generally squatted and took lands belonging to the Iroquois confederation, the Creek, Algonquins, Cherokees, Delawares, etc. etc.

Heck, I think you can really make the case the Americans fought the American Revolution not because of British Stamp taxes, but because Americans wanted lands west of the Appalachians. No taxation without representation, you say. More like the first American sound bite and spin job.

The truth is the British seemed to have this plan to rack rent the Scotch-Irish like they did to the same in Northern Ireland, but this required stopping westward migration so that rents would rise as they did in Ulster prior to our own Revolutionary War.

However, no such plan was possible after the Revolution that opened the way west. This was our Drang nach Westen. Which was also not coincidently paralleled by the Teutonic Order’s Drang nach Osten. The only impediment being those pesky Native Americans like Sitting Bull, Geronimo, and Tecumseh. And not coincidently the same existed for the Teutons in native Slavic populations. The ZioNazis are of course impersonating the German’s Drang nach Osten by calling it Zionism. But if you haven’t been paying attention closely the people who settled Palestine were raised in Germany, educated in Germany, and were for all intents and purposes Germans long before they attempted to change their identities to Palestinians and now Israelis.

Well like all the other “Drang nachs,” sort of like the original “drive bys” this was the beginning of our questionable bad behavior when it came to invading other people’s territories–especially those of people of color. Today Native Americans are still calling us to account by referring to us now as little Eichmanns. I guess it offends the politically correct–but isn’t it the case that we mete out punishment to the Arabs through civilian bureaucrats like Douglas Feith, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power.

I guess the politically correct–that’s all that matters to the petty bureaucrat–never read Hannah Arendt’s take on the Eichmann trial about the banality of evil. That pesky Colorado professor, Ward Churchill, may be right about the twin towers. All I know is that today the dang Arabs sit on a lake of oil, and it’s the aim of our foreign policy bureaucrats to remove the indigenous natives as an impediment, as we removed the Native Americans, the Teutons removed the Slavs, and as the Zionists are removing the A-R-A-B-S.

Outside of that there simply isn’t any U.S. national interest involved. As for going around the world spreading democracy, that is pure Trotskyism, hardly a conservative position, but one of nation building, that real conservatives would eschew. But then again I do not consider Insane McCain and Lindsey Graham as anything other than toadies to the Israelis, who are most likely blackmailing them over one indiscretion or the other.

Our Nazi buddies in Ukraine unmasked . . .

That the Nazis are now being depicted as defenders of Western ideals has to be the ultimate man-bites-dog story. But it goes essentially unreported in the New York Times and Washington Post as does the inconvenient presence of other Nazis holding prominent positions in the post-coup regime, including Andriy Parubiy, who was the military commander of the Maidan protests and served as the first national security chief of the Kiev regime. [See’s “Ukraine, Through the US Looking Glass.”]

My take on this man bites dog story is that the Zionists at the New York Times and Washington Post are in truth fascists. They support Nazi methods in Israel like Operation Cast Lead and Operation Protective edge because they obviously support fascism or what’s taking place in the U.S., which is National Socialism. Their love of Obama’s violations of the U.S. Constitution knows no bounds, like the recent executive order surrounding the Defense Production Act which gave Herr Obama virtually dictatorial powers to mandate forced labor, as in the Third Reich. But since this is the Fourth Reich it is all consistent with Max Amann’s and Joseph Goebbels takeover of the press during the Third Reich to wage wars of aggression presently in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. Nazism is what Nazis do, not what they mouth. The U.S. is squarely practicing fascism.