The mugging in super slow-mo, frame by frame

Judge for yourself whether Mr. Lewandowski should have been charged with a misdemeanor battery? More likely, Florida run by The low energy Jeb, lacked the creative juices to come up with anything better to slow down The Donald’s campaign. Or as CNN’s Alisyn Camerota noted:

She wasn’t pulled to the ground. She wasn’t pulled backwards. Nor do you see her grabbing Donald Trump? Or her bolting for him, as he said. Neither side. This moment looks tamer on video than the way it was described.

In other other words, the event was sensationalized by Ben Shapiro, Breitbart’s editor, and the less than cunning Michelle Fields. The real mugging, dear readers, is occurring to the American public by the Zionist Fourth Estate, desperate to stop The Donald, lest an American president takes a balanced neutral position to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The so-called Lewandowski mugging of Michelle Fields

It is important to remember what Breitbart Reporter, Michelle Fields, initially claimed: That she was nearly “yanked to the floor” by Trump campaign aide, Corey Lewandowski. Only, in Ms. Fields wildest imagination, I’m afraid to say. That the Zionist Fourth Estate is playing up this “misdemeanor” brush with Lewandowski tells you something about the desperation of the biased media, actually globalist media, to stop Donald Trump with bad publicity. The so-called assault more akin to Kevin McHale grabbing onto Kurt Rambus’s jersey in basketball. Needless to say only gullible impressionable people would fall for this over-hyped “assault” upon Ms. Fields. And obviously, if Michelle Fields was so in the right about this assault, why did Ms. Fields and Ben Shapiro, the editor of Breitbart, resign her position, and not fight the claims that she and the editor were attempting to sensationalize the incident. After watching the video, you’ll see why this was a nonevent. Take a few moments to watch the footage, and you will see why Ms. Fields and Shapiro resigned their positions. They were caught red handed attempting to practice what we journalists might have characterized as “yellow journalism” of yore. Trump’s steadfastness for Lewandowski is nothing more than the parallel patriotism he has for his country, something that I would not ascribe to all the candidates in this election, especially the lack of loyalty shown to Christopher Stevens who was left behind by Clinton in Benghazi. In any event, below is the sports equivalent of Ms. Field’s mugging at the hands of Mr. Lewandowski:

Corporate defaults soar . . .

And, as Bloomberg reports, with last week’s five defaults, the 2016 to date total is now 31, the highest since 2009 when there were 42 company defaults, according to Standard & Poor’s. Four of the defaults in the week ended March 23 were by U.S. issuers including UCI Holdings Ltd. and Peabody Energy Corp., the credit rating company said.

Just a lot of bad debt that never figures to be repaid. With defaults come layoffs if not outright downsizing. The economy looks to be on-track for recession before the end of the year. Yes, and then you will create a massive army of the unemployed, but daft states like California will be saddled with minimum wages of $15/hr, where the labor market will be setting a much lower wage based upon demand, encouraging business to flee high wage states like Commie California.

Come on!

According to the CNBC/Moody’s Analytics rapid update, economists now see the sluggish growth pace based on already reported data, down from 1.4 percent last week. According to the rapid update, economists have a median forecast of 1.6 percent growth in first-quarter GDP, which includes their estimates for data not yet released.–Patti Domm, CNBC Market Insider, March 28, 2016

The economy is sputtering badly. The Democrats own this economy. They’ve stuck their heads in the sand–except for the Bernie. Globalist Clinton would not be just bad, but a final criminal act by the Democrat establishment who are in collusion with globalists of the GOP. Why the U.S. is pretty much tracing the path of development of the former Soviet Union. And yes, I think we should expect the U.S.’s collapse, like the U.S.S.R. because both countries were governed by socialists. Socialism is always great until you run out of other people’s money. In the case of the U.S. borrowing directly from the Federal Reserve, as in monetizing the debt for wars of choice that benefited no one other than Israel. The charade is over. And prepare for some Greek austerity. What happens when you listen to a bunch of neoconservatives and wage needless wars to build pipelines. And yes Hillary received $500,000 from Qatar for exactly that purpose. Why we are undoubtedly involved in war to oust Bashar al Assad who nixed the Qatar pipeline to Turkey. Now I see where John Podesta is chairing Hillary’s election campaign. What a coincidence, since was it not Podesta & Associates that was lobbying on behalf of Qatar to get that dodgy pipeline built.

The real reason behind the Sanders, Trump surge


Americans In Their Prime Working Years Not Working

“There are 124.5 million Americans in their prime working years (ages 25–54). Nearly one-quarter of this group—28.9 million people, or 23.2 percent of the total—is not currently employed.”

They have disguised the high rate of unemployment in their dodgy jobs data, by no longer counting the people who have left the labor force because they could find no employment. But the people counted out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are now coming out to the polls to vote for Sanders and Trump. They are simply registering a protest vote to our really “one party” system of globalists, that have been betraying the American people to enrich the One Percent, at the expense of the lower 99 percent. These globalist policies have led to a lower standard of living for the American people and a break of nearly 200 years of growth in real per capita income which differentiated America from all other countries. Globalism is not just failing here, however, but also in Britain, France, and Germany, Sweden, Japan and elsewhere. Why as Japan’s finance minister Taro Aso says the endgame for Japan and the West will be war. Failed policies of our new international socialist cabal of globalists. They have earned every bit of the calumny that will descend upon them. Marxists? What nonsense. Marxists are at least historically based, and would never have done the dumb things the globalists have done like invading Iraq. No, don’t blame the marxists, though there are some now in the administration, but blame the neoconservatives, the so-called mugged Trotskyists, for the destruction of America with their policies of endless wars for the benefit of Israel. And that is precisely what you will be doing by casting a vote for Hillary Clinton, will be a vote for globalism and America’s continued slide into a Great Britain style of undevelopment. But undevelopment is the norm and not the exception around the world. What Hillary Clinton needs to explain is how it was the U.S. broke from the pack to produced sustained development of real per capita income for 200 years, that ended around 1973. It was not because of communist or socialist theory, though if the truth be told, the South, did favor socialism prior to the Civil War, at least in its leading voices of the times like the Southern Literary Messenger. No, we did not give away our markets but made countries pay dearly for access to our markets. Free trade is something that might make sense when the currency remains stable as it did from around 1665 to 1971. But since that time, we have progressively debased the dollar to where its really only worth two cents today in constant 1913 dollars, so the comparative advantage ballyhooed by economists is largely a fiction.

Sanders swept primaries: AK, Wa, Hi

By the way, Sanders won Hawaii by a margin of 70.6 to 29.3 percent of the vote. People continue to reject globalism and neoconservatism. Bernie Sanders can overhaul Clinton in popular votes, if not rigged delegates. The One Party globalist scam has been thoroughly exposed.

What the present election is all about?

People might think this election is about immigration . . . but only tangentially. What this election is about is the Rothschild’s cartel of central banks stealing your democracy as they did in Greece. This they intend to do through trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership that would side step national sovereignty through State-Investment Dispute resolutions in which nations would lose control over such things as emission standards, work rules, and pretty much anything that effects the profitability of corporations. They want to neutralize your democracy in the same way they sidelined Greece’s democracy through the enactment of rules that will give power to unelected technocrats, as in Brussels. Globalists like Hillary Clinton have very cozy relationships with the Rothschilds as shown in the most recent batch of emails released in Clinton’s email server probe by the FBI. The Rothschilds also have their claws in the GOP establishment, and this was clearly shown by the recent American Enterprise World Forum held to stop Donald Trump from getting the GOP nomination. Like the former Soviet Untion, the Rothschilds play both sides of the aisle to make sure Americans do not have any choice when they go to the polls. These globalist machination emerge from the very exact same social forces that gave rise to the European Union and Eurozone via the work of Alexandre Kojeve and former Nazi captain, Prince Bernhard von Lippe, now deceased. The plan is nothing less than Hitler’s strategic goal of One World Government, which I hardly think the good Der Fuhrer, thought up by himself. As the Office of Strategic Services reported by profiler Walter Langer, U.S. intelligence during World War II believed Hitler to be related to the Rothschilds through Hitler’s grandmother Maria Anna Schicklgruber. A history rarely mentioned in school boy studies and history of the period. So in a nutshell, when you go to the polls this November you will be voting on the Hitler Plan when you vote for an establishment candidate. If neither of the outsider candidates makes it to the finals, as I suspect will happen, then just stay home and deny the globalists any legitimacy for their planned treachery. You will not be alone, because people all across Europe as well have awoken, and there are counter-globalist movements in Germany, France, Scotland, the wider Britain, and elsewhere.