Some ruminations on the hack attacks . . .

First off was the Ebola martyr story big enough to warrant the
censorship of my blogsite and the subsequent hack attack on my own network?

I don’t believe so.

This information had already trickled down to the Naval War
College and Southern Command. What intelligence was being leaked
originated in a second country also being used by Veterans Today, but which was publicly available.

That is, by denizens of the internet in the know.

No, the pulling of the blogsite by CIA asset Google had
nothing to do with the current Ebola scare. I’ve had time to analyze the attack, and have concluded otherwise.

For the hackers were not only intent upon
pulling my blog, but also hacked my system to delete specific files totally unrelated to Ebola.

In other words, they went to a lot of trouble for what was already ostensibly public knowledge. What was of interest was that these files paint a rather dark picture of an American ruling class family. A member of which who is testing the presidential waters for 2016.

On a number of occasions I’ve questioned the patriotism and motives of the family which has a long history of malfeasance, and a member that even pleaded nolo contendere to charges of trading with the enemy during World War II. If you’re following along, and you know Google has close ties to the CIA, a former director of the agency likely ordered the hack attack.

This fellow himself is an illegal alien. His father Prescott Bush or George H. Scherf, Sr., having stolen the identity of one Robert Samuel Bush in the 1910 census. All documented in an Idaho Observer story. I make no bones about it. All you need do is consult the archives of Google that are now conveniently locked away.

George H.W. Bush is a German immigrant who was known to former Nazi Otto Skorzeny as George H. Scherf, Jr. According to the late Otto Skorzeny, Mr. Bush was sent by the German government, The Third Reich, for purposes of espionage.

Indeed, Prescott Bush, George H. Scherf, Sr., was convicted on espionage charges. I draw no judgment regarding the fitness of Jeb Bush to be president of the United States. That’s up to the American people. However, all such knowledge should be vetted in the public sphere and weighed by the electorate.


Judge, Jury, and Executioners

You mean all these cops couldn’t take down this one individual without deadly force?  Hmmmmmm?  Was he armed?  I couldn’t see a weapon.  I guess just another guy shot while being black or some other color other than white.  Not technically a lynching, but I think it would be parsing words.

Well dear readers I’m finally back online

It would appear that the powers that be didn’t appreciate the suggestion that Ebola martyrs were headed for the good ol’ United States.  However this wasn’t my idea but that of Professor Albert Shimkus at the Naval War College.  And it makes perfect sense in asymmetric warfare,  if ISIL or the Islamic State of the Levant is anything but our and Israel’s assets.  As German media have reported, ISIL was armed by Israel, funded by Saudi Arabia, and trained in Safawi Jordan by us, the United States.  And hey, I’m receiving editorial help while I write.  But think about it, there is something very wrong with a virus that can supposedly be spread only through direct contact, but whose infections are doubling every 3-4 weeks.  This looks to this observer like it has a reproduction rate of around 2 which place it n the category of Spanish Flu that killed (estimated) 20 to 40 million.  Which supposedly means people have been warned to avoid contact with said people, but it is still spreading as if it is an airborne disease.  Anyway, be sure to see an earlier video by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy down below that discusses these anomalies, and why as the anomalies mount the current direct contact theory is going to implode.

Don’t be fooled by all the happy talk; this Titanic is headed straight for the iceberg

A common aphorism: those who have the gold make the financial rules
Here is my condensed version of the governing elite’s desperation:

20140920 gold1

20140920 gold2 0


Dear readers, the last chart is of great importance. As measured against gold, the real value of most currencies is going to be zero. And what would you expect from stuff that is simply conjured out of thin air by the depraved central bankers.

The upshot of this state of affairs is that the gold is going east and so will the power to make the financial rules for the 21st century. So don’t be fooled by the happy talk about recovery. Once the Chinese back their currency with gold, central banks will not hesitate to sell dollars, backed by nothing, for yuan or renminbi backed by gold instead of airy promises. That means the dollar conjured out of thin air will revert to its true value-ZERO.

Seriously though, I’m looking for an immediate 38 percent devaluation in the currency when the Chinese make their move.
Consequently, the U.S. will have to attack Russia and China with a preemptive nuclear strike if it wishes to remain a hegemon which is the Wolfowitz doctrine, actually folly. Jack Ma of Ali Baba will then understand that his imagined genius extends no further than the strength of the People’s Liberation Army.

Secondly, Vladimir Putin is too sly and crafty to be drawn into a conflict in the Ukraine, when he can just turn it into another Vietnam, Washington’s worst nightmare.

No, the United States will attack sooner or later, but most likely not on Obama’s watch. He would like to have a legacy of some sort. He’ll leave that up to the psycho fascist feminist Hillary Rodham Clinton, assuming she can beat back the challenge of Rand Paul on the Republican side, and Elizabeth Warren within her own party. The kicker, however, is if the Pope of Hope decides to dissolve Congress on the basis of some contrived national emergency, suspend elections, and come out of his dictator closet.

The outcome, like the Scottish referendum, has probably already been decided by the Bilderberg powers that be. Don’t leave home without your hardened bunker. That’s how I see things on this Tuesday.
Edit As noted below, Americans are pretty s-l-o-w when it comes to the takeover and putsch of their country–not unlike the Good Germans. History repeats as historians say, first as tragedy then as White House sitcom.

Extra economic coercion of the poor: financial repression through inflation


By any stretch of the imagination, at least through technical analysis you can see that real median household income has hit a double top. From here, it is likely to make a round trip back down to the late 1960s. The fascists say the poor do not pay taxes, but that is bunch of nonsense. They pay through the stealth tax of inflation. That is:
Price level


Prices for the necessities of life will be allowed to rise thereby debasing the purchasing power of the money or their abstract labor. This is why the the Bureau of Labor Statistics excludes Housing, food, and energy from their calculation of the Consumer Price Index. To hide the stealth tax of inflation for wars of choice or what I would maintain is the primary mode of production by which a very small One Percent extracts their pound of flesh from the rest of the 99 percent. This is primarily accomplished through wars funded with borrowed money conjured out of thin air by banksters. The rise in general prices corresponds with two events: the Vietnam War and the closure of the gold window in 1971 by Richard Nixon.

As I noted yesterday, the real value of currencies today are in a race to the bottom in the form of competitive devaluations. Ostensibly to save each country’s industry. Each country will inflate or die. Why the petrodollar is absolutely destined to break as a reserve currency. No currency which has lost 98 percent of its value in a century will be allowed to keep its reserve status by the rest of the world. The only way the dollar is propped up is through the might of the U.S. military, which means the U.S. will preemptively go to war before the BRICS dump their dollars or what is the same thing, dump their hordes of U.S. treasuries. The only thing in doubt is the timing of these events. Consequently, the U.S. is attempting to goad Russia into striking the first blow so that the whole mess can be blamed upon them or perhaps the Chinese. Yes, sanctions are turning up the heat upon the latter two, but they are also turning up the heat on the United States, forcing the Federal Reserve to monetize more and more.

The $64k question is who has more time? Real household income does not have much further to fall before before the schmoes are driven below subsistence, i.e., treading water, before they begin drowning and thrashing about violently. This is when our next demagogue, like news from nowhere, is sent to the American people, like the originally Der Führer was sent to the German people. It will not be serendipity but a cold calculate plan of the One Percent. Acutally probably no more than .01 of 1 percent.

With 100 percent assurance I will assert the CIA hacked my computer

That means our dear government obviously has the Microsoft signing codes and has a backdoor into the operating system. Especially, Live Writer where they deleted certain stories that were previously posted. I will also maintain that the purpose of this hack was the 2016 election, since I had previously posted articles concerning certain potential candidates. A typical strategy of fascists to undermine democracy by using democracy. The announcement of Jeb Bush to run for president would deny the nomination to Rand Paul and present the electorate no real choice between Hillary Clinton and Bush. They would undoubtedly both endorse Fed policy and perpetual war. Precisely what the Bilderbergers, i.e., the banksters particularly, would desire. By the way, I just now discovered they must have some sort of keylooger on my machine.