Trump’s Pacific Pivot . . .

Having just about flip-flopped 180 degrees on his foreign policy pledge, and become a neoconservative and follower of Barack Obama, Mr. Trump now wants a war in Korea to justify U.S. military presence in East Asia.   Again, Russia and China were not born yesterday.  If its transparent to this writer that Trump has taken over Obama’s policies, then it also clear to Xi and Putin what the U.S. is after.  That is, a beachhead  on the Korean peninsula, the equivalent of Russia camping out on the Mexican border.  No, I do not think the Russkies and Chinese are dumb enough to allow that.  What you do, is what Sitting Bull did at the Little Bighorn.  You invite the Custer wannabes to chase you over the horizon, and then bring a million or so Chinese troops to bear on the invaders.  Trump violates MacArthur’s advice to never engage in a land war in Asia.  Korea is nothing but a honey pot of the Khazarian Mafia banksters, and most likely their agent Jared Kushner.  Or perhaps Putin’s trap to lure the desperate Americans into another Vietnam, as Zbig lured the Russkies into Afghanistan.   Hahaha.  What goes around always comes around sooner or later.  To this writer, though, Korea looks like an opportunity to create a quagmire for Americans like the Seminole Wars, which also tied down a populist president in Andrew Jackson.  History is clear: Americans do not win guerrilla wars.  They never defeated Osceola, Geronimo, Vo Nguyen Giap or any other guerrilla resistance.  In fact, neither North Korea nor the U.S. ever signed a peace treaty for the Korean War.  In fact, we still haven’t brought the Taliban to heel in Afghanistan.  When it comes to fighting the barbarians, the Americans record is spotty at best.   It results from a lack of knowing what one is fighting for thousands of miles from home territory, while our opponents see it as a conflict of national liberation.  They are in for the long haul, while we need a quick and dirty war to sustain home front support.  Hence, expect this time around nuclear weapons to be used—on both sides.


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