Democrats = Socialism today

A while back, Debbie Wassserman Schultz of the DNC was on the Chris Matthews show. Matthews asked Wasserman to explain the difference between Democrats today and socialists. She could not.

The Democrats have sold out to international socialism disguised as Agenda 21 and its reboot, Agenda 2030. Like all socialism it leads, as stipulated in Agenda 21,to the right of expropriation for the so-called public good–for example, the utopian dream of ending poverty in the world. That is, like all forms of socialism it involves the transfer of wealth between classes, except now on an international scale.

Like all socialism it was never voted upon, discussed, or subjected to critical scrutiny. Because if it had, it would never have gotten this far in the United States. The rank and file members of America would have rejected it, even the unionized workers.

So using Obama, the Democratic Socialists, the parallel to the Democratic Socialist Party in Germany, are attempting to sneak it in the backdoor through executive actions–backed like Hitler–by emergency powers put in place since 9/11–a wholely dodgy false flag operation for its justification.

But here is what is going to happen, just as in Weimar Germany. Socialists, then like Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, produce their own antithesis, i.e., the fascists. Socialism as everyone understands, except I guess for the Democrats, gives rise to its own countervailing force, i.e., fascism.

In fact, socialism in Weimar Germany created polarization in the Reichstag and Bundesrat beteween 1919 and 1933 during the Weimar Republic. This resulted in political gridlock. Of course, this should be familiar to Americans, because this is precisely what we presently have in Congress today, political gridlock brought about by the introduction of socialism into American society and politics by the Democratic Party.

It was within this context of political gridlock that the German people, and I fully expect the American people, will abandon democracy. The German people were not cultural dopes as subsequent historians have attempted to make them out to be. They knew full well who the culprits of their misery was after the economic and financial collapse of their currency.

Again this is fully consistent with what is transpiring today in the United States, the willful and purposeful destruction of the dollar through unlimited Quantitative Easing. When the economic collapse does come, I would not be surprised to see the American people react to socialism in the same manner as the Germans. There will be the mother of all fascist reactions.

And to the Amigos, when the fascist reaction arrives: BEWARE. This betrayal of American values will unleash the type of barbarism I predicted in my long ago dissertation. It could get very ugly.


The definition of hypocrisy . . .

Decrying Putin, Obama opines,”strong states that seek to impose their will on weaker ones. On this basis, we see some major powers assert themselves in ways that contravene international law. We’re told that such retrenchment is required to beat back disorder, that it’s the only way to stamp out terrorism.”–President Obama at the UN Sept 28, 2015

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black? This is it. But the reality is this: the U.S. will absolutely fail if it does not expand.

The globalists have dug too deep a hole for the American people to climb out of. We need to grow, and really the only way to accomplish that is to expand in terms of lands, as in the 19th century, where added labor and capital produces more rapid growth.

That is, the only way to keep the burgeoning sovereign debt under control is through high rates of growth as in the 19th century. The only real institution the United States has going for it is its military. The same as in Rome.

Military power flows best when it flows downhill, from Leviathans like the U.S. toward Lilliputians in Latin America. The idea of Latinos having a right of return, that would be found laughable in Israel for example, should be taken as an opportunity to save oneself.

If you must have the population relocating from Latin America to North America, then you should also have the lands to spur economic growth. We should begin our drang nach suden by annexing parts of Mexico first, but eventually drive to Tierra del Fuego in the far south.

The United States of the Americas, that’s the only way to escape collapse since our debt has rounded the exponential corner. Eventually, this will be the only realistic response to our debt travails.

Another outlet for capital and labor is of course Mars. If water exists on Mars, you must go and lay claim to it before the Russians and Chinese do. The coming age will be like the Spanish, Dutch, and English rushing for the New World to claim lands in the Americas. Again, we have somewhat of an advantage in space travel, but any advantage will be short lived. John F. Kennedy didn’t see it in his lifetime, but we did go to the moon, and we should not wait long before going to Mars, now that we’re somewhat confident water exists there. Either way, to save ourselves it will be about expansion of some sort. I would add, that the only realistic plan of expansion should appeal to the Frankist Illuminati who have been employing a Hitler script, in their planned take-down of the United States. Invading Mexico? Well, that will be our Poland. One caveat about Trump, it is whether he is a crypto Zionist? That’s to be seen from his actions. Whether for example, he gets us out of the policing the world business. That would be a good start.

Why rebalancing of class forces is necessary

The American Dream is largely a mirage, hidden by a lack of historical perspective. An adult male made about $53,000 a year in 1973, when measured by constant 2014 dollars. That same male worker now makes about $50,000/yr in constant 2014 dollars.

So for forty some years, wages have been gradually declining. And the primary reason is that workers because of the lack of organization, the right to unionize, are no longer capturing the productivity gains being made in their respective industry.

If he wished to end inequality as he mouths, Barack Obama should have pushed for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) to make the playing field, once more, a little more level. EFCA would have rebalanced class forces to allow workers to bargain for better wages, merited by increases in productivity.

Since 1973 productivity is up 72 percent, while real wages are up a paltry 9 percent. In the interim, the professional managerial class have given themselves the gains from productivity gains, and little to none to ordinary workers. This amounts to a tightening of the Federal Reserve in many respects, because workers with rising costs of housing, see their ability to spend reduced.

They began hitting the wall after they became debt saturated, using borrowed money to keep up with rising subsistence expenditures, i.e., rising food prices, housing prices, and energy costs. That Obama killed the Employee Free Choice Act shows unequivocably he is no friend of labor, as well as the rest of the Democratic Party.

They have consistently sold out workers for globalism. One reason why I believe Blue Dog Democrats, like myself, will cross over and vote for Donald Trump. Workers have been betrayed in this country, most certainly by Democrats like Bill Clinton, and NAFTA.

The GOP have a chance in the General Election to unite with conservative Democrats that place the interests of the nation first, second, and third, before that of globalism which is nothing but a corporate power grab to bypass national sovereignty and democracy.

Obama’s Syrian invasion of Germany; ransacked and looted

In Ventimiglia near Monte Carlo, the refugees banded together ( organised by smart phone) and over ran the market and stole or destroyed everything and ransacked the town.

Here in Lebach, a group entered a supermarket and took what they wanted and destroyed the rest. When the Manageress confronted them, they called up their friends and smashed the place to bits. The police arrived but were overwhelmed. The supermarket is now closed.

Yesterday, my friends rang from Weissenfels near Leipzig since two supermarkets and a Kaufland store in Halle suffered the same way. More news is coming in from all over Germany of the same situations.

The media report none of this.–Report from Lebach, Germany, September 28, 2015

Angela Merkel is being punished for siding with Vladimir Putin about curbing ISIS. Everyone, except the American people, knows that the so-called terrorists are in reality our operatives to subvert and overthrow Bashar al Assad. This is a matter of Syria’s national sovereignty. The United States has no business intervening into a civil war, anymore than the British would have been allowed to intervene into our own Civil War of 1859 to 1865. Obama, ever the globalist stooge, is saying in effect we have a right to intervene into the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. I do not believe he has a U.N. Security Council Resolution to that effect which authorizes the U.S. to wage war against Syria. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has completely out maneuvered Herr Obama, exposing the charade of his war on ISIS, by moving into to fight ISIS. My take away: the United Nations will soon be history, shown to have been bought and captured by a single country, the United States. In turn Obama’s failure in the Levant and his staged refugee crisis augurs that Merkel and Germany will very likely leave NATO and join with Russia to fight ISIS. At this point, as the above report makes clear, the Chancellor might have little other choice, if she wishes to save her country.

Pope Francis: pitch man for the globalists Agenda 2030

In communication theory, testimonials are getting someone who’s respected to pitch a product. Like Peyton Manning pitching satellite TV or whatever. That guy is in so many commercials, he needn’t play football. The idea being the celebrity pitchman possesses credibility. Who would have more credibility than a populist pope.

So the same guy who condemns capitalism, resorts to capitalism to hawk the latest hair-brained utopianism to sell to the world’s Catholics. And of course they just eat it up, like frosted flakes.

But what the pope is really up to is selling the public a bill of goods laced with arsenic. Because for Agenda 2030 to work it will have to be imposed by fiat, not by a democratic vote. This is because the General Assembly of the United Nations has no authority over any given people to impose the draconian laws that will be required to make Agenda 2030 function.

No American, for example, voted to give up their sovereignty to an international body. But this is alright with Catholics, since Catholicism is a proto form of fascism, telling the faithful what the bible intended.

Catholics, quite simply, according to doctrine are not up the task of interpreting God’s words. But that is the point, the Vatican deigns to know what is in God’s mind, meaning for Catholicism God’s plan is “knowable.” Which by extrapolation means God must not be all-powerful.

It is again the utter conceit of fallible men and women, if God is truly all-powerful. For would it not be the case that an all-powerful God is certainly capable of changing his mind. But why should God now say let’s change the course of history?

And if we are to believe Judaism we must assume this change in the course of history from capitalism to utopian socialism is God’s intervention into history on behalf of his chosen people. Like in the manner he must have intervened against his chosen people during the Holocaust. So the real question is how has his chosen people, the Jews, pleased or displeased the creator?

Because it is a fact, God intervenes not only positively on behalf of the Jews, as in the deliverance from Egyptian bondage, but also sanctions them when they displease him. So the last historical intervention on behalf of the Jews resulted in their near extermination, because the immediate prior events to the holocaust were the debauchery, depravity, and degeneracy unleashed in German society.

This was indeed not worthy of his chosen people, and God responded accordingly. This same depravity has been unleashed in the United States. Therefore, the question is how will God now react? Is it as Pope Francis intimates the instantiation of Agenda 2030, or are we headed for another reckoning of the Jewish people and their new best friend in the Papacy?

Nukes to Germany

According, to the Federation of American Scientists, the transfer of 20 nuclear bombs to Germany is:

a hidden American weapons build-up,” the FAS said. The new bombs allow “themselves to be steered to the target” and are “much more precise than the nuclear weapons that have been stationed in Germany so far.” This is “a new weapon” because the US previously had “no steerable nuclear bombs.

A clear sign war is closer than Americans believe:

In case of war, the nuclear weapons stationed in Germany would be used at the orders of the US president. The US forces would then hand over the nuclear weapons to the German pilots and these German pilots would then attack the target with nuclear weapons.

The idea has always been to wage nuclear war against Russia, but confine it to the European continent. Fat chance of that in today’s world. Russia will target West Coast ports with nuclear weapons of their own. In other words, nuclear war will not be confined to Europe, but will be worldwide. Russia will immediately drive into the Baltics, and in coordination with members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, China will strike across the Taiwan Straits and attack Taipei. North Korea will once again attack South Korea.

The catalyst for this conflagration will be the destruction of the dollar, or in this case the petrodollar. The only hope of saving it is to prevail in Syria, and then stop Iran from selling its oil in gold. Once war breaks out, the globalists dreams of New World Order, or Agenda 2030, will literally go up in smoke, i.e., mushroom clouds. People wage wars on the basis of national identity, not abstract notions of global solidarity.

Therefore, if the globalists wish to see their New World Order, which I myself believe is just somemore utopian socialism, then they must avoid war. But as you can see from their antics in Iraq, Libya, and Syria such a proposal goes directly against their real instincts for their own survival. Hence, I do not think they will avoid World War III with Russia and China, and if China emerges from the conflict, an industrialized country also has an interest in nationalism as opposed to internationalism.

Ergo: the U.S. must win said war, meaning it will have to deploy most if not all of its nuclear arsenal which will incinerate mankind and bring about the 6th extinction.

U.N. Agenda 2030: Utopian socialism run amok

U.N. Agenda 2030, centralized planning on a global scale, to end poverty and save the environment? Really, just an excuse for the globalist corporate elite to enslave humanity with fiat regulations. First, I have yet to read any globalist that can really explain why development occurred in the transition from feudalism to capitalism. They haven’t a clue. Consequently, all subsequent utopian plans for ending poverty and saving the environment will fail for lack of real knowledge. And if the nations that are now selling this pipe dream, through Pope Francis, knew what created development since feudalism, they would not be poor, but wealthy nations. This is because the one thing that spurred development, as measured generally by growth in real per capita income over time, was individual responsibility and discipline which all Catholic countries that are signing up for Agenda 2030 have always lacked, precisely because of Catholicism. But it is a perfect recipe, using the mantra of the environment and poverty, to impose dictatorship of the sort, now practiced by Barack Obama. Which is to govern by executive order cutting out ratification or approval of any such utopian agenda. In short, Agenda 2030 is a blue print for ending what the aristocracy always despised with the onset of industrialization: DEMOCRACY. This is the grand plan of U.N. Agenda 2030. Government by technocrat/apparatchik, appointed by who else, the new global aristocracy. But if they were so damn smart why couldn’t they have accomplished development at their own national level without this agenda? Because they don’t know a thing about development, they propose to do it by transferring wealth between nations–socialist redistribution. And that is precisely the crux of their problem, socialist redistribution of output has always led not to development, but to impoverishment. As for saving the environment, everyone knows, especially scientists, that the problem isn’t their buzz word “sustainable development” but over population. The New World Order will have to outlaw sex. Though perhaps with the right genetically engineered foods you might be able to engineer early deaths for the serfs and long lifes for the aristocracy. This will be their New World Order idea of compassion. Or perhaps as in the movie Soylent Green we turn to eating one another as a source of food. That will definitely take stress off the environment, and lighten the burden of their so-called “sustainable development.”