Trump’s gunboat diplomacy fated to fail; but if you make Kim lose face the war the Rothschilds want will be on.

Anyways, our so called-allies, Commie China and Russia are not exactly trustworthy partners because their own national security are at stake.

They are not stupidos that want the U.S. to set up shop next door.

Their amassing troops as I type will ultimately be used to repel us. Like get real Bro. That means we want the crazy Kim to actually attack us, for all the monetary reasons discussed previously, like the issuance of a world currency that requires all central banks get on board. So let’s see: 1) China is developing its own payments system, 2) Russia is developing its own payments system, and 3) there is no Rothschild central bank in North Korea, Syria, Libya, Iraq or any other country we now find it necessary to attack.

Indeed, in Libya Moammar Kadhafi wanted to use the gold dinar as payment for oil, Saddam Hussein the euro, and now Iran also wants to use gold as payment for oil. Why the Rothschilds not only don’t like countries without central banks, but also detest people who see gold as money. No coincidence here to also learn that the Federal Reserve has been intervening into the gold market to suppress its price by lending gold forward to bullion banks who then sell the gold into the market, i.e., suppressing its price, and then buying bonds that increase their price and lower rates.

In fact, Deutsche Bank has already settled lawsuits that alleged they manipulated gold and silver prices. Again to prevent us, meaning the United States, from becoming a true banana republic with a peso currency, we must stop all three countries in and around the Korean peninsula, since the Rothschilds backed our currency with oil.

The only thing now that backs the value of our currency is of course gunboat diplomacy. However, by not controlling the price of oil during the Bush administration, the Russians benefited from high oil prices to restore their military. What we basically have here is Sitting Bull and Geronimo saying they’ll help the Long Knives reign in Kim, knowing full well they’re dealing with people who speak with “forked tongue”. Hence when push comes to shove, they’ll join Kim at the Little Bighorn or 38th parallel (armed with repeating rifles or ballistic missiles) to teach Custer Trump an important lesson. With one crucial proviso: the Rothschilds want Trump to lose face. That is what will really make World War III or War in Our Time. Somehow you knew this was how it was goin’ to end from the moment we took our first Indian scalp. A bunch of tribes ganging up on us. Just as Custer had his Pawnee scouts we will have our South Korean and Japanese allies. Let’s just make sure we attack the hostiles with the sun at our backs like the Son of the Morningstar.

By the way, Russia’s Ministry of Defense has announced that with China they have agreed to their primary targets in the event of war with the United States. I say, Seattle-San Francisco-Los Angeles will be among the first to go. Hey, if you’re like me, you’ve probably forgotten all about the immigration problem and the vaunted wall. It’s not goin’ to matter. Look at it this way. If our Korean escapade sours, Trump will have accomplished something, like eliminating the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.


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