Quote of the day . . .

He [i.e., Trump] now appears to be little more than a traditional Republican with more than a little dash of Kardashian sleaze in him, a boorish reality-TV star reading from a

    neocon script

that could have been written for many of his GOP rivals, except he delivers his lines with worse grammar and a limited vocabulary, favoring imprecise words such as “beautiful” and “sad.”. . Trump has put his tail between his legs and become a housebroken dog to neocon dogma. He also licks the hand of Israel and Saudi Arabia as he and his team keep repeating the favorite Israeli-Saudi mantra that “Iran is the principal sponsor of terrorism.”–Robert Parry, April 25, 2017

No change or revolution, that is sure. But observable actions that expose the real underlying moral order as nothing more than genuflection to the banksters. Like Donald Trump’s new claim he is both a nationalist and globalist. Really? Who can say? If you flip once you could flip again ad infinitum. Meaning there really is nothing to believe when it comes to his discourse.


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