Globalists out of touch with real people and out of touch with reality.

Globalism a complete failure in Europe and now a complete failure in the United States. And rational clear thinking people have rejected its tenets of Open Borders, Endless Wars, and Dodgy Trade Deals that benefit no one other than the One Percent. Globalism is leftist drivel writ large, and like all leftist schemes rests upon the basis of using other people’s money to boost the wealth of party apparatchiks. This should put to rest once and for all that celebrities, and pseudo politicians like Barack Obama know anything about American politics, when the context of the 2016 election was clearly so similar to FDR and the 1930s. Celebrities could not penetrate the false statistics and see the economic carnage that the globalists had produced but attempted to obfuscate through dodgy statistical methods. Shameful. Because it showed just how poorly educated celebrities actually are. And the politicos were even worse. But let’s face it Nancy Pelosi could only be a legacy admission at a good college. As for Elizabeth Warren who I have some respect for, she in retrospect should have known better.


Obama’s attempt at framing Russia for the DNC hack is laughable

The source of the DNC hack was Seth Rich, a Bernie Sanders supporter who was outraged at the duplicity of the Democratic National Committee bias for Hillary Clinton. And Seth Rich had the keys to the car, so to speak, being a DNC voting analyst. As Julian Assange of WikiLeaks implies, Mr. Rich was gunned down from behind and murdered, most likely by the crime syndicate better known as the Democratic Party. Barack Obama is blowing smoke blaming the Russians when just about everyone knows the DNC hack was an inside job. The demonization of Putin is of course for the Rothschild central banking cartel that pretty much has destroyed the United States system of production through dodgy trade pacts, and unchecked immigration. That is what the Democrats have bought into–war on the American people. Through import substitution and cheap labor from Mexico, i.e., scabs, the Rothschilds and their emissaries the Clintons and Obamas have placed downward pressure in general upon wages to reduce the standard of living in the country. That is, the over supply of labor has lowered real per capita wages for the average American. Indeed, real per capita wages that rose consistently from 1776 to 1976, peaked sometime in 1973 and has since steadily declined. Real wages are those corrected for inflation that reveal a loss of purchasing power of the currency. This has been a bipartisan effort of both wings of the globalist Stalinist party in the United States. There is no liberal vs. conservative. It is globalists against the American people. Donald J. Trump had to be stopped because he does not belong within the globalist politically correct mantra of worldwide amalgamation. But his success was far from being unpredictable as touted by the mainstream press. To the contrary, over 40 percent of all elected presidents have had Scotch or Scotch-Irish heritage. Trump is a German-Scotch Presbyterian. Therefore without knowing anything else, Trump had a 2 in 5 chance of being elected. But add to this fact that the Scotch-Irish are law and order types, Trump had merely to point out that the Latino immigrant population which amounts to 18 percent of the general population constitutes 34 percent of the federal prison population. That was what gave the Donald initially traction. The coup de grace was the fact under globalist leadership and questionable trade pacts 94.5 million workers had been driven from the labor force. This was like the dispossessed and disenfranchised folks that came out to vote for Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Great Depression. Hillary won the popular vote, but it amounts to winning Communist California, a state so out of step with the rest of country with its brand of socialism of stealing from the rich to give to the poor–to buy votes for corrupt politicians like Feinstein and Pelosi. Basically like all socialists they have bought votes using other people’s money to finance out-sized pensions for state workers and the like. I will predict that one day those saps lending the money will stop doing so, and the state’s artificial prosperity will collapse, in that it is made up of capital gains on stocks, bonds, and real estate. Here The Donald needs to keep his eye on the ball which is the globalist Federal Reserve. This is his most serious impediment to restoring the U.S. to its former production greatness. That is, CAPITALISM is all about producing things and exporting the surplus while protecting the local market for domestic producers to maintain effective demand that merit high levels of productive investment.

Tsarnaevs set up . . . Boston bombing an inside frame job

backpackABC News photo
Backpack that held the bomb in the Boston Marathon bombing. As you can clearly see it had a rectangular white patch on it.



Now look at the three subjects with backpacks spotted at the Boston Marathon on the day of the bombing. The first two are of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Notice carefully that their backpacks do not have a white rectangular patch. However, the third suspect, an employee of Craft security service does have a white patch on his backpack. Ergo: at least for the bomb that went off near the finish line, where the Craft employee was standing, the brothers were not the author of that bomb. The most likely culprit remains the Craft employee, shown running after the detonation without now his backpack. But the mainstream press and Hollywood accomplices would have you think otherwise like some half-wit cultural dope. My guess is that at least Tamerlan Tsarnaev was working for the CIA, and former CIA station chief Graham Fuller, who just happened to have a direct relationship to Ruslan Tsarnaev, the uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers. Ruslan having married Graham Fuller’s daughter Samantha Fuller. Of course not investigated by the Zionist Fourth Estate. It points up the modus operandi of the globalists. They are waging politics (i.e., war by other means) by way of deception, beginning with Barack Obama who was likely born in Kenya. Politics and war being two sides of the same coin amounting to power, or the ability to realize one’s will even against the resistance of others. I would add, citizen researchers should continue to probe Mr. Obama’s real identity. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet on this controversy. If I had to guess, Obama was set up as such by the Jewish American community, as Hitler also received funding from the Jewish banking community in pre-World War II Germany. To say nothing, of Hitler’s funding by the likes of Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles who funneled money to the Nazi Party through the Union Banking Corporation. Google it and you’ll discover that UBC was seized by the U.S. government because the bank was trading with the enemy–Germany. Indeed the role of Germany in the Obama deception has yet to be flushed out. Though every time the globalists hit a rough spot, the Obama high tailed it to Germany to meet with Angela Merkel, who is not who you think she is.

The Newest Globalist Nonsense: Codeword LISA (i.e., Leftist Insane Strategies for America)

You really have to hand it to Barry Soetoro, the idea of claiming the Russians hacked the U.S. 2016 election. First of all, the claim of a cyberattack is the quintessential “fake news”. It being fake by virtue no part of the dodgy drivel can be fact checked and assessed by independent third parties. Therefore, what is the actual reason for the cyberattack meme? I think two fold, first the Democrat globalists want to subvert the legitimacy of Donald J. Trumps victory over the criminal Hillary Clinton. His election being illegitimate because he had Russian help, though the Barry can produce no actual empirical evidence for the cyberattack meme. However more importantly, the demonization of Russia is because Vladimir Putin is a direct threat to the Rothschild’s monopoly of central banks, and Hillary we know for a certainty has close ties to the ultimate bankster through her friendship with Lynn Forester de Rothschild. That is, the Rothschilds need the United States to start a war with Putin to derail Russia and China’s new payments system. Thirdly, the Military-Industrial-Security Complex can only justify $600 billion + defense budgets by conjuring a menace to justify the above largesse. It is through this bogey monster that the Congress critters front run military appropriations by buying shares in companies they know will receive defense contracts. Yes, the husbands of Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi have gotten filthy rich by plying this time worn game. It is importantly the mechanism upon which surplus value produced in the economy is transferred from the lemming taxpayers and given to the Congress critters. A simple neofeudal mode of production. The bigger the perceived menace the more that can be squeezed out of the lemmings. Basically Democrats stand for everything they once held in contempt. One last observation for all the moonbats. I repeat a well known assertion to my readers: You do not perpetrate the equivalent of the Reichstag fire on 9/11 and meekly go home with your ball. The globalists have invested too much time and resources to allow that outcome. They are as criminally inclined as the Nazis, the original adherents of the Hitler Plan. Now astute observers know why Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland. It was a last ditch attempt to save the Nazi movement in 1938. A war had to be risked to save the Nazi Party, just as war now must be risked to save the globalist party. But their chances of success are virtually nil. Let’s face it when Norbert Hofer of Austria gets 46 percent of the vote, the far right is on the move. Donald J. Trump is but a moderate liberal. It will be the person that follows him that will be a hardcore fascist with the intent of exterminating the globalists–and I for one will shed no tears for them.

Quote of the day:

The Democratic Party has become everything that it once loathed: elitist, globalist, interventionist, self-serving, warmongering and overflowing with hubris.–Charles Hugh Smith, Washington Blog, December 15, 2016

Ha ha ha ha. You have got to love the libtard Democrats. For example, I did not leave the Democrats, the party left me and other so-called deplorables that support the trade union movement. This is why the Democrats in 2009 killed the Employee Free Choice Act, that would have made union organizing easier, and would have rebalanced the disequilibrium in social class forces. Barry Soetoro was the person behind that move. Hence, when Hillary began running on the idea of four more years of the Black Interlocutor’s so-called successful economy the deplorables had to gag themselves with a spoon. Again while the Democrats played the identity politics game, to woeful results, it became clear that they still wanted to wage class warfare against the workers. Bad idea. Especially when there was some 94.5 million out of the labor force because of Barry’s economic policies. Well, if I said it once I’ll say it again. Those folks went to the polls to get revenge just as they did in 1932 when they came out to vote for FDR. And guess what? The banksters had unleashed speculation then leading to the Great Depression, as the banksters have done today creating bubbles in the bond market, stock market, and the real estate market. It is through speculation and its attendant inflation that the Wall Street boys transfer wealth to themselves at the expense of the bottom 99 percent. That’s the freakin’ reason why Blue Dog Democrats crossed and voted for the Donald. The Democrats have morphed into the defenders of capital in their support of Wall Street banksters. And when they had an opportunity to move in another direction, they elect NANCY PELOSI to lead them in the House. Go figure. These people must be brain dead since they have learned nothing from the beating they took in the general election virtually everywhere except Communist California, and New York Na-naLand.

In lieu of the Fed’s rate hike, I repost the following (first published on November 23):


Dear readers, the above is very dangerous. In general bond prices and stocks move in tandem. Bonds being sensitive to inflation with rising rates, and falling bond prices. Now stocks are heading higher, but for how long if bond prices are falling and interest rates are rising? And what about real estate. How long can it remain elevated as interest rates rise? This to me has all the makings of a reset of mammoth proportions. I think the jig is up. Economic laws can only be finessed for so long, and I think the Fed is now between a rock and a hard place. What Americans are going to learn is that under the Democrats there really was no recovery, but rather just quantitative easing to infinity that transferred wealth from the lemmings to the One Percent. If Trump is serious about tax cuts and fiscal stimulus to rebuild infrastructure, eventually the dollar will be under extreme pressure. But perhaps that is the plan. To ease the burden of debtors through debasement of the currency. Of course, the deplorables might not like the results as their standard of living is eroded by inflation. But that is the story isn’t. The ones that end up with the funny money first receive its full benefit, and those that arrive late to the party see a shrinking dollar. It is nothing more than the stealth transfer of wealth from the lemmings to One Percent aristocracy. Yes, the more things change the more they seem to be the same ol’ same ol’. But what is different from old time capitalism is that not all boats are lifted, and it is now a zero sum game where the general populace loses and the aristocracy prospers. So there is very little to ponder in Donald J. Trump’s recent victory. The lemmings simply wanted payback, and got it.

I think the Fed’s decision to raise rates is the Khazarian Mafia banksters tanking the financial system so that Donald J. Trump assumes the blame for the coming depression. Why of course, The Donald was actually allowed to win to serve as the scapegoat for the excesses of the Democrat (i.e., globalist) regime. There is an outside possibility pulling the plug on the U.S. economy will result in another Venezuela that will serve the cause of advancing One World Government. Imagine Venezuelan food shortages in the United States. Would Americans capitulate to One World Government in the face of actual hunger? This in turn might actually ignite World War III, most likely in the South China Seas, if Trump’s bellicose rhetoric toward China is any hint. War serves as the means of distraction from the misery of economic collapse thereby obfuscating the responsibility of the bankers for serial bubbles leading to financial collapse that sabotages the economy.