Donald now the new globalist . . . but what the public wants is revenge, so he’ll do just fine — thank you.

If indeed Le Pen is defeated, it may show that the corrupt, plutocratic, anti-Christian, anti-national pseudo-elites have found the formula to ensure their perpetuation in power, for a while anyway. That, however, will do nothing to address the political, economic, demographic, and above all spiritual crises that characterize their misrule. It means only that they have beat back orderly and peaceful attempts by decent citizens to change course before it’s too late. If that turns out to be the case, it will only mean that the collapse, when it comes, will be all the more terrible.– Zero Hedge, April 28, 2017

Yes, The Donald has flipped to being just another globalist. That is, he listens to Jared Kushner, and not Steven Bannon. But I do believe a real world exists apart from manufactured perceptions. And that world order is declining economically quickly. We have reached debt saturation once again, and like 2008, people are tapped out because real wages, those adjusted for inflation, are not growing but contracting, economic activity is simply slowing to a crawl. This is why there is war talk once again. Economic crisis is hovering over the elites like the Sword of Damocles. Why they now also face political crises in Marine Le Pen, Donald J. Trump, and Brexit. Their rule is being rejected; they are despised, and the public wants their pound of flesh for what they have done. In short working people want revenge, and some guy like The Donald is just fine as long as he extracts that revenge upon Mexicans, building a wall, or even the Khazarian Mafia banksters. Yes anti-Semitic attacks are rising precisely because the strategy of today is exactly the same as pre-1933 Germany. The elites have unleashed daffy socialism upon Protestants, as they also attempted to do in Germany, and it has been rejected as a foreign body demanding an immune response. And anyone who harbors the disease of socialism will also be rejected by Americans. The top Illuminati know this. It is the path to creating civil war, followed by World War III. I reiterate the BIG KABOOM remains right on schedule. Having said that, the conflict between labor and capital is not primary, but secondary to actual ethnic discord. Because economic systems are mere predilections of religions or if you like, elective-affinity. So what are proclaimed to be ideological differences, are in truth religious differences and cannot be ameliorated with talk or discourse, since they are different value systems.


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