War president . . .

No one should be taken by surprise regarding the future of the United States. The world economy is rolling over precisely because of globalism or international socialism. That means war is not far off. Like we did to Japan, with our embargo of raw materials, we are doing today to Russia placing sanctions on their economy and lowering the price of oil through our ally Saudi Arabia. The goal is to undermine the Russian economy and remove Vladimir Putin. But unlike Japan that was relatively isolated, save for Germany and Italy, the Russians are not so handicapped. The People’s Republic of China has their back through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It will be much more difficult for us to goad Putin into launching an attack upon the United States. As we have also seen from the performance of the Russian military in Syria, they have made relatively short work of ISIS, that was in truth our assets in the region. We also know Putin has been one step ahead of the FemiNazis of our State Department since the Maidan Square coup d’etat. The Russian’s move to secure Sevastopol by annexing Crimea should have been anticipated, but wasn’t by the FemiNazis of our State Department. The terrain from Ukraine to Moscow is relatively flat and without natural obstacles. This is the route any invading army will have to take to conquer Russia. And we are going to have to march to Moscow because our sanctions, and artificially low oil prices will not force Putin to submit. China’s dumping of over $1 trillion in U.S. treasuries was also another sign the impending war is not far off. The socialist palaver of Bernie Sanders is meaningless. And Hillary Clinton’s performance in Libya does not augur well for a showdown with Putin over the petrodollar. So when you vote in this year’s primaries, just think for a moment who you want leading the country in a time of war. The socialist Democrats or The Donald? As was World War I, and World War II, the coming war will be the creation of the Zionist American community. I always believe in giving credit where credit is due. They like hiding in the shadows, but they should have their day in the sun.


NIRP is like a devaluation . . . people will want out

Negative interest rate policy is like a devaluation, and people will be exiting the yen to place their money in dollar denominated assets. Why the Dow index surged on Friday by almost 400 points. It also means that the dollar is going to rise in value, as those same people attempt to get into dollar denominated assets. The bugaboo is that emerging markets have borrowed almost $9 trillion in dollars to fund their overcapacity. And as the dollar rises in value those same schmucks that borrowed in dollars are going to see their debts grow in real value. Another way of putting this is that I seriously expect that said schmucks are going to end up defaulting on that debt, because the consumer of last resort isn’t doing what the markets need, which is consume. And I maintain, they can’t consume because Barack Obama is systematically destroying the wealth of 95 percent of the lemmings. They are so indebted, they’ve begun to hoard cash, and this cautious consumption will wreck emerging markets, and much else. The stress overseas will eventually become a problem in our own economy, unless the so-called globalists wish to argue the U.S. has detached itself from the rest of the world. Closer world amalgamation simply makes us more vulnerable to downturns elsewhere. Globalism is dead social movement walking, and leads directly to nationalism, and perhaps fascism.

Rule of law . . .

Well, at least according to the State Department, Hillary potentially violated the law in having sensitive emails on her private server. Will she be prosecuted? That’s not a given since Democrats do not enforce the rule of law. Obama for example has yet to send one bankster to the Big House, where Hillary probably also belongs. Why of course I also think Donald Trump is surging because the immigration issue isn’t about immigration per se, but really about the rule of law. The fact that Barack Obama doesn’t enforce the law, and wishes to reward people who violate our laws by crossing the border illegally. Why the Democrats are going to lose in 2016. No one, and I mean absolutely no one should be rewarded for breaking our laws, and that applies as much to the Khazarian Mafia banksters as it does to the lowly immigrants from Mexico. Secondly, let me ask you, dear reader, does it seem plausible that a person who attended Yale and went to its law school would do something as foolish as place sensitive state secrets on a personal email server? I frankly think it beggars credibility. Hillary placed that information on an unsecured server because she probably wanted that information passed to the Mossad, who could have easily hacked that server. In this manner, as opposed to a Zionist toady like Jane Harman, she would have plausible deniability if caught. If you haven’t noticed, Ms. Clinton is very chummy with the neoconservative cabal, often pandering to their wet dreams, like nuking Iran. The email scam was the perfect vehicle to keep her allies in the know, while retaining the proverbial “who could have known?” schtick.

This just in: Hillary likely to be indicted over emails

According to reports, the State Department has classified 22 emails on Hillary Clinton’s personal server to be “Top Secret”. Which, I take to mean, she will be indicted. Now a Clinton spokesman on CNN maintained this was a case of over classification, and that said selected emails were not “Top Secret’. This is of course not the problem. The problem is that her personal server might have been hacked, and this information shared with our enemies. For me, the real issue is just how did al Qaeda of Libya learn that Ambassador Christopher Stevens would be in Benghazi on the night in question that led to his untimely death? From all reports, the Benghazi attack was well planned, and not just an extemperaneous protest as first alleged by Susan Rice, to the video “Innocence of Muslims”. Where did al Qaeda obtain this information of time, day, and place for Ambassador Steven’s visit. That is the real implication from not securing one’s email that trafficked in State Department information. And I even leave to one side, whether Ms. Clinton and the State Department were engaged in gun running of the Iran-Contra sort. Of course, consequently not investigated by our dear Zionist Fourth Estate. It will make obtaining the Democratic nomination very difficult for Ms. Clinton, setting up my socialism vs. capitalism referendum between the real two outsiders, Sanders and Trump. The people have had enough of the main stream toadies that pander to foreign interests in our elections.

Our trash talking Prez

Yes all those no nothings that don’t accept the specious claim that the economy is strong can now point to our robust GDP growth of 0.7 percent. OOOOOOH boy! And I say to the Fed, go ahead boyz and girlz and hike those rates. Hahahaha, like these morons know what they’re doing. Not a chance. They are not protecting the real economy because it is a known fact that tax revenues are now tied to the market. And if the market continues to crater, tax revenues also will crater. So, I’m betting it is one and done for the daft Federal Reserve filled by the incompetent Khazarian Mafia banksters. The backroom boyz are going to have to fire up that secret slush fund to buy up all the treasuries penciled into being dumped from some more quantitative easing.

Robert LaVoy Finicum shooting

Judge for yourself. And always return to the actual phenomenon for your judgement. Disregard narratives and search for details yourself. The shooting begins at the 5:57 mark. Mr. Finicum does appear to have his hands in the air, when he again appears to have been startled by an officer behind him who then proceeds to shoot him.