The Mideast plan: Isis proxies allied with U.S. change 7 regimes for a greater Israel.

ISIS mission

Our “ISIS” mission: make Israel safe out of U.S. tax dollars. This was of course the original Zionist Plan for the Middle East: Israeli Hegemony. The A-R-A-B-S will not allow themselves to be subjugated to the skullcaps, consequently there will be perpetual conflict.

This is of course not our fight. Other than the free flow of oil out of the Middle East, our national interests in the squabble between Jews and Arabs are really minimal, though not insignificant.

We are far less dependent upon Mideast oil than other countries, and indeed have our own large oil reserves. Consequently, Israel must keep us tied to the region by manufacturing a justification. That justification was the Jewish banksters creation of the petrodollar that backed the fiat U.S. currency with oil.

That is, the dodgy dollar was to be the exclusive means of buying and selling the black gold. Which of course also meant that every central bank needed to hold dodgy dollars. Why we must start or provoke a war with Russia to preserve the petrodollar, because both China and Russia want to abandon the dollar as the means of settling trades for oil.

That might just mean a stampede out of the dollar, and a return to its true value–since we have printed up so many unbacked by the requisite production–to zero. And Both Putin and Xi know this.

Therefore the Russkies and Chinese are also beginning to move their chess pieces like the new Chinese international payments platform, and Putin’s payment system to replace SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). This is why war is just around the corner.

Putin and Xi must be stopped if the petrodollar is to remain dominant.

At this stage everything the Americans have tried has failed. Why you see phrases all over the internet like “crash of the dollar.” I also suspect the Khazarian Mafia banksters want to hand off the economic leadership baton to the Chinese, and why Putin and not Xi is demonized in the U.S. press. The Russkies are actually targeting the Rothschilds–for extermination . . . and vice versa. Putin’s advantage? He has a military. The Rothschilds rely upon the U.S. military to do their dirty work, just as Smedley Butler noted (See his treatise on “War is a Racket.”

In any event, because the Rothschilds are despised by the general public that has any familiarity with the family, the cockamamie story concocted to justify war with the Russians and Chinese will most likely warp believability. Hence emerges North Korea to the rescue. A nutty country led by an even nuttier leader, Kim Jong Un. However, because North Korea borders both China and Russia, I do not believe the Chinese nor Russians can allow Americans to establish a beachhead on their borders. Hence it makes perfect sense that the Russians have already begun to move military equipment to Vladivostok in advance of Trump’s new war. Just recall the last time Americans approached the Yalu River during the Korean War, the Chinese sent nearly a million men to the war front. Neither Russia nor China can afford to allow the U.S. to remove Mr. Kim. He may be a nut job, but he’s their nut job. However, if you want war with China and Russia, that is the route to take.

Kudos to the Rothschilds. Mission accomplished. This might even signal that Trump is another plant like Adolf Hitler, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Alexis Tsipras, Emmanuel Macron and other assorted Rothschild stooges down through the ages.


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