A vote for Hillary is a vote for Goldman Sachs

Hillary SpeechesEnlarge by hitting [control] and [+]. Her speeches to Goldman are listed, with the amount of money she received. Bernie Sanders is absolutely correct about Hillary being in bed with Wall Street. Trustworthy? Not on your life!


Europe awakes to Merkel’s/globalists grand delusions


The EU will collapse. It’s only a matter of time. First, a single currency Eurozone makes fiscal and monetary control to manage downturns impossible.

Greece, for example, should have clearly left the EU and returned to the drachma. Now every country of the EU is being inundated by immigrants because of Angela Merkel’s sorry globalism.

In fact the treasonous chancellor is attempting to erase Germany as a nation state, but will fail. Germans not surprisingly, like being Germans and not daft Muslims. Besides, the globalist can offer no evidence that multiculturalism leads to greater prosperity.

You are clearly better off employing a policy of assimilation for migrants, and integrating them into your culture. And besides, why change a culture that leads to a vibrant economy that is the strongest in the EU.

Multiculturalism for everyone but the Jews in Israel. And why is that?

That is because the Jews wish to practice apartheid and segregation, to maintain their racial purity. So when the Jews condemn so-called white supremacists, it is only because they wish to retain that privilege for themselves–because let’s face the fact, Israel was essentially set up by Adolf Hitler.

Hillary fails to make the grade


Her conviction would be critical in persuading Mr. Obama to join allies in bombing Colonel Qaddafi’s forces. In fact, Mr. Obama’s defense secretary, Robert M. Gates, would later say that in a “51-49” decision, it was Mrs. Clinton’s support that put the ambivalent president over the line.

The consequences would be more far-reaching than anyone imagined, leaving Libya a failed state and a terrorist haven, a place where the direst answers to Mrs. Clinton’s questions have come to pass.–By Jo Becker and Scott Shane, New York Times, FEB. 27, 2016

Ms. Clinton was caught with her panties down, bending over for her neoconservative handlers. She imagined wrongly, that she could correct her also wrong vote on Iraq, by doubling down on Moammar Khadafi.

Just like her position on Iran, she listens to the extremist Jews, neoconservatives, for her compass, and will do so if elected to the presidency. She has made the ultimate gaffe of believing there are moderate Sunnis and terrorists.

Consequently, Ms. Clinton is the primary reason we are in Syria, since she was running arms to the so-called rebels, the same set of terrorists she was plying with favors in Libya, like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

The ultimate lesson here is that as the Russians have shown, you kill all the terrorists and allow Allah to sort out those that merit paradise. Why the Russians have virtually sealed the defeat of the al-Qaeda and Daesh. Something this country could have long ago accomplished, if we were not led by neoconservative sycophants like Ms. Clinton.

Now John Kerry’s plan B for Syria, partition of the country along ethnic lines, is really no different than the Israelis plan A or Zionist Plan for the Middle East. But even after partition there will be no democracy for each individual group.

That is simply not Arab culture, and never will be. Islam is a warrior’s religion which determines whether one remains standing or falls in battle. The spoils go to the victor. And I’m willing to wager, the Arabs will revert to the norm after we leave the region.

In other words, the U.S. did not have any chips to speak of in Syria. This was again a useless war, except for the prospects of a oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Haifa that would pass over Syrian territory. Beneficial to Israel, but not for Russia or the U.S.

In unguarded moments, the Jewish press will tell you exactly what they are up to

Everything Trump stands for runs contrary to the Jewish agenda to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and displace the very people whose ancestors founded and built this once great nation, which at this point has largely been accomplished.

More than anything, the Jews hate Trump because they view him as representing traditional White America, a racial demographic the Jews are at war with. Even though Trump has never made explicitly pro-White statements, his public policy proposals, particularly as they relate to immigration and international trade, are implicitly supportive of traditional White America. Trump has also courageously denounced political correctness, a key weapon of the organized Jewish community that is used to psychologically and intellectually enslave the masses while advancing Jewish interests.–Andrew Silow Carroll

I disagree somewhat with Silow-Carroll’s assessment of Donald Trump, who I project will win the GOP nomination for president. What Donald Trump plugs into is American revulsion of international socialism hiding behind the euphemistic moniker of globalism. Trump is not a white racialist, but a nationalist. And like prior to World War I, the international socialists have overreached. One must never mistake degeneracy, depravity, and debauchery for pluralism. If that be the case, 1933 Berlin is the archetype of pluralism, when in reality it had become a cess pool that precisely fomented the right-wing reaction of the Nazis. The danger of Trump to the Jews is that he advocates assimilation and loyalty to the state, which the Jews do not want. Yes, a typical Scotch-Irish trait. The Zionists have always desired since Theodor Herzl segregation and apartheid. The racists are the Jews, not Donald Trump. It was precisely this fact that spurred Adolf Hitler to found a state for the Jews in Palestine, with the Ha’avara Agreement. And why to this very day, Israel is an apartheid state.

The whole banking system is a scam: Europe Parliament Minister

Politicians can’t handle the truth. Why they are not the solution, but invariably part of the problem. The financial system is going to crash–it’s not matter of if, but only when again. The right honorable MEP Godfrey Bloom nails it. The Khazarian Mafia banksters have set the world up for another implosion–on purpose–to bring to fruition their daft idea of kumbaya . . . One World Government with a single currency. This will benefit no one other than a handful of banksters in the world, and might I add, destroy democracy because this new world government will be run by technocrats like the current European Union. In other words, Adolf Hitler will have won World War II by default.

What is to be done?


Greece’s debt to the so-called Troika — the International Monetary Fund, European Commission, and European Central Bank — turned out not to be the true reason for the proposed austerity. As Varoufakis discovered, the Troika actually, if somewhat covertly, intended to decimate Greek organized labor and the country’s modest social safety net. After the Greek populace stunned the world with its ‘no’ vote, Varoufakis sensed the coming accession by Syriza to implement the plans — and he hastily and quietly resigned his post.–Claire Bernish, Anti-Media, “Former Finance Minister Compares Current Financial Crisis to Great Depression,” Feb. 24, 2016

To get what they wanted, the Troika, got Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras to sell out the Greek people. He not surprisingly was a socialist Trojan Horse that ran on a platform of doing away with the Troika’s austerity, but did the exact opposite after being elected. Donald Trump today looks like an Alexis Tsipras riding to the rescue of the American people, and perhaps he will be . . . but don’t hold your breath. Mr. Trump didn’t get rich for nothing, and could not have done so without the help of the Jewish community of New York City, which pretty much controls real estate in the Empire State. This is truly a state controlled by Wall Street.

And America has already crossed that Rubicon. By bailing out bankers and big finance capital to the tune of $23.7 trillion (according to TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky) the public can likewise make a claim to privatized profits. Socializing losses means the American people have a right to an even bigger cut of the take than simply wages. The massive bailouts is an admission that if we are all in this together, then fine. Every boardroom should have a federal director (most likely from the Internal Revenue Service) to share in the decision making.

Obviously, private auditors like Arthur Anderson that cooked Enron’s books are not capable of performing their job, and should be augmented by greater Internal Revenue Service oversight. Displaced accountants can simply be hired by the government. Also, expand the division of forensic accountants to ferret out rampant fraud and insider trading. Not coincidentally, off balance sheet shenanigans rose inversely to the fall in IRS corporate audits.

The industry faced a nine percent audit rate in fiscal year 2008, a slight increase from FY2004 where the rate stood at eight percent. But compared to other industry groups, financial services got off easy. For all other industries, the audit rate was 19 percent in FY2008; in FY2004, it was 23 percent. (Other industry sectors include natural resources and construction; communications, technology, and media; retailers, food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare; and heavy manufacturing and transportation.)–Nick Schwellenbach, Center for Public Integrity, April 8, 2009 (note: the TRAC website at Syracuse University that tracks IRS corporate audits was shut down. Our dear government cannot handle the truth.)


As you can see from the above quote and chart, the financial services sector was the least audited while clearly the largest in terms of income of all industry sectors. In terms of frequency of audits, current audits of financial corporations are less than half what they were in 1988. As for financial speculation, return to the 1950s. In the ’50s the money supply that fueled the present insanity could not grow because the currency was backed by precious metals. As long as this was the case as seen from the below chart on general prices, there was price stability, and financial leverage simply could not grow to today’s ridiculous level. We can also see that the inflection point for rampant inflation was around 1965, at about exact time the U.S. began to ramp the Vietnam War, that ultimately forced us off the gold standard. If we reattach the dollar to gold, we might even be able to scrap the Federal Reserve and return control over the currency to the Treasury Department. In any event, price instability results directly from Fed money printing to stoke the fires of financial speculation that must end in hyperinflation.


Since the Federal Reserve, a private cartel of bankers, assumed control over the currency in 1913 it has lost 90 percent of its value, a clearly poor record of financial sterwardship.


The bloated wasteful spending of the military sector will also have to be brought under control to get our financial house in order. Contracting out both engineering and production leads to fraud and waste. While the development of new weapons systems can be contracted out to private engineering firms, why not retain actual production of the weapon in government factories, as suggested by Josephus Daniels. This would be a mixed form of government, not entirely private or public. In any event, the government would have some sort of real feel for production costs upon which to compare if a weapon system later moved to full production. That is, have a public option to control the costs of private production.

The Iraq war? That’s a no brainer. As Barack Obama suggested on 60 minutes, we as a people can no longer afford military adventurism for the sake of military adventurism, nor the 900 military bases we have around the world in 130 countries. We can remain a democracy or foolishly pursue empire, but we cannot remain both.

The Republicans and perhaps Donald Trump himself would gut democracy for the sake of national security by following not the will of the people, but their own assessment of the situation, though there is no inkling that either Sunnis or Shiites will ever compromise on their differences. It is just plain wishful thinking that there are good extremists and bad extremists, and that you are going to control the situation. Syria and Libya being prime examples of this wishful thinking that have failed miserably and resulted in failed states, that now incubate terrorism. In fact, since our intervention into Iraq, terrorism has grown exponentially.


Bankster control of the money supply to fund endless wars has thus resulted in an underperforming economy since the Vietnam War. The banksters were able to finesse this problem of a disappearing consumer or effective demand by prodding people to take on debt. But we now have reached the limits of debt saturation, and since 2008, federal/state/household/corporate debt has increased 30 percent more. So the unintended consequence of bankster rule is that an underperforming economy for the average Joe has undermined support for the system, as a whole. Bernie Sanders is no accident. Donald Trump is no accident. They are the result of 40+ years of mismanagement of the economy. And Trump in particular is a cautionary tale of what results from sabotaging markets through the Federal Reserve. This is no longer going to be about social democracy of the Swedish variety, but ultimately the desirability of socialism or national socialism, where the state assumes ownership of the means of production and finance.

This is no longer so far fetched in the automobile and airline industry that lined up to be bailed in the last downturn. And who knows what else is lining up to be bailed out in the future. There are, of course, two flavors to choose from if you go that route. There is the marxist model and the fascist model of national socialism. Now don’t snicker. The Chinese have been practicing the marxist version, and are making the U.S. look like pedestrians in the global marketplace.

Granted there is private profit in the Middle Kingdom, but the politiburo calls the shots. Our lack of competitiveness internationally is quite frankly why we retreated into the obscure world of derivative gambling. Investment decisions in China are undertaken by a politburo of five to nine persons. These are the bigwigs of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They determine social investments, production, finance, etc.; like the decision to divert foreign exchange reserves into tangible resources for their industry, making oil deals with Iran and Russia. China’s economy till recently was growing at double digit rates, while ours has been lucky to outpace the rate of inflation generated by central bank money printing. Though if the U.S. kept realistic inflation statistics, America’s GDP has been negative since 2006.

However, if you’re into schadenfreude, China won’t escape our depression–because frankly–just who do they export their junk to? If China does appear to be in trouble now, it is a reflection of the collapse in domestic consumption in the United States, and the fall in real wages since 1973–again finessed, for some 40 years by ever lax credit. In this sense the U.S. consumer is akin to the krill that is disappearing killing off the penguins, seals, and other life forms of the antarctic. Now why the krill is disappearing appears to be related to the weather production of ice floes, in which they form later each year and melt earlier, not producing the algae that adhere to them upon which the krill graze. The U.S. consumer is disappearing because the powers that be decided to offshore jobs and production to foreign destinations, leaving Americans with low paying service sector jobs–waiters, bus boys, and bartenders, etc.

U.S. stats are used to fool a gullible public, but their blowback is the distribution of scarce resources into lines of production, like housing, as opposed to manufacturing and tradeable goods. Because of distorted price signals, the United States has failed to produce a trade surplus in some 40+ years. Also houses are not historically investment vehicles, i.e., that appreciate, but more like vehicles that begin depreciating the moment they’re driven off the car lot. That houses have reached stratospheric heights is because of distinctly lax monetary policy to augment weak effective demand or real wages. Under normal conditions, as opposed to the last thirty years of pumping up the money supply, I would not expect to see much appreciation in the value of houses in excess of the rate of inflation.

Attempting to to keep the prices levitated by buying up mortgages will only delay the sector from getting back on its feet towards a sustainable future. This is like watching Wiley Coyote run off the edge of a precipice only to discover several strides later there’s nothing but air supporting him. In the case, of the housing bubble, it is the hot money of quantitative easing that keeps Wiley Coyote investor from realizing the poor canine doesn’t have a firmament to stand upon.

With depression comes political instability: guys like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Here we are at the fork in the bend. Whether to go socialist or in the direction of national socialism or fascism. Past history shows nations will choose the path of least resistance, and in the case of the U.S. that is the military route to extract themselves from the conundrum they have dug for themselves. We are currently moving in the direction of corporate takeover of the state (Bernie’s argument for change), and dropping the facade of democracy.

In the current crisis, presidential candidates Clinton-Cruz-Rubio are being bankrolled by financial capital, while the outsiders Sanders and Trump have developed other sources. Sanders relying upon crowd funding and small donations from a myriad of campaign donors, while Trump is self funding his campaign or at least this is what he says. To the extent, financial capital is successful in buying the present election, then to that extent the country will have chosen fascism. This might be national socialism without the racial component, but hardly a desirable outcome for the sustainability of democracy. For Bush’s bailout of financial capital abrogates power to Wall Street. This is what also happened in Nazi Germany, finance capital assumed control of the state with the help of the Sturm Abteilung or shock troops drawn from the working class. Hitler’s supreme economic council included:

Herr Krupp von Bohlen, armaments king; Herr Fritz Thyssen, steel king; Herr F.C. von Siemens, electrical king; Professor Karl Bosch, Dye Trust miilionaire; Dr. A. Vogler, German Steel Trust; Herr A. Diehn, director Potash Syndicate; Herr Bochinger, director Maximilian Steel Works; Herr F. von Schroeder, banker; Herr A von Finck, banker; and Herr F. Reinhart, banker.

I might add, also that Max Warburg remained within Hitler’s circle of supporters until 1938. Paul Warburg, the man who set up the Federal Reserve here in the U.S., was the former’s brother. Even before they had fully taken down Germany, the Khazarian Mafia of bankers, had begun to select their next target, the United States, to bleed. Yes, the National Socialist Workers Party ostensibly controlled the marches, and the rally spectacles, but the real takeover in Germany was by big financial and industrial capital. They, like the big corporations of today, constituted less than 1 percent of the population, and formed an alliance with the the dispossessed middle class, ravaged by the financial excesses of the roaring ’20s to seize power.

Sound familiar. Yes, that’s precisely what is occurring today in America, whether it is Clinton or Rubio. The true outsiders are Sanders and Trump to the globalist agenda. When you’re in the saddle making decisions there is/was no need for the Reichstag nor will there be for the Congress, as Barack Obama has shown us. You simply rule through executive order. In fact if you’re very clever, you blow up the Reichstag and blame it on terrorists, as the Nazis did.

Labor in Germany was betrayed by social democrats, as they have been by the Democrats and NAFTA in the United States today. In Germany financial capital and industry put the country on the path to imperial wars, as financial capital here has put us on a path to war in Syria and the Ukraine. This is the true reason the globalist Republicans are behind Rubio and establishment Democrats, or superdelegates, are backing Hillary Clinton. To further their endless war agenda by siphoning wealth from the general population into the pockets of the 1 percent through the stealth tax of inflation.

As administrations fail to solve this domestic issue of perpetual war, the real economy grinds lower. Investors cannot find order and will take to the sideline, because investors frankly hate uncertainty, and the state will look to external events, as Germany was forced to, to occupy the spirits of the people. We are at this very time attempting to bait Russia into a war over Syria, but it remains to be seen whether Vladimir Putin will take the hook. You see, the Russians and Chinese hold all the cards, because of excessive debt on our part, and when the economy deteriorates sufficiently, another false flag like that of 9/11 will be attempted to justify a nuclear preemptive attack on our part. This is the last act to save the globalist agenda.

Chicano brotherhood has committed seppuku; higher minimum wage will mean this: