200 million casualties

Pardon the interruption: U.S. planning for mass deaths of Americans

A while back I penned a story in which I noted FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was preparing for a mass casualty event. At the time I believe they were planning for 100 million casualties, but according to Zack Taylor, who heads an organization of former border agents, the actual figure is 200 million deaths. I would submit that along with the unfolding events of the Ukraine that threaten nuclear war, it is precisely the latter which the U.S. is planning for.


Atrocities like tears in the rain

Israeli war crimes won’t be remembered

What do the Israelis grasp that the rest doesn’t seem to get?

First and foremost they know WWIII is just around the corner and nobody, and I mean the rest of the world, is going to remember Israel’s excursion into the Gaza Strip.

They are taking advantage of this foreknowledge to kill people whose lands they covet. They are in truth a Nazi colony. People don’t like realpolitik but it was precisely the rest of the world that failed to censure and sanction the Israelis for previous war crimes like Operation Cast Lead. The United Nations empowered the Israelis to be doing just what they are doing today, killing babies and children.

But compared to what’s in the works for the Ukraine, the Gaza conflict will be as memorable as Pontiac’s rebellion in 1763-1766. Gaza will fade into the mists of history, but people will remember WWIII when the United Nations failed to stop the escalation of hostilities that cannot but lead to nuclear war.

Assuming, that is, there is anyone left to remember such dark matters.

I would even hazard a guesstimate when the fallout clears we also will not have to worry about Israelis. What’s in the works is the Illuminati final solution—for everything—rebooting the world. And if you wish to be around when the nuclear winter clears, I would suggest you buy some land around Patagonia and constructing a deep bunker underground with hydroponic gardens, and enough supplies for several years.

It is sort of like occasionally I wipe everything clean on my computer, reinstall my operating system, and lo and behold everything comes back to when I bought the dang thing. That is the Illuminati’s idea of solving human problems that they generally attribute to overpopulation.

I am guessing that you won’t have to worry about your neighbors after the reset.

U.S. military buildup in Ukraine

Past reliable sources say WW3 imminent
According to sources, a large military buildup of military personnel and equipment is now taking place in the Ukraine, in which both Russia and U.S. forces are being deployed. As noted in previous posts, any conventional confrontation will necessarily lead to nuclear war, as the Ukraine has always been considered the cradle of Russian civilization. I hope you, my dear readers, have a hardened bunker. My sources accurately predicted the false-flag operation of MH-17 as a pretext for the approaching war.

Scotch-Irish bullies

If nothing else, U.S. finally picks on someone its own size–toward total war

The Russian Aggression Prevention Act, a thinly disguised declaration of war on Russia, will lead to precisely that, as I’ve indicated below to total war. Preventing its escalation to thermonuclear war is a non-sequitur. The military aid being offered, the targeting of missile emplacements, will undoubtedly lead to the shelling of Russian territory, allowing Vladimir Putin to extend hostilities all across eastern Ukraine, which need I remind my dear readers has forever and a day always been Russian.

After years of beating up on Lilliputians, the U.S. has finally opted, out of economic desperation, to take on someone its own size. Perhaps even two countries its own size. Because as we become bogged down in eastern Europe like Vietnam, what happens if China takes the opportunity to cross the Taiwan strait, and retake that island as its own, as Russia took back Crimea. The Chinese make no bones that Taiwan belongs to China.

It is easy to see scenarios where Mr. Obama’s escapades in the Ukraine could easily morph into world war, where the only way of saving face will be to use nuclear weapons. But gee, the Russians and Chinese combined have more nuclear warheads than ourselves, and do you really believe you can rely upon the Europeans to do their part? And that leaves Japan as our lone ally in the coming showdown at the OK Corral. But need I remind my dear readers, that I believe the Fukushima Quake was very likely caused by the HAARP and the U.S. (and believe it or not, the Japanese know this). When it comes to treachery you need only study the feudal clan wars of pre Meiji Japan.

I frankly wouldn’t trust the Japanese anymore than I would trust the Germans who both lost to the U.S. in the last war. What I think the NeoCons have done is to isolate the United States into a very precarious position. What you need to ask yourself is cui bono? Who exactly would benefit from a war between Russia and the U.S. Five will get you ten, that the Germans will pull the plug on the U.S. once we have boots on the ground in the Ukraine, and they also have more pull over the Japanese, having been allies with them during World War II, than the United States that pulled that sneak attack at Fukushima.

But hey, don’t allow history to get in the way of voting for the declaration of war on Russia through the Aggression Prevention Act, after having been exposed as frauds in Iraq and Afghanistan. Which reminds me, do you really think the Russians have forgotten Afghanistan, anymore than the Krauts could forget the Battle of Tannenberg in 1410? How Osceola, Tecumseh, and Geronimo are smiling now, all because you didn’t listen to your forefathers who warned about entangling alliances and going in search of monsters to destroy. Yes, they were wise, and you are dumber than shit.

Ethnic cleansing not even supported by the Ukrainians

Sanctions are not going to cure this:

Ukrainian Report
“In the period from July 14th to 19th, 2014 we witnessed a catastrophic increase (of 3473 people, or 47%) in the number of deserters in the units of the Army and the National Guard – in comparison with last week’s numbers (1847 people, 25%). Apart from that, during the stated period the number of missing in action had increased as well (1344 people, 47%, last week – 344 people, 10%). This phenomenon is connected to increased activity of the enemy in the Donetsk and the Lugansk regions as well as to the increase in the numbers of casualties in the ranks of the above-mentioned structures. This fact [negatively] influences the combat-worthiness of the personnel and makes continuation of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation, their euphemism for the ethnic-cleansing operation] impossible. … I estimate that 2/3 of the active combat military units currently participating in the ATO will simply cease to exist in as little as 4 to 5 days.”—Eric Zuesse, July 29, 2014

As they say in Ireland, “this is beyond the Pale.” The Ukrainian fascists are thugs, not soldiers. They are street fighters and anti-Semites, not well drilled or disciplined foot soldiers.

Russian rebels are making mince meat out of them.

Short of a massive commitment of boots on the ground this foreign policy catastrophe is lost.

It is not Obama laying down a trap with silly sanctions, but Putin drawing the United States into a war that will completely bankrupt the country. We got into Vietnam with military advisors, but even the South Vietnamese were more disciplined than the rabble the U.S. will have to take over in the Ukraine.

So go ahead and make Putin’s day by passing the Russian Aggression Prevention Act because I see quagmire written all over that bill. And at the end of the day, the irreversible decline of the United States that began with our airlift out of Saigon. In a word Ukraine is unwinnable.

The last option to prevent defeat will be a first strike nuclear attack which will mean the end of human civilization as we know it. Don’t leave home without your nuclear hardened bomb shelter, because that is where the loopy Americans will be taking the world. And they will even start it to stave off total defeat being self absorbed megalomaniacs—well just like Hitler.

Goose stepping new best fiends

America’s new Nazi allies . . . in Ukraine

So these are the Nazi thugs the U.S. is calling our new best friends. Sort of like when Zionist Theodor Herzl proclaimed the “Anti-Semite will become out best friend.” This will all end badly for all concerned, and get this, these Neo-Nazis are to become a major ally outside of NATO, meaning the U.S. will then be able to deploy troops there.

Look for the Ukraine to become the U.S.’s next Vietnam, and the pretext for World War III. Think 1962 Cuba here. Can the Russians allow missile emplacements in the Ukraine, anymore than John F. Kennedy could allow missiles into Cuba? This will lead, logically I believe, to Russia having to hit the U.S. before our emplacements in the Ukraine are operational. The U.S. changed its military doctrine in 2005 to permit a first strike nuclear attack of Iran and North Korea, but this would most likely also cover Russia. This startling fact was reported by Washington Post reporter William Arkin on May 15, 2005. According to Arkin, Neoconservative John Bolton was instrumental in making this change to preemptive nuclear war. And today, we are on the precipice of a nuclear war with Russia over the Ukraine, because of the machinations of Neoconservative Victoria Nuland at Maidan Square—nothing gets this dangerous.

Because such emplacements, if you truly believe the hype, will neutralize Russia’s second strike capability. Meaning the missile emplacements will make our own first strike feasible. So what do you hit if you’re Russia?
Fallout U.S. targets
You strike the major population centers of the U.S., and the above just happens to be a primary target map for the old cold war era. My guess is that the West Coast will be sacrificed in any first strike scenario whether ours or that of the Russians. The ABM system is likely to be less effective over East Asia than that of Europe. While anything is possible, e.g., that the Anti-Ballistic Missile system will work, some of those missiles are likely to get through before a cease fire can be called.

To get the maximum bang for the buck, you should concentrate your submarine ballistic missiles on high value targets like New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. In addition to the Russians, a Chinese Jin class submarine launched a ballistic missile about 30 miles off the coast of Los Angeles into the Pacific Ocean, naturally covered up by our dear government, but confirmed by Jane’s Defense that saw video of the launch. Meaning if they can get that close, so can the Russians.

Inasmuch as Russia possesses stealth subs that can creep very close along the U.S. coastline. In 2012 one spent a month undetected in the Gulf of Mexico, I would anticipate attacks on coastal cities and military installations.

License to kill on false pretext

New York Magazine blows Israel cover

It Turns Out Hamas May Not Have Kidnapped and Killed the 3 Israeli Teens After All [Updated]
By Katie Zavadski
Photo: Mohamed Farag/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

When the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, kidnapped in the West Bank, were found late last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words. “Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay,” he said, initiating a campaign that eventually escalated into the present conflict in the region.

But now, Israeli officials admit the kidnappings were not Hamas’s handiwork after all. (Update: The comments from the Israeli spokesperson in question indicate that the group thought to be responsible, a “lone cell,” may not have been under direct orders from Hamas’s leadership, but was loosely affiliated with the group.

Lies from Israel? I’m shocked.

From a people who are permitted to lie in their Kol Nidre prayer on Yom Kippur. The fact of the matter is (actually for all Arabs) you fight, every man, woman and child, or you’re forced off your lands.

For Israel, they are doing it incrementally, but the manifest destiny of Zionism is simply to push all Arabs off their lands. The Arabs either band together to stop them or end up like Native Americans in the dust bin of history. Did Native Americans imagine such an outcome? No, they didn’t and neither do the dumbed down Arabs. That is precisely why through incrementalism the Israelis might just succeed in claiming the whole of the Middle East.

David Ben Gurion outlined the strategy well:

“We will expel the Arabs and take their place. In each attack a decisive blow should be struck resulting in the destruction of homes and the expulsion of the population.”—David Ben Gurion 1937

Frankly, the Arabs have no one else to blame but themselves for not pushing the Zionists from the region from the very beginning. What Ben Gurion outlines is the boiling frog syndrome where the A-R-A-B-S sit there bickering amonst themselves while the Zionists are boiling them like a poached egg.

The fact they have not reacted in concert is just another reason their culture, i.e., the religion of the prophet Muhammad, isn’t up to the task of repelling an invader like the Zionists, who are GERMAN Jews—at least many of their founding members. As Hans Morgenthau notes:

The main signpost of political realism is the concept of interest defined in terms of power which infuses rational order into the subject matter of politics, and thus makes the theoretical understanding of politics possible. Political realism stresses the rational, objective and unemotional.

The devil being in the details of what power actually is. I take the position power is the ability to agree, if you cannot agree you cannot employ concerted actions to achieve your goals. This is what I would call a consensus theory of power, and why Israel has been so successful in driving wedges between the Arab tribes that lack the moral maturity to put aside particularistic interests to focus upon the general interests of their people. A true consensus, however, demands one that is uncoerced, and frankly it cannot be uncoerced when you lie. So while the Israelis might appear to be powerful, they are of course not because of their propensity to lie to achieve their ends.

In fact, the Neoconservative ZioNazis are doing precisely the same thing in the United States with illegal immigration. They are diluting and diminishing the power that the United States once possessed through assimilation as opposed to multi-culturalism. However, their consensus is weak because it is like Israel’s based upon deception and likely to fall apart as their lies are challenged in the alternative media.

Meaning as my old teachers used to admonish: honesty is the best policy. Singularly what drove Protestantism to the top of the heap.