Trump’s tax cut . . .

Donald J. Trump’s trumpeted tax cut is a replay of the Weimar Republic and German strategy.  Remembering that Mr. Trump’s own father was of German heritage.  The tax will not produce growth.  Most economic analysts know this.  It is designed to provide a life-line for every dead beat borrower, and a theft of every prudent saver by destroying the currency.  Just as was done in Weimar Germany.  It is designed to be a stealth default on our massive debt obligations, by repaying said debt with debased currency.  So expect not growth, but an inflationary depression.  Perhaps also why cash will be outlawed.  After all who wishes to see people lining up to buy groceries with wheelbarrows of dodgy cash with dead presidents emblazoned on them.  By the way, as the Germans stiffed American investors who loaned that dead beat country mounds of money in the inter-war period, we likewise will be stiffing Chinese investors who invested in our bonds, and essentially bankrolled our wars of choice for the benefit of the skullcaps in Israel.  Trump being another plant of the ever skillful Israel lobby, who I always point out works for Rothschild banking interests.  After he destroys the dollar and “saves” American   finances, the next business on his budget will be to go to war with both Russia and China—perhaps using the vehicle of North Korea as his pretext.  After the U.S. destroys itself, of course blamed on the Donald, the way will have been paved for the Rothschild’s New World Order, amounting to a return of feudal principles.  This outcome would also have occurred under Hillary as well.  Nothing is left to chance by the Khazarian Mafia banksters created catastrophes.  Oh you say, what about the people?  Tsk, tsk dear readers they are of course “useless eaters” or simple collateral damage.  Having practiced such logic on everyone we’ve bombed, it would be gauche to complain about it now.  


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