Don’t make me laugh

Ha! . . .

First there is little proof that employment has markedly improved under Obama.  That is a true enough statement as seen in the Employment-Population Ratio below.

Employment population ratio

As we can see, only about 59 percent of working age Americans have a job.  Clearly 4 percentage below where it was prior to the recession.  The whole argument about Obamacare is whether it will help or harm the working poor and uncovered.

From the above data it will not; precisely, because the marginal productivity of these workers will militate against their rehiring.  For these folks, if  their marginal productivity falls below the added costs of the Obamacare tax, about $300 per worker for the minimum level of healthcare coverage, then employers will not rehire them.  It just makes zero economic sense.

Here in Los Angeles County, youth unemployment is running at 41 percent, just the people you would expect to be harmed by Obamacare.

This is not legislation designed to help the poor and disenfranchised, but a short term windfall for the health insurance industry that I predict will go out of business anyway, because there is no public option to hold down escalating costs of the medical groups. 

This is nothing but a golden parachute for the executives of the insurance industry, before it implodes anyway from runaway costs.  It is ephemeral socialism for the 1 percent, but another grand opportunity to squeeze more loot out of the 99 percent.


Brewing rebellion

Americans will be angry . . .

Democrats living in their bubble world of inside trading, gaming of the system, taking bribes, and going around the world waging wars for no good purpose are in for a rude awakening.

They have become so detached from the day to day struggles of ordinary people they can’t even grasp that Americans will vote their pocketbooks.   And that pocket book is going to take a big time hit when Obamacare takes effect.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz seems to be the only person with any political acumen in Congress.

Obamacare will lead to debilitating increases to a family’s budget, as well as single individuals.  In some cases their premium will quadruple.  The only person who thinks this is reasonable is our dear clueless leader.  It is the same nonsense that once took place in California, because of property taxes, that led to Proposition 13 to halt rising tax rates on homeowners.  It sparked a tax rebellion.  Make no mistake about it, Obamacare is a tax, even the Supreme Court has said so.

I think that rebellion will happen when people actually understand what kind of hit Obamacare will cause to their finances. 

As previously posted, Forbes Magazine looked into the matter and found that premiums would rise 46 percent to 146 percent for individual purchasers of health care.  But now the Manhattan Institute has analyzed the raw data, and found that it was even worse than expected.  We are seeing that families will likely see rates tripling in price in selected states.  On average across the U.S., according to the institute, premiums will rise 99 percent for men and 62 percent for women.  Rue the day you ever decided to move to North Carolina where premiums will quadruple for men and triple for women.  O-U-C-H!

For the majority of Americans that live from paycheck to paycheck, that is not going to cut it.  This is something Americans are not going to sit still for.  We could very easily see a purging of Democrats (i.e., donkeys) from Congress in 2014.  Obamacare is beyond the pale, a place where the Irish only ventured in Belfast with great trepidation.

My own take is the Democrats are poised to commit political suicide.  Taking a page from their Kol Nidre advisors, the Democrats have compared the actual rates to those predicted by the Congressional Budget Office in 2016.  It is a sleight of hand.  The real deal is how much rates will rise over the previous year.  And here rates are going to be rising almost 100 percent for men.  Americans will not be able to make financial ends meet, meaning that their standard of living is going to fall, and the clueless Obama will be the target of their anger—and he will drag the rest of the clueless democrats right to the bottom like Captain Ahab who beckoned to the crew of the Pequod while ensnared on the back of Moby Dick or in this case Obamacare.  A Leviathan piece of legislation no one seems to have read.

As a political bystander, I can only say to the Democrats: “Go ahead, and make my day.”  It is nothing less than an undisguised transfer of wealth from the have nots to the haves.  As for the Dumbos, they should be rejoicing and not grousing.  The Democrats have handed them the midterm elections in 2014.

$6 trillion down the hole

Zionazi Regime bankrupt

According to the latest estimates of our wars of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq, the final tab will come to around $6 trillion.  That is somewhere around $75,000 for each and every American.

The Federal Reserve has only artificially held down interest rates through machinations like interest rate swaps, that have in turn boosted bond prices to unsustainable levels.  People who follow this fiasco closely know that a rise in interest rates will immediately overwhelm the ability of the government to service its debt.  This is why Ben’s taper tantrum talk was your typical Kol Nidre baloney.

But that baloney must also be placed in the context of the Obamacare debacle.  This is because of the unemployment it will precipitate, because it is nothing more than a $300 tax for each worker, the cost to the employer to purchase health coverage for each worker or $700 to insure his or her family.  The relative contributions of the employer being 72.5 percent for an individual worker or 62.5 percent for the family.

You do not need to be a mathematical genius to understand that if the worker’s marginal productivity is less than $300; well then it makes rational sense to cut that workers hours or lay him/her off completely.  And no, the worker can’t accept a lower wage to save his job because after Obamacare is enacted, wages are frozen, and the employer is fined if he seeks to cut the wages of the worker.

This will have two effects, higher unemployment or underemployment, and many marginal industries will simply go out of business.  This is what the effect of the Obamacare tax will be—it will actually harm the working poor the most.  This coupled with cuts in food stamps will also drive many millions, even more than the 47 million now on food stamps, below the level of subsistence.

It is nothing less than a policy to create starvation among the working poor.  And folks, people who are starving do not provide effective demand to the economy, pay taxes, buy goods and services that supply revenue to the bankrupt federal government.  And with soft effective demand, there is no urgency to add plant and equipment, consequently investment in capital goods drops, and the poor slobs in that sector of the economy also end up unemployed. Therefore, Ben must monetize ever more of what will be a burgeoning growing deficit under Obamacare.

The final coup de grace is that Obamacare does not even cut the costs of healthcare that will continue to rise in which premiums will  escalate until the government is forced to take over the healthcare system in its entirety.  At that point socialism will have triumphed—and this is the whole point of Obamacare—it is a program designed to fail.

The health insurance industry will continue on for a while longer, but the whole enterprise is doomed—to the delight of the Zionazi (hybrid fascist/socialist) Jewish clique now in control of the U.S. government.  If Bill Clinton was our first black president, then Barry Obama is our first Kosher president. 

The father of America’s united soviet socialist republics.  That will be his true legacy—perhaps we can mummify the guy after his death, and place him on display in the White House rotunda.   

Escaping the Havenstein-Hitler Award

The Ben and Barry show

I give Ben top billing.  Ben calls the shots while Barry is a supporting player.  That being said both are driven by careerism—or self interest.  Ben’s widely reported taper tantrum is just that: all show and no go.  Ben knows that if he were to turn off the money spigot, the economy would collapse.  Ben has his legacy, like Barry, to think about, and he isn’t going to be remembered as the guy who initiated the Greater Depression.  He’ll leave that to the next Federal Reserve stooge, like Janet Yellow Yellen.  She is no Brooksley Born who will say nein.  Like Ben, Barry too has escaped the trap to pin WWIII on a black guy with a toothy grin.  That will guarantee him the legacy of being the first Oreo president, and not the first brother to start WWIII.  While Ben and Barry’s legacy have been secured, unfortunately the fortunes of the U.S. look decidedly grim.  But hey, now we know what it’s like to be governed by a pair of Meyer Lanskys—payoffs to the banksters, and mob style killings paraded as crazed gunmen—Holmes, Lanza, and Alexis.  There’s never a dull moment in the underworld.

Zionist Fourth Estate 1, Bloggers 1 (Iran tie breaker)

Venting: Zionazis lose war bid

After nearly a month of attacks on  your editor among others, in a transparent attempt to start WWIII, that mostly likely originated from Zionist sympathizers (either of the NSA or Neocon variety), I think their vain attempts to turn Americans into cultural dopes—has failed big time. 

The alternative press and bloggers of the internet functioned just as they should have, as a check upon the prevarications of the Zionist Fourth Estate (i.e., the main stream press).  Great Kol Nidre reporting, but horrible journalism. 

Consequently, the Zionazis bid to invade Syria and start WWIII to extend the power of their allies in the Bilderberg Group has not come to fruition. 

WWIII would have afforded the latter an opportunity to reshuffle power arrangements and deal themselves aces from the bottom of the deck—meaning a one world Bertrand Russell style government, and one world currency to advance the power of the present coterie of banksters.

The Zionazis are divided into two camps: assimilated multiculturalists (i.e., a euphemism for dual loyalists) and apartheid Jews that once worked hand in glove with the Schutzstaffel to establish the state of Israel.  In point of fact, the Netherland’s Prince Bernhard von Lippe, the founder of the Bilderberg Group, was an SS officer.  He along with David Rockefeller, whose family was heavily invested in I.G. Farben (the conglomerate that supplied Zyklon B for the German death camps) organized the elite club:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”—David Rockefeller in his Memoirs 

Enough said.   The guy’s a Benedict Arnold to whom God speaks, like the rest of the Zionazis that operate more like Lenin’s democratic centralism than God’s messengers.  Come to think of it, it was the Rockefellers who provided Lenin and Trotsky with passage back to Russia to not miss that train to St. Petersburg.

What most Americans do not realize is how much the Zionazis share in common with the Nazis of old, beginning with their embrace of apartheid in Israel.  So while they gab about a more integrated world, I personally have not witnessed actions on their part to bring Israel to heel.  And the fact that the Zionazis have taken the project of the Nazis’ lebensraum and made it Israel’s own, waging serial wars by proxy using the U.S. to grab resources and land.

White Aryan supremacy is not  much different than the fiat proclamation of being the chosen people. 

The other camp is largely comprised of so called “self-hating assimilated Jews.”   Assimilationists were exemplified by people like Germany’s Walther Rathenau of AEG and apartheid orthodoxy by the likes of Theodor Herzl.   If Rathenau had a parallel in the United States it would have to be the Council of Foreign Relations’ Robert Rubin.  Herzl’s Zionist calling is paralleled by the work of Leo Strauss providing inspiration for the Neocon wars for Israel.  Promoted by Bilderberg members Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, who serve—or at least once did—on its steering committee.

It should come as no surprise then that Professor Strauss received a letter of recommendation for his position at the University of Chicago from über Nazi Carl Schmitt or that Neocon Michael Ledeen is an avowed fascist lover—though of the Italian variety.  Ledeen being truthful which is a rare commodity among the neoconservatives who follow the way of the “noble lie.”   I guess the “Big Lie” sounded too much like Goebbels, another Nazi with Jewish heritage.  Pretty much nothing more than the Kol Nidre 24/7.   

Rathenau was through and through a German; just as much as Herzl identified with a Jewish nation, separate and distinct.  Personally, I think there is a need to preserve the Jewish people’s uniqueness in the face of amalgamation to a international clique of bourgeoisie.  Who would want them all to end up like Lloyd Blankfein? 

You will recall that it was once the workers who were organized in the 2nd International, while the bourgoisie were national, but today it is all a camera obscura.  Topsy turvey.  Frankly, I applaud the Jews adherence to their culture as Americans have not taken careful stock of Protestantism that was the foundation of their own prosperity.  That too was unique or what I refer to as the 240 year experiment in unfettered liberty. 

But the facts are the facts, and the fact is that the vast majority of Israeli Jews are Ashkenazim, at least according to DNA, and did not hail from the Middle East.  Their claim to Palestine will never be valid, anymore than Scotch-Irish and English claims to the lands of Native Americans will ever be valid.  Anymore than Teuton claims to the Slavic Baltic could be maintained. 

Americans stole the land, as the Israelis are doing in Palestine as the Teutonic Knights did in the lands east of the Elbe.  But frankly, this is a matter for Israelis and Shiites, Sunnis and Shiites, Christians and Jews, and Copts and Muslims to sort out. 

It is not a matter to which Americans can advance their own national interests other than to become embroiled in endless wars that drain the treasury and blood of the country.  And besides the Israelis are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons in violation of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, and clearly not part of Rockefeller’s unified world.  As Kobe Bryant might say, the Jews should just put on their Big Boy pants and do their own dirty work of clearing away the “hostiles.”

The important clash here is not between civilizations, but between the horns of secularism and religiosity.  The leveling of society to the mind numbing sameness of bourgeois capitalism (the position of the Bilderbergers) or the distinctiveness of cultures.  The amalgamation of cultures to the process of rationalization or instrumental technical rationality may replace religiosity, but the world will not be better for having done so. 

The drive behind amalgamation and the leveling of nations to technocrats like Mario Draghi, Mario Monti, and Ben Bernanke will not produce prosperity.  In the big scheme of history, that was the Reformation.  The drive behind current amalgamation is the will to power.

The colonization of other cultures and people for the untoward accumulation of power, the invasion of their markets for the benefit of capital.  For example, you can hardly claim that amalgamation of Europe has produced prosperity for Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain.  

The idea that amalgamation will work in the United States is just as daft.  It has resulted in unmistakable decline of the standard of living for the majority of Americans.  And because the fruits of amalgamation are so narrow, barely stretching beyond the 1 percent, it obviously militates against democracy that demands a measure of greater equality and participation in the deliberation of policy.  Again, something Rockefeller and the Bilderbergers are not keen on.

Thus the Zionazi attack upon your dear editor is prologue to a more widely planned attack upon the internet itself. Zionazis like Dianne Feinstein already attempting to strip First Amendment rights from bloggers on the internet, calling free speech “a privilege.”  I guess granted by nincompoops like herself. 

However, just as the internet allows for the Orwellian surveillance of the entire population, through the backdoor vulnerabilities supplied by Microsoft, technology will also find a way to evade the censorship of Zionazis, technocrats of the NSA, and their love of the Kafkaesque state being constructed by our dear leader Barry Obama—a clear fraud as determined by Mike Zullo—but long ago suspected by your dear editor..

The will to power will not triumph in my own humble opinion over the will to freedom. 

The first step is merely to recognize the lies to not be the received truth.  Like the claptrap that people that question the 9/11 fable are somehow terrorists.   Well the same people who questioned the 9/11 fable also said nyet to Syria.  That is the result of the promethean internet, and the Zionazis are in serious denial—and destined for failure.

Washington is gaming you folks . . .

The failure to deploy an elite D.C. SWAT team, minutes from the Navy Yard, parallels the same stand down orders of interceptor jets on 9/11.  Recall that on 9/11, Andrews Air Force Base, no more than 10 miles from the Pentagon, did not deploy interceptors to stop Flight 77 headed for the Pentagon till after its impact.  People, NORAD scrambles jets immediately when planes deviate from their filed flight plans.  In point of fact, NORAD had scrambled jets 129 times in just the year previous to 9/11.  The jets were not scrambled, and in the present Navy Yard shooting the SWAT team was not deployed for exactly the same reason—someone in the false flag feeding chain wanted the attack to occur.

An unwatchful watch commander

Navy Yard shooting follows similar pattern of false flag inconsistencies

As reported by the BBC, an elite SWAT team of the D.C. municipal police force were ordered to stand down and not enter the Navy Yard on the day of the shooting, this last Wednesday.

Instead, they were ordered to return to police headquarters in D.C. 

Now this has been revealed, according to the Los Angeles Times:

“Anthony Meely chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police’s labor committee for the Navy Yard Officers, said in an interview that the force was woefully undermanned Monday because of government cutbacks which may have led to additional deaths.”—Los Angeles Times, Septermber 20, 2013.

We can assume now that the stand down order to the D.C. SWAT team was in part responsible for the level of carnage at building 197 of the Navy Yard.  Why the watch commander of the municipal police force issued the order is not known.

There is another fact.  After the shooting, Senator Dianne Feinstein, again issued her call for the confiscation of assault rifles in violation of the 2nd Amendment.  There was no assault rifle used in the shooting—the long gun was a shotgun that Aaron Alexis repeatedly had to reload from the pants pockets of his cargo trousers.  There was no magazine capable of spraying bullets.

Instead of issuing calls for gun control, perhaps Ms. Feinstein should ask the more pertinent question of just who was the watch commander on duty the day of the shooting?  But this writer would hazard a guess that like on 9/11 the watch commander was himself obeying orders from someone even higher up in the false flag feeding chain.

Ms. Feinstein herself, for example, is nothing but a stooge for the Bilderberg Group, as well as Barack Obama who had to be vetted by the group before the 2008 election, arranged  by none other than Dianne Feinstein.

Somewhat like when FBI field agents in Minneapolis were told not to pass on their concerns about Zacarias Moussaoui to Federal Aviation Agency officials, despite their determination Moussaoui was a jihadist al Qaeda member. 

Had the FBI agents in Minneapolis been allowed to do a thorough investigation of Moussaoui and discovered his connection to Ramzi bin al-Shibb, the 9/11 plan might very well have been discovered.  Whether that attack might have been prevented, however, rested on government’s “watch commander,” George Tenet.  And gee, just who did Tenet answer to?