The big story . . . heat The temperature

The big story . . . heat


The temperature here in very sunny Palm Springs hit 122 Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius.  The old gag that it’s dry heat is applicable if you like being on the inside of laundromat dryer.  I actually don’t think a dryer gets this hot. 

I worked outside for about 30 minutes, and that was enough.  The good news there is going to be a cooling trend down to 120 Fahrenheit or 48 Celcius today.  When it gets this hot Palm Springs turns into something of a ghost town, and the traffic is very light. 

But you’ve got to look on the bright side.  Death Valley hit 129 or almost 54 degrees Celsius.  That’s hot but not a record.  At Furnace Creek in Death Valley it once hit 134 degrees Fahrenheit or 57 degrees Celsius.  We visit the Valley, it is not far from us . . . but in the winter. 

It’s quite beautiful when your eyeballs don’t dry out from the heat.  There is actually a small town of hardy souls that live fulltime in the Valley, and the guy who built Scotty’s Castle lived there before . . . air conditioning.  They sort of had a makeshift swamp coolers of towels that were wetted and then a fan was blown down the hallways where they were hung. 

Not far from the Castle, actually a Spanish revival ranch or hacienda, are several ghost mining towns.  Fun to explore, especially the old grave yards or boot hills.  Because of budget cuts I guess, the National Park Service is going to close Scotty’s Castle from mid July through August, the hottest months of the year.  Best time to visit is in the spring when the wild flowers bloom.


U.S. pisses off more countries How did we proceed

U.S. pisses off more countries



How did we proceed to World War II? 

Well, world Jewry turned on Germany.  They mounted a public relations campaign against the Third Reich.  They vilified it.  Sometimes I wonder whether Barack Obama was sent to make other countries despise us, like issuing demands to Ecuador and Russia to hand over Snowden. 

Of course when Ecuador or Iceland ask the United States to extradite bankster criminals, then you get silence on the part of Americans.  Can’t do that. 

Most importantly what people might be overlooking is that Booz, Allen, Hamilton, the firm for which Edward Snowden worked is widely believed to be the masterminds behind the LIBOR rate setting scandal. 

That is the United States rigged the interest rates so they could front run the rate changes and make a pretty penny trading with insider information.  Yes, our dear government is hot to trot to corral Mr. Snowden, lest the U.S. government’s other shenanigans rise to the surface.

“By any serious examination this man [Obama] is a war criminal,” said Clare Daly an Irish Minister of Parliament.

I would just say the bloom is off the rose.  Mr. Obama also received a cool reception from the  Germans regarding NSA snooping.  The world is changing its opinion of our economy and our foreign policy.  But perhaps that’s the plan.

I will also say flatly Americans brought down the world economy to which billions of souls are presently suffering, to say nothing of Americans themselves.  That breeds hatred for the culprits and the real possibility of war.  But it will take a coalition of the willing to bring the Evil Empire down.  Enter Barack Obama, the perfect middle man minority to focus that hatred.

The social context to bring that war about would be a deflationary depression as in World War II.  The Bank of International Settlement has already told the central banks to exit the quantitative easing malarkey.  If they do, there will be big time deflation and the social context will be set.  There will be no hiding the unemployment in screwy statistics.

Beyond evil: the death of Michael Hastings Michael Hastings

Beyond evil: the death of Michael Hastings


Michael Hastings was a reporter for Rolling Stone and Buzzfeed killed in a car crash on June 17th in Los Angeles.  He broke a story on General Stanley McChrystal that cost the latter his job in Afghanistan.  Dr. Fisher describes and explains how the electronics of cars, including brakes and accelerator, can be taken over and hacked.  Another example would be the death of Danny Jowenko who died in a car crash shortly after telling a reporter that World Trade Center Tower 7 was definitely brought down with explosives in a controlled demolition.  Mr. Jowenko was a demolition expert.  Here is that interview.

Here is what Mr. Jownko is talking about: shaped charges used for cutting girders.  These photos were taken at the site of the World Trade Center after 9/11.


Here’s what I think . . . Barry Soetoro

Here’s what I think . . .


Barry Soetoro Obama is carrying out a socialist revolution.  He has seized control of the state, and importantly its key intelligence agencies, that are in turn employed to blackmail key members of the judiciary, military, and congress.  That is to say, they use a form of coercion to push through their legislative agenda.

We learned this not from Edward (or Eric) Snowden, but from former NSA intelligence analyst Russell Tice.

My beef with Mr. Obama’s socialist agenda is that socialist theory is all wet.  It is a complete misreading of Marx, in particular one has to include the Grundrisse, the notes to Das Kapital.  Notes that were hidden away in Moscow until the 1970s, and only belatedly published. There the bearded one, Uncle Karl, goes into the social basis of capitalism, the social relations of production. 

It was indeed capitalist property relations, that tied producers to the market and prevented retreat into subsistence that set off sustained progress in income per capita.  There was an elective affinity between the Protestant Ethic and capitalist property relations that forced producers to rationalize production.

Marx would no doubt intone that Marx is not a marxistThis current revolution is total Bolshevik malarkey with a dab of Trotsky for good measure.

To the extent production was rationalized, the higher the rent that the tenant could now pay to the gentry class.  It was also in the interest of the gentry class to choose tenants that were more competent, even to the extent of helping the tenant to make improvements, like up and down husbandry and the use of the heavy plow, so that the latter could pay higher rents. 

Tenants in turn were motivated to save surpluses that were reinvested in new techniques leading to tenants becoming owner operators or small farmers.  That is by foreclosing retreat into subsistence, tenants were able to hold their social position only in and through market relations.  Previously, the peasant might market surpluses in good years, but he was not compelled to do so.  In fact, the market would have posed serious liabilities to the peasants reproduction, and the peasant was loathe to take such risks that might undermine the family.  Consequently there was no drive to maximize output for the market.

By contrast, Barack Obama’s idea is to allow market failures an avenue outside of the market to hold their social position.  Not even, Adam Smith was very clear on this point.  What causes there to be ongoing growth in the standard of living was precisely capitalist relations of production, not bail-ins or bail-outs.  And that of course these strategies of reproduction had an ideological basis in the Protestant Ethic.  What created the rationality of markets, in the old days, was precisely the routinization of Protestant behavior and the homogeneity of its population, and all those assimilated to its cultural precept of finding one’s election in and through mundane everyday practices.

In short Mr. Obama is totally devoid of possessing the vision that leads to sustained ongoing increases in the standard of living of a population.  Indeed like Adam Smith, and to a lesser extent Karl Marx himself, he assumes everything he needs to explain why people behaved in a rational pattern producing for the market.  Why there was a drive to maximize output that did not exist under feudalism and the extraeconomic squeezing of direct producers.  In fact it was the squeezing of peasants that killed any incentive to increase production.  This often done to fund the lords in their interminable wars.

This socialist experiment will not produce a prosperous society, anymore than Catholicism has ever produced such a society notwithstanding France, or Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam, or Judaism.  But even in the case of France just across the border in Germany one finds a far more competitive cost structure.  For that matter Scotland was a backwater until John Knox returned from Switzerland with the most extreme form of Protestantism—Calvinism.  I might add, because of Protestant routinization planning was predictable, a process now completely destroyed by fiat money printing that in the end discourages investment.  The money changers have finally succeeded in their perfidy.

But all tape worms destroy their host by sapping their nourishment—the scarce leavings of capitalism known as profits.  I needn’t have to remind my readers that American’s standard of living reached its peak in terms of real wages in 1973, and has not exceeded that peak for 40 straight years.  This was precisely because of wars of choice that eventually took the U.S. off the gold standard in 1971, and has now allowed unlimited credit creation sapping wages through inflation.

Today, if wages simply remained at the high of 1973, they would only purchase half of what they once did thanks to Federal Reserve money printing to fund the state’s primary function of war.  In the final analysis the costs of such policy fall on the shoulders of the direct producers, no different from feudalism. 

The ramifications of 1.8 percent GDP Dear readers, the

The ramifications of 1.8 percent GDP


Dear readers, the structural problems cited in the previous post have not been addressed by financial flim flam of money printing.  Strictly, Jewish nonsense.  Protestants once believed in production as a measure of one’s salvation, but now believe harvesting fiat cabbage is the way through the pearly gates.  It is not.

Printing up dough and taking it to the nearest casino is primarily about playing the odds.  They finesse the uncertainties of providence today, by fixing the markets and then providing their cronies with insider information.  This is predominantly what Ben Shalom Bernanke’s role in the financial system amounts to.  It is also why only one percent of the populace benefits from the indulgences.

If this sounds familiar, it is because in its basics it does not differ one iota from the Catholic Church trafficking in salvation in the 16th century.  Not surprisingly, the banksters wish to turn the country toward Catholicism. What separated the Protestant economic system was to turn everyday life into a test—a test of one’s salvation through the process of production—not gambling.  You couldn’t buy your way in, you had to earn it.

The witnessable and observable sign of whether you were one of the elect happened to be success in a calling.  It was not an exciting life by any means.  It boiled down to hard work and what I call rationalization: savings, savings that were then plowed back into the business for expanded production or accumulation, innovation of processes and products, and good ol’ fashion Protestant frugality and cost cutting.  But you see, success was nothing that was mythical, but simply watching one’s p’s and q’s.  Success was not dumb luck, but how knowledgeable you were about the four categories of rationalization.

That is why Protestant capitalism leads to maximized output, because it is a religion of everyday life, where the rituals of rationalization are played out every day.  Indeed, your neighbors will witness your election everyday, not in ostentatious displays of wealth, but in your everyday practices.  Boring as it may have been, it produced enormous piles of wealth that reduced if not eliminated poverty entirely.  And from this writer’s perspective, that never gets boring.  

GDP 1.8 percent—that’s not good Poor consumer spending. To

GDP 1.8 percent—that’s not good


Poor consumer spending.  To be expected since real wages have been cut in half by inflation since the high in 1973.  Weak business investment.  To be expected since why add capacity when there is a lack of effective demand on the part of consumers?  And finally the coup de grace: weak exports since the truth is devaluation through monetization does not work when other countries are themselves experiencing austerity.  In a nut shell, the Federal Reserve is caught between a rock and a hard place.  If they continue to monetize they will destroy the dollar, and if they taper their monetization the economy will experience a depression that rightfully should have begun in 2008.  I think this is proof positive that Ben’s perceptual economics is akin to using leeches to bleed patients to death.  But what can you expect from guys who taught or attended Princeton.  You see perceptual economics is all about appearances, as if there is no real structure outside of one’s mind.  Yes, Ben is a huckster.

The HOAX . . . “What matters is not

The HOAX . . .


“What matters is not that it’s true, but that I believe it; or no, not that I believe it, but that I believe it.”—Thomas More, A Man for All  Seasons

“Norfolk: Oh, confound all this…. I’m not a scholar, as Master Cromwell never tires of pointing out, and frankly I don’t know whether the marriage was lawful or not. But damn it, Thomas, look at those names…. You know those men! Can’t you do what I did, and come with us, for fellowship?
More: And when we stand before God, and you are sent to Paradise for doing according to your conscience, and I am damned for not doing according to mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?”

Right or wrong?  There is no knowing for certain.  All there is the law, and what a pitiful state of affairs it would be if we did not follow it.  And I should add, laws or the veneer of legality does not trump the only document that is the law of the land—the Constitution.  Feinstein and Obama do not have the stomach to follow the law because by their own standard of democracy their measures would fail in the court of public opinion.  So they are left with only one alternative—dictatorship.  But here they do not just declare it and get on with business but continue to dither.  If you be a dictator get on with it!  Yes, history will revile you for it, but indecision will mean certain failure by your own questionable moral compass.