Interest free money

A meaningless existence . . .

Konrad Heiden was there.  As a young democratic activist in 1923 he went head to head with the German National Socialists.

Much of what he wrote is important because it came out before the second world war concluded.  It is not a victor’s account in the rear view mirror, but a documentation of what he saw, what he experienced battling Hitler and the Nazi Party as a young democratic activist.

What you come away with from reading his book Der Führer is that the German people were not fooled at all, but what they feared even more than their realization they had made a pact with the devil was their own insignificance:

“Hitler was able to enslave his own people because he seemed to give them something that even the traditional religions could no longer provide; the belief in a meaning to existence beyond the narrowest self-interest.  The real degradation began when people realized that they were in league with the Devil, but felt that even the Devil was preferable to the emptiness of an existence which lacked a larger significance.”

Yes, there must be something more than the putrefaction of commoditized existence.   So yet again, perhaps a reincarnation of Hitler has arrived; and I would argue that the German people are equally not fooled.

Angela Merkel has garnered convincing majorities of the electorate that Hitler never did in any election.   The banksters that have sent the nightmare of the dead to haunt the living know what the Germans crave, as the banksters knew in the 1920s.

But their erstwhile puppet, for the banksters bankrolled Herr Hitler in the early days of the Nazi party, proved more independent than they would have liked.  For while he wished to enslave the German people to his cult of personality; he likewise liberated the German people from their slave system of debt based money.  In truth, this is why the banksters who sang his praises prior to 1933, abruptly changed their tune after 1933 using the middle men minority to do their dirty work. 


Herr Hitler had committed the unpardonable sin of ending the regime of debt based money, money brought into existence by virtue of credit.  Instead, Hitler issued treasury securities which were then used in public works projects that curbed Germany’s high unemployment.  That is, Herr Hitler created funds just like the state bank of North Dakota today to put people back to work.  And it worked.  Just as North Dakota weathered the down turn since 2008 remarkably well.

Now dear readers, ask yourself why the full faith and credit of the U.S. government is placed around debt based money issued by a private cartel of banks?  As opposed to the full faith and assets of the U.S. government placed behind the issue of its own money by the U.S. Treasury Department as contained in the U.S. Constitution.  The former resulting in interest obligations that must be paid in addition to principal, as opposed to the issuance of interest free money?  It is a no brainer dear reader.

As Hitler demonstrated, notwithstanding his considerable foibles, that he could get Germans working—the socialism half of National Socialism—that is often forgotten.  So while Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau lamented FDR’s inability to restart capitalism even as late as 1938, the vilified Herr Hitler got Germany out of its deep unemployment funk.  In fact there is nothing to prevent a state owned bank from direct interest free commercial lending, not for profit, but for the public weal, as ably demonstrated by the State Bank of North Dakota.

Why any talk of interest free money immediately draws bankster retaliation as in post 1933 Germany, Iraq where Hussein wanted to end the petrodollar, and in Libya where Moammar Kadhafi had the temerity to want to issue a gold dinar to settle oil transactions.  So you hear a lot of blah, blah, blah . . . freedom from Americans, and you hear a lot of blah, blah, blah about freedom loving Germans, but you never hear them talking about ending the debt serfdom of interest bearing money.

Fractional reserve banking is a slave system that has outlived its usefulness . . . like the German Junkers and plantation owners of the Antebellum South.  The truth of the matter is that blacks do not want freedom, but only the freedom to be slave masters like the banksters’ stooge Barack Obama.   This is not change we can believe in.

For five months of the year, Americans labor to pay taxes, but in actuality labor to pay interest on the accumulated national debt—during that time they labor for tape worm lords just as much as the classical Villeins once labored on the fields of their lords.  The saving grace of the Villeins was that they were under no delusion that they were free as today’s debt serfs imagine.  No, they did not live the imaginary to their real conditions of existence. 


Margin debt

Borrowing money to buy stocks . . .

Margin debt2

That means dear reader the following:

Margin debt

We are definitely in a bubble.  Ben Bernanke’s remedy for everything.  Investors borrowing money that they know for a certainty will be further debased tomorrow to repay the loans with cheaper dollars, while they in turn, end up with income producing assets.  A scam similar to that of Weimar Germany.

Whereby homeowners, farmers, and small businesses because of hyperinflation sold out to speculators that purchased property with borrowed money that they knew for a certainty would be approaching worthlessness in the near future.  The German owners ending up with worthless scrip, while speculators ended up with a tangible asset. 

The middle class literally wiped away.  That is, the class of moderation was politically removed. 

Do you think the Germans were mad.   They were hopping mad, as will be Americans when they lose businesses and homes to the speculators.

Even the dispossessed, disinherited, small household German agriculturalists and peasants knew the One Percent were the cause of their misery.  Do you think they looked for payback?  These were the very people that flocked to the Sturmabteilung or SA Brown Shirts.  In those days, Rudolf von Havenstein was the emissary of Rothschild perfidy as Ben Shalom Bernanke is today. 

This was the Iskra.  The spark that lit the coming conflagration after 1933.  Yes Santayana was right those who forget history . . .


Are you kidding me? Yes we spy

merkelYoung Adolf

After two devastating World Wars, are we spying on the Germans?  Does the sun rise in the morning, do the tides ebb and flow, do the Italians engage in corruption?  Don’t be silly.  Helllll Yes.

The U.S. spies on everyone, but at least when they spy on Merkel they are not attempting to disrupt her texting, and writing like they do on my computer.  Even dropping subtle hints like stopping my anti-virus scans on articles about Israel.

My advice to the dear Chancellor: get over it.  American citizens who write politically incorrect stories about Barry are under the gun . . . that is radar gun every day.

If you’ve been so sloppy in your security not to have insulated yourself from U.S. spying then you’re worse than American journalists.  Count yourself lucky that the spooks haven’t attempted to cyber hack your Mercedes like they did Michael Hastings or planned a convenient accident for you like they did 9/11 Truther Danny Jowenko.

Please.  You have some of the brightest minds on the planet, assuming that they didn’t all come over here in Operation Paperclip.  That George H.W. Bush opened the U.S. embassy in Berlin is a hoot.  The Germans above all should know who he actually is?

And how precisely do you think ObamaCare got past the Supreme Court?  It never hurts to have a little dirt on people in influential positions of power.  That is the Achilles heel of their vaunted so called ‘democracy.’   It’s how the Zionists have operated since the Balfour Declaration at least; it’s why they cynically promote democracy even while they undermine it.

No one spies more on their alleged friends than does Israel.  They’re most likely blackmailing most of our dear leaders in Congress right now.  So if we’ve been tapping Merkel since, they say, 2002; it’s a sure thing we have enough dirt on the poor gal by now?   For you see, surveillance and spying makes a complete mockery of democracy, and if you let, say Israel, do it, then everyone must do it.

Let’s face the facts.  There are some countries that not only spy, but pretty much live for spying like Great Britain.  So when Nietzsche says the gods are all dead, that includes democracy as well.  Why we’ve been marching in a straight line since World War II toward a Brave New World (Order).

Yes we can . . . have a dictatorship

Thought of the day . . .

We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.—George Orwell, 1984

By golly, Yes we can!

A fool’s paradise

My word to the wise . . .

A reserve currency cannot be one that is based upon debt and increasing exponentially: that’s a fool’s paradise that cannot last.

All the money printing has found its way into the stock market.  The S&P 500 PE-Ratio is 25, which just happens to be what it was in 1929.  The smart money Soros, Buffet, Paulson, etc. are exiting the stock market.

Deteriorating bubblenomics

Chart of the day: courtesy C. Martenson


If they kept such data in the days of the old Weimar Republic, Germany debt to GDP would have looked remarkably similar to America’s chart today.  That is, the Reichsbank and Federal Reserve, in truth private cartels, had a diabolical plan to wind up with all the physical assets of the country.

First, the plan is unsustainable, it is an exponential model that must end when the credit system exceeds the income required to service the debts.  You can continue to create credit to monetize debt but then you will  destroy the value of the dollar.  The planners all understand this.  They don’t care. 

The plan is to purchase all the most valuable physical assets with borrowed money, and then repay the loans with what they know will be a certainty, servicing the loans with  debased currency.  This was precisely the scam that took place during the Weimar period, and is taking place in the United States.  The idea is to end up with title to the real wealth of the country before hyperinflation implodes the system.

This leads to a society of polarization of rich and poor, just as Marx predicted.  The One Percent ends up with just about everything that matters and the populace ends up with worthless scrip that progressively buys less and less.  This is the Federal Reserve’s plan just as it was for the Reichsbank, and Hjalmar Schacht.  In fact, Schacht and Bernanke are just water boys for the real brains behind the operation, the Rothchilds and in the present case the Rothchilds and Rockefellers cloaked behind the screen of the Bilderberg Group.

Why did Nazis Germany become ever more barbaric after 1933?  I believe, with good reason, that the German middle class knew full well who had destroyed them, and they were none too happy with the One Percent.  The One Percent that they knew full well to be populated with Jews.  From 1919-1933 the banksters of the Weimar uncorked the bubbly and unleashed social forces that spun further from their control. 

That is what is happening in the United States today.

Hyperspeculation through unlimited credit creation will destroy the middle class, and it is the educated middle class that sufficiently understand finance who will be positioned to place the blame where it belongs.  The Zionazis are too smart for their own good sometimes, and I think (as the chart above suggests) events have already crossed the Rubicon and we are headed for an encore performance.  By the way compare runaway credit creation with the general price level below.

Price level 

The difference between the 1930s and today’s exponential growth in prices was the gold standard that restrained unlimited credit creation.  That restraining force was removed when Richard Nixon heeded the banksters and closed the gold window and we went off the gold standard.  In point of fact, gold and the banksters are anathema to one another, like oil and water.  Gold is the standard of producers, and unlimited credit creation the standard of speculators.

The gold standard led to a prosperous middle class in which the standard of living improved each and every generation for Americans until 1973.  By contrast, since going off the gold standard Americans’ standard of living has eroded and is in secular decline, while the well being of the speculators has improved remarkably.  It is the greatest transfer of wealth in history, but if I am not wrong will lead to the same social explosion as that in Germany 1919-1933. 

It was not the depression that wiped out the German middle class, but rather the hyperinflation of 1922.  You will have noticed that the talk of tapering Quantitative Easing was exacly that—all talk and no walk.

The sleight of hand in plain view

L.A. Times: “Insurance Sticker Shock”

It was long ago reported at the Darkerside that health insurance rates would jump on average of 99 percent for men and 62 percent for women.  Other publications like Forbes Magazine predicted rate hikes of 46 to 146 percent.  That the middle class has been blindsided by the costs of Obamacare or what I call the UnaffordableCare Act can be laid right at the doorstep of the Zionist Fourth Estate who didn’t report it.

These rate hikes were a foregone conclusion since there really are no checks to rising health care costs—neither a public option to keep insurance companies honest—nor a single payer system to cut the costs of billing, and collection.  From the very inception the UnaffordableCare Act was going to be dead on arrival.

Like I wrote previously if people are mad they will have an opportunity to register their anger at the 2014 midterm elections.  Each and every democrat should be voted out of office to allow them to go down with their Captain Ahab strapped to his Moby Dick healthcare leviathan.  Over time this UnaffordableCare Act will eventually be modified until it is a single payer system.  There really is no other way of lowering healthcare costs.

The presupposition of the whole damn plan was hidden in plain view.  That was the supposition that healthcare costs were 0.656 percent of a family’s gross income.  The average premium for a couple is about $7,774/year.  What income does that premium presuppose?  Setting up a simple equation 0.656 percent (X or median income) = $7,774.  The most difficult part of solving this equation is to remember to convert the percentage to a decimal number by dividing the 0.656/100).  The income that is then presupposed is $1,185,061.  That is Obama’s idea of the median household income.  Of course that does not represent what the median household income really is.

It is a little over $50,000.

All the rates are based upon bogus numbers like pretty much all the statistics conjured up by the federal government and then reported as the truth by the Zionist Fourth Estate.  The rates calculated upon fictitious income will implode the U.S. economy which is 70 percent based upon consumption.

Further, armed with the individual mandate, Herr Obama believes he has the American people over a barrel.  I don’t think so.  People are going to opt to pay the surtax in droves.  That in turn will explode the costs of premiums for the rest dumb enough to stay in the UnaffordableCare Act.  The saving grace of the UnaffordableCare Act is that it was designed to refill the coffers of the bankrupt federal government.  That is, immediately raise revenues.  Early estimates by some analysts I’ve seen are that the UnaffordableCare Act will raise tax revenues by around $200 billion/year.

Folks what the UnaffordableCare Act really amounts to are the taxes that should have been raised to pay for the wars of choice for the benefit of Israel.  Again why the Zionist Fourth Estate failed to report the truth regarding ObamaCare.  Proving once again there are no free lunches in life and that borrowed money must be repaid.  With a little skullduggery the Democrats and Republicans that supported our wars of choice should be made to pay the ultimate price—with their jobs.

Short of that, stagflation as far as the eye can see is the future of the United States.