Dear readers,

Trump’s tax cuts will never happen. The economy is deteriorating much too quickly. The last GDP of 0.7% percent was telling. That along with the possible election of Marine Le Pen in France say the globalists are in deep deep trouble. When the globalists are in trouble, they start a war hoping for a reset of Bretton Woods with China elevated to top dog. That means the current top dog, the United States, is going to go down with of course the help of Rothschild banking interests. That’s at least what they think. The Iskra here will be a Le Pen victory. That should trigger World War III, provide cover for the banksters, and remove the main impediment to the New World Order–THE UNITED STATES. Enslavement to a new slavery or serfdom is just around the corner when the radioactive dust settles. If you’re a suvivalist, good luck. Since I’m on the Left Coast, I believe it will be sacrificed in any nuclear exchange. Why I believe defense contractors have been abandoning the West Coast in droves for the last several decades. Nothing just happens except for the lemmings. Fairy tales do come true when they happen to you. And if Le Pen doesn’t win, well as Roseanne Roseannadanna would say, “Never Mind”.


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