What’s the matter TechnoNazis? Yes you can exclamation mark those drivers, but I know now they are correct

Dear readers the TechnoNazis are losers and poor losers to boot. The only way they can prevail is like Tom Brady by deflating my football drivers, disabling my network adapter. But alas, I did get them on didn’t I? And they worked, meaning their yellow exclamation mark is wholely your fiction.

But more importantly they are of the same mind set as the ZioNazis, they just never know when to give it a rest. What the readers should take away from the Federal Reserve’s failure to manage the economy is that these are the same type of clowns that the Khazarian mafia bankster (e.g., Goldman Sachs stooges like Robert Rubin, Hank Paulson, Mario Draghi, etc., etc.) want to run the world. They’re not just liars and incompetents, they are liars who have come to believe their lies. Now that is dangerous. The technocrats are fools who delude themselves because they don’t know the difference between theory and empirical evidence. Like the WTC7 collapse, it isn’t rhetorical argumentation that substantiates a claim but empirical data tied to the embodied actions of researchers. And what we have in Federal Reserve failure is empirical evidence the appointment of technocrats is no more likely to produce prosperity and security than ordinary Americans.

This is even more the case when you cook the statistics. The experts are no longer experts with massaged data. They are no more likely to make the right call than some person yanked off the sidewalk who hasn’t given the issues a moments thought. I would also add this is empirical evidence the globalist plan of One World Government manned by “expert” technocrats will not succeed, as it has already failed in the Eurozone.

Dear TechnoNazis, you guys (or gals) are going to wind up unemployed like Keith Alexander. By the way Keith, you must be something of a “shut-in?” Joblessness does that to you. Or in other words, Keith, what goes around will always end up coming around. My word for you TechnoNazis: Edwaaaaaard Snoooooooowden. It’s over. You’ve been outed. You are dead TechnoNazis walking or at least should be, minimally Zombies.


There is no mystery; without the Fed money printing the economy is toast

About as good a description of living the imaginary to one’s real conditions of existence:

We know for a fact that real median household income is still 7% below 2007 levels and sits at the same level as 1989. We know for a fact that wages have been stagnant since 2007. We know for a fact GDP has barely broken 2% since 2009. We know for a fact the price of healthcare, food, energy, tuition, rent, and a myriad of other daily living expenses are dramatically higher since 2009. We know mortgage originations are at 1997 levels. We know housing starts are 60% below the 2005 highs and at levels seen during the 1991 and 1981 recessions. Existing home sales are 30% below the 2005 high, only up 10% from 2012 levels, and sitting at levels reached in 1999 before the boom.

A critical thinking person might wonder how median single family home prices could possibly skyrocket by 37% in the last three years when household incomes are falling, living expenses rising, and the number of houses being sold are at recessionary levels.–Zero Hedge, May 30, 2015

The talk of raising interest rates when the economy is actually going into recession is sheer drivel. It’s not gonna happen brothers and sisters. Houses like the stock and bond markets are all artificially created bubbles of the Federal Reserve, and why I saw where a well known hedge fund manager, Paul Singer a regular at Davos, is shorting the bond market. Like I guess it takes some genius to figure out the bond market is a bubble with interest at zero in the U.S. and negative in the Eurozone.

Puhleeeze. The long-term secular rate of interest is around 6 percent. So if this is the best the Fed can do for the economy at 0.0 percent, then obviously any small rise in the Fed Funds rate, for example, would throw the economy into chaos. The Khazarian mafia banksters are in a pickle, and they know it. The same sort of pickle Adolf Hitler was in in 1938. They can’t fix their mess so they’re going to start a war with Russia, with China, with anyone to divert attention like the third-rate money magicians that they are.

The difference between Hitler and Obama. Hitler was actually more independent. He actually attempted to issue debt free money from the German treasury. Which just so happened was the moment Khazarian mafia banksters of that era turned on him. Believe me when I say the banksters did not give a whit about the dreaded diaspora Jews. Their concern for entering World War II was to preserve their money printing monopoly. End of story. Well perhaps not quite. Americans didn’t win that war; the Russians did.

What can I say? . . . hmmmmmmm

The U.S. government slashed its GDP estimate to show the economy shrank at a 0.7 percent annual rate in the first quarter instead of the 0.2 percent growth it estimated in April. The economy appears poised for its worst first-half performance since 2011.

This is the Fed’s idea of economic takeoff into sustained recovery. What absolute malarkey, and parroted by the main stream media. Let me say it again: There is no recovery. They’re papering over their mistakes of policy with money printing which keeps the economy flatlining, but does nothing about the burgeoning bad debt that is accumulating and strangling the economy.

This charade is over, kaput, not believable. By not taking away the punch bowl of cheap credit the hang over to come will be a doozy. Americans as I’ve maintained are living the imaginary to their real conditions of existence, which is that they are now the greatest debtor country in world history. Unsustainable. And it will stop. My advice, never be holding debt going into a recession or in this coming case, a depression. When you lose sources of income debt remains to be paid and becomes a burdensome fixed payment in making ends meet.

However, the Khazarian mafia banksters have once again destroyed an economy through speculation, with hyperinflation yet to come. But the idea here is a reset. And in the aftermath the banksters will emerge with even more power than before unless the masses wake up. For example, after the last disaster in 2008 the too big to fail banks became even bigger to big to fail banks. Meaning they accumulated even more clout at taxpayer expense. Fool me once, shame on the banksters. Fool me twice–I have no one but myself to blame.

When is Elizabeth Warren going to wake up? She really needs to become a candidate. On the other side, Rand Paul offers the best hope of a return to sanity. Clinton and Bush are just some more of the same–bankster stooges.

Criminal Commie Californians wish to live with their heads in the sand.

Capital will move where it can most easily combine labor with the available technology. Why of course, Silicon Valley sprung up around Stanford and UC Berkeley. If you look at the International Math and Science Survey, and break it out by ethnicity, Latinos lag other ethnic groups. Latinos have a propensity for making great artists, perhaps, and first basemen in beisbol but they lag in producing technical and scientific talent.

That means high technology driven companies can most easily combine capital and labor outside a state that is becoming Latino. Efficiency will trump political correctness every time. Along with a Catholic population comes a higher tolerance for corruption and added business costs. Which is to say criminal capital and a lack of respect for the rule of law has taken hold here in California.

And why shouldn’t it? A large swath of the population have come here illegally with the intent of breaking U.S. laws straight from the get go. They even pine for the President of the United States to break laws on their behalf.

That companies are leaving the Golden State is just some more American denial. The latest being Broadcom, but hardly the last, if corporations are anything they are rational.

Housing is way out of line here in California and raises the base salary companies must pay employees to lure them to live here. And houses are off the chart because the Federal Reserve is monetizing debt and artificially manipulating interest rates down. Finally, they cannot stop because the state is wedded to tax revenues being propped up by capital gains in the stock and bond markets, which would collapse in an instant the moment they took their foot off the money printing pedal.

Forget about San Andreas, the real earthquake is happening in Sacramento. The freakin’ state is experiencing a Brown-Out as in getting out of town—corporations that is.

As you might guess . . .

La Raza, MECHA, and the rest of the Chicano Brotherhood is rather quiet about the return of Palestinians to Palestine. This is because the brotherhood has made common cause with Jews to extend their influence in California. In fact mums the word for both the Jews and Chicanos when it comes to right of return. The contradiction is rather obvious. Why this sort of social engineering is going to fail, when the Americans finally wake up! Assuming that they do? However, Americans should never relinquish territory taken by force of arms, and at great cost. The Chicanos will then wish to make the claim that might does not make right. But that would mean obviously the Americans that carried out illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, along with their dodgy neoconservative confederates, would have been tried for war crimes, in particular waging wars of aggression. I have not heard the Chicano brotherhood call for any such prosecution of war crimes against either group. This is because in reality, the real world, might does make right otherwise Feith, Wolfowitz, and Perle would now be in jail or at least awaiting trial before the International Criminal Courts. Having compromised their principles on the return of Palestinians, their posturing about having a rightful claim to the American Southwest is just a bunch of hooey. For as soon as they would attempt to become consistent on the issue, the Jews would be there to resist them. And guess what? The Chicano Brotherhood are realists when it comes to that, so they keep their yappers shut. In other words, MIGHT DOES MAKE RIGHT. And Americans should only relinguish lands taken by conquest when they are defeated. If you can’t defeat us in war your culture is not up to snuff–and that’s also what the Israelis are saying to the Palestinians. And believe it or not–I agree with David Ben-Gurion on this point because I’m a Hans Morgenthau realist. Which is to say there are no friends when it comes to international affairs. Israelis holds those lands based upon one thing, military superiority, and nothing else. If they should go into military decline, they will also disappear like any other state. What keeps the Arabs at bay is military superiority, intellectual excellence, and the motto of the Mossad which amounts to guile.

Do Mexicans have a right of return anymore than the Palestinians?

Under the banner of multiculturalism, Jewish Americans are undertaking some very questionable social engineering, like the right of Mexicans to return to lands from which they were ejected. And they were expelled because they and Gringos simply could not get along. And more importantly, they were expelled under the force of arms, meaning the Americans conquered the territory fair and square. Just like the Jews did Palestine with a little help from the Balfour Declaration discussed in an earlier post. So just what are the Jews up to in encouraging multiculturalism here, but really not in Israel.

The Jews are the most sophisticated of all cultures when it comes to sociology. They are introducing different cultural groups because they know darn well that it leads to social conflict and undermines social cohesion–i.e., nationalism. Thereby making globalism a real possibility.

Their social engineering is however likely to be no more successful than amalgamating Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. First of all they know Catholicism is anathema to Protestantism and the Protestant Ethic, since the latter is really the basis behind Capitalism as an observable everyday ritual of their faith. The empirical verification of one’s election or failure of salvation. By contrast, as the current Pope is orchestrating, Catholicism is the granting of salvation to the masses apart from worldly success. In one case the church itself grants salvation while in the other salvation is only known through individual effort—and cannot be granted by the sacraments or the church. Yes, salvation is an individual responsibility and cannot be dispensed from the pulpit. These are not compatible beliefs, and they have not been for 400 years in Northern Ireland, in particular since the Irish uprising of 1641.

The current redistribution of income from those who have earned their money through hard work, a virtual ritual of Protestantism, and its redistribution to Catholics will not fly. Why of course Catholicism and socialism go hand in hand, and why Protestantism, free markets and individual responsibility are linked. The other important contrast is that the Reformation was a reaction to Catholic corruption of selling indulgences or the crass practice of selling salvation to the wealthy. That is, Protestants object to Catholic corruption and I do not believe that sentiment has altered since the 16th century when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on that Wittenberg church door. Knowing all these points, Jewish intellectuals like the neoconservatives are actually stirring up a volatile brew—ON PURPOSE!

They cannot not know because this is precisely how the Jews were perceived in Germany. Germans rightly or wrongly did not believe the Jews merited their rise in German society. Will Americans by contrast accept Mexicans rise to power, anymore than the Germans accepted Jews rise in Prussia’s constitutional monarchy culminating in the appointment of the Jewish industrialist Walther Rathenau as foreign minister? I personally think this sort of forced social engineering is very dangerous.

Many years ago at the turn of the 20th century, Edwin Williams wrote a prophetic book entitled: Made in Germany. Then both Germany and the United States were poised to overtake Great Britain as the workshop of the world. In a matter of decades, not centuries, Great Britain was effectively left behind by the two young rising super powers.

Germany’s greatness however was never consummated because Zionists sold out Germany to Britain to gain access to Palestine at the subsequent Peace of Versailles. When for all the world at the time, Germany appeared to be on the doorstep of victory in 1916, if not for the fact the Zionists were able to bring the United States and Wilson into World War I that prevented Britain’s defeat. This was the beginning of the 100 years troubles that is now going on 200 years.

Let us imagine a similar scenario for the U.S. The U.S. is poised to defeat China, let’s say, and then the ZioNazis or neoconservatives cut a deal to bring Russia into the contest on the side of China in exchange for permanent control of the Golan Heights. Anticipating victory the Americans now lose this war. What do you think would be Americans reaction to such treachery? Allow me to put it this way, we would not be all too pleased and there would be hell to pay. Therefore, the catastrophe that befell Jews in World War II did not occur in a vacuum. In fact the rise of Nazism is hard to imagine without the Zionists prior treachery to obtain access to Palestine. For nowhere in Europe, had Jews prospered more widely than in Germany.

And then to throw salt on the wound, the Khazarian mafia banksters destroyed the German middle class through the unleashing of speculation during the Weimar Republic. German attitudes towards these immigrants turned, and the rest is history. People will only tolerate so much, and the German populace did snap. You can even identify such turning points in the ethnic conflict of Northern Ireland after the Irish uprising around 1641. Governor Jerry Brown’s little experiment in social engineering will eventually bring a clash between invading Catholics and Protestant Americans. And once it gets underway, it will likely be as extreme as the ethnic conflict in Northern Ireland or Ulster. There is no right of return for the Palestinians and there will be no right of return for the Mexicans. This is the nature of colonization, that once an ethnic group is ousted from lands by force of arms, the settling population is loath to tolerate their return. This is what we find in Israel, and what will occur here.

At some point, the invaders will be attacked by the native population that is being forced out. You could say that Californians will become Irish, and then the troubles will begin.

In conclusion, the Mexicans are like Polish Jews that immigrated to Germany, and found east of the Elbe River. These immigrants lived directly adjacent to the host country Germany, that was quite familiar with their culture. Rosa Luxemburg for example was a Polish Jewess, and roundly hated—literally–by Germans like the Freikorps. She also just happened to be a socialist of some considerable talent. Like Red Rosa, the Amigos are pushing for the redistribution of income. This will not sit well with many Americans of any Protestant persuasion.

The Chinese in the U.S. are more like the Arabs that have invaded France. Their great liability is that the United States is pressing aggressively into the Pacific basin, China’s sphere of influence, since like gold; wealth is flowing east. This is a harbinger of a direct conflict between the People’s Republic of China and the United States. They are an ethnic group clearly on the rise because they practice what I call Confucian Capitalism, based upon academic merit or the love of test taking. This is much closer to Protestantism than it is to Catholicism. Consequently, there is much less animosity with this group. In fact Asians generally compare more than favorably with the dominant existing U.S. culture premised on meritocracy. One element of their beliefs that held the Chinese back from making the transition to sustained economic development was their emphasis upon magical thought. Put that in the rear view mirror, and Capitalism might have developed autochthonously in China.