Common sense of the day: Occam’s Razor weather forecast

true believerLook of true believer.

“The destructive fires in California are not unexpected given the wet winter last year and resultant plant growth, followed by hot and dry weather since then in which the vegetation dried out,” said University of Colorado-Boulder meteorologist Roger A. Pielke Sr. in an email to the Times.

Now, this doesn’t mean there is no human element at work here: After all, just as people are responsible for carbon dioxide emissions, they are also responsible for starting fires.–J.D. Heyes, Natural News, Dec. 12, 2017

More to the point, if these fires were started by humans and their carelessness or even deliberately, then why assume the recent California wildfires are the result of climate change? In short, how many of these fires would have been naturally caused without the presence of humans. I would probably estimate nada. Can Governor Jerry Brown show that these wildfires were caused, for example, by lightning strikes, i.e., and not human carelessness, which has nothing to do with climate change, but rather poor safety instruction in the handling of equipment and flammables. For myself, I think the globalists because they are so ideologically daft might be setting the fires themselves to cleanse the rural countryside of inhabitants to drive them to the globalist’s preferred megacities. Now that certainly wouldn’t be about climate change, but rather the spread of mass mental illness associated with cult social movements like those of Marshall Applewhite and his Heaven’s Gate cult in San Diego. Globalism is like the evangelism of Amy Semple McPherson or even communists like that of V.I. Lenin. Governor Brown’s claims are of course just a sign of this new form of mental illness associated with cults.


Survey finds American know that politicians do not work on their behalf

(National Sentinel) Washington First: A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute found that most Americans of all ethnicities do not believe elected leaders in Washington are putting them or the country ahead of other nations.

The 2017 American Values Survey found that 60 percent of Americans agree with the statement, “In the past, America’s leaders have been too focused on helping other nations at the expense of our own country,” Breitbart News reported.

In addition, the study found that “roughly equal numbers of white (62 percent), black (60 percent), and Hispanic Americans (57 percent) agree that American leaders have been too focused on helping other nations in the past.”–National Sentinel, Dec. 13, 2017

What you would precisely expect of globalists. In short, they do not represent their constituency but some amorphous abstract ideals, that they promote as being universal, but which are in truth self-interested benefiting only a few leading to vast inequality. Under globalism there is no accountability to constituents, and therefore it is not a democracy, but a plutocratic oligarchy. Under this scenario I would expect a motivation deficit on the part of constituents leading slowly but surely to the erosion of the Protestant ethos and the spirit of capitalism. That is, the long term secular decline of the American economy that can no longer provide the funding for a shadow permanent war economy, ending in fiscal financial crises.

Zionist Fourth Estate smears Protestant in ‘Bama and steals Senate seat

Falling for the oldest political trick in the book, Alabama voters gave Zionist Democrats a gift: a Senate seat in the deep South, not held by a carpetbagger since 1992.  Having thoroughly smeared Roy Moore without due process, and using their control of the mass media, the Democrats, as the fascists that they are, bypassed democracy and even handed journalism to get Gordon Douglas Jones elected, thereby cutting Republican majority in the Senate to a single vote. 

That is with globalists Susan Collins, John McCain, and Lisa Murkowski, the Democrats should now be able to impede President Trump’s plan to drain the swamp of the Deep State.  Even the tax reform bill could very well be in jeopardy given the presence of turncoat Republicans masquerading as RINOs. 

However, Protestants should be most embarrassed to have been conned by the Zionist Fourth Estate and their globalist agenda to simply accept without empirical proof the claims of women, and without due process to confront the accusers in a court of law.  Which also must mean, that Eva Braun, Evita,, Hillary Clinton and Lucy Borden can simply be taken at their word because they are women. 

Hahaha.  What a complete non-sequitur.   

But the real kicker is that there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the claims against Roy Moore and those leveled against William Jefferson Clinton, but nowhere near as much copy was devoted to Clinton’s trespasses, as was given to smearing Moore.  And the only thing separating them was that one was a nationalist patriot, and the other a draft evading Democrat.   Pitiful!  This strategy was obviously hatched in the synagogue. 

Now here’s a headline . . . “Bitcoin Is Gold 2.0”: Winklevoss Twins Call Out Jamie Dimon, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

Well actually I do not personally think Bitcoin is anything near gold. First Bitcoin cannot be a reliable store of value, because frankly its supply is virtually unlimited. And that it cannot be a store of value means by definition it cannot be money. So on this point, I actually think Jamie Dimon is correct when he says Bitcoin is a scam. But having said that, the reason Bitcoin came into existence is precisely the artificial suppression of the price of gold relative to the Fed’s increase in the money supply. Therefore, the current price of Bitcoin, somewhere around $18,000/coin is probably what gold should be trading at ($18,000/troy ounce) without the suppression of its price by the banksters. Bitcoin existence in short is a reaction to the Fed’s manipulation of the money supply and the use of naked shorts to suppress gold’s price. However, the price of Bitcoin and what gold would be without manipulation attests to the real inflation in the financial system. When gold rises to its market determined true value, you can reliably know the yield of 10-year bonds will have regressed back to the historical norm. Right now, Bitcoin appears to be acting like gold’s proxy for the real inflation of the money supply, as noted by Milton Friedman. It amounts to investors fleeing the risk of fiat currency brought on by Richard Nixon in 1971. In truth, the Fed’s tightening is thus behind the curve as far as real inflation goes. Therefore, I suspect several moves by the Fed to tighten in 2018 as monetary policy normalizes back to historical benchmarks. Further rates must rise to attract buyers to our dodgy paper to fund Trump’s infrastructure and military expansion–i.e., World War III. In short, Bitcoin’s rise is in my opinion a sell signal for bonds, in that monetary tightening should lead to falling bond prices, not a good sign for either bonds or stocks. In fact, the whole point of manipulating the gold price down was to convince investors there was no inflation, and hence keep bond prices high and their rates low.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth . . .

With both globalist Democrat and Republican complicity, the governing elite of the United States carried out a coup d’etat, 9/11, as a pretext for the invasion of the Middle East to change 7 regimes (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and lastly Iran). According to a discussion General Wesley Clark had with a Pentagon Official, the following exchange occurred:

I said, “Are we still going to invade Iraq?” “Yes, Sir,” he said, “but it’s worse than that.” I said, “How do you mean?” He held up this piece of paper. He said, “I just got this memo today or yesterday from the office of the Secretary of Defense upstairs. It’s a, it’s a five-year plan. We’re going to take down seven countries in five years. We’re going to start with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, then Libya, Somalia, Sudan, we’re going to come back and get Iran in five years. I said, “Is that classified, that paper?” He said, “Yes Sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me, because I want to be able to talk about it.”

This plan is still a go, and was initiated by 9/11 or as the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth described the event:

On September 11, 2001, the three worst structural failures in modern history took place when World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7 suffered complete and rapid destruction.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, most members of the architecture and engineering community, as well as the general public, assumed that the buildings’ destruction had occurred as a result of the airplane impacts and fires. This view was reinforced by subsequent federal investigations, culminating in FEMA’s 2002 Building Performance Study and in the 2005 and 2008 reports by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Since 9/11, however, independent researchers around the world have assembled a large body of evidence that overwhelmingly refutes the notion that airplane impacts and fires caused the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7. This body of evidence, most of which FEMA and NIST omitted from their reports, instead supports the troubling conclusion that all three skyscrapers were destroyed in a process known as “controlled demolition,” where explosives and/or other devices are used to bring down a building.

9/11 being the equivalent of the Nazis burning of the Reichstag where Marinus van der Lubbe was replaced by Osama bin Laden as the proverbial patsy or perhaps also a complicit conspirator of the Saudi Arabian government, and most ironically the Jewish American community and their control of the Zionist Fourth Estate. The Deep State remnants of this coup d’etat and wars of aggression are currently the people attempting to remove Donald J. Trump from the presidency to complete their remaking of the Middle East, largely for the benefit of Israel and Saudi Arabia. That is where we stand today.

The Robert Mueller probe of Trump/Russia collusion is a complete sham, but put in place by Barack Obama proving, I think, quite convincingly that the coup d’etat was a bipartisan enterprise agreed to by both the DNC and RNC. If you go back to Indictment One of the Nuremberg Tribunal against Nazi war criminals, you will also discover why the globalists have had to delegitimize the notion of “conspiracy”, because the word is used throughout the indictment for wars of aggression, which the United States is currently carrying out–but ultimately failing. And this is why Russia and Vladimir Putin must be removed from the equation, as Syria has so ably demonstrated.

What I have maintained: The FISA warrant used to spy on the Trump campaign was illegally obtained . . .

Ergo, all evidenced now being used by Robert Mueller in the Russia/Trump collusion would be inadmissible evidence in a court of law. This case is dead, finished, over. It is tainted and the Democrats if they were smart would move on. But not being nearly as smart as they imagine they uselessly pursue their phantoms. Here is the crux of the problem as stated by Rep. Jim Jordan:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), during a remarkable exchange with FBI Director Christopher Wray at a hearing Thursday, suggested that Peter Strzok — the FBI official who was removed from the special counsel team — was responsible for using the Clinton-funded dossier to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

If true, it would be a stunning development in the Russia investigation. It would mean that a top FBI official took what was an unverified piece of opposition research funded by Trump’s political opponent, and used it to obtain a surveillance warrant on the Trump campaign.

“If this happened, if you had the FBI working with a campaign, the Democrats’ campaign, taking opposition research, dressing it all up and turning it into an intelligence document and taking it to the FISA court so they could spy on the other campaign — if that happened, that is as wrong as gets,” Jordan told Wray.–Breitbart, Dec. 8, 2017

Most importantly all such evidence gleaned from the illegal surveillance (also maintained by House Intel chair Devin Nunes) will be tossed out in a court of law. This was precisely the type of evidence that was being withheld from the House of Representatives’ investigation into the Trump campaign, that was indeed unlawfully under surveillance, the warrant of which was obtained using the analysis of the Russia Dossier, bought with Clinton campaign funds, and authored by the highly biased FBI agent, Peter Strzok, who had to be dismissed from the case for anti-Trump statements in an email.

In a word, the Democrats coup d’etat of Trump is falling apart. The real damage of the Trump administration was his recognition this past week of Jerusalem, where the al-Aqsa Mosque sits, as the capital of Israel. Trump has destroyed any hope of being an honest broker to the peace process. Though we have now confirmed he is nothing more than a neocon, and most likely was put in the White House with the aid of the Israeli lobby and AIPAC. There can be little doubt this is where Trump came up with his campaign strategy of nationalism, for who is more nationalist than the Israelis. Indeed his support of Israel is perfectly attuned to supporting a nation that places its own interests first, and why the globalists (France, Germany, and Europe generally) condemned his decision.

To top it off, Trump should as well endorse the formation of Catalonia to drive a stake through the heart of the globalist movement. And while he’s at it, he can nix any Palestinian right of return to Israel, as the U.S. should stop any right of return of Mexicans to the United States, except those legally admitted. As Palestinians have lost, the same can be said of the Mexican-American War of 1846–the U.S. won and Mexicans lost.

There is no right of return when you are on the short end of the stick. The difference between foreign policy realism and general wishful thinking on the part of displaced populations. Take for example our own wars of conquest of Native Americans. Even Geronimo eventually turned himself in to spare his people further suffering. I should note also the Apache wars began with the conclusion of the Mexican-American War in 1848; and no, once Geronimo was defeated he was never allowed to return to the land of his birth. There is no right of return. I’m at a lost to recall where ever a nation settled by conquest ever willingly allowed the prior inhabitants to simply return. The irony is of course the Jewish and Latino caucus of Congress have joined together to promote illegal immigration. A clear assault upon the former proprietors of the country–The Scotch-Irish. Since the Democrats like the strategy of divide and conquer so much, allow me to point out the Scotch-Irish while a little slow, will eventually wake up to the fact war is being waged upon them, and your usual Northern Ireland situation here in the good ol’ US of A will materialize.

While every thing is in motion; nothing ever really changes. And we will return to normal ethnic politics of self interest. Socialism while currently in vogue among Millennials simply cannot deliver on prosperity. For you see, socialism is always about giveaways with other people’s money that invariably dries up, Venezuela being a primary example of such nonsense. The Jews of course get much of their expansionist Zionism from studying our own expansionist conquest of the West. However, the Jews in Israel were also from Germany, and there is plenty of historical precedent in German and the Teutonic Order expansionism to draw inspiration from, like the German’s own Drang nach Osten, or conquest of Slavic lands that formed parts of Eastern Prussia. Like the Germans and Americans, Israel strategy is to promote tribalism like the disputes between Fatah, Hamas, and the PLO. A strategy very reminiscent of keeping Algonquin, Creek, and Iroquois tribes at war with one another in the New World, while the English were finagling the natives of their lands. They are so busy feuding amongst themselves, they neglect to band together to drive the invaders from their shores.

Stupid is as stupid does.