Here is what has happened under Obama:

income classes
At the recent Canadian, Mexico, U.S. summit Barack Obama attempted to make it sound like he was on the side of the poor. What utter nonsense. As we can see from the above chart, under Mr. Obama the middle class has shrunk, and the poor have increased. The rich apparently making gains at the expense of the middle class. On a percentage basis, the middle class now makes up less than 50 percent of the income distribution. Mr. Obama has not jailed a single too-big-to fail bankster from the mortgage backed security crisis, and as for him being on the side of workers that only exists in his fertile imagination. He had a chance to aid workers with the Employee Free Choice Act, but he and his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel killed the bill by not bringing it to a vote prior to ObamaCare. A sweetheart deal for the Health Insurance Industry took precedence over unionizing workers. Which like I say, does not make him a progressive at all, but in the back pockets of Big Business–which is known as fascism! In fact, the ObamaCare that did pass with its high deductibles made it impossible in most cases to even use the darn insurance by the little people. Again, a win-win for the forces of Big Business. And because the deductibles are so large, young people have shied away from purchasing comprehensive policies, just as the critics of ObamaCare maintained all along. Thus, premiums are going to have to go up again on a burdened public thereby sapping effective demand in the economy. So four years into the program there has been no stabilization of insurance premiums as predicted by the globalist experts. Another failure for socialist statism. The socialist principle here is to steal from the poor and to give to the rich. The same ol’ same ol’, but not a change you could ever believe in. But alas, if the lemmings do complain, folks like Obama call them the “angry ignorant masses”.


FBI cover-up of Orlando shooting

The FBI has asked law enforcement agencies who responded to Pulse nightclub to withhold records from the public, according to officials.

A June 20 letter from the FBI, attached to the City or Orlando’s lawsuit over withholding 911 calls and other records from 25 media outlets including the Orlando Sentinel, was also sent to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office with instructions pertaining to how they should respond to records requests.

The letter requests that agencies deny inquiries and directs departments to “immediately notify the FBI of any requests your agency received” so “the FBI can seek to prevent disclosure through appropriate channels, as necessary.”–Orlando Sentinenl, June 29, 2016

The obvious reason is consciousness of guilt in this false-flag shooting. First Omar Mateen, the alleged shooter, was an employee of the G4S, the largest mercenary contractor in the world. Secondly, there is every reason to believe that Mr. Mateen was indeed recruited by FBI “informants”. In other words, handlers of the FBI who similarly recruited Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon bombing. Who can forget the FBI going on national TV and asking for the public’s help in identifying Tsarnaev during the Boston Marathon man hunt. Then it later was revealed by Tamerlan’s mother that the FBI had her son under surveillance for years before the Marathon Bombing. Do you mean they forgot what he looked like? The same with Mateen. Mateen had previously come to the attention of Philip Haney, of Homeland Security, but was instructed to destroy all the intelligence collected on Mateen and the mosque he attended in Fort Pierce Florida. Yes, a mosque, as Haney notes, which had close ties to Tablighi Jamaat, a known terrorist group working out of Pakistan. As Haney noted the Orlando shooting had eerie similarities to the San Bernardino shooting, as well which he warned the Obama about, but was instead told to destroy the files, and then the Obama administration shut down Mr. Haney’s operations at DHS.

Bank massacre will morph into full blown financial crisis


Deutsche Bank will lead the European financial system right into the toilet, thus fostering even more populist anger as the European Central Bank moves to prop them up with bail outs. It’s deja vu all over again, ehhh Yogi! The EU is toast or dead social system walking. Maybe they can get Obammy to lecture the European lemmings like he did the Brits to move the process along more quickly. And this is the guy that is going to tag along with Hillary on the campaign trail? That is more like a death wish! Only fools are still enamored with the Obammy whammy, as I now call him. Yes, allow the Obammy to insult the European working class like he now wishes to do to the American working class. Calling them nativists and xenophobes because they disapprove of trade deals that unemploy them. But let’s face the facts, these deals do not help the rank and file, but the One Percent, and little else. They have created massive inequality, and the stupefied elite wonder why the masses are angry. Obammy like Marie Antoinette basically tells the American peasants they should eat cake, well like the One Percent! This is who the Democrats have been empowering, the financial class of Marie Antoinettes. Just look at Hillary Clinton and where she’s receiving campaign funds from. It’s freakin’ Wall Street, not the ordinary schmoe in the gutter. Now some people do not think it can get any worse than Donald Trump, but they are dead wrong. After the Democrats steal the next election which is sure to be rigged, Trump’s successor will be able to tap into revolutionary sentiment that will make Donald look like Mother Teresa.

Blame Obama for Brexit . . . the guy knows little and what little he does know is dangerous


Clearly Obammy lecturing the Brits on Brexit didn’t go over so well with the people. They didn’t care whether they did have to line up at the back of the queue to receive America’s glorious dispensation. Being a people that founded self determination they opted for risk like all entrepreneurial countries, and Mr. Obama could shove his rhetoric where the sun doesn’t shine. This is what separates the English from the Scotch, the latter who have become welfare dependents of the EU. In fact, this even separates the Scotch from the Scotch-Irish who rebelled against the rack renting of King George III. No there are just some people who are destined to be serfs, and others like the English who will control their own destiny–meaning history is not dead for them. We will leave the end of history to the parasites of dependency. It is certainly the safe path. But I’m also willing to bet the French are not going to take too much more of the fascist EU and will rebel. Hollande and his dead beat socialists are not going to carry the day in 2017. There are some people who value freedom more than they do dependency and vassalage to Germany. Yep! Angela Merkel is the Kaiser all over again, as the Yogi might have said. How dumb can you get—well just ask the Greeks falling for Tsipras’ line. Now they are permanent indentured servants to the Krauts.

Hillary lied about “Innocence of Muslim video”

Ms. Clinton early on knew that the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with the video, “Innocence of Muslims”, and everything to do with running guns from Libya to Syria. As she testified to at the Benghazi hearings,

Hillary Clinton sent an email to her daughter, Chelsea, on Sept. 11, 2012 in which she asserted that an al-Qaida-like group was responsible for the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, it was revealed on Thursday during the former secretary of state’s testimony to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.–Chuck Ross, October 22, 2015, The Daily Caller

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I think it clearly shows Clinton to be a pathological liar, who will say and do almost anything to advance her career and ambitions. This is what makes her dangerous. Far more dangerous than Donald Trump. She will do the bidding of the globalists to go to war with Russia after the so-called Illuminati pull the plug on the economy. Yet, the liberals still support her. Which must mean liberals believe nuclear war is an acceptable risk to place a woman in the White House. I do not. What separates people like Bernard Brodie from nutcase neoconservatives (actually acolytes of Albert Wohlstetter) who have been wrong just about everything is the principle war must be avoided with another nuclear super power like Russia. Looking in the larger scheme of things, the coming war and whether Hillary assumes power is the drive for an imaginary unity of interests, that really do not exist between the various national globalists. Brexit was an example of the fact that no real mechanical conscience collective actually exists among the globalist elite, since some elite already recognize that the Germans are really behind, and the only one benefiting from this fake pan-unity. Indeed, NATO is morphing into the arm of the former Schutzstaffel or SS. Yes, we are definitely going to war with Russia since this is Germany’s most successful attempt to date to conquer the world. Only a Teuton would think in such grandiose terms, and perhaps Napoleon. Why the French seem to be saying if you can’t lick them you might as well join them. But here again, there is resistance building from the French Right in Marine Le Pen. As the Greeks discovered the so-called European project is not European at all, but rather thoroughly German, and payback for Operation Barbarossa. As I’ve noted previously what is touted as universal is of course quite particularistic. As far as “universals” go you might have to plumb the works of Jurgen Habermas, and not the work of Jean Monnet.

No deaths in Orlando shooting until 5:13 a.m.

According to Judge Andrew Napolitano an FBI transcript of the Orlando Pulse Night Club shooting shows the following:

. . . nobody died until 05:13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered, prior to that no one had been killed. The 53 that were injured, and the 49 that were murdered all met their fates at the time of, and during, the police entry into the building.”–June 20, 2016, Fox News

Like the 1929 St. Valentine’s Massacre when the hoods dressed up as cops gunned down seven mobsters. But that is what we have here globalists dressed up as cops gunning down expendable “useless eaters.” Ohhhhhhh Booohoooooo! We need gun control!

Deutsche Bank Jim Reid: “There’s No Escaping The Fact That This Is A Class War”

Yes, the banksters vs. the people. While the top 0.01 percent were making out like bandits, the rest of the population was making out like a Banana Republic. Indeed, what globalism is all about is to reproduce the levels of inequality found in the Banana Republics. And don’t expect a globalist like Hillary Clinton to turn things around, because she and hubby Bill have been in Washington the whole time real per capita wages were heading south, and the labor force participation fell off a cliff. The globalists, both Republicans and Democrats, think they can con the American electorate forever, but the Brexit vote shows the now panicked oligarchic fascists that there are limits to making monkeys of the public. Me, I would rather see public beheadings this election cycle than going to polls to participate in a rigged election. Because that is precisely what the fascist oligarchs have up their sleeve if the primaries are any indication of the General Election. They will steal this election, hook or by crook, and the American people must be ready for a long fight! No, freedom is not cost free as the Brits will certainly learn, but it is better than being down on your knees to a bunch of wankers that do not know anything, and are clearly incompetent. They hold their positions of power not because they merit them, but because they nod their heads like a bobble-head doll.