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Don't trust MSM

Destroyers of Democracy


Dimming to dumbing

Weather Modification talk at U.N.


Chemtrail contrails are not conspiracy theory as Rosalind Peterson makes clear in the above talk.  They are already modifying photosynthesis and beginning to be found in our drinking water.

Bracketing reality or phenomenology or bust

What’s important . . . the secular trend


Secular trend of the economy

Bracket reality and suspend belief in the noise coming from the White House and main stream press.  Both have bungled their roles in an effective democracy.  A democracy in and of itself does not guarantee correct decisions, but an effective democracy will correct its mistakes.  Since 2001, and our traipsing around the world chasing the ghost of Osama bin Laden, acts of terrorism are way up.  We never corrected that problem manufactured by the Neoconservatives.  Since 2008 we’ve been pouring fiat currency into the economy, and have not corrected those problems as well.


What’s the truth to the moribund economy, we still have too much debt weighing it down.  $3,733.5 billion in non-mortgage consumer debt is presently outstanding.  An all-time record; in Q4/2006 (just before the crash, remember?) consumer debt stood at $3,047.2 billion or nearly $700 billion less.  However the big enchilada for financial profligacy doesn’t even exist in the U.S.  It’s China, and the whales are now beginning to exit that market because the handwriting is on the wall.

It’s Over there too

And this is why the Baltic Dry index that measures the shipping of intermediate commodities looks like the following:


Notice the drop to almost recent lows in the index.  This is not a sign the global economy is very robust.  And when the third largest economy goes belly up what then for our debt ridden economy?  All of this feeds back into the top chart to explain the long term secular decline of the U.S., and had you paid attention to the secular trends you know for a certainty the country is in a world of hurt.

I stand by my original analysis, until the empirical evidence shows otherwise—the U.S. is not in recovery but teeters on the precipice of unimagined disaster.  This could not have happened under Eisenhower or Kennedy.  The new breed of political leader is a “know-nothing” façade that is paralyzed to act for the general good of American society, but more than willing to traipse half way around the world to aid neo-Nazis in Ukraine.


The trend is not your friend Boobie

What are the trends? . . .


The American people have tired of wars for Israel. 

You can couch it in other euphemisms, but that is what has occurred because of the alternative media.  The American people know for a fact Neoconservatives misled the American people as to Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.  What they are most competent at is lying.

Therefore, box cutter wielding Arab terrorists no longer will suffice to sustain Americans support for military interventions.  Aware of that fact, the Neoconservatives have opted to create an even more imposing threat, Russia, to manufacture consent for more wars on Israel’s behalf. 

So they destabilized the Ukraine and brought people like Andriy Parubiy, neo-Nazis, to power.  Then they like infantile children  point their fingers and cry the Russians did it.  No, the Russians did not create this mess. 

However, the Russians fully understand a fascist regime in Kiev might very well mean NATO missiles being deployed on Russia’s border.  That was unacceptable, just as missiles in Cuba were unacceptable to John F. Kennedy. 

Further, through their wars of choice on behalf of Israel, the Neoconservatives have bankrupted the U.S. government and turned the American people against military adventurism.  No one likes being used like a tool for Zionist designs, not even the American military. 

They are so desperate, because of their repeated screw ups, that they are now contemplating World War as the Zionazis in the German regime also did, to extricate themselves from a crumbling economy that threatens their power base in the Zionist occupied Congress. 

This is why Armageddon must be taken seriously, because the Zionazi Neoconservatives are self absorbed-affected sociopaths of the first order—Zionist true believers.  They are a cult, who actually like to think of themselves as mad dogs. 

And as my old teacher Amos Funkenstein would often remark if you lie down with dogs, you should not be surprised to get up with fleas. 

Oh yeah, had they succeeded they would have control over Sevastopol and forced Russia’s Black Sea fleet elsewhere, thereby paving the way for a U.S. attack upon Syria and Iran to which Putin would have been impaired responding to.  Dear readers, who would have benefitted from that?

Andrea Mitchell Syndrome–a blind eye

Wake up and smell the coffee . . . the crazed Neocons have empowered Nazis


Sunday, March 02, 2014

And so what are the Jews saying . . .
Ukrainian Jewry is facing a real and serious threat….To empower the openly neo-Nazi movements in Europe by ignoring the threat they pose is an utterly risky business. People should not have to pay a terrible price – again – for the meekness and indifference of their leaders. As Ukraine today has become the tragic show-case for all of Europe with regards to breeding and allowing race-hatred to become a violent and uncontrollable force, it is imperative to handle the situation there in accordance with existing international law and norms of civilization.”–“Tea With Neo-Nazis: The Violent Nationalism in Ukraine“, Arutz Sheva

So the NeoCon Zionazi Victoria Nuland initiates and empowers the Ukrainian nationalist fascists, and then the world again is required to bail out the assimilated Ukrainian Jews in a mess started by Zionist Jews.  Indeed, exactly what happened in Germany before World War II, and this Jewish orchestrated conflict will end in World War III.  Frankly assimilated Jews, as opposed to the NeoCongs, should be issuing their support for a Russian intervention of all the Ukraine, not just Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.  As I’ve said repeatedly the interests of the two factions of Jews are irremediably at odds with one another.  To pine now for western intervention will only hasten a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia and start World War III.  The interests of the Jewish Banksters that now control the United States is that the conflict provides cover for the bankruptcy of their Quantitative Easing to infinity policy, that has destroyed confidence in the dollar as a reserve currency.

Or as I always say: It is sooooo over!  Zbig and Andrea Mitchell, give it a rest.

An ethnic group so morally immature they deny the truth

A Jew’s worst enemy: other Jews


Russians hate fascists so I doubt it is they who handed out leaflets urging Jews to register in Eastern Ukraine.  But the people Victoria Nuland brought to power, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor, are perfectly capable of these shenanigans.  While the main stream press was aping State Department press releases, the Darkerside was reporting the following:

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fairy tales do not come true in the real world

The Jews are among the most knowledgeable of ethnic groups in understanding how to exploit ethnic divisions. 

This is because of their long history of often being strangers and apart from the dominant ethnic groups where they settle.  They know all about and understand the anti-Semites that exist among the western Ukrainians.   For example, the IMF austerity program the Ukrainians have been duped into embracing with the appointment of Arseniy Yatsenyuk are indeed designed to bring the fascists to power. Writer Shamus Cooke points out:

It’s possible that once the current transitional government completes its austerity-suicide mission, the Svoboda party could then take total power and seek to funnel the immense anger of the austerity programs into anti-Russia and anti-Jewish sentiment. Svoboda was already rewarded for its role in the protests and given six ministerial posts in the transitional government, including the deputy prime minister and the powerful Secretary of the Security and National Defense Committee. But once the transitional government discredits itself with austerity, Svoboda will blame the senior member of the coalition, the “Fatherland” party, and seek to boost itself into total power.

The Svoboda party is fascist.  Also note that it was Victoria Nuland who wanted Yatsenyuk to succeed Yanukovych.  This will be the completion of the putsch when “Yats” imposes austerity and creates massive unemployment that drives young people to the fascist movement, as it did in Germany before WW II.  The fascists then will turn to waging war upon the Russian population.  That was at least the plan, until Vladimir Putin preempted it.  The goal of the NeoCons is always ethnic conflict, as noted repeatedly in the Theodor Herzl quote. 

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”—Theodor Herzl, 1897

But it is Americans who are also being duped.  The long term strategy of the NeoCons is to split the United States ethnically by the introduction of a Latino population that they will eventually use to pass legislation against the once dominant Protestants.  To this effect, they first introduced multiculturalism to replace America’s traditional assimilation or melting pot ideology.  An example of this anti-Protestant legislation was the IRS episode of auditing members of the Tea Party, largely White Anglo Saxon Protestants, many of whom are libertarians.  Libertarians having a strong free market and anti-statist bent.

By contrast, Catholicism has always had an elective affinity to socialism that runs counter to Protestant individualism through the doctrine of the sacraments that will forever make the GOP a minority, or rump party.  I will only say the Republicans are pitiful when it comes to sociology and understanding ethnic groups.  Long a problem with their ability to compete in foreign markets because of a total lack of understanding of other cultures. 

The brilliance of the NeoCons was to exploit this lack of understanding to transform the American polity in the direction of socialism.  I extend my kudos to the likes of Robert Kagan, Frederick Kagan, Victoria Nuland, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Robert Rubin, etc., etc.   The list is just too long to enumerate, but in California special recognition must be given to Dianne Feinstein, Jane Harman, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Brown.

Will America be as prosperous as it was in the past?  The answer to that is no.  Catholicism has never produced the savings and capital formation, i.e., delayed gratification, indicative of Protestant cultures.  Today politically incorrect to mention, but empirically factual.  One has only to look at the divide of the Eurozone above and below the Pyrenees.   The PIIGS below (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain), and the Protestants above.  France, largely a Catholic country, is relatively advanced but bankrupt and noncompetitive today, as ECB’s Mario Draghi pointed out to Francois Holland, the Prime Minister of France in 2013.

Catholicism is just simply a less disciplined religion peppered with escape clauses like confession for a wayward parishioner, and why Catholic countries lag the development of the Protestant northern hemisphere.  In fact, even the best of the Catholic countries of the Eurozone south are uniformly struggling, and seeking bailouts from the Germans who in turn demand austerity for the money.  Yes, Germany that fought two devastating world wars has conquered Europe without firing a single shot.

The assimilated Jews will, however, be in control in this new political alliance between Jew and Gentile.  That has always been the goal.  I would even argue that they do want to control the world through a monopoly over fiat currency creation, but the Russians are not cooperating, along with the Chinese.  Hence the tremendous effort poured into undermining Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine.  Actually the undermining of the Ukraine to get at Mr. Putin.  The fascists are penciled in to play the role of the middleman minority.

From the Okhrana to the KGB, from Tsar Nicolas II to Putin, Russian intelligence has always had the international travelers in their cross hairs.  Nothing appears to have changed.  Assimilated Jews are attempting to fend off the Zionazis, but I suspect they are going to lose.  Old testament prophecy demands that all the Jews reunite in Israel, not just the Zionists. 

And that means, as they did in Germany, the Zionist have already prepared a plan to drive assimilated American Jews to Israel.  Just remember Herzl’s prophetic words, “the anti-Semite will become the Zionists best friend.”   In the Ukraine we already see Rabbis advising their members to get out of the Ukraine, because the remnants of Stepan Bandera are on the march, brought back to life by the likes of Victoria Nuland.  This will be her legacy.  Indeed, just who do they have waiting in the wings to replace Obama—unless of course, Obama is to be the last president of the combined U.S.?