Here’s why AirAsia Flight 8501 was downed . . .

“The China Foreign Exchange Trade System has announced that since December 29, China, Russia, Malaysia and New Zealand will start the usage of national currencies in mutual transactions. Beijing hopes to make the yuan an alternative to the US dollar in global trade.”

Any country that participates in Russia and China’s SWIFT system will be attacked. Especially Malaysia. The new payments and clearing system for financial transactions being set up by China and Russia is a dagger to the heart of the Rothschild monopoly and American power. Sanctions simply do not fly when there is an alternative to the West’s Swift system. By mid-2015 the United States, a puppet to bankster interests, will have to attack Russia and Chins to preempt their new payments system or consign themselves to second tier status. Because if it is successful, there could very well be a run on the U.S. petrodollar. Always keeping in mind the psycho Neoconservatives ardently believe a first strike nuclear war can be won. I tend to disagree. The Russians are securing their second strike response, and will be able to retaliate massively after our first strike. We will be hit on the West Coast by China, which showed in 2013, that their Jin class nuclear submarines could get as close as thrity miles from the Los Angeles coast, allowing virtually zero response time. Russian nuclear submarines were in the Gulf of Mexico undetected in 2012, as reported by This all occurred under Barack Obama’s watch.

But on the contrary, quite consistent with my own analysis that Barry was sent to destroy the nation state of America. In the China example above, officers of NORAD were essentially told to stand down and not make a ruckus about this incursion. At the deepest level of deception and betrayal the banksters are maneuvering the country to the brink of disaster. Through the Council on Foreign Relations, American elites have even been lured into committing heinous war crimes against humanity. Which indicates the banksters actually believe the United States will lose the next war, and be saddled with punitive war reparations like Germany after World War I. To say nothing of the war crimes trials that would be expected to follow our defeat. With such a fate looming, the “crazies” will indeed immolate the world, to save their lousy hides. As I’ve noted previously, the governing elites are stocking their bunkers under the Denver Airport, to stay down a very long time.


Just boycott the dumb asses in Hollywood . . .

Headline: False Flagging the World towards War. The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood

Yes, Hollywood is the Goebbels propaganda machine for endless wars that benefits the ZioNazis in Israel. In fact, ol’ Joe was himself of Jewish heritage–the ultimate in self hating Jews. But nobody mandates that the people remain within their matrix. It is mostly now comic book scripts and comic book acting anyways. Do yourself a favor and do something constructive like going for a run or picking up some paint brushes and doing something that’s a little more self fulfilling, as opposed to watching sophomoric Jewish comic book entertainment.

You don’t need it so why give hard earned money to people who are intent upon undermining America. Besides, stay home and just read a good book. Operation Cast Lead and Protective Edge showed precisely what Israel was about. They are an apartheid state, started by the actions of an anti-Semite–Lord Balfour–the efforts of a ZioNazis in Theodor Herzl–and funded by Adolf Hitler. Wake up and smell the coffee dear readers. You’ve been had. If your primary source of news is the Zionist Fourth Estate, you are just part of the matrix. The Nazis and ZioNazis of the United States want to throw another war party, because like rats who murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11 and sabotaged the U.S. economy in the process, they now need another war to cover the fact their so called “recovery” is a house of cards. When they throw their war party, just stay home. It won’t benefit you. It can’t.

Wars paid for through inflation are simply redistributed upon the populace in the form of higher prices–for just about everything. Housing in particular. Real wages in the U.S. haven’t risen since the Vietnam War and the mid-1970s. They need you, more than you need them. They deserve to be swept away as the dross that they are. They are . . . that incompetent. And by the way, they probably would have been if not for the manipulation of the markets by the Jewish banksters.

The real reason why planes disappear from the radar . . . a shot across the bow

The Russkies and Japanese are proposing a new Eurasian trade corridor which just happens to end around the tip of Malaysia. Here is a map of one its key destinations:

Eurasian Corridor

As any green horn Asia-Pacific watcher can discern, Singapore would play a pivotal role in the corridor’s development. We are not in so many words, but in our actions, warning Malaysia not to become too chummy with the Russkies as they attempt to diversify their economy away from simply energy. Not only was the downing of AirAsia anticipated by its CEO Tony Fernandes, who dumped close to a million shares of the stock one day before Flight 8501’s disappearance; the event was even grist for the mill of a Chinese blogger who posted an AirAsia flight would be taken down by the Black Hand.

This prediction was made a full 13 days before the actual event. And for you World War I afficionados, the Black Hand or the Unification of Death just happened to be the Serbian group of conspirators that claimed responsibility for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that initiated World War I. Well, I do not think the Black Hand has resurrected itself. More likely, just some country sending a pointed message to whom it may concern. After all, the Serbians are like kissing cousins of the Russians. It is most likely the same message also delivered to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria to not get out of line.

At the same time the Russkies are pulling at our allies like Japan, to remove them from the Western orbit. If they succeed with Japan, they might also succeed with Germany. As I’ve already posted, the Japan March 11, 2011 earthquake was no accident, but the result of our High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Russian scientists immediately began making inferences and the Japanese are fully aware of this. They are not scientific illiterates; they were indeed monitoring HAARP on the day of the quake as evidenced by this graph that was quickly removed:

HAARP Japan Tsunami

Japan, contrary to received expert opinion, is not really a reliable partner in the Asia Pacific region. Having emerged from a feudal society they are well versed in intrigue and betrayal. America has forced Japan to lose face, and while they’re more sophisticated now as opposed to December 7, 1941, I hardly imagine they have forgotten America’s sneak attack upon them.

Even less of a reliable partner are the Germans, who well, simply never forget–but who will eventually get even for World War II. Again, as I’ve mentioned many times, the Germans lost a battle at Tannenberg in 1410, now called Grunwald, and 500 years after the fact in 1914 fought a decisive battle near the same spot and defeated the Russians. In celebration of overturning a defeat 500 years prior, the German officer corps gathered at Grunwald or Tannenberg to celebrate. The memory and DNA of a nation is always deposited in its officer corps. In geopolitical competition never count your chickens, because they are likely to change sides. Malaysia and Japan are giving signs of switching, like Hungary just recently did. There will be no fence sitters as we approach the big kaboom.

World War III is on. Now it is only a matter of how long each side can hold on before the missiles begin flying? And this time, to use the aphorism of Wall Street, it is different. The Rothschilds have their backs to the wall by underestimating Russian nationalism and overestimating American military power which has been exposed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I would add, nationalism will indeed make a startling comeback this year–beginning with Greece. The debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan have provided the impetus for other nations to begin thumbing their noses at the hegemon. This is nothing short of stunning and the crumbling of the Old Order started at Bretton Woods. As the Chinese once liked to remark: the Americans are paper tigers. So go East young man, go East.

Do you believe in coincidences . . . hahahahahaha

The CEO of AirAsia dumps 944,800 shares of the airline a day before AirAsia QZ8501 crashes? Hey, fast Tony Fernandes is either prescient or just plain lucky. Or perhaps the dude was trading on inside information? Now it is also a strange coincidence that the Malaysian foreign minister Najib Razak was golfing with our dear president one day before the the plane disappeared from radar. Better yet, perhaps the U.S. needed cover to redeploy a guided missile destroyer to those seas as our competition with China begins to heat up? Maybe our dear government is planning to claim a Buk SA-11 brought down the plane. But why offer such contortions when we ourselves had a guided missile destroyer right in the vicinity. Occam’s Razor suggests the more straightforward hypothesis is probably the correct one, which is to say, some more barbaric hijinks from our State Department like in the Ukraine.

2015 the year when everything changes . . . because it’s unsustainable

The more you print, i.e., fiat currency, the lower real wages go.

real-average-weekly-earnings thumb

Real average U.S. weekly earnings

Ergo: the gasoline windfall of $380 in added discretionary income won’t carry very far. As for the Federal Reserve tapering, you can forget about it. Without inflation the unpayable national debt implodes. Therefore, as I’ve consistently maintained it is inflate or die for the nation’s banksters, who are the ones calling the shots. Like most irresponsible people they don’t want to be held accountable for their criminal behavior. And that is what they are–CRIMINALS. Not upstanding members of the community.

An exact replay of why there was a transition from feudalism to capitalism in the 16th century. The banksters like all feudal minded lords do not think outside the box, they in general follow the same strategies that undermined society in the first place. They will continue to squeeze the peasants, now mobile, through the extraeconomic strategy of stealth inflation, that will very soon no longer be stealth but visible even to the most uneducated schmoe.

Price level

Weimar is so to speak baked into their so called recovery cake. And like Marie Antoinette, they will urge the peasants to eat cake, i.e., hyperinflation or fiat currency. Just as the strategy of lordly reproduction upended the old feudal order, the banksters (the Rothschilds in particular) intend on overthrowing the capitalist order and bringing socialism to fruition.* Capitalism being nothing more than the Protestant Ethic writ large. Why in this transition the banksters are in league with the Vatican. And as I’ve always maintained, socialism is precisely the system required by bankster speculation, that backstops their bad bets which are too numerous to even list–mortgage backed securities being the most recent.

As they continue their strategy of simply squeezing more and more out of the peasantry through inflation, they will ultimately undermine the latter’s social subsistence and reproduction. All they then need to do is remove the safety net of things like food stamps to set the population in motion. You see, dear readers, while the banksters require socialism to backstop market speculation, it will be the masses that will demand it–to feed the “useless eaters.” All the more reason to encourage illegal immigration and the introduction of fungible deskilled labor dependent upon the state to redistribute the crumbs of surplus value to maintain their existence. That is the Democrat strategy. A coherent constituency of dependency. Like the Catholics dependency upon the priesthood for salvation. Having substituted psychoanalysis for the confessional, the Jewish banksters now wish to substitute the state for the sacraments. Clever, but in my own opinion, unworkable as in the promotion of savings, i.e., capital, required for capital accumulation.

Well, that’s the plan anyways. The Big Picture: to rollback the Protestant Reformation and reinstitute a gatekeeper society of sycophants where rising in the social order is tied unmistakably to “brown nosing” or the beneficence of the satanist gatekeepers–the Banksters and their government stooges. The whole idea is to defeat what emerged with free markets, people who were not beholden to the aristocracy. Where once salvation rested upon skill and knowledge in the markets, and hence not probabilistic, the new speculative world order will rest upon chance expectations. Albert Einstein summed it up best–God does not play dice. If he did, religion would of course be irrelevant, for what obligation would one owe a God where your own fate was a matter of chance. So what the banksters have shown is their real hand, that of Darwin and Marx. God does not work in mysterious ways, he does not work at all .

Protestants had better wake up and smell the coffee. The banksters are waging religious war against you.

*The aphorism then was that the peasants were like watermelon seeds: the more you squeezed, the more that came out. The lords squeezed until peasant reproduction was no longer possible, and then you had the peasant wars of the 16th century. Aptly summarized by Gerald Celente today as “when you have nothing to lose, you lose it.”

Sony hack originated within the United States . . .

“Sony was not just hacked, this is a company that was essentially nuked from the inside. We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history.”–Kurt Stammberger, Norse cyber security, December 26, 2014

The empirical data

To obtain the full screen view, click on YouTube and watch on their website. The data is clearer in full screen.

Clearly, a false flag cyber attack upon an unstable paranoid regime is the perfect recipe to provoke a response that would serve as the pretext for war in the Asia Pacific. Gee, who might be drawn into such conflict? I would bet China. But seeing how China has already tabbed Seattle and Los Angeles as primary targets in any war between the two countries, as George W. Bush liked to remark–Bring it on pardner! Or how to solve the immigration problem in one fell swoop. Such is the desperation of the banksters heading into what I consider a pivotal year. Would they sacrifice the Mexicans to achieve their ends? That’s sort of like asking whether the ZioNazis would sacrifice the dreaded “diaspora Jew” to achieve their grandiose objectives? The answer: In a heart beat! They need a war and they need it now! They being, that is, the dreaded banksters who pull the strings of the puppet Barack Obama. But will the guy follow orders? Well, Barry–watch your back.

As reported on this blogsite, Israel confirmed to have nuked Syria in 2013

Germany was having trouble
What a sad, sad story
Needed a new leader to restore
Its former glory
Where, oh, where was he?
Where could that man be?
We looked around and then we found
The man for you and me
Where, oh, where was he?
Where could that man be?
We looked around and then we found
The man for you and me!

The Pandora’s box has been opened.

The use of preemptive nuclear weapons. World War III officially began in March 2011 with our HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) sneak attack upon Japan in 2011, and began its escalation towards World War III with Israel’s nuclear attack upon Syria outside Damascus in 2013.

All our present major adversaries, China and Russia, know that a nuclear bunker buster transferred to the Israelis by the United States was used in the May 2013 Syrian attack.

Consequently, they have also altered their military doctrines to allow preemptive nuclear strikes to defend themselves in the event of an imminent First Strike. And by the way, the Neoconservatives believe a first strike nuclear war can be won. The Russians and Chinese can put 2+2 together to get 4. For example, the Chinese have made it public that among their primary targets in such a war would be Los Angeles and Seattle.

LA missile sighting

Missile launch captured on video off Los Angeles coast.

Vanderberg knew of no such scheduled launch.

As earlier reported on this blogsite, according to missile experts at Jane’s Defense a Chinese Jin class submarine launched the above ICBM about 30 miles off the coast of Los Angeles in November 2010. Even USAF Brigadier General Jim Cash remarked , “There is absolutely no doubt that what was captured on video off the coast of California was a missile launch.” General Cash was stationed at NORAD at the time of the mysterious missile launch captured by local Channel 2 CBS News.

The Chinese were forewarning the White House they were prepared to respond to any provocation like what subsequently took place in Japan and Syria. And while we’re on the topic of missile launches, Russia just recently tested an RS-24 Yars ICBM.

Therefore, one New Year’s prediction is that the tit for tat of the currency wars will actually morph into a hot war, depending on whether it looks like either Elizabeth Warren or Rand Paul might crash the psychos’ planned World War III. Then there might not be any election at all, and the Nazi and ZioNazi’s current stooge in the White House will be ordered to initiate a first strike.

But here’s the rub. Barack Obama has gone off script. He, like Adolf before him, is adlibbing his lines and is no longer very dependable–at least to the psycho illuminati (the Rothschild and Rockefeller banksters) who are trapped like rats.

2015 will mark a tipping point against Obama, where like Kennedy, they have to decide whether Screwball Joe Biden is a more pliable stooge. Yes, the banksters signed off on the Kennedy dusting, John J. McCloy ID’d by LBJ mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown at the JFK planning session held at the Clint Murchison ranch the day before the assassination. McCloy being a well know errand boy for the Rockefellers and other Nazi interests as well as ascending to the head of the Federal Reserve after World War II. A chum of über Nazi, Allen Dulles, who laundered money for Fritz Thyssen that then found its way into the Nazi coffers.

Which again brings us back to the Bushes, and Jeb and G.W.’s grandfather Prescott Bush who pleaded nolo contendere to aiding the Germans during World War II. You know, the guy with the Chaplin moustache:

Prescott Bush with Hitler