So the Constitution doesn’t apply to basketball?

The NBA’s political correctness regime


I think the Jewish hierarchy of the NBA is running scared.  Frankly, Adam Silver was scared when he announced the Sterling Sanctions.  Shelley Sterling is willing to compromise for a minority interest in the team, but I don’t think she should compromise at all.  The NBA is saying its political correctness rules trumps the U.S. Constitution, like every time the Jews cry anti-Semitism, criticism of Israel must be suspended. 

The sad part is that blacks watching this farce have opted to copy Jews, and claim racism anytime blacks are criticized. 

Now Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks has gotten into the act by saying he would change sides of a street if he was approached by a black wearing a hoodie or a person tattooed up one side and the down the other of his body.  Meaning, I guess Mexicans or other gang bangers.   Please, in California 41 percent of the male prison population is Latino and another 29 percent are black. 

Meaning Cuban’s wariness of Blacks and Latinos might not be entirely unfounded.  There are places in gang banging L.A. if you wander away and stumble into certain areas, it can get you killed.  That happened to a German tourist in Santa Monica when he wandered away from Ocean Blvd. and stumbled into less hospitable ‘hoods.  Is Cuban’s observation racist.  No, it’s however politically incorrect ethnic criticism when the powers that be are pushing culturalism as opposed to assimilation.  I say it’s bunk.  Assimilation worked fine—you know the melting pot.

What made it work for people like Cuban, Sterling, and Malcolm X was the First Amendment, and the fact people recognized another person’s right to differ.  If you didn’t like their world view you just blew them off, and went your own way.  If they acted on their viewpoint, you were also perfectly free to take them to court if they infringed on your right to life or property.  The Sterling case is the perfect vehicle to test the proposition that team owners can impose political correctness in violation of the First Amendment, and do so by means of depriving a person of property without due process in a court of law guaranteed under the 14th Amendment.  At no point has the NBA proved that Sterling’s loopy world view damaged the franchises of other owners.  Indeed, I doubt they can even show that monetarily, Sterling’s views have even damaged his own franchise.

What makes a court of law different is that you must provide proof of damages, not simply assert them.


Food for thought

Federal Reserve of Chicago . . .


Dear reader, while the Fed claims low inflation because such items as food, energy, and rents are stripped out of the inflation number; they are meanwhile printing up information of this sort to raise prices in their own cafeteria:

Subject: Reserve Center Cafe changes coming

Reserve CenterTM Tenants,
Due to rising product prices in the past several years, The Reserve Center will increase its prices in the cafeteria effective May 27.
Over the past five years, many of you may have experience product price increases in grocery stores. Prices continue to rise between 3% – 33%.  For the past eight years, The Reserve Center has been absorbing these increases. The last overall price increase in The Reserve Center cafeteria took place in 2006, followed by a limited increase on sugar-based products in 2012.

Inflation is rising because of financial speculation promoted by Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing to infinity.  As Paul Craig Roberts showed in the previous post, the Fed is not tapering, but in truth ramping up its monetization.  Investors like Jim Rogers have long ago rotated into commodities and resources in anticipation of increases in the money supply.  What was a trickle is now beginning to pick up steam.  Like the Weimar Republic, also fueled by speculation, there is going to be serious inflation—particularly in food—that will create the potential for food riots.  Remember there are now 47 million Americans on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).  Food inflation increases the costs of that program. 

Fed policies are a recipe for social unrest.  Do they desire that?  Hmmmmmmm.

Inflate or die

Roberts scoops presstitutes . . .


Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary, says all the taper-tantrum talk is a bunch of hooey.  According to Mr. Roberts the idea that captains at the Federal Reserve have been trimming their dollar tree is not occurring.

No Mr. Roberts says they’re using Belgium to hide the fact they’re purchasing $112 billion of U.S. treasuries a month.  Here at the Darkerside we are nonplussed.  Our motto is that the foolish Fed has painted itself into a corner.  They have no choice other than to inflate or die.  Malinvestment into real estate has occurred once again, and any tapering would most likely bring down the Fed’s latest house of cards.

Besides how ridiculous is Belgium’s purchase of $141.2 billion of treasuries.  Their total GDP amounts to about $480 billion.  That means they are spending 30 percent of their GDP to purchase U.S. treasuries.  I hardly think so.  Their trade balance is in deficit, and do you really expect austerity aficionado Mario Draghi to print up billions in Euros so Belgium or Brussels can purchase U.S. debt.  No, the usual suspect as always is the Federal Reserve, trying to make a bad situation look good.

What the Fed is attempting to hide is that U.S. bond auctions must not be going so well.   They are hiding that they are injecting unsterilized dollars into the financial system which of course is inflationary.  Like their other scam, weather is behind the rise in food prices.  What is behind the rise in food prices is speculation as investors begin to rotate into tangible assets.  That is, the Fed’s sleight of hand is fooling no one, they may even be leaking information to their cronies, and their cronies are front running the ruse before the information gets out.

In a phrase: inflate or die.  And along the way get rich the One Percent way.

“They want it all”

Climate: Weapon of mass deception; the whole point to the housing bubble?



Map of HAARP installations

HAARP heater

Ionospheric heater

My fellow Americans the whole point to the Federal Reserve’s money printing campaign is to promote speculation.  For example, some of the Fed largesse migrates to the stock market, as you might expect.  This is a windfall for the top 5 percent of the income distribution.  In fact, the top 1 percent owns 40 percent of the nation’s wealth held in stocks and bonds.  A primary reason why the One Percent club is the only one benefitting from the money printing.  Another portion of Fed money ends up in real estate which inflates housing prices, as noted in the previous post. 

Once house prices hit a certain point, land in the California is more valuable for houses, as opposed to being used for farmland.  Therefore through the Fed’s actions there is malinvestment in real estate that takes some of the most valuable crop land in the nation out of cultivation.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what happens next: it’s rising food prices.  As long as the real estate boom proceeds, the more land that will be taken out of cultivation in the San Joaquin Valley.

But what I believe the banksters want. 

I once saw a similar tactic employed by the CIA in 1954, where they starved Guatemalans to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz.  By the way, like Viktor Yanukovych, Arbenz was also democratically elected.  No matter, the CIA proposed economic warfare to collapse coffee prices to centralize power and starve the workers.  Most narratives of Guatemala ignore that the CIA would take out anyone that they simply could not control.  Later Chile’s Salvador Allende would make the same mistake.

Food prices 

Higher food prices are what our ruling elite think they’re going to be able to blame on weather change.  Don’t fall for it dear readers.  What will fix America is to get rid of the entire ruling class and begin from scratch.  Yes, regime change—by any means possible.

According to the Department of Conservation, 18,801 acres of land in Fresno, Kings, Merced, Madera, and Tulare counties were converted from farmland or grazing land to non-agricultural uses between 2002 and 2004, an average of nearly 26 acres a day.
That’s an increase in agricultural land being converted to other uses of more than 4,000 acres since the 2000-2002 report from DOC’s Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program.

The above report by the California Department of Conservation was released in 2007, before the last bubble popped.  Since then as the Fed has pushed its money printing campaign, even more agricultural land in the most fertile state of the union has been converted to housing.  The side benefit, if you wish to call it that, is that agricultural areas trend more conservative than the coastal plains.  Therefore, the Fed’s policy is also altering the political landscape of the state away from conservatives and towards the Democratic Party.

Republicans need to wake up!  But alas they do not appear to be able to think, since many of them benefit from the Fed’s levitation of the bond and stock market.  It is a bad trade off that in the secular long run will undermine the party—precisely the outcome desired by the banksters.  If you needed any inkling as to their plan to destroy the U.S. economy, you have only to note the appointment of Stanley Fischer, the former head of the Bank of Israel to the vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board.  A replay of Paul Warburg’s appointment to the Federal Reserve after its founding, which Warburg largely promoted.

 This pattern of development parallels the rise of Prussia as the leading German state.  A state that pioneered health insurance and jobless benefits. by the way, to out maneuver the Social Democratic Party and labor.  As the leading German state, under the guidance of Otto von Bismarck the rest of the principalities and duchies were knitted together over time.  However, with the removal of the Junkers or in this case farmers, it will not be big agriculture who end up ruling—but the Social Democrats.

The plan is for California to lead the transition from capitalism to socialism or technocratic One World Government.  In point of fact, they’re already warming up their version of Mario Monti for the state in Neel Kashkari, the Goldman Sachs apparatchik that engineered the banksters initial $700 billion bailout after 2008. 

Recall as well that Monti also worked for Goldman Sachs before his appointment to lead Italy. With California still deeply in debt, the vultures are circling the carcass and the banksters are licking their chops.  Nowhere has the housing bubble been reinflated as it has in California, where house prices, north of $500,000, far exceed the median household of ordinary Californians.

And don’t be fooled by the banksters.  They love the idea of democratic centralism, or government by a small cadre of true believers—like Lenin’s politburo or Hitler’s Supreme Economic Council.  The final step to absolute power and absolute tyranny.  Or as George Carlin stated:  “They want it all.”

Harping on HAARP

Pabulum of the day . . . for HAARP challenged


There are three components to the creation of a tornado: A cold wet low pressure cyclonic system; a hot high pressure front; and the jet stream. When all three come together a tornado results. HAARP has been steering the jet stream remarkably well. Chemtrail spraying of 5 micron aluminum particles at 15 to 20,000 feet below a jet stream (33,000 feet) and then zapping the cloud with HAARP causes an updraft which can push the jet stream in desired directions. Also by steering the jet stream, weather fronts can be moved. The computer programs regarding HAARP and tornados must be accurate and detailed. As an ionospheric physicist you must be proud of this achievement…but at what cost?–Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone.

A sputtering economy

Boom, Bust, Kaboom credit cycle . . .


Mortgage originations

What we see from the above chart is that mortgage originations are at a 14 year low.  In a word, the Federal Reserve miracle has begun to sputter.  Housing is just one sign that prices spurred on by speculators have outraced the income of ordinary Americans to once again buy them.  Qualified mortgages are now consuming up to 43 percent of a household’s gross income.  Dear reader, we used to consider 28 percent as the upper limit of a household’s income, to allow the buyer to live comfortably.  Houses in California are beyond $500,000 and the median household income is $58, 500.  What a family could comfortably afford on that income is a house around $200,000.  A $500,000 house would require an income of about $150,000.  As you can see from the below chart that would mean only the top fifth of the income distribution could actually afford the average house in California.  Something is going to have to give because it is not just housing that is going up but also food, education, and particularly health care.  Forty percent of Americans pretty much live from paycheck to paycheck.


U.S. income distribution

When we adjust for inflation real wages of ordinary Americans have sunk 7 percent, perhaps as much as 9 percent since 1999.  Democrats have thus rewarded speculators in the stock market and real estate while most everyone else has been hammered.  This is change but not of the sort Americans imagined when they elected Barack Obama.  What we now have is an even more corrupt state as attested to by the Veteran Affairs scandal of delaying services to wounded and traumatized vets.  This is occurring because wars that the Bush administration said would cost $60 billion ended up costing taxpayers $6 trillion or that the original estimate was off by a factor of a 100 (at least according to the calculations of Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz). 

Wars are the most expensive expenditure a state can make, and the Neoconservatives lied about their costs.  Even the estimate of $200 billion by Larry Lindsey that cost him his job as head of the National Economic Council was clearly an underestimate.  These costs were masked by the artificial economic bubble manufactured by the Federal Reserve that works hand in hand with the Council of Foreign Relations to sell wars of choice that have done nothing better than destabilize  world order.


The below chart shows the rise in food prices.  Our dear government wants the American people to believe this is occurring because of adverse weather like droughts.  However, as testimony at the Appropriations Committee by Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski revealed that the High-frequency Acitive Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was designed to manipulate the ionosphere or in plain speak, the weather.  Which is to say it can heat up the ionosphere and create high pressure ridges that can push the jet steam north.  That is, ionospheric heaters can be used to create high pressure ridges that push the Hawaiian express moisture further north creating extremely dry weather over California, but pushing the jet stream north that then drops down into the midwest creating the conditions for extreme weather like tornados when the cold air of the north collides with the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico.

Food prices

Dear reader, this is engineered as part of a grander plan of financial repression to move the American people to support One World Government climate control that would result in Americans abdicating their sovereignty.  The governing elite knows that the American people vote their wallets, and if they can convince the lemmings that it is due to weather, they might very well succeed in their gambit.  Nevertheless, all this malarkey does have a consequence on the ability of ordinary Americans to consume as the below chart makes clear.

Retail sales

70 percent of the U.S. economy is consumption, if you squeeze consumers from all sides with more costs, then there is less discretionary income to power the economy or less effective demand, the wherewithal to buy things with money you don’t have.  Therefore there is little incentive for capitalists to invest in manufacturing capacity or even retail floor space.  It is clear from the above and below chart that this is now happening.  Obama was sent to destroy the U.S. economy for the benefit of One World Government.  Period.  As Jill Abramson of the New York Times noted, the Obama administration is the most secretive she ever encountered in her long tenure at the Times.  This is because the Socialist International agenda is the same as that of the EU = destroy nationalism = destruction of religion = abdication of “auto-determination.”


Phony Politics or Political Phonies

The front of inauthenticity . . .


Merkel massage

Egads George, not here.

Fred H. Scherff Sr.-2G.H.W. Bushmengkorz2

To the right of the second arrow (Fred H. Scherf, Jr. in the German naval uniform) is Fred H. Scherf, Sr. 

The top picture (arrow) shows the only photograph we have of Fred H. Scherf, Sr. as himself at a formal dinner also attended by Nikola Tesla (the sixth person from the left standing against the wall).  Scherf is the last man standing to the right.

Scherf, Sr., was Tesla’s assistant before World War II, whose work the Nazis coveted.  He later stole the identity of Robert Sheldon Bush of Ohio.  Determined to be a forgery done with a ballpoint pen in the 1900 census, with writing technology that did not become commonplace till 1948.  All the entries for that census should have been done with a fountain pen, which is clearly distinct from the uniform lines of a ballpoint pen. 

The lad seated below the window is a young Otto Skorzeny, the future personal body guard to Adolf Hitler, and the person directly behind Fred H. Scherf, Jr. (second arrow again) is none other than Joseph Mengele. 

The person holding the hand of the matriarch of the Scherf clan is Martin Borman (first arrow) who would go on to become number two in the Nazi Party behind Hitler.  Seated directly in front of Fred H. Scherf, Jr., is Reinhard Gehlen the Nazi intelligence head who somehow made his way into the United States, and was at one time the go between Stepan Bandera in the Ukraine and the Third Reich. 

Again for those unfamiliar with the bomb shell revelation carried in the Idaho Observer: Fred H. Scherf, Jr. is reputedly George H.W. Bush.  The below picture compared with the seated Fred H. Scherf, Jr. pictured in the family group shot gives the claim credibility.  As I have written elsewhere, Germany regularly sent people into the United States using the Hamburg American Line, that was itself an intelligence front like Air America before World War I.

Young Bush 

If true it would constitute the greatest piece of espionage ever, and no doubt explains why we are supporting Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine today. 

Now this is what I call being inauthentic, providing one face to the public while being and doing completely the opposite.  In elected and even unelected officials this is definitely something to be concerned about.  Like the fact the Neoconservatives (e.g., Victoria Nuland) complain about anti-Semitism and then have no problem empowering Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine.

Combined with Operation Paperclip, the Nazis indeed came out on top after World War II.  They had people on the inside of the U.S. government even before the conclusion of the war, and why intelligence operatives for the Reich, like Reinhard Gehlen so readily surrendered to the Americans.  As Hermann Goering intimated the SS had a plan to resurrect Germany after the war. The Plan: destroy American democracy or as David Rockefeller refers to it, “auto-determination.” 

They have only to disclose their operation to discredit democracy for all time, thereby empowering other fascists like Greece’s Golden Dawn, and France’s National Front.  They have proven democracy to be a farce, easily hacked through nothing more complicated than identity theft. 

And to top it off, the Republicans appear to be positioning another illegal alien, Jeb Bush to follow in his father and brother’s footsteps.  Of all our illegal alien presidents, I personally believe he is the most qualified.  You could always do worse by electing a dual loyalist Zionazi like Dianne Feinstein or Nancy Pelosilini.  But wouldn’t it make sense to elect an American for a change.

I’m sure, the Russians think it’s an absolute hoot.  We’ve lost total credibility around the world because of the hubris of U.S. intelligence and in particular the CIA who imagined they pulled the wool over the eyes of the rest of the world.  The CIA being nothing but another calling for Nazis. 

The only group late to the party have been the American people. 

Even the Catholics who ferried members of the SS out of Germany to South America have been rewarded with lax U.S. immigration laws designed to undermine American nationalism.  World War III will be the conclusion of the 100 years wars of religion dressed up in the euphemisms of capitalism, socialism, and communism.