Fredrick Stoller’s Triumph of the Will or how Leni is just so jealous

Yes, propaganda works. And Americans will need all that “patriotism” and then some when we go to war with Russia. Sources say we are within weeks, but I can’t confirm them. My take is that the confrontation at this point will not be avoided. Major population centers will be nuked first. My advice, unless you have a hideaway in New Zealand or Patagonia, is don’t plan for the future–and live in the present.

Do something you always wanted to do.


How to Start a Nuclear War

By Eric Margolis

January 31, 2015

The United States has just made an exceptionally dangerous, even reckless decision over Ukraine. Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader who ended the Cold War, warns it may lead to a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Rule number one of geopolitics: nuclear-armed powers must never, ever fight.

Yet Washington just announced that by spring, it will deploy unspecified numbers of military “trainers” to Ukraine to help build Kiev’s ramshackle national guard. Also being sent are significant numbers of US special heavy, mine resistant armored vehicles that have been widely used in Afghanistan and Iraq. The US and Poland are currently covertly supplying Ukraine with some weapons.

Dear readers the girls gone wild foreign policy, the failure that it is, has now embarked on the long walk to the gallows of infamy. By putting boots on the ground they raise the risks enormously of all out nuclear war. Vietnam, as any observer of that catastrophe can attest to, started after we inserted so called advisers and trainers there. Having lost Russia to the waiting embrace of China, and Greece to the likely friendly confines of the BRICS, the girls gone wild national security policy of Susan Rice now doubles down on their initial mistake. Keep it in mind when the first Topol M ICBM is inbound to one of its targets. Seattle and Los Angeles being likely targets here on the West Coast.

Maybe Clint can make another heroic film about NORAD operatives down in their silos to inspire us all. Oh you mean there won’t be enough of us left to appreciate it? Well imagine that? I wonder if our geniuses in the White House think ahead to consequences or whether it is all just ad hoc.

Dear readers, the tyrants are censoring graphics in the below story

The graphic being censored is the employment/population ratio showing participants of working age in the labor force. It never recovered from the so called Great Recession. The Obama administration and its hacks cannot confront the arguments so they censor it. They are complete frauds–along with so called Free Speech advocates of WordPress. The chart shows explicitly that employment has fallen by some 7 percent as a percentage of the total population which is around 300 million–and never recovered. Listen to the happy talk at your own peril.

Your editor

They have now returned the graphic, so save it for future reference before Big Brother removes it once again. Such are the antics of the “kidiots” employed by the Obama administration.

They’ve failed but they’ll continue to print the currency . . .

The Federal Reserve is trapped like the dirty rats they are. There is no turning back now. They’ll continue to debase the currency until it collapses. Talk of tightening is bogus hogwash. And I might add, I do not think 2.6 percent growth in the 4th quarter amounts to escape velocity of a sustainable recovery.

The economy will benefit from an ephemeral lift to the dollar as investors from around the world attempt to escape the collapse of the financial system. But as the dollar strengthens, and I’ve prognosticated such previously, American exports will become less competitive. I seriously doubt the American consumer at this stage can carry the world economy on its back.

I might also add, the U.S. is losing its battle with Russia. First the Ukrainian government and its Nazis are losing to the rebels. Secondly, Syriza is likely to bolt the EU and join the BRICS which might very well spark a stampede. Which is to say, NATO is likely to implode. The banksters are actually just gangsters, so let’s call them such. Like any other form of criminality the gangsters’ bankerism has undermined the world financial system–It is clearly kaput.

First the Euro zone will implode, followed by Japan, and the Swiss economy will fall into recession. The United States will linger for a tad bit longer, but will also collapse as it enters an economic death spiral.

Lackluster Christmas retail sales were a sign of a lack of effective demand, that will lead to a downsizing of brick and mortar stores. Lack of demand, I might add, due to the ongoing debasement of the currency. Retail stores will in turn reduce orders to suppliers, leading to layoff in manufacturing. As idle factories in China indicate, there are problems in the designated comsumer of last resort–the Americans. But this will also eventually hurt U.S. manufacturers as well leading to cascading layoffs. But as retailers and manufacturers layoff to weather the storm, this is but another nail in the coffin of effective demand.


Unemployed people have a very difficult time going on a buying binge. And by the employment/population ratio, the number of people in the labor force has diminished markedly (by approximately 21 million). So this downturn should take the employment/population ratio below its lows, making it worse than 2008. The real intractable problem will be in the capital goods and equipment industry, as manufacturers begin to cut back on investment. During the last Great Depression, this sector was very hard to restart–so there will be intractable problems in Germany and Japan the key suppliers of capital goods that will destabilize both. Remember the last time Germany was destabilized. A word to the wise: watch out! Pegida is just the warm up to some real fireworks. Japan, as I type, is already rearming.

All the handiwork of the gangsters’ bankerism. There is not going to be any new world order, but a replay of World War II on a vastly more destructive scale. Beyond hope and tragedy, the gangsters print even while they’re buying their blast proof bunkers in New Zealand and Patagonia. They know what they’ve created: “It’s alive, alive!”

Central banks have failed; deflation is taking hold

Again we return to the Baltic Dry Index, the shipping of intermediate commodities, used in manufacturing. As you can see the costs of shipping because of lack of demand for shipping is falling:


As you can clearly see the index is at its lows. Meaning things are not moving around the world and in particular, China is slipping into recession from overcapacity. Overcapacity of production placing downward pressures upon profits and the inability of Chinese manufacturers to repay their loans. The Chinese banking system is an accident just waiting for consciousness of its participants. And as bad as it is in China, it’s even worse in the rest of the emerging markets that have borrowed in dollars to fund their production. That is because the dollar is rapidly increasing in value as the Euro zone, Swiss National Bank, and the Bank of Japan implode. Which is to note, investors in those markets are fleeing those currencies in the misguided belief the dollar is a safe haven–though it won’t last.

In general the ECB, SNB, BOJ, and the Federal Reserve are debasing their currencies to produce inflation. At least that is what they mouth. But the reality is just the opposite because this is what we actually see:


The Reuters Commodities Resource Bureau is recording a collapse in commodity prices due to a lack of effective demand, the wherewithal to buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have. This is because as the ECB, SNB, BOJ, and Fed debase their currencies, actual purchasing power is dissipated. It can’t be otherwise because the borrowing power of the lemmings has dried up–they are basically tapped out. While the government releases their cooked statistics on employment, the reserve army of unemployed, those who have dropped out of the labor markets (and no longer used in the calculation of unemployment), provides downward pressure upon wages. As any ordinary schmoe knows, median household income is falling not rising. Real wages have not risen since the mid 1970s. That is, to make ends meet household are working longer hours to buy the same amount of necessities for everyday living. When that occurs, you have a lower standard of living. I call that a failure of monetary policy, the government, and industry.

And a lack of effective demand to clear production supply because of overcapacity (brought about by record low interest rates), and consequently the downward trajectory of prices. The central banks now devalue for only one reason, to stave off the wholesale destruction of their manufacturing base and economic Armageddon. Through their folly each has destroyed its currency and the purchasing power of its people for the benefit of its governing elite–proving once again the central banks are not independent.

Consciousness of guilt . . . they’ve destroyed the world financial system

A prominent insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland says that “very powerful people are telling us they’re scared” and he shocked his audience when he revealed that he knows “hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand”.

They’re buying deep bunkers, the billionaires that is, and moving to the southern hemisphere or down under to escape the radioactive fallout. Can’t do that you say? Well, there is always duck and cover, but don’t expect to be anything but a shadow on the pavement. When they start bringing back civil defense drills, you’ll know that it is too late for yourself.

Right on cue . . . U.S. Nazis send aid to their Ukrainian brothers

Pentagon officials confirmed last week that US troops will deploy to Ukraine in the spring to help build the Ukrainian National Guard. In addition to sending US troops, Washington has already sent heavy military equipment and has earmarked $19 million for Ukrainian forces.

In its announcement, the Pentagon failed to mention that the Ukrainian National Guard includes the Azov Battalion, a pronounced neo-Nazi group that has reportedly been involved in the recent violence in Ukraine.

It doesn’t get any more ironic than this. So for you dreaded “diaspora Jews”: Look Out. You are in a world of hurt. This is a leading indicator that the Nazis are going to crash the economy probably in the run up to the 2016 election. Well, between now and then you can begin practicing your Nazi salute and you might like to consult the guide, Snitching for Dummies, so you can inform on your neighbor. Now you know why they, meaning the Bilderbergers didn’t select America’s Eva Braun to run in the 2008 election. They wanted a “mud person” to be the face of this disaster, not some whitey.

Can’t wait to see who they’ve selected to be the next Great Dictator?