For the bubble heads that think this market rout is over . . .

all mainland-China stock exchanges combined were still trading at 61 times earnings, three times more expensive than the S&P 500, which at its own insane valuation, trades at an earnings multiple of 19.–Wolf Richter

The Chinese are like Wile E. Coyote. Over the precipice but not realizing there is nothing to levitate them. I would also note the Chinese investors are still incredibly complacent, since in the ’29 rout, when all was said and done securities lost 90 percent of their value, and it took another 25 years for those investors to recover their money at nominal value. The Chinese like to gamble, not invest, as a sign of their mandate from heaven. But alas, the only ones they’ve disgraced are their ancestors cults. With political stability rocked by this market collapse, the Commies will be looking around hard for a war to take the people’s minds off their stock market losses. Who knows, perhaps the Rod from the God was actually a nuke planted by themselves to provide the necessary cover for war–and as a means of dumping $100 billion in U.S. Treasuries with a high end fear bid for the paper. Well, just the other side of the pump and dump.


In this corner . . . wearing stars and stripes


What’s the point of having this superb military you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?–Madeleine Albright

Well, in my opinion, if all you have is a hammer, you’re going to be doing a lot of hammering. We are intervening into the Ukraine. We even conducted regime change there, bringing to power nazis in Pravy Sektor and Svoboda. Born again Stepan Banderas, the former close associates of Nazi SS General Reinhard Gehlen who by the way defected to the United States. Gehlen My guess is that we plan to invade the Donbass around September 23rd. That will bring us into a direct shooting confrontation with the Russians, who will undoubtedly move to protect eastern Ukraine’s Russian population. The real reason I believe for the massive pump and dump in the equity markets. As nuclear weapons experts know only a small fraction of the United States and Russia’s nuclear arsenal needs to be used to bring a 6th extinction. This September, Putin will be attending the U.N. meeting here in the U.S. for the first time in ten years. A recent headline:

Putin Signs “September War” Order Authorizing Nuclear Attack On NATO Forces

Better view of the Tianjin nuke . . .


The Zionist Fourth Estate would have you believe oranges = apples. Better known as framing in sociological parlance. That is, they want their discourse to override your common mundane understanding of how the world works. They have been doing it for so long now with phrases like “DMZ, free fire zone, collateral damage, and multiculturalism,” that they now believe their nonsense overrides reality. However, no chemical explosion could ever produce a crater this immense. As Jeff Smith at Veterans Today proposes, this, in all its haecceity, could only have been the work of a nuclear blast. As always, dear readers, don’t be reduced to cultural dopes by the Zionist Fourth Estate. Frankly, if I were China, I would respond in kind to the Lilliputian nation that pulls the strings of its Gulliver proxy, the United States.

Here’s the real deal on Trump: Cruz, Trump to Hold Anti-Iran Deal Rally in DC

The dear boy is another neoconservative ZioNazi shill. Immigration is just another issue like any other for the Frankist Illuminati. They lie for strategic purposes to get their way. And their way this time around is to be sure to sabotage Barack Obama’s Iran deal. Whether it is Hillary vs. Bush or Hillary vs. Trump, the ZioNazis have all their bases covered. But the gullible American public falls for it every time. Even the Amigos who were set up by their new best friends, the Frankist Jews. So now we have three untouchable issues: 1) the Federal Reserve; 2) the Military-Industrial-Security Complex; 3) wars for Israel. Two of the three issues are controlled by the ZioNazis and the third is the domain of real Nazis, transplanted to these parts by Reinhard Gehlen, an old buddy of Prescott Bush or known in a previous life as George Scherf. Gehlen himself headed up SS intelligence for the Third Reich.

Couldn’t have said it better . . .

“If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.”–Ray Dalio, hedge fund manager.

The Chinese have accumulated 15,000 to 18,000 tonnes of the barbaric relic. But if it is such a relic, why are the central banks so secretive about it, and why not return Germany’s gold stored at the Federal Reserve of New York? Ignore the rhetoric as always, because the Frankist Illuminati are professional liars for one, and instead focus on their actions. Each time there is a big decline on the markets, the price of gold is hit hard in the futures market with naked paper shorts. The equivalent of counterfeiting the precious metal. Which is to say, the COMEX cannot make delivery on actual physical gold any longer. And the gold lent by the bullion banks into the market can no longer be retrieved. The central banks actions and their minions on Wall Street tell the real story. And that is the people’s money, the only money authorized by the U.S. Constitution, has been looted and is no longer in Fort Knox, since the place has not been audited, and the bars have not been randomly sampled for purity since the 1950s. Yes, five will get you ten, that the Frankist Illuminati have stolen it. This is the good faith and security of the Khazarian Mafia banksters that run the country, as so aptly described by Dick Durbin after the 2008 mortgage backed securities crisis.

WAR WATCH: U.S. and its nazi pals set to invade Donetsk, Luhansk

The European invasion might even be paired with a Syria invasion. Then all hell will break out. The bankrupt Ukraine needs to make debt payments of some $500 million, and owe $3 billion to the Russians on September 23. They are instead planning to invade the Donbass, with some 90,000 troops. I don’t think Russia will fight a conventional war. Seeing as how Jeff Smith, of Veterans Today and a former IAEA investigator, has just established Tianjin was a nuclear blast, that event is the best clue as to the path of this coming war. Russia will defend its Russian comrades in eastern Ukraine. But obviously unlike past Lilliputians we’ve fought, they have the capacity to strike our homeland–and will. I somehow suspect as well, the recent massive exercises in the Mojave Desert of California was also preparation to invade Syria. We didn’t create the Syrian crisis for nothing, but as pretext for our invasion of Syria, while the Russians are kept busy in the Donbass. But somehow, I don’t think Putin is fooled. ICBM travel time from Moscow, about 24 minutes, I believe. By the way, since I doubt this is news to Wall Street, you have just witnessed the greatest pump and dump operation in financial history. Though not reported here, German dissidents have been working furiously to stop it, but have failed. I might also add the logical denouement of Albert Wohlstetter’s madness, the real Dr. Strangelove.

Beware the ides of Sept.: collapse, war, betrayal

Trump is soft on immigration. Mexico is invading the U.S. and colonizing lands won in the Mexican-American War of 1846.


There is nothing to negotiate. The U.S. is losing control of lands won by conquest. It is rare, if not unprecedented, to return lands won by conquest such as Israel in the West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis wouldn’t do it, and neither should we. The Mexican themselves through their actions to cross into the United States are saying they prefer our governance to that of Mexico.

But assimilating 55 million people also demands more lands. Their presence is not a problem, it is their other activities such as crime, fraud, and political corruption that create problems. As noted here many times, though they comprise but 17 percent of the U.S. population they represent 34 percent of the U.S. prison population. In a word, they are expensive in total business costs, through pilfering, crime, healthcare, education, incarceration, etc., etc. They clearly add to our deficits. This wouldn’t be so burdensome but our growth rate is not keeping pace with the growth rate of servicing our debt which will be 3.1 percent of our GDP by 2016. I really think our growth will have to above 3.1 percent to begin to gain control over our national debt, which in reality is $220 trillion, when all the unfunded liabilities are taken into account, according to Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University.

Since they have zero respect for our sovereignty, I see no reason to respect Mexico’s sovereignty and claims to lands. After all these claims are also nothing but the right of conquest by Spain. And besides, did we observe Iraq’s, Afghanistan’s, and Libya’s right to sovereignty. So why precisely should we care about Mexico that has been exporting drugs to the United States creating huge social problems here. We should take the lands that we need to assimilate this massive influx of population. Everybody stays, but we get lands as compensation. As stated before, until Mexico pays a price for shipping its problem population to the U.S., they will not stop the practice. If they lose territory, then I’ll wager they will build Trump’s wall to prevent the escape of their peasants to the United States.

Mexico is essentially a failed state like East Germany, and should be effaced and reabsorbed into the United States. To bring the rule of law to their lawless drug cartels, which is another problem for the U.S. Just as China had to wage the opium wars, perhaps we must wage the cocaine wars. That is what the Trans Pacific Partnership is really all about anyway, getting rid of Mexico. With new capital inputs of lands, labor, and American capital, the banksters can keep their scam alive for the remainder of the 21st century. And the U.S. realizes its Manifest Destiny of being the United States of the Americas. Americans like the idea of being Romans, but don’t have the courage to act like them. Unfortunately, we have crossed the Rubicon of debt and must now expand to survive. They will have to change their modus operandi or disappear into the dust bin of history.

You can accomplish it like Vilfredo Pareto’s foxes, or you can be up front about it, and be lions. Tierra del Fuego or bust! And if you don’t like this scenario of expansion to reignite growth (U.S. growth being the highest during the 19th century expansion), then the United States will have to give up their fascist ways, and downsize the Military-Industrial Complex. What’s the point of having it, if it doesn’t pay dividends, as Madeleine Albright might paraphrase. And all the unemployed Amigos will make great soldiers fighting for the empire, being a part of the 800 military bases on 137 countries around the world. Yes, America über alles!