Well looky here . . . the same vehicles being stockpiled by the military outside of Barstow CA

What prescient planning. Well not really. Not if you planned to incite such riots in the first place all around the country to provide the pretext for a state of emergency. Come on Barry . . . are you going to step down? Can you really trust that dirt bag of a candidate Hillary Clinton to honor your deal with Iran? You know for a fact she’s in Bibi’s back pocket. You step down now and you will have no legacy to speak of, it will be erased like that of Tutankhamun. If you’re lucky perhaps some space aliens might unearth you in a few thousand years. This stuff would make Lenin blush . . . it’s so passé, and he was mummified. All you need know Barry is that when in doubt: START A WAR! Then the whole Military Industrial-Security Complex becomes your friend. Followed, not far behind, by the tape worm banksters.


Banksters wrong again, along with their numerous shills

Economics under these fellas, the Federal Reserve, is at best a farce. Even worse they began believing their own lies and cooked statistics.

Accumulated bad debt is the problem and issuing even more debt serves no other purpose than to debase the dollar. Meaning the money in the pockets of ordinary Americans goes less far. Which logically means less discretionary spending on buying things people don’t need with money they don’t really have. Without loose credit this nonsense would have tanked long ago.

But as I’ve always maintained this is ethnic war upon Protestant production, and even Jewish beliefs about being the chosen. You see, the banksters are for the most part not religious, but worshipers of the Darkerside. They are like a bunch of half baked magicians and alchemists turning worthless scrip into something of tangible value – or why they have always been referred to as money changers.

No, critics of the Fed also have not been wrong on the dollar. That the dollar appears strong is because the world economy is tanking, and investors are looking for a safe haven . . . any safe haven, and are piling into dollar denominated assets.

But alas dear reader the only safe shelter will in the end be gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Stuff that takes actual physical labor and capital to get it out of the ground. Money in the final analysis is nothing more than congealed labor time. And that is precisely what wealth was during the feudal age, the appropriation of labor time that turned lands into something of value for vassals of lords.

And the best way of increasing capital—in reality—is through improvements in production which leads to the shortening of labor time to secure a profit or a savings over the cost of production inputs—better know as value added for neoclassical economists, and labor value for marxists. When real money is used in trade, it is equal labor time for equal labor time as determined by the hidden hand of the markets—or in other words, there is no unequal exchange. The end result is the accumulation of capital that in turn leads to a higher standard of living—i.e., producing more with fewer inputs.

Marx of course anticipates all this looking at ancient Greek society. The cunning of reason leads to the replacement of the slaves, as we are headed because of robots, demanded by Weber’s notion of rationalization. The useless eaters are in truth the banksters.

About that character flaw, Paul ol’ buddy

U.S. Economic Growth Nearly Stalls Out
Businesses slash investment, exports tumble and consumers show caution as GDP expands at 0.2% pace


In point of fact, debt must be at least 40 percent larger than in 2008. Meaning when the bubble bursts, it is not going to be pretty. What’s different this time, is that the whole freakin’ world is going to go down in-synch. That is the beauty of globalism, we’ve exported our money printing to the rest of the world, meaning that the fools in China have added way too much capacity that will place downward pressure on prices far into the future. The China model is to loan money to Americans to buy their goods manufactured with borrowed money. It’s a house of cards folks. Unsustainable, and stupid to boot.

Because in the end the consumers of last resort, Americans, are flat broke, and living beyond their means. Meaning the $Trillions taken on as debt by the Federal Government, State Government, Municipal Government, Corporations, and Households are never going to be repaid. And if that sounds like Greece, well that’s because it is.

Meaning all those lemmings holding worthless U.S. treasuries won’t be holding them for much longer. And if you wait too long to get out, you’re guaranteed to be trampled at the exits. So the smart money has been exiting the market quietly, but as the reality of the Fed fraud begins to sink in it’s going to get quite noisy.

And that brings your dear editor to Baltimore. I’ve driven through the place. It’s a dump and reflects the country’s love affair with inequality. Obama has done squat for the urban underclass. It’s a freakin’ scandal. If you lived in Baltimore, Detroit, South Central you might riot yourselves. This frustration results from joblessness, which I keep repeating hasn’t improved at all under the so called Obama economic miracle.

Hell, most of America’s inner cities need to be razed, they’re nothing but a testament to blight. When I used to teach, there was a Native American cop whose daughter made a short documentary, and what you saw as she filmed from her father’s cruiser in South Central Los Angeles really wasn’t any different than any other Third World country. But the One Percent is totally disconnected from what America has become, obsessed with terrorism while their country falls apart. As for the riots resulting in anything good. I doubt it. They’ll form a commission to study the problem, which allows the anger to dissipate like tears in the rain.

In the beginning there was the waves of HAARP

More low pressure systems being broken up before they reach California. There will be population reduction and self deportation so help me G-O-D. Either that or steal some more water from somewhere. So come on over you A-M-I-G-O-S, they must have something planned for you or they wouldn’t be inviting you over. Of course, if you think they want Mexicans here, just look at the history of the Southwest. From the end of the Civil War, more Mexicans got lynched than blacks, as relayed to this writer from the work of Irving Zeitlin. I’m just guessing mind you, but I don’t think what they have planned will necessarily be good for your health. And when I say they, I mean the good ol’ U.S. government. And not only that, but as history shows lands taken through conquest are rarely allowed to be repopulated by the folks the U.S. long ago threw out. Anymore than the ZioNazis are going to allow Palestinians to return home, or for that matter the Teutons who stole lands from the Slavs allowing the latter to return to East Prussia. No, conquest is the fountain of racism, not its cure. And if you hadn’t noticed, America is going around the world just pummeling people of color at this very moment. So take their cheerful invitations with a grain a salt. I have difficulty believing it’s for your good. But hope springs eternal for the downtrodden . . . but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work out as you imagined.

Why is the NSA so intent upon hacking bloggers?

Pretty simple they want to force bloggers to post their stuff while online, and not offline as Blogdesk and Qumana previously made possible. Unfortunately, for these two software writers and makers, the NSA is able to disable your software to prevent highlighting, copying, and posting. Consequently, the blogger is obliged to do his writing while online.

The same with changing your BIOS software, the aim would appear to be surveillance through Remote Procedure Call routines. They want you to keep it on, because it is also one of the only ways of purging the bogus password without having to pull your CMOS battery or change the jumper to the CMOS chip to delete their password. Why indeed on some of my computers you cannot turn off the RPC software in the “Services” utility. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but if the wireless connection is turned on in the BIOS, they can connect to your computer without you actually being online, and whether or not remote services are turned on or off. Why I refer to the Microsoft Operating System as almost every users primary vulnerability. Virus attacks are a Red Herring relatively to Microsoft, who is obviously working hand in glove with the NSA.

I think this just proves that the real target of the terrorism boogieman is actually the American people. That is, to provide a justification for NSA surveillance of the domestic population.

The other piece of software the NSA does not like is the former BlackIce Defender, a Host Intrusion Detection software that was bought up by IBM, and then shut down. They will spare no effort to disable it, even changing the graphics acceleration to reduce the display dimensions.

Now why do they do this?

To prevent you from being able to load and install BlackIce, since when the graphics acceleration is stuck at high it creates page faults to a given address or perhaps writing to the same address as the loading software.

By and large I do not think their efforts contribute one whit to National Security, it is just busy body work for gear heads. Why the whole agency is a waste of taxpayer dollars and should be disbanded.

If you really wished to improve National Security you could do so by throwing the ZioNazis in prison for committing war crimes, and crimes against humanity, to say nothing of Israel’s various war crimes. Well, what’s good for the goose, i.e., Germans, is equally good for the gander, i.e., the Zionists from Germany. Actually the Zionists that stole lands from the Palestinians really came from the area in and around Kiev Ukraine.

Why of course we are now involved in the Ukraine which has absolutely no bearing on our own National Security.

Krugman on “truthers”

Refusing to accept responsibility for past errors is a serious character flaw in one’s private life,” he concludes. “It rises to the level of real wrongdoing when policies that affect millions of lives are at stake.–Paul Krugman, April 27, 2015

Meaning that truthers have failed to acknowledge their wrong forecasts. So at the end of 2014, Mr. Krugman said Obamanomics was faring all right because the government wasn’t engaging in austerity, like say Europe at the time. Leading him to predict:

So I’m fairly optimistic about 2015, and probably beyond, as long as we avoid any more self-inflicted damage. Let’s just leave that baseball bat lying on the ground, O.K.?–Paul Krugman, Dec. 28, 2014

Meaning that Keynesianism was succeeding.
Now, I’ve always maintained there was no economic recovery, if by recovery you’re talking about ordinary Americans. Whether you use the Employment/Population ratio or Labor Force Participation Rate, I have simply a hard time believing Mr. Krugman’s prognostications for Keynesianism. Both these measures show far fewer Americans working, and therefore making a living and paying taxes. But I’m not holding my breath that Mr. Krugman will apologize for his past failed predictions.

It is probably just a characther flaw? Right. Probably like he should take up a new profession since his economic theory has clearly been falsified. But what Krugman wants to do is offer ad hoc hypotheses to rescue Keynes, until there is so many anomalies he is no longer practicing science, but engaged in the Quantity Theory of Money Religion.

Amen Paul.

There are no rate hikes in a Ponzi scheme

Inflate or die. That’s all you need know. The Fed has blown a bubble Ponzi scheme in bonds and the dollar, and they cannot raise rates without it collapsing. They will continue to monetize the debt until the dollar collapses. That is the only policy option they have at this point. Just imagine if they attempted to sell some of their worthless assets to soak up liquidity; there would be a rush to the exits that sends interest rates to the moon thereby collapsing the present housing bubble, once again. Forgetaboutit. It’s not going to happen. The ZioNazis have destroyed the world economy with their Hitler plan in Europe, and their Barry Bury plan here in the good ol’ US of A. In my usual refrain: it’s over except for the usual world war and of course, the concentration camps, for some unfortunate minority.