Signs of impending troubles . . .

. . . minimum wage laws – while advertised under the banner of social justice – do not live up to the claims made by those who tout them. They do not lift low wage earners to a so-called “social minimum”. Indeed, minimum wage laws — imposed at the levels employed in Europe — push a considerable number of people into unemployment. And, unless those newly unemployed qualify for government assistance (read: welfare), they will sink below, or further below, the social minimum. As Nobelist Milton Friedman correctly quipped, “A minimum wage law is, in reality, a law that makes it illegal for an employer to hire a person with limited skills.”–Zero Hedge, Feb. 28 2017

Because property values and rents have risen, they are beginning to cut into discretionary spending. For example, in the restaurant business. Curbing eating out is the most obvious way households can cut their expenditures to survive. But as restaurant workers are curbed the malaise spreads to retail sales, and we see just what we’re seeing in the United States the closure of brick and mortar stores (Sears, American Apparel, Macy’s, etc., etc.) At some point (but almost always after any long expansion) manufactures find they have too much labor for a given effective demand. And then the crunch really begins as manufactures and business begin paring capital expenditures because of excess capacity. The problem is real wages have not grown to keep the game solvent. And the reason that real wages, i.e., those adjusted for inflation, have not kept pace is that the balance of class forces do not favor workers. This is as much a problem of social relations of production, as it is economic. Why Donald J. Trump’s arrival on the scene is so important. The ruling elite up until now has been moving the goal posts against labor, and have essentially gained the upper hand since the Reagan administration. Not surprisingly, Wall Street and not main street has benefited most from this shift in power. And the last time workers had leverage was going into World War II, when capital had to have the support of unions for war production. If they are now extending a hand to workers it is because our governing elite want to wage a major war against a formidable opponent or opponents. The sacrificial lambs to appease workers to gain their support for a major war are the Chicanos and Latinos. They are today’s Middleman Minority to take the fall. With less education and fewer skills, the Chicanos and Latinos are to be downsized if and when the country moves to the austerity of war production, and even rationing. Though most military experts do not expect World War III to last very long. But to the contrary it may persist for the very reason the United Nations has so discredited itself, that it may not be able to call a ceasefire to nuclear exchanges. Again, I believe the Left Coast will be sacrificed in any war with either Russia or China. Meaning that the Latino immigrant problem will become a moot point. Why else would the crazed Democrats seek to antagonize a nuclear power like Russia, saying they are intervening into our elections? And why praise the selection of General McMasters other than the fact he too is a Russophobe. The bottom line: Democrats have yet to produce any empirical evidence to justify a wider investigation. They are on a fishing expedition and want the GOP to go along, and who knows, perhaps the globalist Republicans will do exactly that because they too are committed to the “German Goal” of war with Russia. I am now starting to think the Deep State is a bunch of malarkey, and we are dealing with just good ol’ globalist espionage. Did you notice that the French now are attempting to blame Putin for the rise of French nationalism and Marine Le Pen. Berlin has truly taken over Europe, just as envisioned by Adolf Hitler. The good part is that what was once opaque is now becoming transparent, and the world is engaged in fighting World War II all over again. And at the heart of the conflict is the same old Jewish question.


Headline of the day: Univision’s Jorge Ramos Tells Latinos “America Is Our Country, Not Theirs”

Well, this assertion is not really new. Jorge dear boy, the Chicano brotherhood (MECHA and La Raza) have been making these claims going back to the 1980s. Americans did not take them seriously, and now Mexico has essentially annexed California. Unfortunately for Californians the Mexicans cannot govern any better than a dufus like Jerry Brown. The routine is to buy votes with other people’s money, get into hock, and then file for bankruptcy like Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. However, the Feds are likely to pull the plug on California funding to reassert control over the territory. More importantly, Trump’s immigration policy is designed to send illegals streaming either to Canada or California that are supposedly safe havens. The beauty of this, I would guess, is that a flood of migrants will place strain upon California’s welfare system, to which Federal funding will also be pulled. The goal here is to bankrupt the state and discredit the geniuses in Sacramento. If the Latinos own California as Ramos suggests, I would like to know what they are going to do to counter what would appear to be obvious moves by the central government? But not only that, The Donald appears to be devaluing the dollar with his tax cuts and fiscal stimulus. Do Californians also expect to jettison use of the dollar? I do not think Californians have given enough thought to their claims of having special values. You can keep your so-called special values and go bankrupt. The difference between California and the central government is that the latter has a reserve currency, and can simply run the printing press to pay its bills. California does not have that luxury. So, once again, how are you dead beats in California going to meet your debt obligations? And if you raise taxes how high can you go before it begins to slow the economy badly. For the most part, you have been living the imaginary to the real conditions of your existence, courtesy of the Federal Reserve, better known as a house of cards. Yes, and I still look forward to watching Anthony Rendon and Kevin de Leon swing from the gallows for treason.

Oscars rating in the tank . . .

The 89th Annual Academy Awards brought in an average of 32.9 million viewers on Sunday night. According to ABC, that was the second lowest viewership in Oscar history and is down from the 2016 broadcast, which brought in 34 million viewers.–Zero Hedge, Feb. 27, 2017

Nobody cares about what Hollywood thinks. The Zionist Movie Industry is past its time. And if they wish to politicize entertainment, the American people are just going to turn them off, well, like last night. Multiculturalism is dead social movement walking. Dead in America, dead in the Netherlands, and soon to be dead in France. The last is very significant, since the French have historically been the most welcoming of other cultures. They provided a home to our own Josephine Baker. But the globalists have overreached, because frankly no one loves their own culture more than the French. And besides, when in Rome do as the Romans do or as the case may be, as the Parisians do. Assimilation was never broken it worked fine in the U.S. until liberals like Earl Warren and Franklin Delano Roosevelt came along to incarcerate Japanese Americans in concentration camps. But that sure posed a dilemma to argue you were fighting racism in Germany when you yourself was practicing it at Manzanar. And did the Jews protest such nonsense. No, as Ellen Eisenberg points out in her book, The First to Cry Down Injustice, the protests of Jews was more like a whisper. They went along to get along. And besides it was necessary to get the U.S. and FDR to intervene in Europe–to rescue who else? Why of course the Jews. Yes, this was their Middleman Minority to get what they wanted.

Wake up and smell the coffee . . . folks, I think it is over

We are 20 trillion dollars in debt, and we are currently adding about a trillion dollars a year to that total. There is no possible way that Trump can cut taxes, increase military spending, build a border wall, spend much more on veterans and spend an extra trillion dollars on rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

We are flat broke as a nation and there simply is not money available to do everything that Donald Trump wants to do.–Michael Snyder, Feb. 27, 2017

For all you Amigos: Don’t worry about a border wall unless it is actually paid for by Mexico. I can’t imagine that happening, anymore than an insolvent country can build it. However, count your blessings if you were deported since the day of reckoning for the economy is fast approaching. From day one, the Skullcap Boyz knew what their lax monetary policies would wrought, i.e., rising residential and commercial real estate values. These values then eventually begin to squeeze the profitability of companies and even people to pay rents. The economy begins to slow as it has done in the restaurant industry from rising rents, and then spreads to the retail sector where we are seeing today mass closing of stores by the likes of J.C. Penny, Macy’s, and Sears. With soft retail sales manufactures discover they have too much labor and begin to layoff and downsize. All in all, this leads to lack of effective demand and manufacturers also begin to curb capital expenditures. The downward spiral does not stop until the excess capacity is extinguished, and the surplus army of unemployed drives down wages to subsistence levels. Only then can the economy begin to recover from historically lax monetary policies of the Federal Reserve that had led to overcapacity and underconsumption.

And the winner is?

hillary wins


Hollywood choosing multiculturalism over genuine film making as best picture? Yes, let’s give someone their quota. Or how to masquerade identity politics as entertainment. The whole industry is a joke. My condolences to Damien Chazelle. You was robbed by the Skullcap Boyz! This academy vote looks just like the Democratic Party vote in Las Vegas. That is, stolen. My advice for film goers, the system is rigged. Ha ha ha ha. Next year Hollywood can salve its conscience by giving the award to a Mexican film. Frankly, however, I think the Mexicans should be just like the French, and fob off Hollywood political correctness and hold their own awards. Indeed why should their films be judged against the bias of Hollywood. Charlotte Rampling got it correct, best picture or actress isn’t about political correctness, but the finest art irregardless of the politics. Who knows perhaps Leni Riefenstahl will one day get her due, absent the bias of Jewish Hollywood.

The new Sherlock . . . elementary

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”–Bill Colby Former CIA Director

Well that would make the CIA and Operation Mockingbird = to the Zionist Fourth Estate. The ZFE being here representative of a Middleman Minority. An ethnic group to whom the American people’s anger will be directed to for some catastrophic event while providing a prophylactic to our dear intelligence agencies. So it becomes the press vs. the American people when it should be the CIA vs. the American people. But let us assume that the Germans after World War II infiltrated the CIA with the help of Fifth Columnists like Allen Dulles, and shaped its ideology like the endless enmity against Russia. Now it would be Germany vs. the American people which is not all that surprising since we denied Germany world hegemony . . . not once but twice. Which is to say the Germans never forget a military defeat. Allow me to provide an example for you. In 1410 at Tannenberg (now Grunwald Poland) the Teutonic Order lost a battle to the Slavs. Then in 1914 the Germans routed the Second Army of Russia under Alexander Samsonov in the opening days of World War I. The Germans were so pleased with this victory that they assembled many of the German officer corps in Tannenberg to celebrate the reversal of history. Well, that is like a 500 year memory. The Germans might forgive but they do not forget, and for myself, I do not even think they forgive. The officer corps is the repository of the nation’s history, and the Germans have never abandoned payback for the military defeats of both World War I and II. Remember one of the pithy sayings of Hermann Goering, “we (i.e., Nazis) never give up.” Indeed!

Setting up your scapegoats . . . the middleman minority

First there is no more powerful social force than nationalism. This was the lesson socialists and communists learned from World War I. Though the Second Internationale preached Kumbaya and unity of workers against capitalist wars, the socialists in Germany, the Democratic Socialist Party, still went ahead and voted for the credits to wage that costly war. And needless to say, workers flocked to the trenches to win fame and national glory for the Vaterland. However, Trump’s use of economic nationalism did not originate with him or even his primary counsel Stephen Bannon. It is more likely it was inspired by Jewish intellectual thought. For it is the Jews above all other ethnic groups who have felt the brunt of nationalism. That is, virulent nationalism emerges after military defeat like that suffered by Germans in World War I. Though up until 1916 when Woodrow Wilson was persuaded, actually blackmailed, into intervening it looked for all the world that the Germans were going to win and the Brits were going to lose that war. In any event the stab in the back meme that Germany did not lose that war but was betrayed emerged in its aftermath, and the scapegoats then were the Jews. Frankly, there was no one to have aided the cause of the Germans more in the Great War than a Jew named Walther Rathenau, from the immense conglomerate AEG. But the hysteria of losing unhinged many Germans that led to the assassination of the Jewess Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht of the German communist party. Well this is what has also happened in present day America. The globalists and their leftist shock troops for all the world believed they were going to win the 2016 election against Donald J. Trump. But instead of winning, like the Germans who counted their chickens before they were hatched, the globalists and their leftist shock troops were dealt a serious setback. And like the Germans, globalists in the U.S. have come unhinged and have since been attacking any perceived adversary. They are rioting, protesting, and even attacking people they associate with “Making America Great Again”. But I would say this: they are rowing against the current of nationalism. Like the leftists in the First World War, they are going to be dealt another devastating defeat in 2020. Nationalism just simply trumps internationalism and always has. Mexicans who assimilate to the culture will succeed and those that persist in globalism will fail. I would also note that nationalism, even in 19th century America, is the preferred ideology when you do not actually sit atop the productivity pyramid in manufacturing. Internationalism works for a country when that country is both the most efficient, and productive and therefore can cuts costs and undercut in price its competitors. That is not the United States which was beguiled by globalists like Daniel Bell to compete on the basis of cheap labor. Can The Donald make America great again? That depends upon whether he can upgrade America’s competitive profile and make America’s productivity and efficiency lean and mean, e.g., like Germany in Europe. Though I would also point out that they are working with a currency grossly undervalued relative to their own productivity. This has also contributed to their success; that is, hiding behind the euro. In fact this is now a German trait, to hide their machinations behind organizations like NATO and the European Union. He must target strategic sectors of the economy, as Japan did, that intersect science and applied technology to enhance productivity. For example, the machine tool sector is where science becomes embedded within production processes. I think you can make a strong case that the American system of manufacturing, i.e., interchangeable parts, pioneered in the Springfield rifle led to America’s takeoff in the textile industry, back in the very early 19th century. How quickly we have forgotten what made America great? America has always had a genius for tinkering to boost productivity. It is the only way that generalized real per capita wages can rise. What the globalists provide is particularized boosts in wages which are clearly not generalized, but as all inequality data show go to the top 10 percent of the income distribution at best. In turn because wage boosts are not generalized, the system is not optimal in terms of effective demand, investment is slowed or even stalled. The genius of America might not have been Beethoven and Mozart, but I dare anyone to match the tinkering of people like Eli Whitney, Cyrus McCormick and Thomas Edison. This is where America needs to become great again! In short, the Scotch-Irish liked the idea of getting to heaven by getting rich, and the path to riches was in mass production.