Stupid leftists: Racism is a direct consequence of conquest. Examine an expansionist entity like the Teutonic Knights, to the Manifest Destiny of Americans, to expansionist policies of Israel today. Wherever expansionism and conquest exist, so does racism.

Imagining you are not racist while the American empire expands is self denial. We kill “gooks, slopes, Nips, garlic-heads, camel jockeys, ragheads, Krauts, Jerries, Redskins, just as the Teuton killed Slavs during their Baltic Crusades, or the Israelis are doing today in their plan for the Middle East. Zionism is a doctrine of superiority, and the goyim (everyone other than the Jews) are expendable. Racism is a product of war to dehumanize your adversary, even for Jerries who were referred to as Huns by ourselves. Racism has nothing to do with color. Anybody can be dehumanized so one does not hesitate in battle to kill. This is why America must give up its empire and drive for hegemony. That is like Sparta giving up its soul. I do not think it is going to happen. For better or worse if you live by the sword, you will also die by the sword or a tiger does not change its stripes or nature. In fact, the South wanted to expand in a Golden Circle that extended from the Mason Dixon Line to Nicaragua. It thought of itself as conquerors, then as it still does today, as long as Americans run roughshod over other peoples. But if you contest this fact you Libtard Commiecrats, you will experience reality, because the whole apparatus of the Military-Industrial-Security Complex (MISC) will push back. As it has done to Donald J. Trump. You know you have encountered reality only when it resists you. Welcome to reality Mr. Trump, and your childish beliefs that you could rise above it all.

The allure of quagmires: McMaster rumored to want 70,000 to 80,000 troops

Of course when that proves insufficient, the brass will want hundreds of thousands. And what better time to strike than when we are bogged down in Central Asia. Or at least cross the Taiwan Straits and capture Taipei, and consolidate China. But like I said this is precisely what should have been anticipated after the debacle of Charlottesville. You have a domestic agenda that has completely unraveled, leaving the Trumper to engage in military misadventurism. Kim will be gauging Trump closely for weakness and military overreach as a pretext to his own thrust across the 38th parallel. With the exception of Japan there are few reliable allies in the Far East. Though Japan boasts the 3rd largest defense budget in the world for the current year. That is because Japan has most likely been informed of U.S. military action in the near future. In short, Japan is mobilizing on the sly, just as Germany is doing. There can only be one hegemon in the Far East: China, Japan, or the U.S. If you put your nose to the winds, you can almost smell napalm in the morning.

Trump: U.S. will ‘fight to win’ in Afghanistan. Oh, you think the Russians and British didn’t fight to win there?

This foreign policy mistake is smelling more and more like Vietnam. And before you know it, 500,000 troops will have to be deployed there. And for no other reason than to stave off defeat again. Listen we have the most sophisticated ships in the world and they can’t even avoid huge oil tankers. So do you really imagine our technology will win this war, anymore than it did with the Vietnamese. What I think it must do is lead to a strategy of closing on one’s enemy, that vitiates the technological advantage. So get ready for some very close quarter fighting. Because let’s face the facts, it will be like a piece of honey attracting Mujahideen from all over the world. Fighters licking their wounds from our betrayal in Syria. What better way to get even with the Great Satan who used them and then tossed them in the garbage than to now fight with the Taliban? Listen, the Afghani we train even turn their guns upon us when given a chance. And they regularly switch sides at the drop of a hat.

Tsk, tsk, tsk: Afghanistan the graveyard of empires


Pouring money down a rat hole, when we need to rebuild the United States. That is what the president proposes in widening the Afghanistan war. And more importantly, what the Russians would like to see from Mr. Trump. Afghanistan is the graveyard of nations for a reason, occupation of said country ends up being a guerrilla war. The president said we are going to be killing the Taliban? That will just lead to a wider insurgency by the Afghan people, and results in our oppression of the Afghanis that furthers still more recruits to the Taliban. From the Seminole Wars to Vietnam, the United has never fared well in guerrilla insurgencies. We in fact never brought the Seminoles to heel, and we lost in Vietnam. The U.S. will take its place alongside the British Empire, and Russia that destroyed their economy and finances by remaining in a country that has no strategic importance. And as for the nonsense of Osama bin Laden operating and directly the 9/11 attack from the caves of Tora Bora, that too is malarkey because just about every sane individual with any training in physics knows it was an inside job. A false-flag attack planned and executed by the United States, Zionists, and Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Israel’s plan for a Middle East Empire using America’s blood and treasure. The president will rue the day he ever listened to neoconservative H.R. McMaster. Just as we supplied stinger missiles to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan, they will be able to do the same for us, sending MANPADS to the Afghanis and Taliban to shoot down our helicopters. And before you know it we will be bombing civilians and villages to “save them”. That is the logic of insurgencies. In the end, the country will be toast, faster than you can say “Mujahideen”. Oh yes, there is one party that will come out smelling like a rose, it is the swamp critters of the Military-Industrial-Security Complex.

A complete loser . . .

Ann Coulter


It doesn’t matter who you vote for. The military-industrial complex wins. Only difference: GOP presidents pronounce “Pakistan” correctly.
1:13 AM – Aug 22, 2017

Well yes, the Military-Industrial-Security Complex and the Khazarian Mafia banksters that fund it by printing up unsterilized money, better known as monetization. Also known as the Cantillon Effect after the Irish economist Richard Cantillon. Which is to say those that receive defense expenditures first see their incomes rise, where upon these lucky folks purchase consumer and investment goods, bidding them up for the rest of the population. By the time such defense expenditures make it to the general public, goods and services are much higher meaning their incomes are reduced. That is what I took away from the president’s speech widening the Afghanistan War. Donald J. Trump was going to feed the swamp creatures that he railed against during the campaign. Which proves once again there are only two things that really matter: 1) the Military-Industrial-Security Complex, and 2) the Federal Reserve controlled by wanker Jews.

Dear readers when you see the following graphic, It is really nothing more than government censorship by our totalitarian state

>They do not want you to view the video or photographs illustrating the articles. It is in short consciousness of guilt for being a totalitarian state that cannot allow free discourse and deliberation. The hypocrisy is obvious my dear friends by the so-called Silicon Valley free speech crowd. Nothing of the sort exists. You see Jews like Mark Zuckerberg or Nazis like Eric Schmidt do not want democracy to work. They instead wish to substitute their particularistic interests for the general interests of society. But like GM once remarked that what is good for GM is also good for the country, these frauds might say something like what is good for Google is good for the country.