This will be hard for the average person to believe, but . . .

Here’s a stab. The whole purpose of planting Donald J. Trump in the White House is that Israelis and neoconservatives knew he would fail, and discredit the United States as the leader of the New World Order.

That . . . they want to pass onto China.

The whole purpose of this globalist ruse is indeed to discredit the U.S. as a country. And they, the globalists that put Trump in power, know damn well through copious study of the man that he would fail and do exactly what they required of him at Helsinki — to make a fool of himself, but more importantly of the United States. Not coincidentally, the press or Zionist Fourth Estate has elevated Angela Merkel to the leader of the free world. Laughable, but that’s what they, the globalists want you to believe.

Donald Trump fails to prepare for anything, and is therefore perfectly prepared to fail on the biggest stage. The guy was clueless, and never suspected he was being set up. As a result of his buffoonery, we are today one step closer to passing the baton to China. What precisely the Khazarian Mafia banksters desire as they have for millenniums.

The international travelers are, in short, looking for a new host to fleece, as they did to the United States. Which is to say, the same thing the German populace before 1933 surmised after Versailles and prior to Hitler’s rise to power.

So the globalist project continues to be right on track, where the American people are being sold out by its politicians and press to bring into being a New World Order — with the social construction of perception and reality that it can no longer lead. Don’t fall for it my fellow Americans, and you can strike back at the traitorous globalist cabal comprised of both Republicans and Democrats as soon as November. Vote like your well being depended upon it — because it does.

I even think, Vladimir Putin is in on the whole ruse. The globalists have to make it appear as an everyday schmoe would anticipate the embodied actions and speech to indexically point to the real underlying order, which can’t be known other through the daft actions like those of Donald J. Trump. Instead go to the polls in November and vote to expressly remove the establishment sycophants or tape worms of the American people.


Barack Obama Lectures World on Racial, Wealth Inequality in South Africa; the pot calling the kettle black.

Barry Soetoro calls himself a proud gobalist. Well, under globalism, inequality has not hit these heights since the Great Depression. In 1980 at the beginning of globalism, that I mark by Daniel Bell’s work on the Post-Industrial Society, the gini coefficient [a measure of wealth dispersion in society] stood at 34.6, according to World Bank data. In 2016, when Barack Obama left office, the gini coefficient stood at 41.5. The lower the number the more equal the society in terms of income distribution. Clearly globalism has been an abject failure in producing prosperity for the general population. And when we look back to the period from the 1950s to 1970s we find how poorly globalism has performed after its introduction around the world in the 1980’s with the flim-flam of the “Post-Industrial Society.”

The above chart is graphed on a scale of 0 to 100. In general the gini coefficient is expressed on a scale of 0 to 1. Therefore you may see the U.S. gini expressed not as 41.5 but as .42.

Yes, Trump’s a traitor to the tape worms like John McCain, Paul Ryan, and Jeff Flake, but historians will treat him much kinder than the aforementioned globalist stooges and Bilderbergers when all is said and done in the future. Again, there is absolutely zero proof that globalism has benefited the average schmoe, but tons of evidence to the contrary.

Trump’s foreign policy is part of his domestic policy to Make America Great Again.

President Donald J. Trump outraged the interventionists and neoconservatives by forging detente with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. And rightly so.

The interventionists and neoconservatives make their living and reproduce themselves through the permanent war economy. In short, they are a pack of tape worms feeding off the American taxpayers. They are the emissaries of the Military-Industrial-Security State.

Even “liberals”, like Nancy Pelosi [using their husbands] and Dianne Feinstein take advantage of their inside information of the permanent war economy to front run their trades to enrich themselves to the tune of millions. However, what Donald J. Trump is saying is we can no longer afford gargantuan military expenditures [well over a trillion dollars per year when VA expenses and the Atomic energy commission are included] if America wishes to be great again.

And we certainly can’t be great again and rebuild our neglected infrastructure by paying for Europe’s defense. And what justifies our gargantuan expenditures on the military is Russia, and why the liberals and interventionists want another cold war with Russia. We strike some sort of understanding with Russia, that desires their own sphere of interest, and perhaps we can downsize our military to more reasonable dimensions.

The neoconservatives don’t like that because it might also mean we won’t do Israel’s dirty work in the Middle East any longer. But that type of thinking completely misses the fact that China is our main competitor and not Russia, which is a resource producer in oil and minerals.

We are still going to be involved in the Middle East because China’s silk belt road will have to run through Iran. And not coincidentally, the U.S. aims to stop it. Therefore, it is in the interest of both Russia and U.S. to downsize their nuclear arsenals, if both of them wish to advance economically.

The Europeans led by Berlin would just as soon see the U.S. wreck their economy through military expenditures as Russia under Leonid Brezhnev did attempting to match the United States missile for missile. Today, neither country desires gargantuan military expenditures that take away from the maintenance of their infrastructures, like transportation, ports, airports, etc.

To do that, the U.S. must have detente with Russia, and Europe must pony up for its own defense. End of story. No foreign policy? Nonsense. The guy follows in the footsteps of Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of our most popular presidents, when he delivered his farewell speech on the dangers of a permanent war economy.

What the tape worms worry about is that they might have to enter the private sector and do something constructive instead of destructive. Even worse, they might have to be productive. Yikes! Ergo:”Trump’s a traitor.” — To the tape worms, that is, that make their living off the American taxpayer.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Can’t Explain ‘Occupation of Palestine’ but Opposes It.

Every time the lady opens her trap confirms how uneducated and unqualified she is to be holding public office. Yes, but you can’t accuse her of being pro-Zionist or pro-Israel. Unlike Trump supporters that approve of the Zionists occupation of Palestine, in the same fashion we approve of the United States. As we also believe as the Israelis do that there is no right of return, once you have lost territory to a superior culture. I’m sure the Jews in Brooklyn will now reconsider their support of a libtard like Ocasio-Cortez as their representative. What an absolute hoot. But if you think that is bad, the Mexican marxists out in LaLaCalifornia, also known as Democrats, do not support Dianne Feinstein. I guess for the same reason Ocasio-Cortez does not approve of Zionist occupation of Israel? That is Senator Feinstein approves of Israel and their occupation of what was once Palestine. Which just goes to show you, that Hollywood must be filled with a bunch of libtard Jews, because they also back the Mexican marxists call for socialism in sunny LaLaCalifornia. Meaning by way of logic, they also do not support Israel’s occupation of Palestine?

The so-called Russia hack might very well have been a false flag attack by the Obama administration itself.

The basis for the Red Herring Russia collusion story. A ready made, as in carefully constructed, excuse to cover up a capital crime on July 10, 2016. The date Seth Rich was assassinated on the streets of Washington D.C.

From Wikileaks Vault 7 release of CIA documents:

The CIA’s Remote Devices Branch’s UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the “fingerprints” of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.

My guess is that the planned Red Herring was botched by the CIA, but they thought Hillary was going to win, so they went with the daft story anyway to draw attention away from the Rich wet job. I might add here that an FBI agent’s weapon was stolen from his car, near the crime scene on the night of the murder. Two of those weapons were 40 caliber Glock 22s. The same caliber used in the Rich hit. So desperate was the FBI to retrieve the weapon, the agency offered a $10,000 reward for the weapon. The obvious key to the case being if the bullet taken from Rich’s body would match the weapon stolen from the FBI agent’s car.

Speculation, for now. But the longer this drags on, the hitter who did Rich will have leverage over some government agency involved in the murder — either the CIA, FBI, or both. Now an enterprising journalist with press credentials should anticipate a large unexplained expenditure by either of the two agencies. So I would suggest that paper or papers should fire up their forensic accountants in anticipation. This is THE story of the new century.*

*My final advice to the hitter, don’t go to the agencies but to a reputable newspaper, which is not the New York Times or Washington Post. The agencies are desperate to make you disappear.

By the way dear readers, the FBI agent that got Jalloh released from a 20 year sentence for car jacking was none other than Andrew McCabe. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe after reports from the DOJ Inspector General and the FBI’s disciplinary office accused him of unauthorized releases of information to the media and had “lacked candor” in discussing the matter. Frankly, what the DOJ Inspector General should have been doing is querying the less than forthcoming McCabe about his ties to Alpha Jalloh who in some circles is believed to have put together the hit team that dusted Seth Rich. And since it was McCabe that got Jalloh out of prison, the thinking goes that Jalloh was working at the behest of the dodgy McCabe, a lynch pin in the Russia collusion dossier, now known to be opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign, and which was subsequently used to obtain a FISA warrant for the surveillance of American citizens, Donald Trump and Carter Page.

Mexican marxists taking over Democratic Party as Feinstein rejected in favor of Kevin de Leon.

The Mexicans marxists don’t ever get it. Americans don’t want to be socialists. It doesn’t work, and no one in Latin America has showed that it can work. The bankrupt states of Argentina, and Venezuela are just the latest banana republics to have shown it does not work.

So my prediction is that Dianne Feinstein will still win in a walk, because Republicans will cross over and vote for her. And with no obligation to toe the Democratic line after her victory, perhaps she’ll even vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS. Take that you wacko liberals.

The meathead: Mueller Indictments Make It ‘Crystal Clear the Trump Campaign Conspired with Russia’ — Rob Reiner

Present the evidence, Rob. Better yet, Robert Mueller needs to lay out the evidence, and the very fact he is reluctant to do so, suggests the indictments are a Red Herring for something else — LIKE THE COVER UP OF A DEMOCRATIC WET JOB INVOLVING VOTER ANALYST SETH RICH.

Indictments mean nothing. And in this case, worse than nothing, since they have been probing the collusion narrative since July 2016.

Obama and Clinton are part of a fascist mafia, headed up by the capo di tutti capi, Angela Merkel. However, her enforcer for the takeover of U.S. territory was the Bush crime family and its hired assassins the CIA. And because Merkel appears to be behind Clinton and Obama, they evince the German interest in discrediting all things Russians . . . like well Germany has been prone to do since the end of World War II, because Adolf Hitler lacked the discipline to fight on one front at a time.

Donald Trump is of course hated because he has gummed up the globalist works, and wants to take out the Mandarins and not the Russkies, in this turf war. But because Putin controls the oil-heroin trade, a mainline from the Caspian basin to Europe, the Germans must make nice while at the same time instructing their American lackeys to squeeze the Russkies with sanctions.

So it is understandable why boss Putin might be more than a little interested in who runs the U.S. operation which savvy observers know to be working for capo di tutti capi, Angela.