Criminal prosecutions are going to result as the result of using the unvetted Russian Dossier as the pretext to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. This is the politicization of the Justice Department and the FBI, and not the fact that the House Intelligence Committee has decided to release the memo on the whole sordid affair. For this observer, though, the real scoop is that the Russia Dossier was employed to cover up the murder of Democratic political voter analyst, Seth Rich, who was the real source of passing the hacked DNC emails to WikiLeaks. There was never any Russian hack of the election, but rather an inside job by a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter who knew the fix was in to exonerate Hillary Clinton on charges she failed to secure her personal email server (18 U.S. Code § 1905 – Disclosure of confidential information generally). That a capital crime, murder, was committed in the course of attempting to smear Donald J. Trump, makes this worse than Watergate–many times over. Prosecutions are in order for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for what I will call Trumping up Trump.

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Ergo, all evidenced now being used by Robert Mueller in the Russia/Trump collusion would be inadmissible evidence in a court of law. This case is dead, finished, over. It is tainted and the Democrats if they were smart would move on. But not being nearly as smart as they imagine they uselessly pursue their phantoms. Here is the crux of the problem as stated by Rep. Jim Jordan:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), during a remarkable exchange with FBI Director Christopher Wray at a hearing Thursday, suggested that Peter Strzok — the FBI official who was removed from the special counsel team — was responsible for using the Clinton-funded dossier to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

If true, it would be a stunning development in the Russia investigation. It would mean that a top FBI official took what was an unverified piece of opposition research funded by Trump’s political opponent, and used it to obtain a surveillance warrant on the Trump campaign.

“If this happened, if you had the FBI working with a campaign, the Democrats’ campaign, taking opposition research, dressing it all up and turning it into an intelligence document and taking it to the FISA court so they could spy on the other campaign — if that happened, that is as wrong as gets,” Jordan told Wray.–Breitbart, Dec. 8, 2017

Most importantly all such evidence gleaned from the illegal surveillance (also maintained by House Intel chair Devin Nunes) will be tossed out in a court of law. This was precisely the type of evidence that was being withheld from the House of Representatives’ investigation into the Trump campaign, that was indeed unlawfully under surveillance, the warrant of which was obtained using the analysis of the Russia Dossier, bought with Clinton campaign funds, and authored by the highly biased FBI agent, Peter Strzok, who had to be dismissed from the case for anti-Trump statements in an email.

In a word, the Democrats coup d’etat of Trump is falling apart. The real damage of the Trump administration was his recognition this past week of Jerusalem, where the al-Aqsa Mosque sits, as the capital of Israel. Trump has destroyed any hope of being an honest broker to the peace process. Though we have now confirmed he is nothing more than a neocon, and most likely was put in the White House with the aid of the Israeli lobby and AIPAC. There can be little doubt this is where Trump came up with his campaign strategy of nationalism, for who is more nationalist than the Israelis. Indeed his support of Israel is perfectly attuned to supporting a nation that places its own interests first, and why the globalists (France, Germany, and Europe generally) condemned his decision.

To top it off, Trump should as well endorse the formation of Catalonia to drive a stake through the heart of the globalist movement. And while he’s at it, he can nix any Palestinian right of return to Israel, as the U.S. should stop any right of return of Mexicans to the United States, except those legally admitted. As Palestinians have lost, the same can be said of the Mexican-American War of 1846–the U.S. won and Mexicans lost.

There is no right of return when you are on the short end of the stick. The difference between foreign policy realism and general wishful thinking on the part of displaced populations. Take for example our own wars of conquest of Native Americans. Even Geronimo eventually turned himself in to spare his people further suffering. I should note also the Apache wars began with the conclusion of the Mexican-American War in 1848; and no, once Geronimo was defeated he was never allowed to return to the land of his birth. There is no right of return. I’m at a lost to recall where ever a nation settled by conquest ever willingly allowed the prior inhabitants to simply return. The irony is of course the Jewish and Latino caucus of Congress have joined together to promote illegal immigration. A clear assault upon the former proprietors of the country–The Scotch-Irish. Since the Democrats like the strategy of divide and conquer so much, allow me to point out the Scotch-Irish while a little slow, will eventually wake up to the fact war is being waged upon them, and your usual Northern Ireland situation here in the good ol’ US of A will materialize.

While every thing is in motion; nothing ever really changes. And we will return to normal ethnic politics of self interest. Socialism while currently in vogue among Millennials simply cannot deliver on prosperity. For you see, socialism is always about giveaways with other people’s money that invariably dries up, Venezuela being a primary example of such nonsense. The Jews of course get much of their expansionist Zionism from studying our own expansionist conquest of the West. However, the Jews in Israel were also from Germany, and there is plenty of historical precedent in German and the Teutonic Order expansionism to draw inspiration from, like the German’s own Drang nach Osten, or conquest of Slavic lands that formed parts of Eastern Prussia. Like the Germans and Americans, Israel strategy is to promote tribalism like the disputes between Fatah, Hamas, and the PLO. A strategy very reminiscent of keeping Algonquin, Creek, and Iroquois tribes at war with one another in the New World, while the English were finagling the natives of their lands. They are so busy feuding amongst themselves, they neglect to band together to drive the invaders from their shores.

Stupid is as stupid does.

The real news: U.S. peso continues slide

U.S. peso
Once the Federal Reserve discovers the economy is not all a bowl of cherries, they will renew their QE to infinity. That will form the death knell of U.S.’s disappearing peso in terms of purchasing power parity. That will raise the costs of reproduction for every American. Which in turn slows the economy — that along with debt saturation. What’s dangerous about inflationary depressions is that they destroy all rational planning which remains the heart of capitalist development, because it becomes harder and harder to gauge costs and the return on capital. And that breakdown in rationalization leads to weak investment or the commitment of capital. So even while prices are rising, the economy will be shrinking which is masked by the inflation. That is, welcome to Wei-m-e-r-i-c-a. And like the original Weimar Republic of Germany, inflation will wipe away the savings and wealth of the middle class. This and not the 1929 crash formed the basis of Germans visceral dislike of financial capital which just happened to be dominated by Jews, as it is in the Weimerica today. The only question is the hammer going to come down upon the Jews after the next inflationary wipeout of networth. No I don’t think so. They have cleverly positioned the Mexicans as the middleman minority to take the brunt of American anger when the financial collapse comes. They have even planned for it, by constructing over 800 FEMA camps around the country, with a mega camp located in Alaska. Yes, things always appear to be in motion, but the strategy of the Khazarian Mafia banksters never changes.

Amnesty = one term Donald [unsustainable]

DACA is unconstitutional. There is no reason to compromise with Democrats. Allow the Supreme Court to rule on the issue first. It [DACA] clearly violates the separation of powers stated in the Constitution.

The first article of the Constitution says “ALL legislative powers…shall be vested in a Congress.” That is the making of the laws, like immigration laws. In short, that means Congress and not the president makes the laws. That explicitly means The second article vests “the executive power…in a President.” That is the enforcement of the laws. The third article places the “judicial power of the United States in one Supreme Court” and “in such inferior Courts as the Congress…may establish.” That is adjudication and interpetation of the laws.

Your amnesty ploy, Mr. Trump, will be rejected by the base. Patriots tend to know the Constitution, while illegal Mexican immigrants do not. Every working American recognizes immigration as essentially scab hires to take jobs from Americans, and raise the profits of corporate America. You are in essence playing into the class warfare of the Democrats [and even Republicans like Lindsey Graham] against American citizens, who are now clearly the underclass. Time is not on Democrats side, but yours, because when the economy craters Americans will demand the deportation of illegals, if not their wholesale roundup as occurred during the Great Depression. The Democrats can get something now, or wait, and have the whole issue blow up in their face, and receive nothing.

And as Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller notes the country is on the precipice of cratering:

The valuation measure Shiller helped create — the CAPE ratio, a price-to-earnings ratio adjusted for inflation that smooths out earnings using a 10-year average — is above 30. It’s been above that level only twice before, in 1929 and 1997-2002. Both periods saw severe stock swoons: In 1929, the market crash ushered in the Great Depression, and in 2000, the Internet stock bubble burst. “A high CAPE implies potential vulnerability to a bear market, though it is by no means a perfect predictor,” Shiller says.–USA Today, Nov. 12, 2017

Though not perfect Shiller did predict the 2008 meltdown. For myself, I watch the smart money like that of Jacob Rothschild and Stanley Drukenmiller and both have moved out of stocks and into gold. Let’s face it, Trump’s economic gambit is highly inflationary and will require monetization of the debt for such things as his infrastructure rebuild. And as noted elsewhere, by your fearless editor, gold is starting to ramp, and that means the 10-year bond will follow it up. This is a zombie market or the days of the living dead. You would have almost thought George Romero produced this economic scenario.

And if you don’t like a Nobel Laureate’s take on the present bubble, here is Bank of America’s explanation:

BofAML Bull & Bear indicator surged to 7.9, highest since last sell signal >8 triggered Mar’13.

BofAML Bull & Bear indicator has given 11 sell signals since 2002; hit ratio = 11/11; average equity peak-to-trough drop following 3 months = 12% (backtested, Table 1); note the last Bull & Bear indicator flashed was a buy signal of 0 on Feb 11th 2016.

I would just say, the Democrats are running out of time for the Dreamers. Smart people know when to cut their losses, and I’m betting no one is going to care about them once the market tanks. An over leveraged downturn will spread like wildfire throughout the financial system.

Meaning, politically, illegal immigrants are living on borrowed time.

*The Bank of America Bull and Bear indicator has been dead on since 2002 in forecasting downturns and market corrections. And this is the Mother of All Financial bubbles with PE ratios north of 30 for even large corporations in the S&P 500. This bubble is larger than even the bubble in 1929, and only exceeded by the Dot.com bubble of 1999. Try as he might, Donald J. Trump won’t be able to fix the mess created by the Democratic administration from 2008 to 2016. The Fed’s response to the mortgage backed security collapse, flooding banks with liquidity, failed to fix the system in terms of debt. Now there is even more debt that must be unwound:
debt to gdp
corporate debt

Meanwhile household debt is climbing dangerously. According to the Federal Reserve consumer credit hit an all-time record in November. The primary driver was credit card debt, which hit a new all-time high (previous record was in 2008). Credit debt also increased a record monthly amount in November. This is unsustainable–and frankly scary to watch.

Angela Merkel the queen of globalism:

She [Angela Merkel] slammed “protectionism” and said that a hundred years after World War One leaders had “sleep-walked” into another catastrophe, with a resurgence of national democracy and a faltering of the European Union (EU).–Breitbart, Jan. 25, 2018

Yes, democracy is a problem for the globalists since the masses do not like it one bit. Not even in the Eurozone as Brexit showed, Greece would have shown, and the French people would have like to have shown. Which makes this observer think that globalism was a German construct to begin with in as much as its inspiration was Bernhard von Lippe, a Nazi SS captain that began the Bilderberg Group that promoted the European Common Market. Berhard was a slippery rascal who also once worked for I.G. Farben. You of course remember them, the company that manufactured Zyklon B for the death camps. This little ruse was the Nazi’s way of inevitably winning World War II that gullible Americans swallowed hook line and sinker under the spin of fighting communism. The Bilderberg Group forming the Billionaires Amen Society for the vetting of pretty much every important political (perhaps appointment) in recent memory such as George Papandreou, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel, and the ever dodgy Barry Obama. I will even hypothesize that “globalism” was THE post war plan that Hermann Goering intimated to Chicago Tribune correspondent Sigrid Lillian Schultz, as military defeat closed in upon the Nazis. However, they never gave up hope that they could win politically because Americans, in their opinion, were one brick short of load. And they might have succeeded had it not been for the emergence of Donald J. Trump to snatch their victory, and to turn it into disarray.

More empirical evidence Globalism is a complete economic failure for all except the Davos crowd.

Dear readers, as you can see the secular trend or long term trajectory of GDP (right panel) has been heading south for the last 30 years. This is the result of deindustrialization and financialization of the American economy. Even as real per capita income of Americans was falling, as the previous post demonstrates, because of financialization, the Davos crowd was reaping 82 percent of all new wealth creation. This in turn is produced by the Khazarian Mafia Bankster’s lax monetary policies that favors financial speculation. The same ruse also unleashed upon Germany during the Weimar Republic, that ended not coincidentally in hyperinflation. That will also happen in the United States as the dollar continues to tank and investors exit dollar denominated assets, like the Chinese, Japanese, and Russians. Like the below chart showing the dollar vs. precious metals:
dollar index
People moved into Bitcoin because physical gold can no longer be obtained. It has long ago gone into private storage, and is no longer returning to the market. By my own calculations Gold, given the monetary base, should be north of $15,000/troy oz. The Dollar is a zombie currency which will wipeout your networth. Meanwhile, Trump’s policies augur the devaluation of the dollar to pretty much zero to wipe away U.S. debt through inflation. This is the U.S. only hope, a de facto default on its treasury bonds. And by the way, gold and the 10-year bond usually move in sync or a positive correlation. Meaning, interest rates are heading up and will crash the market sooner or later. The Greater Depression we should have experienced in 2008 will now become the Greatest Depression ever. All engineered by the Khazarian Mafia banksters for their evil ends of the concentration of power or New World Order. And this is what Hitler’s protege, Angela Merkel, recently defended.

The so-called globalist success story: 1 percent reaped 82% of the new wealth

Meanwhile 50 percent of the income distribution received absolute nothing as in nada, zilch, zero.
This level of inequality is worse than the Great Depression that followed the Roaring ’20s. What keeps the boat afloat is of course credit. To clear store shelves people must be extended credit, but again as 2008 showed there are limits to that sort of nonsense, debt saturation being the most obvious. And this level of inequality reflects the globalists infatuation with financialism and not production at the core — i.e., the United States. The extended credit amounts to a false positive of effective demand which actually wouldn’t exist without lax monetary policy. Meaning that the current economic distortion, the allocation of scarce resources and savings, will end, and it will be the result of Federal Reserve monetary policy. This is not happenstance, but on purpose and premeditated. In short, the Khazarian Mafia banksters and their lax monetary policies are the greatest threat to American capitalism. As it should be. They clearly want to replace American capitalism with socialism which will require a revolution, that I personally believe they’ll lose. The drive for freedom is simply greater than the drive to socialist bondage and dependency. Therefore they’ve attempted to finesse their drive to socialism through backdoor methods like the enactment of Obama’s individual mandate, and executive orders like DACA that do not require legislative action. Socialism is not the people’s choice of social organization, but rather the globalist Democrats and Republicans. You will also notice that the socialist measure of the individual mandate was tied to the Affordable Care Act, as the Democrats are attempting to tie DACA to funding of the government. This is their most common sleight of hand because their measures lack popular support among the general population.