True, the EU was a bankster creation . . . but . . .

The EU has always been a bankers’ union and it was global commerce and financial control and consolidation of currency that have driven the EU from inception. The EU is a project of committed globalists that derive their power from the BIS and the central banking community.–The Daily Bell, “Who’s really behind the EU,” November 30, 2015

But this would be to ignore who exactly was behind Adolf Hitler’s United States of Europe Plan. As the Office of Strategic Services contended Hitler was most likely related to Salomon Mayer von Rothschild of Vienna, through his great grandmother on his father’s side. That is, he was most likely a banker’s plant that took over the Nationalist Socialist movement, begun originally by Anton Drechsler. Indeed, Hitler worked with Rothschild emissary banker Max Warburg quite closely, and allowed the Warburgs to remain untouched until quite late in 1938. But even then, thousands of Jews were running around Germany on Aryan passports or papers. And need I remind my dear readers that Max Warburg was the brother of Paul Warburg who helped found the Federal Reserve in the United States, as well as the influential investment bank, Goldman Sachs.


Anybody can produce poverty . . . but only Protestants (and their close Asian emulators) have produced general prosperity

General prosperity with steadily rising real per capita income is restricted to but a handful of countries. And that is why the European Union is important to study. Above the Alps you have general prosperity for predominantly Protestant countries, while below the Alps in the Club Mediterranean countries you will not find generalized prosperity. Bringing ethnic minorities with differing ideas of reproduction into the equation destroys the daft economic models of such countries. That is multiculturalism. It is like expecting Macedonia to produce generalized prosperity. It won’t happen. Now what works is assimilation, as it was practiced in the United States, until the monetary socialists or Stalinists took control of the country with their lame political correctness. Another region to examine is Asia where Protestant capitalism has also proved to be a successful model. There you find also high rates of savings leading to reinvestment in plant and equipment and production processes. Especially production equipment like machine tools ( a hallmark of German development and production processes). Now here’s how a capitalist critically thinks:

If each worker at the plant improves the cycle time by just 0.1 second, we can get more production. We need small but steady increases like that. While our current production capacity is 1.5 million vehicles. I think that in three years time, we can increase to 1.65 million units.–Masamichi Kogai, Mazada Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles Times, November 26, 2015

These are not the probabililistic statements of financialism, but the result of actual knowledge of production processes. So while today’s CEO’s often have financial acumen, in times past capitalism often drew its CEO’s from the ranks of engineers and production engineers. As many commentators have noted, Americans are no longer practicing capitalism, but are engaged in financialism to boost something other than production, like share price and the CEO’s stock options.

Indeed, quantitative easing is nothing more than financial window dressing to buy back shares thereby boosting stock prices. And the easiest way of boosting production relative to total costs for such detached CEOs is simply to offshore production. Because let’s face it, they wouldn’t know their way around a shop floor to save their lives. They will always take the path of least resistance which is either to offshore production or employ lower cost workers through immigration. The last is especially appealing when the outgoing American workers must train their replacements.

International class warfare employing the ultimate union buster

And if you don’t like it, you’re free to leave. Which I guess means the Stalinists don’t plan on any vote of the matter. Which is of course the whole point. While the Khazarian Mafia banksters feign their love of democracy they are indeed plotting to always bypass it. Precisely how this new form of international Stalinism works.

But let’s face the facts, the Jews have always loved socialism: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Luxemburg, and today’s Bernie Sanders are all Jews. And they all love socialism because they don’t know one whit about capitalism, as proven convincingly by the Federal Reserve’s Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen, again all Jews. No one, not even Adam Smith says capitalism is absolutely fair. But what it does do is maximize output per capita over time that results in a higher standard of living. That ended in 1971 when we went off the gold standard and allowed monetary Stalinism to take hold. And since that time we have been under the rule of Federal Reserve absolutism, and real wages have steadily declined. That is the watershed mark when we began transitioning away from capitalism and production. The two elements that distinguish Protestantism and American nationalism. And that was the point: to destroy nationalism in the United States to allow worldwide penetration of financialism. Financialism driven by speculation and chance, whereas real capitalism centered around production was about winning market share and improving productivity in an endless cycle of rationalization of production. By contrast financialism is all about separating the suckers from their money; it rearranges wealth, but does not create it.

And this is precisely the problem, socialists are now calling the shots in a “capitalist” country. “Capitalist” referring to a hybrid. That is because free markets no longer exist under the Federal Reserve manipulation of markets. In particular, the markets setting of interest rates. To say the least it won’t work. And has already led to gridlock in the nation’s capitol. Because, again, there isn’t anything to discuss when capitalism is confronted by collectivist-redistributive socialism. In this case, you steal from the middle class to give to the One Percent. Collectivism vs. individualism just does not compute in exactly the same fashion it did not in post World War I Germany. They are values system diametrically at odds.

The Stalinist cabal that has seized control of the United States and present day Germany intend to use immigration to replace native populations, and use terrorism to breach the sovereignty and integrity of countries they cannot directly control, all with the intent of ending the nation state to penetrate markets with financialism.

It amounts to international Stalinism or governance by committee, like that now set up in the European Union led by appointed technocrats. In times past this is what was meant by democratic socialism: decision making by a group of true believers. In this case, Khazarian Mafia banksters imbued with Stalinist ambitions. Without national borders there can be the free mobility of labor, or union busting, required to lower wages all around the globe to the level of subsistence. This is achieved by creating a surplus army of unemployed that places a permanent cap on the rise in wages. But this will come not under capitalism but precisely under monetary socialism.

Really it is the ephemeral transfer of wealth to immigrants and refugees that, for example, once was earned by Americans and German workers. However, as in Hawaii where Japanese workers were first used for agriculture, successive waves of Chinese, and Filipino field workers soon followed, lowering wages with each successive wave of migration.

So while the Amigos or Latinos, for example, are happy now to be taking American jobs, their jobs in the future will go to Syrians, Chinese or some other migrant group to place continued downward pressure on wages, until that time there is no benefit for workers to move because they will all be laboring for subsistence wages. The ultimate end around of unions.

Republicans tacitly support this international class warfare, though they feign repugnance of illegals. Republicans know full well this sort of immigration will lower the wage structure of American workers. Precisely, why Republicans tell the lemmings there is no class warfare, while all the time waging it. But because the lemmings are transfixed and mesmerized by their word magic, like the sophomoric monikers of “Federal Reserve, and democratic Socialism,” their critical faculties are paralyzed just as linguists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf maintained.

Socialist Democrats see a political bonanza of possible future voters that they can give lip service to, but never deliver on their promises. Yes, if you employ the right syntactic structures and lexical alternatives like the use of “conspiracy theories” you can bypass critical thinking; well, just as Hannah Arendt might have maintained. Beside what alternative do the illegals have–the Republicans who really don’t believe in the rule of law? Just observe their actions with respect to the fraud perpetrated by the banksters in the most recent mortgage backed security housing crisis. But it all comes a cropper, because the workers that are left are also left with inadequate income to clear the goods of production. Yes, there is a reality outside one’s head. That in turn has led to the daft exercise of then having to mandate higher minimum wages. But inflation or the printing of the money supply will always outpace the rise in wages. Consequently, their New World Order based upon consumption lacks effective demand to clear goods, and the retail sector will remain weak sending their economic system into perpetual crisis.

This is the ideal condition under which worldwide amalgamation can then take place. You set up rump legislative bodies that have no real power, other than being a debating forum to vent frustrations like the European Parliament. The real power will lie in the central banks, regional commissions, or perhaps the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The actors are not elected but appointed. A model that will bypass the messy business of democracy. Indeed, the perfect environment for corporatism.

That was the plan until the Chinese set up their own Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and Russia began to set up its own SWIFT system for the settlement of financial transactions. Now the latter are a direct threat to the West’s anticipated New World Order, because the East is setting up their alternative to international Stalinism run by a committee of banksters. Hence to get from here to the New World Order of international banksterism the two upstarts, China and Russia, will have to be defeated. They understand full well that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their countries are the next to go under this western model of development, which isn’t that of Adam Smith but that of Stalin or perhaps charitably Trotsky.

So there must be a war. There is no getting around it, and the word is out that it is going to happen. So the elite all around the world are purchasing their nuke hardened bunkers to wait out the impending storm.

Merchants of death will love the Hunger Games

Wars for profit. That says Donald Sutherland is what the Hunger Games is all about. More like the film is to whet the appetite for wars of choice for Israel. Who else produces such schlock like the Hunger Games or Argo–but Zionist controlled Hollywood. No, wars in general sell military equipment. After watching Russia pummel ISIS there will be a long line of customers for all things Russkie. And that is perhaps the point. Is it not? The demand for terrorists is domestically generated by the need to keep the military industrial complex churning out weapons. Why our Congress is of course in bed with the contractors and purchasing their stocks to make a killing, like Dianne Feinstein’s husband. Yes, the politicos like our own dodgy Nobel Laureate Barack Obama spends more time in Hollywood, than he does on the golf courses. Pitching no doubt his latest war scripts. How about this one: “Apocalypse rising after a Russian fighter is shot out the air bombing our assets in some Middle Eastern country.”

I wrote about this recently: German Economic News Infers France Will Re-Align with Russia, Abandon U.S

One of the weak sisters is going to align itself more closely with Russia. The Frenchies aren’t dumb, they sniff that the global winds are blowing decidedly towards the east. The malarkey coming out of the U.S. is not from a position of strength, but one of clear weakness. And secondly, if the U.S. continues what it’s doing (e.g., see below cartoon), French culture could likely be overrun by Muslims. Well, being just a tad snooty, the French like their culture much more than they desire eating falafels. And I would argue, French culture is decidedly more base post Islam than it would otherwise be. This of course does not endear them to the A-R-A-B-S who look upon the French as infidels, and their democracy as blasphemy to the Koran and the prophet Muhammad. Well, I guess under the new doctrine of multiculturalism you just can’t make everybody happy. In other words, globalism leads to its antithesis of nationalism, pure and simple. Hence, do I not spot Marine le Pen on France’s horizon. Yes, I believe I do.