The anti-Semites shall be our best friends

Theodor Herzl . . .

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”—Theodor Herzl, 1897

Angela Merkel is the queen of the Ashkenazi’s Rothschild state, called Israel.  Semitic Jews are right to be skeptical of Khazars professing to be Jews.  Folks, it has nothing to do with Judaism.  Israel is of the Rothschilds, by the Rothschilds, and for the Rothschilds.  It is an extension of the family financial empire.  It is Israel Inc.  Ms. Merkel, raised a communist by her mother Herlind, is a descendant of Solomon Mayer Rothschild of Vienna, Austria.  To whom Maria Anna Schicklgruber, Adolf Hitler’s  grandmother, had an affair giving birth to Alois Schicklgruber, Adolf Hitler’s father.  Ms. Merkel, however, is far from being like father like daughter.  They clearly are the product of different family environments and different historical conditions.  They clearly however retain certain mannerisms in common.  The measure of the current Der Führer is whether Germany is prosperous, and they have never been so prosperous as they are today—moustache or no moustache.  However, it is because Germany remains predominantly Protestant, not because they are being governed by a Rothschild.  The EU is going to go belly up, because you simply are not going to remake Catholics into Protestants.  They like being what they are: Unpredictable, the direct result of Catholic doctrine and the sacraments.  It might not produce prosperity, but who can argue with its literature and poetry.


And ours too

Global aggregate demand slowing means trouble for emerging markets

Foreign direct investment

As aggregate demand falls, there is less demand for Foreign Direct Investment.  This is clear trouble for our markets that are vulnerable to slacking investment.  I would argue that China already has too much productive capacity, and why Quantitative Easing is even losing the battle against deflation.  The reflexive paradox is that Q.E. to infinity at the same time erodes the purchasing power of consumers, particularly food prices.  It’s a house of cards that will blow over in the slightest of events—like civil war in the Ukraine—that figures to bring American and Russian troops eye to eye.  Russian strategic interests vs. American sorority Animal House pranksters.  I place the blame on Zbig’s Russophobia, the infantile posture of allowing his hatred of Russia to cloud his judgment of American national interests.  As the below post makes clear, the Zionazis have always worked for  foreign interests, and it’s not that of Israel.  It’s even darker than that.

The rebus puzzle unglued

Resurrection . . . of Hitlerianism


The Zionazis know

Better yet, they approve

The eyes, the windows to the soul

The resurrection of fascism in the Ukraine provides a key to understanding the Bilderbergers plan for culling world population.  Recall my previous posts where I’ve argued the Bilderbergers are a front organization that masks the reconstitution of the Nazi I.G. Farben conglomerate.  The Nazis can gather among other like minded elites with no one the wiser.  It is no accident that this group was founded by a former Schutzstaffel officer, Prince Bernhard von Lippe.  It was all part of the SS plan that Hermann Goering boasted about to Chicago Tribune correspondent, Sigrid Lillian Schultz.

The NeoCons (i.e., Zionists) are doing nothing more than acting as the middleman minority, the diabolical face resurrecting fascism, fanned by the policies of central banks to destroy the world’s financial system.  The plan is indeed holocoaust 2.0 as National Socialists, now in the National Front in France, Golden Dawn in Greece, and Right Sector in the Ukraine attest to.  Riots by immigrants, for example in Sweden, fan the flames of fascism that will ultimately unleash social forces that will result in the culling of world population.  It occurs now because of the advance of robotic technology that promises to make the “useless eaters” expendable, announced at the elite Davos economic forum.

This is why, dear reader, the NeoCons have been goading the Russians to initiate World War III, the old nemesis of Germany to be taken out by the other nemesis of Germany, the United States.  But in the United States, the Zionazis are fanning the flames of the rapture, and Armageddon among Christian Zionist who have been deluded into believing in the second coming of Christ.  But more importantly, people who have infiltrated the U.S. Air Force.  With both nemeses left in ruins, the sly Germans will then pick up the pieces—the last power standing. 

Always lurking in the shadows, somewhat bemused I would think, has been none other than the EU’s Angela Merkel.  The Zionazis know who she is, it is the progeny of their old pal that founded Israel.  It is their old partner in apartheid,  the revival of people like Dmytro Yarosh.  It is the resurrection of an old alliances that promises to reunite all Jews in the state of Israel.  As they might say: There is no exit other than that to Palestine. 

Like the Bilderberg Group, the hand of Germany can be masked behind the collective actions of NATO.  What the Bilderbergers and Merkel have promised the Zionazis is nothing less than hegemony of the Middle East.  The Zionists had even offered to be Germany’s proxy in the Mideast before the onset of World War II.  And never forget, the Germans supply the Israelis with Dolphin class submarines, that launch nuclear armed cruise missiles of the type that was being transshipped from Minot North Dakota to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, when they went missing in 2007.  

Yes, events like a rebus puzzle are coming into focus. 

It’s so over for the ruling elite

Sandy Hook victims don’t match Social Security Death lists’ master file

A hoax is a hoax

Shame on the State of Connecticut

But hey, got to see Jenny Greenberg again.

Jenny and hubby_thumbJenny playing the grieving Sandy hook parent: Mrs. Phelps.  Notice dear reader this was actually aired on CNN.jennysexton67yt6_thumbJenny as herself

Jenny as Robbyn Swan_thumb[1]And Jenny as author Robin Swann

Well Hollywoodism taken a little too far.  But after the Hollywood Blockbuster 9/11 Sandy Hook was certainly a B-movie.  Best actress in a supporting role though for Jenny.

Around here at the Darkerside we laugh at morons who believe in the antics of bored Jews and wannabe actors.  But in the spirit of Christian forgiveness, we wish ol’ Jenny the best.  Shalom.

Pravy Sektor

Nuland and Rice’s new best friends

It’s the amateur hour

The NeoCons new best friends, the Right Sector:

They are the progeny of the nationalist fascists who brag of their collaboration with the Nazis during WWII, for example:

A horrifying confession of a participant tells of their activities in Volyn: “One night, we strangulated 84 men. We strangulated adults, as for little kids, we held their legs, swung and broke their heads at a doorpost. …Two nice kids, Stepa and Olya, 12 and 14 years old… we tore the younger one into two parts, and there was no need to strangulate her mother Julia, she died of a heart attack” and so on and so on. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Poles and Jews; even the dreadful Baby Yar massacre was done by them, with German connivance, somewhat similar to Israeli connivance in the Sabra and Chatila massacres of Palestinians by the Lebanese fascists of the Phalange.—Israel Shamir, Februrary 25, 2014

Can there be even the slightest doubt, the NeoCons = Zionists = Nazis.  Who else would ever believe bringing such people to power amounted to democracy.  No, democracy here is used cynically for strategic or instrumental purposes to inflict harm upon Russians without much thought or reflection.  Precisely why American foreign policy is in the toilet with the likes of the Pravy Sektor, just another moniker for Sturmabteilung.  The world can only hope now that the Russians will do the right thing and crush the fascists who have taken control of the Ukraine.

By the way, Israel Shamir is the type of Israeli that merits my respect through his consistent rejection of fascism.  Shalom.  

Wake up! This is a Nazi putsch

The sorority girls, Nuland and Rice have brought Ukraine fascists to power

Dmitry Yarosh, declared: “the Right Sector will not lay down its arms.” He declared the deal made between the opposition and the President to be “unacceptable” and demanded the liquidation of President Yanukovich’s political party.

Do you get it?  This little exercise in destabilization has already spun out of control. Oleksandr Turchynov the appointed president is politically irrelevant because he has no support among the thugs on the street.  The fascists will kill anyone who gets in their way, short of a Russian intervention to prevent it.  Did no one in the State Department recall how the Sturmabteilung emerged from the Freikorps to control the streets and then bring Adolf Hitler to power.  The Obama people are (dare I say) fucking morons.  “Fuck the EU,” you say.  Au Contraire, it is precisely Merkel who has a grin from ear to ear.  Wake up Zbig.  The return of the Nazis is far worse than the Russkies.  And five will get you ten, that the Germans will soon be on the march—again—what a total unsurprise.  This is why the Haavara agreement that created allies of the Schutzstaffel and Zionists (aka NeoCons) is so important.  It is precisely the latter who have taken over foreign policy of the stooge, Barack Obama.  Obama was essentially anointed president by the Bilderberg Group, founded by a former SS officer and onetime employee of the Nazi conglomerate, I.G. Farben—Bernhard von Lippe—a Prussian no less.  Yikes!

Radioactive attraction of Socal

Strange goings on in LaLaLand

I know what you’re thinking.  Strange goings on in Los Angeles is normal. 

And there is little that can shock Angelinos, that I will admit.  But here are a couple of head scratchers that are coming into focus since Syria and Ukraine.  Or as Toronto Star columnist Eric Margolis asks: Is the U.S. trying to start World War III?  If not starting them . . . yet, they are preparing for them on the West Coast as my series of videos on troop and military equipment movement attest to.

Here are a couple more examples.

Local KCAL channel 9 reports military Operation drills in Urban Terrain took place in downtown Los Angeles, January 25th 2012. 

Question: will California be ground zero for a war?  As a matter of fact, I think it will, and the decision has been made to attempt to confine WWIII to the West and East Coasts.  West and East Coasts are the closest for both Chinese and Russian ICBMs.  Though as you’ll see in the last example perhaps the preemptive first strike will actually come right off our two coasts.  The Russians have developed nuclear subs with stealth technology that are virtually impossible to detect.  In fact a Russian sub is rumored to have spent a good deal of time in the Gulf of Mexico undetected.

Also military contractors like Boeing, Lockheed Martin Marietta, Northrup and Raytheon appear to be relocating off the West Coast and moving inland.  Which reminds me of the time when the American military planned to keep a thermonuclear war confined to Europe.  What the heck, Los Angeles is a suburb of Mexico City nowadays.  An expendable asset as the CIA might say.


Experts agree that the above photo was a ballistic missile being fired off of Los Angeles.  According to Wayne Madsen, “Missile experts, including those from Jane’s in London, say the plume was definitely from a missile, possibly launched from a submarine.

Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) has learned that the missile was likely a  JL-2 ICBM, which has a range of 7,000 miles and can deliver a 1000kt warhead, and was fired in a northwesterly direction over the Pacific and away from U.S. territory from a Jin class submarine. The Jin class can carry up to twelve such missiles.”—Wayne Madsen, WMR, November 10, 2010

“It’s a solid propellant missile”  Doug Richardson told the London Times

Doug Richardson is Jane’s missiles and rockets editor.   Richardson further surmised that it was a ballistic missile launched from a submarine. Japanese intelligence also says that it was a Jin-class submarine missile test.   The U.S. Defense Department believes there may be as many as 5 such submarines in operation capable of carrying 12 ballistic missiles each.  According to Veterans Today experts, the contrail was not that of a NATO missile.  From 35 miles off shore the travel time would be just a little over 2 minutes to the intercontinental United States.

Independent journalist Wayne Madsen also maintains this was a Chinese missile launch.  The launch could have been a demonstration of China’s capabilities, in the same way the U.S. likes to conduct naval maneuvers in the South China Seas off mainland China. 

A day after this demonstration China  downgraded U.S. debt.  A reminder of what really causes wars.  Recall that Adolf Hitler defaulted on Germany’s debts, as the United States is doing by debasing its currency.  Debt largely held by the Chinese.  In any event, by not claiming it was one of ours the public is led to believe it was one of theirs.  You know like China’s.  

However, look for demonization of the Chinese, like that of Iraqis, in the months ahead.  In fact, I believe the Zionist Fourth Estate is presently conducting an anti-Asian campaign to prepare the people for hostilities with the Chinese.  For example publishing false flag crime stories where the suspect is simply described as Asian, but then there is no follow up.  We have moved up a few minutes on the nuclear conflagration clock.  But if the World Economic Forum at Davos is any indication, the governing elite intend to replace workers with robots anyway.

If Wayne Madsen is right, the Chinese snuck down the coast undetected in the Jin-class nuclear submarine and launched a missile that could have easily reached the U.S. in nothing flat.  Would a missile defense system have intercepted said missile less than two minutes from the continental United States? 

I don’t know since we supposedly couldn’t shoot down a bunch of Arabs armed with boxcutters on 9/11.   In any event the system would have to work flawlessly on its very first attempt, and frankly how often dear reader does that happen?  There is nothing as farfetched as defense in the nuclear era.  What you have is second strike capability and nothing else to deter. 

Dear readers this was definitely a missile launch,  here off the coast of Los Angeles.  We see them routinely fired from Vandenberg Air Force Base.  This one came about 30 miles from the shoreline.  Asking the government to tell the truth is sort of like having a Jew tell the truth right after Yom Kippur, and the Kol Nidre prayer.  Or how about Fukushima radiation?  But why worry about a little radioactivity when you might get nuked.

As for illegal immigration, herd them into Southern California.  As I’ve often ended a post: Few get what they expect, but you will get what you deserve.  I provide proof positive evidence as to why uninformed Mexicans might like to avoid Southern California as we careen toward a nuclear confrontation with both China and Russia.  Here for your information are the primary targets in the U.S. when the SHTF:Nuclear Target map

As you can see, Los Angeles and San Francisco’s Silicon Valley are prime targets.  Russian missiles have throw weights of 50 megaton devices, the blast wave of which will carry out to just about the edge of the San Jacinto mountains when detonated above downtown Los Angeles.  Most of the damage, immediate that is, coming in a 60 mile radius around the target.

Now some folks might wonder about military installations, but I actually think they’re somewhat of lower priority than the primary population centers.  After all you would expect the other side to expect incoming even as they were doing the irrational—that’s what the second strike doctrine is all about.  However, Obama being a NeoCon, just examining his body of work, he might be one of them Wohlstetter Weenies that imagine preemptive wars can be won.  We might just find out in the Ukraine and the East China Sea.

As long as the NeoCons are in control of the U.S. government, e.g., Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, Barack Obama, and yes Hillary Clinton, the Russians would be very foolish to not be on high alert as they currently are regarding the Ukraine coup d’etat.