Great summation of where we stand by Jeremiah Johnson at Zero Hedge

The U.S. Congress and the MIC want to invade Syria, and then Iran. They also want to “clear things up” in Korea. These nations are in the way of the establishment of a U.S.-controlled hegemony in the areas and a face-off with Russia. The first part of it is economic in nature: to attempt to stalemate Russia and China with sanctions and interference in trade (such as the maneuver previously mentioned in other articles to run a natural gas pipeline from Qatar into Eastern Europe).

The Russians have pretty much taken over the Arctic in terms of exploration and mining. This was enabled to be brought about by none other than Obama, along with the islands off the coast of Alaska that he magnanimously “gave away.” Obama has left us in very dire straits in our position with the rest of the world: The Middle East is still in a shambles from the “Arab Spring” and all of the debacles in Egypt and Libya; the Eastern European question is not yet solved in relation to Ukraine and the tug-O’-war over it between the U.S. and Russia; Syria and Iran are “powder kegs” about to blow; and the potential for war with North Korea is far from exhausted.–Jeremiah Johnson, May 29, 2017

What the U.S. would like to do will prove immaterial if the economy collapses from the weight of debt. Then the above potential wars will likely happen to rescue our governing elite. It does not take much of a nuclear strategist to see the potential for catastrophe when the proverbial SHTF. Indeed, Obama was sent to us by the Rothschilds and Germany to do precisely that–to undermine the credibility of the United States because the banksters have deigned to pass the financial baton onto China and the yuan. Trump must know this, as I said in the previous post he has a very high I.Q. And he gave hints of it in the campaign when he lambasted China, while praising Putin. Clinton of course would have taken a tougher line on Russia than on China, precisely because the Rothschilds fear Putin much more than Xi Jinping. Also the international travelers, the tape worms, appear to be learning Mandarin or some other Chinese dialect. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. They have already chosen their next host to feed upon. However, their selection gives away one thing, production is where real value added occurs and not in financial speculation. The last stage of financial speculation in the U.S. was designed simply to loot the treasury.


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