Headline: James Clapper: ‘Warning Light’ Was on Regarding Russia Collusion, But No ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence

Dear Director of National Intelligence, my car’s check engine light sometimes comes on and there is nothing wrong with the engine. I take it to the mechanic and he gives the all OK. What’s wrong here you have a bunch of Democratic mechanics that wish to stiff car owners, and issue a recall when there is nothing wrong with the ol’ car. The real reason for their car light is a prior accident to the car, that they don’t want potential buyers to know about: like the murder of Seth Conrad Rich, the former Democrat voter analyst. So the deal here is to blame the car maker for the check engine light instead of taking responsibility for the accident that damaged the car, that happened to be driven at the time by Hillary Clinton. Yes, she was probably inebriated while driving under the influence, and her parents the DNC exercised extremely poor judgement in giving her the car keys. Now they have all this front end damage and don’t know what to do about it. Instead of sending the dang thing out to the body shop they decide instead to sue the car maker? Go figure. They’re probably going to lose their case to the car maker that has deep pockets, because there really is no evidence and never was any. Instead, the car maker will prove this was all insurance fraud by the parents, i.e., the DNC, who wanted to get money for nothing.


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