The presupposition of NATO is largely a ghost

The original foundations of the NATO alliance were built on alleged military necessity: now that this argument is no longer viable, the NATO-crats are struggling to build new foundations that are fundamentally political – the creation of a European super-state. Of course, these two concepts are historically linked: the European project – aided and in large part originated by the US – was born as a adjunct to and in support of NATO as a bulwark against the spread of Soviet influence. Yet the campaign to create a European “patriotism,” a sense of nationality out of the disparate peoples of the continent, was always buttressed by the one factor that all nations depend on: fear. Fear, that is, of conquest by outsiders, aliens who would ride roughshod over their lands and traditions.

With the disappearance of the Soviet Union, this fear has largely dissipated. After all, the Russians are arguably half-European, at the very least: they are less alien than, say, the Turks, who enjoy NATO membership. During the cold war, the prospect of being assimilated into the Soviet borg conjured visions of the cultural transformation – and ruin – of ancient societies. Absent the ideological other-ness of “Putinism,” whatever that may be, no one imagines that Russian soldiers are about to rampage across Europe, burning non-Orthodox churches and forcing everyone to memorize Putin’s favorite aphorisms. — Justin Raimondo,, May 31, 2017

Let’s get real. Germany is hiding behind NATO for two reasons: 1) it doesn’t have to expend large amounts on the military that would raise taxes, and keeps interest rates within reason (i.e., it prevents the crowding out of investment by the government), and 2) the euro is undervalued relative to its productivity.

Trump has merely called out the Krauts for being freeloaders. Sure Germany likes the arrangement because it makes them an industrial superpower, vendor lending to the Lilliputians of Europe who in turn consume German produced goods, thereby doing to the rest of Europe what Great Britain once did for India–prevent them from competing with German industry.

As long as the EU exists in its present configuration the rest of Europe will largely be prevented from developing. You want to develop: shut yourself off from the parasites of the world like Japan did during the Sakoku period. Free from the imperialists like Britain, Japan advanced and developed while India stagnated. In fact, I might argue its relative isolation from foreign manufactured goods forced it to develop its own industry.

For a counter argument see the works of UCLA economic historian Robert Brenner.

Japan was the only country that autochthonously developed in the late 19th century. China couldn’t develop within this period because of Britain and the same applied to India. And to the extent Mexico ties its horse to the U.S. hitching post, it will not develop. There is a vast difference between assembling and manufacturing. The other impetus is of course a military sector, that provides an initial market for industrial output. And as subsequent developments have finally shown, the Indians and Chinese neither lacked for the required mental faculties to develop, but it had to be introduced from without, though their development occurred at the cost of a zero sum loss to American workers. Fine up to a point until you realize for the system to remain stable China and India must sell into a U.S. market which is perpetually weakening, as famously noted by the Dr. of Doom, Marc Faber. So when China slows, it is a sign of America slowing. Which can all be seen in the Baltic Dry Index which remains at historic lows.
BDIThe cost of moving dry goods or intermediate raw materials used in production by ship. Clearly, production all around the world is slowing because of too much debt. People must cut expenditures to not fall in arrears on their debts. Which is of course the opposite of what the quantity-theory monetarists predict. A clear falsification of their predictions, yet persisted in because they are not practicing economic science but New World Order religion to bond the people to a neofeudalism. Then they wish to bring back the Papacy to control the lemmings. The Federal Reserve would be just as effective if they used incantations and spells to do their forecasting, or perhaps throwing out bones on a piece of parchment to read the future. In point of fact, it would most likely be more accurate. Dismal science? Even worse, Hebrew voodoo.


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