Past and Present: Koufax vs. Kershaw

I’ve been lucky enough to see both Dodger pitchers. Koufax had a little more giddy-up to his fastball that rose and produced a lot of pop-ups. Their breaking balls are comparable, though I don’t recall Koufax throwing a slider like Kershaw does. To compare Koufax and Kershaw is also like comparing Mantle to Trout. If you’re a baseball fan, it’s a real treat. And if you don’t know who these monikers belong to, then you’re not a baseball fan and it doesn’t matter. Greatest baseball athlete, either Robinson or the The Bo. Robinson was a four sport star athlete for UCLA. Greatest crime, not being able to watch Robinson in professional football with his UCLA teammate Kenny Washinton, who likewise broke the color barrier in that sport. Bo was just a freakish athlete like Bob Hayes with the Cowboys. Greatest sports scribe? Bar none, Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times. That is, when he wasn’t passed out on Bud Furillo’s kitchen floor.


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