Facts support Trump: crime is being imported from south of the border

The top three countries that DEA fugitives come from are: (1) Mexico, 505; (2) United States, 124; and (3) Colombia, 21.

Out of the 787 whose place-of-birth is known, 70 percent are from south of the U.S.-Mexico border, 64 percent from Mexico alone.–Breitbart, April 25, 2017

The drug trade is a problem, and has a multiplier effect in creating crime to feed an appetite for illicit drugs.

Excuses for Latinos no longer holds water. They make up about 17 percent of the general population but constitute 34 percent of the Bureau of Prisons inmates. That is too high a figure, and needs to be reduced.

Latin inspired crime no doubts costs the nation in the billion$, in crime, incarceration, and of course recidivism. Will “The Wall” stop such activity, that costs American businesses and society in general. Here is the problem: crimes costs American society $15 billion in tangible property losses, and costs the government’s judicial system some $179 billion in enforcement, legal costs, and incarceration.

Meaning that Trump’s wall could probably pay for itself in short order by just curbing imported criminal activity, to say nothing about violent crime associated with the drug trade which is even more costly to society in terms of lives.

Which is to say, you either get a handle on crime through better immigration enforcement by ICE or the country will continue to sink toward being a Club Med country like Italy where crime reduces GDP.

Secondly, there is no need to build a new wall. The old wall is serviceable. Just build guard towers at intervals along the wall and place ground sensors. Not even this will totally prevent breaches, but the idea is to slow traffic sufficiently to reduce crime on the American side of the fence.

Not even the Great Wall of China could keep out the Mongol Hordes. The idea is to keep the barbarians outside the gates and not within the walls of society. Recall what happened when the Goths crossed the Danube into Thrace? The mid-4th century immigration marked the beginning of the end for Roman Empire. It was the incipient crack in the Roman armor. As Charles Scaliger writes:

In spite of the tendency of historians to ascribe blame for the Gothic War on Roman incompetence, the fact remains that the Goths showed callous disrespect for their Roman hosts, commencing their pillaging almost immediately. They displayed no inclination to honor their promises to be subject to Roman laws nor to submit to Roman military authority. They showed no gratitude to Roman authorities for taking them in in their hour of need. Instead of allying themselves with the Romans against a common enemy, they took advantage of the weakness of their hosts to seize land and property. A significant number of them entered Roman territory without permission.–Charles Scaliger, “Western Roman Empire: Overwhelmed by Immigrants,” October 6, 2015.

Without proper assimilation to Roman law and values, the Empire had admitted a cancer, and proceeded to unravel. By the mid-5th century the Vandals, another Gothic tribe, were sacking Rome. Yes, it was stupidity, and it is being repeated today in the United States that has eschewed assimilation for multiculturalism, a turning point in the American Empire. As I say, everything is in motion but nothing ever changes when it comes to empires. They flourish and then fail like clock work.

Finally, what will be the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. Empire? That is easy. Today’s immigrants do not love the United States, but are coming here for the money and or jobs. They are mercenaries that do not love the country, but most likely haters of the Yankees. They come to the country without even breaking a book to examine the American Constitution. How else could Mexicans advocate that Barack Obama pardon and give them permanent residency which is a violation of the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branch of government. As far as I know, it is only Congress that can make immigration and naturalization law, and the executive branch is required to enforce those laws. In a word, immigrants do not share American values, and in the case of Muslim immigrants are intolerant and antithetical to those very values–like genital mutilation.

Without common sense, to use Thomas Paine’s moniker, globalist Republicans and Democrats have undermined society by introducing these antithetical ethnic groups into the country, just as Rome erred in letting in the Thuringians and Vandals onto Roman territory. What started out as immigration ended up being a retreat from conquered territory. That is what is happening in the Southwest, and why this writer would support Federal occupation of such hostile territories as California. Lest I remind you, dear reader, that Jerry Brown has Germanic heritage through his grandmother’s father, August Schuckman. That he has turned the Left Coast into something resembling Rome’s Western Province of Ancient Thrace is no accident.


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