International Monetary Fund’s bad news . . .

In America alone, bad debt held by companies could reach $4 trillion, “or almost a quarter of corporate assets considered,” according to the IMF. That debt “could undermine financial stability” if mishandled, the IMF says.

The percentage of “weak,” “vulnerable” or “challenged” debt held as assets by US firms has almost arrived at the same level it was right before the 2008 crisis.–Activist Post, April 24, 2017

Wake up and smell the coffee lemmings. Mounds and mounds of money printing by the so-called geniuses at the Fed have only made the problems worse since 2008. This baby is goin’ down. Big Time. Just in time to hang the blame on clueless Donald J. Trump and the nationalists. This was the globalist plan, to set up clueless Donald as a “middleman majority”. Though the Scotch-Irish are probably no more than a minority since Obama’s “Open Door Policy”. The plan from here on out will be to distract the American people from the big hurt that is just a matter of time. Yep, The Donald will be forced to start some half-baked war somewhere, anywhere, and pronto. That is the only way to save his social movement. So a war must be risked to save the country from the clutches of globalism. Though as far as I’m concerned this Rothschild inspired take-down originated in Germany at the Deutsche Verteidegungs Dienst. It was payback time for the American interference in the original Hitler Plan. The Krauts never forget, like celebrating a victory over the Slavs in World War I, in Grunwald Poland, to avenge a defeat of the Teutonic Knights 500 years earlier. Geez Louise. How lame can you get–i.e., our dear military brass? Forget nuking North Korea, and concentrate on the Rhineland instead. There is still a chance of saving America’s honor, if The Donald gets behind Marine Le Pen with the help of the CIA. What the heck, if the Russkies can get away with it in our elections, why not offer some help to the nationalists in France. No, I don’t believe the Russkies influenced our election at all, but it makes a hell of an excuse for our own intervention in France. Yes, Merkel can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.


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