When is the Justice Dept. going to investigate?

And by the way — it is not over yet, folks. There’s more coming. It is not just adult women, it is human trafficking, it is child sex trafficking, it is real pedophilia, in a town where there are no rules. Where the truth is stranger than fiction, and where fiction is based on reality.

It is time for the Dept. of Justice to get their act in gear, start a federal criminal investigation into Harvey Weinstein, his ongoing criminal activity, that no doubt has crossed state lines and continents.–Jeanine Pirro, Activist Post, Oct. 17, 2017

Globalists engaged in international child trafficking are shielding Hollywood from a much needed investigation that they once blew off with the revelations of Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood. Post Weinstein such probes need to be conducted. However, I’m not into the idea government can fix this problem. The public can address this problem by boycotting Hollywood depravity and their version of “entertainment”. The rule of law demands that Hollywood pedophilia finally be addressed. The question: Where is Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department? The pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was shielded from a harsher sentence by the Clintons, and it appears the depravity of Weinstein was protected by the likes of the Obama administration, because he and other Hollywood miscreants benefited from a Democratic stay out of jail free card. Trump’s campaign pledge was to adhere to the rule of law. He is not living up to that pledge in the case of Hollywood. We simply do not know how deep this scandal goes because of his inaction. The FBI may already have an extensive dossier on Hollywood’s criminal activity, but is not acting upon it because of ongoing globalist complicity in the sex and human trafficking trade. It reminds one of the Russian uranium $145 million bribery case against Hillary and Bill Clinton that was tabled by the ever corrupt James Comey during the Obama administration. The Justice Department not only allows treason against the country, but looks the other way when it comes to pedophilia. Rule of law? Hogwash! More like criminal coddling.


H. Clinton took $145 million in Russian bribes for Uranium deal

The modus operandi of a Rothschild scheme is to accuse your political opponent of the very act you are engaged in. In the case of Hillary Rodham Clinton this amounted to accusing Trump of Russian collusion, though she herself was engaged in taking Russian bribes from Russian nuclear industry officials. To the handsome tune of some $145 million for 1/5 of American atomic resources.

. . . under President Obama, the FBI had documented an exhaustive trail of corruption, bribery and treason that involved Hillary Clinton, State Department corruption and Russia-linked mining companies that acquired rights to U.S. uranium supplies.

This truth was described in great detail in the book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, and now evidence is emerging that further confirms the depth of collusion, corruption, money laundering and treason that Hillary Clinton actively pursued to collect $145 million from Russia-linked sources.

According to The Hill:

Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews.–Mike Adams, Natural News, Oct. 18, 2017

Dear readers it is completely over for the dodgy Democratic National Committee that protected and empowered Hillary Clinton, and stole the 2016 party nomination from Bernie Sanders. Just as they protected Harvey Weinstein, Democrats defended a traitor to the U.S. They did this because of globalism, which does not believe in national loyalty, but only profits that grease their palms. They favor Big Business even when it is the Russians. The watchword of the Democrats is simple: CORRUPTION at any cost.

The cry of “lock here up,” should be replaced with a call to “hang her high.” So what did these miscreants attempt to achieve with this scam? In my own opinion it was to show how completely incompetent the American ruling class is. Thereby discrediting them in the eyes of world opinion as the leader of the free world.

The idea is to hand off leadership to the banksters next mark, the People’s Republic of China. This will be finalized and accomplished by discrediting the petrodollar. The Chinese will first legitimize the exchange of oil for yuan, and then offer oil exporters the opportunity to exchange the yuan for gold purchased from the Shanghai Exchange. With no need to hold dollars to purchase energy, there is really no reason to hold U.S. treasuries. A sell off of U.S. bonds is now clearly baked into the cake–sooner or later. Between this scheme and machinations of the Federal Reserve the United States resides in the proverbial quandry, between a rock and a hard place. Which leads us with but one Trump card, the U.S. military. You simply can’t get around the next war with Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran.

Again it is over. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will supplant Benedict Arnold in our list of most hated traitors. Putin and Xi are no doubt enjoying a very good laugh as I write. But the Thermidor has just begun here in the U.S.

Hollywood PEDOPHILIA: Wake up!


*Hollywood is not only loaded with perverts, but they are attempting to intimidate Trump supporters, using the medical profession, and the dissemination of active viruses. It is a hidden war against the American people like geoengineering of the weather. Not only Hollywood requires purging of these miscreants, but also the medical profession–beginning with the Ronald Reagan Medical Center and its ties to Davita. I personally would investigate a dodgy male nurse named Barofsky, and a doctor who goes by the moniker of Greenblatt and then just follow the money and their bank accounts. Though it is perfectly possible these names were aliases.

U.S. could very well be on the brink of collapse . . . inasmuch as . . .

The powers that be cannot allow this to happen, our craven ruling elite will take us to war. The Chinese have moved troops to the North Korean border, and U.S. special forces are mobilizing for action in South Korea. A black swan may just be in the cards that will also bring down the bond market. Yes, this is the calm before the storm; more like being in the eye of the hurricane before the eye-wall passes over you.

Recent headlines:
China moves 150,000 troops to its border after Donald Trump sends warships to North Korea

Russia ‘moves troops and equipment’ to North Korea border, as Kim Jong-un warns of ‘super-mighty pre-emptive strike’

The bottomline is that China has told North Korea if the U.S. attacks them first, then China will come to their defense. The Americans having demonized Russia since the 2016 election, cannot know whether preemptive action will also be countered by the Russians. In short, we remain on the precipice of World War III. Why Deagle.com, a military supplier, has been predicting a 260 million reduction in U.S. population by 2020 (actually I think Deagle.com is nothing more than a CIA front, but only time will tell).

CBS’ NFL Sunday Ratings Crash 17% from Last Year

Commie protest blowback: the National Football League has committed seppuku. Americans discover the obvious: that they can live without arrogant athletes “dissing” flag and country. Clearly because it is the latter, and not the former, to whit that provides meaning for Americans, and why Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election with the motto of “Making America Great Again”. If Americans keep this up they will even soon discover that real power rests in free markets.

Chris Hedges: some good phenomenological description of the economy

This obsession with Russia is a tactic used by the ruling elite, and in particular the Democratic Party, to avoid facing a very unpleasant reality: that their unpopularity is the outcome of their policies of deindustrialization and the assault against working men and women and poor people of color. It is the result of disastrous trade agreements like NAFTA that abolished good-paying union jobs and shipped them to places like Mexico, where workers without benefits are paid $3.00 an hour.–Chris Hedges, Zero Hedge, Oct. 15, 2017

Bracket the phenomenon and describe the relevant detail, and in the case of the economy these are clearly the identifying details, as my old teacher Harold Garfinkel would say. In any event, do not allow the Zionist Fourth Estate to make you into a cultural dope. What the Democrats wish to do is substitute their rhetoric for the phenomenon–hence all the nonsense about Russia. This became an art form in sociology, substituting ding-bat theories for real world phenomenon. When compared to the immediate prior era before globalization in the 1980s, these described details would immediately jump out at you. How good investigative journalism could supplant Academese blather when it comes to the economy. Hedges reminds this observer of long forgotten economist, Henry George.

Why few except moi talk about the 800 lbs. gorilla in the room

Through clever operant conditioning, critiques of the 800 lbs. gorilla are curbed by the cry of anti-Semitism. Though it is indubitably the fact, the Israelis discriminate against the Palestinians who are above all else a Semitic people. Probably much more Semitic than the Khazarian Jews that wish to masquerade as from the Middle East. So yes, the Jews are anti-Semitic as far as Palestinians are concerned.

And just as Jews have demonstrated the efficacy of crying anti-Semitism at every turn or critique, the Blacks in the U.S. have also taken to crying “racism” anytime they are critiqued. But with Weinstein, who doesn’t seem to grasp the significance of his own take-down, anti-Semitic and the racism prophylactic are being currently deconstructed with the well known revelations (oxymoronically speaking, that is) of Harvey Weinstein’s perversions.

I give kudos to Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood for breaking this story, but ignored by the Zionist Fourth Estate for obvious conflicts of interests. As for the actresses now coming forward to condemn Weinstein, as well as wusses like Ben Affleck, I say what would you expect from salamanders without backbones. Perhaps why the Zionist Fourth Estate ignored Feldman and Wood is that their revelations implicates Hollywood in rampant pedophilia, which this observer believes to exist, and which elements of the Jewish American community are attempting to normalize like homosexuality.

I ask you dear readers: do you really wish to support such a depraved and degenerate industry? Yes, just as NFL attendance has plummeted since the start of the National Anthem controversy, it is only you that can stop the exploitation of children through a boycott of the film industry, which has shown no interest up until now of getting its house in order. And the latter in part results from the protection of the criminal Democrats that protects its main source of campaign funding. In fact, Berniecrats and Trump supporters have much in common when it comes to their position on political corruption and the protection of jobs. They may even one day merge to fix the system, as the UKIP has sought to do in Britain. The American Independent Party doesn’t sound half bad.