Commiecrats shouldn’t be blowing up monuments, they should be blowing themselves up.

Jefferson Davis, a freakin’ Democrat. Robert E Lee, another freakin’ Democrat. In fact the solid South that loved slavery, mostly Democrats. And what about recently? Oh yeah, FDR the Commiecrat that incarcerated a 100,000 Japanese Americans with Executive Order 9066. Whose actions were endorsed by the scion of libtardness, Earl Warren, another freakin’ Democrat. Or how about LBJ, who murdered over 600,000 civilians in Vietnam. But hey not to worry, these “gooks, slopes, and slant eyes” were simply mud people . . . right. Yes, LBJ, another Democrat. Yes, destroy them freakin’ monuments before the public discovers the real history of the Democratic Party. Freakin’ unbelievable. Leftists, the worst educated people on the face of the planet. And now they are going after, Traveler the USC mascot, because Robert E. Lee had a similarly named mount? MORONS! And these same morons deign themselves qualified to be lecturing the public on racism? Yikes! The only people perhaps worse educated, the Zionist Fourth Estate.

Antifa, BLM, and other Leftists clearly in the wrong


The US Supreme Court settled the issue 40 years ago in 1977 by overturning an Illinois court order that blocked an extremist protest in Skokie, a Jewish suburb of Chicago. The Supreme Court ruled that protest is not limited by the fact that some people will be offended or by the chance that there will be violent reactions. Otherwise, whatever faction happens to be in charge can suppress dissent by everyone else.–Paul Craig Roberts, August 20, 2017

Leftists have become fascists, which is always about unconstrained discourse and fascists attempts to suppress alternative view points.

The issue was settled in 1977 by the U.S. Supreme Court. And Charlottesville was no one else’s fault other than those who resorted to a new form of book burning, by agreeing to remove Civil War monuments, and impose their idea of political correctness. This is not free speech; it is coercion.

And knowing full well the controversy it would elicit by doing so, the city council then issued a permit to demonstrate? Please, they deliberately sought a confrontation and then ordered the police to stand down, as the police did in Berkeley California, and the Trump campaign rally in Orange County. The Zionist 4th Estate is the enemy here–the enemy of democracy. They will foster Civil War, but they are unlikely to prevail because they mistakenly believe the American people are cultural dopes, and can’t see through their reprehensible tactics.

Will there be Good Americans where there was no good Germans? These tactics have failed now in the general election, and four special elections, and are frankly a losing strategy. But now because the president’s domestic agenda has collapsed, the levitation of the market will also fail, largely due to the failed expectations of tax reform, and infrastructure expenditures. People will see clearly what the economic indicators have been really showing–signs of collapse.

As I’ve continued to maintain this makes war in North Korea or elsewhere highly likely. So where do we go from here?

Well first of all the loony left is doing the heavy lifting for the Nazis*. They want a race war. By removing Robert E. Lee monuments don’t be surprised if you see vandalism and attacks upon the monuments of Martin Luther King. For the Nazis, King’s close ties to members of the Communist Party of the United States, like close associates Stanley David Levison and William Weiner will make the civil rights leader fair game for the Nazis.

This will amp up the conflict exponentially. Also think about why would David Duke compliment Donald J. Trump when he knows his endorsement is like the kiss of death. It would be like Barack Obama endorsing a conservative, it would be the latter’s undoing. And that dear readers is what the Nazis want for the Commiecrats: to remove Donald J. Trump, because they believe his removal will set off civil war.

Now stepping back this is what the Illuminati wanted all along, to divide and conquer the United States so that it would not stand in the way of globalism–and not coincidentally pass the baton of leadership of the “free world” to Germany and Angela Merkel. Like gag me with a spoon. Which will leave Donald J. Trump with only one out: to go to war with Russia and save the bacon of the Rothschild banking empire. Then watch Trump become lionized and accoladed by the Zionist Fourth Estate.

*Note: Nazi is the acronym for National Socialism. It was co-opted by Hitler because this is the well worn tactic of the Rothschilds, to identify social movements and make them subservient to Rothschild interests. Like the present Trump administration has been pretty much co-opted by the neoconservatives, agents of the Khazarian Mafia banksters. It was once socialism for German workers or American workers, etc. To become fascists, the Nazis had to assassinate the Munich Beer Hall boyz in the Night of the Long Knives. Then the movement and Hitler’s government became the purview of big business, banksters, industrialists, I.G. Farben, and the Krupps. This is precisely what is currently happening to the Trump administration. In our case, banking interests are dominant. After the next war, only about 60 million of the 320 million Americans are expected to survive. But because the Illuminati are so incompetent, they might just exterminate the species of Homo sapiens sapiens.

Deja vu . . .

Absolutely . . . “Worldwide, people are losing trust in institutions,” he said. “Trust in the military, small business, and police is still there. But trust in democracies, media, and politicians is dropping.” “When was the last time we saw these changes and the rise of right-wing populism?” he asked. “The 1930s.”–Neil Howe
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Elementary my dear Watson. The Illuminati and their underlings, the Khazarian Mafia Banksters (KMB), have unleashed 1) the social context of 1933 Berlin by introducing debauchery, depravity, and degeneracy, 2) rampant financial speculation, and 3) unilateral military aggression, and 4) the delegitimizing of the League of Nations or in today’s case the United Nations.

Dear readers the last time around Germany as a fascist state was isolated, and the Germans didn’t sulk after losing World War II, but went back with their tails between their legs and figured out another way to win. This time around they would turn the world fascist first through deceptive amalgamation pacts euphemistically called trade deals, that however dispatched sovereign control of states to a central authority of technocrats in Brussels, but was actually run from Berlin or its shadow government, the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst near Dachau Germany.

The Paris Climate Change Pact is really nothing more than siphoning off the power of national constituencies to the United Nations. It is in truth, the Germans work-around of national democratic resistance. This time they were even more methodical and stealthy in taking over Europe. They first dismantled every other countries industrial capacity through the ruse of a post industrial society and de-industrialization, in part accomplished by free trade. Believing at the time they launched their plan that it was America’s industrial might that defeated them in World War II.

And then they masked their fascism using identity politics to take over governments and creating Deep States to resist any attempts to alter the New World Order which is again a euphemism for the Hitler Plan. In other words, they used the oldest of the old strategies to dismantle their competition, using the ol’ saw of dividing and conquering the working class. As I have also noted even the final solution remains in play if Jews around the world relocate to Israel because of the rising tide of nationalism. The Germans, bar none, are the most cunning of political adversaries which the Beef Eaters in Britain were as well slow to grasp.

Behind the scene . . .

As Politico’s Robert Costa tweets, “One theme I’m picking up: Bannon believes next battle is *not* w/ Trump but w/ Kushner/Cohn/Dina/HR McMaster. “Save Trump,” as one R put it.”

Indeed, just the Jewish Zionist mafia + neoconservatives. They cannot be any solution, but are part of the problem. They are responsible for the false-flag 9/11 hoax attack to frame Arabs, they masterminded the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych, and behind our efforts to oust Bashar al-Assad, as we did Moammar Kadhafy. The true objective is the following:

The Mideast plan: Isis proxies allied with U.S. change 7 regimes for a greater Israel.
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<img src="ISIS mission” alt=”Isis” />

Our “ISIS” mission: make Israel safe out of U.S. tax dollars. This was of course the original Zionist Plan for the Middle East: Israeli Hegemony. The A-R-A-B-S will not allow themselves to be subjugated to the skullcaps, consequently there will be perpetual conflict.

This is of course not our fight. Other than the free flow of oil out of the Middle East, our national interests in the squabble between Jews and Arabs are really minimal, though not insignificant.

We are far less dependent upon Mideast oil than other countries, and indeed have our own large oil reserves. Consequently, Israel must keep us tied to the region by manufacturing a justification. That justification was the Jewish banksters creation of the petrodollar that backed the fiat U.S. currency with oil.

That is, the dodgy dollar was to be the exclusive means of buying and selling the black gold. Which of course also meant that every central bank needed to hold dodgy dollars. Why we must start or provoke a war with Russia to preserve the petrodollar, because both China and Russia want to abandon the dollar as the means of settling trades for oil.

That might just mean a stampede out of the dollar, and a return to its true value–since we have printed up so many unbacked by the requisite production–to zero. And Both Putin and Xi know this.

Therefore the Russkies and Chinese are also beginning to move their chess pieces like the new Chinese international payments platform, and Putin’s payment system to replace SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). This is why war is just around the corner.

Putin and Xi must be stopped if the petrodollar is to remain dominant.

At this stage everything the Americans have tried has failed. Why you see phrases all over the internet like “crash of the dollar.” I also suspect the Khazarian Mafia banksters want to hand off the economic leadership baton to the Chinese, and why Putin and not Xi is demonized in the U.S. press. The Russkies are actually targeting the Rothschilds–for extermination . . . and vice versa. Putin’s advantage? He has a military. The Rothschilds rely upon the U.S. military to do their dirty work, just as Smedley Butler noted (See his treatise on “War is a Racket.”

In any event, because the Rothschilds are despised by the general public that has any familiarity with the family, the cockamamie story concocted to justify war with the Russians and Chinese will most likely warp believability. Hence emerges North Korea to the rescue. A nutty country led by an even nuttier leader, Kim Jong Un. However, because North Korea borders both China and Russia, I do not believe the Chinese nor Russians can allow Americans to establish a beachhead on their borders. Hence it makes perfect sense that the Russians have already begun to move military equipment to Vladivostok in advance of Trump’s new war. Just recall the last time Americans approached the Yalu River during the Korean War, the Chinese sent nearly a million men to the war front. Neither Russia nor China can afford to allow the U.S. to remove Mr. Kim. He may be a nut job, but he’s their nut job. However, if you want war with China and Russia, that is the route to take.

Kudos to the Rothschilds. Mission accomplished. This might even signal that Trump is another plant like Adolf Hitler, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Alexis Tsipras, Emmanuel Macron and other assorted Rothschild stooges down through the ages.

There are some stories that simply bear repeating

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Now the know it alls think it is global warming, and anyone who disagrees with them is an heretic. Why they are currently making science into a quasi-religion. And if you disagree with their so-called science you are excommunicated. Unfortunately, most of the weather science needs to post their data, so their findings can be checked, and of course, whether other studies have duplicated them. Believe it or not scientists make mistakes like believing in imaginary substances. For example, phlogiston. The forerunners of modern chemistry thought of oxygen, not isolated till the works of Joseph Priestley and Antoine Lavoisier discovered it in the late 18th century, as de-phlogisticated air. Phlogiston didn’t exist at all and was simply thought up by scientists to make their theories consistent with what was known at the time. So scientists today have first erred in pronouncing global cooling, and might even now be wrong in promoting global warming. The only thing real is that banksters want to trade in carbon emissions. There’s a political and monetary motive for promoting the global warming meme, but very little motive to explaining the science behind the new movement. Post your data if you dare!

Most everything today in science comes down to methodology and data collection. The best science deals with closed systems that can be set in motion by the experimenter. Like most of chemistry. Earth science lacks the ability to close off physically and set systems in motion except through statistical methodology for controlled comparisons. Countries like present day China sort of demonstrably show the effects of high carbon emissions, as sunny Los Angeles once did with their inversion layers. However, most of science today strikes this observer as B.S. politics, that has drifted too far away from experiments. Now I can recall how surprised Robert Millikan was to discover that repeated measurements of the charge on the electron, yielded not a constant, but something more akin to a tight average. When constants have somewhat the characteristics of variables, the solid ground of science has the feeling of quick sand.

On April 27, I predicted the following. And besides tearing down monuments is akin to book burning, not surprisingly by Jewish communists

The above video depicting violence between leftists and Trump supporters will escalate to weapons. Therefore we are in a civil war, or at least well on our way there. These fisticuffs will give way to arms and running gun street battles like Germany pre-1933.

Communism and capitalism are diametrical opposites. There really are no common grounds or much room for discussion, deliberation, and discourse. They are contradictory value systems. The fascists are people who actually deny free speech, in this case the so-called Antifa. This is the sine qua non of fascism, the denial of free speech and distorted communication.

Many of these leftist groups are funded by George Soros, a documented Nazi collaborator during World War II, and is also Jewish. Why perhaps the Zionist Fourth Estate does not condemn groups like By-Any-Means-Necessary and Black Live Matter. In fact, Soros’ links to Black Lives Matter. According to a hacked report of an Open Society New York meeting held Oct. 1-2, 2015, Soros’ Open Society Foundation provided $650,000 to core groups of Black Lives Matter.

Recognizing the need for strategic assistance, the U.S. Programs Board approved $650,000 in Opportunities Fund support to invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.–Breitbart, August 16, 2016

A tactic reminiscent of the German military that provided funding for the Freikorps after World War I. Controlling the streets stands at the heart of either fascist or communist politics.

Hitler often alluded to the fact he had learned everything he knew about politics from studying the Russian Revolution. Controlling the streets was central to Lenin’s strategy. And it is fact that Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin were all Jews. Now the Jews have attempted, rather successfully I might add, to portray themselves as simply innocent bystanders in Germany’s catastrophe.

That is not true.

They like other ethnic groups were political players, like one Rosa Luxemburg of the Sparticists. A rather well known communist better known as “Red Rosa”. She along with fellow leftist Karl Liebknecht was assassinated by the Freikorps. That I suspect will be the next step in the escalation of the street battles–targeted assassinations (this again, was posted before the assassination attempt upon Steve Scalise on June 14th of this year).

The orchestration of the American catastrophe proceeds parallel to the German template executed by the Rothschilds of that era. As I’ve repeatedly noted, the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA, believed Hitler to be related to the Rothschilds through his grandmother on his father’s side of the family of Hiedler (note: not Hitler as we refer to Adolf today). The Illuminati, a euphemism for bankster wankers, are following an established script that produced positive results previously, in the establishment of Israel. Today’s unrest appears to be designed to drive American Jews to Israel to solve a fast approaching demographic dilemma of Arabs outnumbering Jews in the promised lands.

Yes, anti-Semitic attacks (remembering always that Arabs also are a semitic race) are being orchestrated to drive them from the country. Just as Jews were invited to leave Germany under the Ha’avara or Transfer Agreement under Hitler. The idea is to pin responsibility for the inevitable financial crash of the state on the Jews to drive them to Israel to resolve the Israelis demographic crisis. (Note: we are beginning to see articles in the Zionist Fourth Estate, now, designed to scare the Jewish population. For example the Los Angeles Times story, “For L.A. Jews, echoes of ugly past.” Though I would even have to admit it appears the manipulators are losing control over the situation. You do realize dear readers that the Hitler Plan envisioned the deportation of all Jews to Palestine.)

In this perverted game of ethnic conflict, Jews in America recognizing this ploy have already sought to provide daft Americans with an appropriate scapegoat in the Amigos or Mexican immigrants. The most interesting battle being precisely this intra-ethnic struggle between Zionists and American Jews assimilated to the American way of life. (Note: the latter are often referred to as self-hating Jews, by the Zionist true believers.)

Therefore, Marx was thoroughly off base. The key class conflict is between the rich and among capital, and not that between capital and labor. This is why I think we find leftists without any working class foundation to speak of–like the Commiecrats. Question: can industrialists make a comeback in these struggles to challenge the hegemony of financial capital? Can complacent Jewish Americans avoid the same fate as the complacent German assimilated Jews. (Note: these unusual facts. 1) Adolf Hitler during World War I as a messenger courier was nominated for the Iron Cross 2nd Class, by Hugo Guttman, a Jewish soldier. Additionally Adolf Hitler pardoned during World War II, Ernst Hess, his commanding officer during World War I, and a Jew.)

Chances of war with North Korea go up exponentially

First, Steve Bannon ousted by the globalists in the Trump administration was a restraining voice against war and the neoconservatives war mongers. His position was there is no military solution to Kim Jong Un getting nuclear weapons sooner or later.

Charlottesville pretty much means Mr. Trump will be unable to carry out his plans for tax reform, infrastructure, and the wall which was mostly symbolic. His supposed own party has sabotaged his efforts, i.e., carpetbagger RINOS, as for example in repealing and replacing Obamacare. In point of fact, illegal immigration has fallen precipitously just by people being aware that our laws will be enforced. The market is well stretched beyond fundamentals that would justify such valuations, and it was being levitated on the hope of the president’s agenda, which is not going to happen now. The market could very well crash between now and October.

With no domestic agenda now to speak of, Trump is facing failure unless he goes to war. Which is of course the opposite of economic nationalism. At the same time, war conditions will justify a police state whereby the Trump administration can crack down on the communists, quickly exposing them as a Fifth Column within the United States. It will also pump prime capital movement into defense industries, and mask Federal Reserve inflation as that of war inflation. The only hope for U.S. hegemony is to steal resources, like Trump’s campaign calls to seize Saudi Arabian oil fields, or kill Moammar Kadhafi for his gold. So just like 1938, for his social movement to remain alive he must risk war.

He can achieve nothing else. And war will bring investment and put people to work just as Hitler did in Germany. Inflation will rise but people will be put back to work as labor is partially siphoned off to the war front. He could even put people to work on some domestic projects, by backing bills of exchange with labor. That is, in exchange for labor the government will pay workers with a negotiable instrument that could be exchanged for goods and services within the United States.

Yes, war is not the only option, but it is the best option Donald J. Trump can hope for. And it provides a cover to move on his political enemies, because I guarantee Americans will rally to his side. Patriotism is in the DNA of an American, but not of a communist.