The obvious ruse: “There’s No Sign Whatsoever Of Any Evidence” In The ’12 Russians’ Indictment–Paul Craig Roberts

Complete flim-flam. Had they any evidence they would have presented it before the election — NOT NOW!

My goodness gracious, think people.

They, being the Democrats, had the opportunity to resolve this baseless assertion by simply turning over the Democratic National Committee servers to the FBI computer forensics. They didn’t, so you know the Democrats are lying.

The Russian’s real faux pas was their willingness to expose American software to be completely untrustworthy, empirically established by Kaspersky cyber security. There are built in flaws, e.g., to the Windows operating system, which allow CIA and NSA spyware to go undetected in violation of the Fourth Amendment, allowing them to spy on ordinary citizens, like myself.

Therefore even while Barack Obama was saying the U.S. government does not spy on the American public . . . they actually were . . . using spyware platforms like “Assassin and Aftermidnight.” So not only did National Intelligence Director James Clapper lie under oath, Barack Obama went out of his way to lie to the American people about the state’s surveillance of private citizens, like myself, before 2013.

That is what the Russia collusion story is all about; it is a red herring to distract from the real issue of the Fourth Amendment and its violation by Silicon Valley, indeed working in collusion with our national intelligence agencies. All exposed by a Russian technologist, Yevgeny Valentinovich Kaspersky, an exposé that has completely discredited the American software industry as tools of the U.S. government.


Stupidest headline of the day: “Dem Rep Lieu: Russia Indictments ‘Intentionally Done Today,’ As ‘Poke in the Eye’ to Trump.”

Mr. Lieu, these acts occurred during the Obama administration, so how is this a black eye to Trump? The FBI even informed Obama of the hack, yet he took no countermeasures as far as I’m aware.

So I ask once again, why didn’t the Democratic National Committee turn over their servers to the FBI to verify the hack? What precisely did they have to hide? No one wishes to broach the matter, but Mr. Rich was murdered by person or persons unknown, and after John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chair, said in emails they had to make an example of a person leaking information to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.

Assange and Kim Dotcom have since strongly hinted that Mr. Rich was assassinated because people within the Democratic Party knew he was the source of leaks, and they were desperate to stop it. This is the big story, not any collusion between the Russians and Trump. The latter is a Red Herring, a distraction from the real issue of a capital crime that points directly to the dodgy Podesta brothers and Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for president.

Let me get this straight . . .

Robert Mueller the special prosecutor is worried about 12 Russians hacking our elections, when we allow at least 11 million illegal immigrants to remain in our country, and in some states like California, allow them to vote.

But we’re worried about the Russia military hacking us, yet not about the the fraud of illegal immigrants voting in this country? As Judicial Watch claims, there are 11 California counties with more registered voters than there are citizens over the age of 18 in those 11 counties. And we should always remember that Hillary’s vaunted popular vote margin was predominantly due to the vote count in California — a so-called sanctuary state. Really though, a state padding the Democratic voter rolls with illegals.

And for the Democrats to be worried about this stuff is the height of hypocrisy. Nevertheless, I ask again the following: The DNC maintains they were hacked, but refused to turn over their computers to the FBI to verify such hacking. That is, of DNC emails that showed the Democrats were colluding with the Clinton campaign and news media to steal the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders.

I also think if the DNC would have turned over their servers, the FBI would have discovered that the data published by WikiLeaks was obtained not by hacking, but was downloaded physically to a thumb drive — most likely by Seth Rich, a DNC voter analyst before his untimely and suspicious murder. Not a hack job, but an inside job of a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter that saw what the Democrats were up to: the undermining of our Democracy.

Let me just say, if the Russians did hack the Democrats and work against Hillary Clinton, they did far less than what the Israel lobby does on a daily basis to distort our democracy. However, the real threat to our democracy comes from the CIA, NSA, and FBI with the help of PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine that gives intelligence agencies access to people’s computer running Windows without a warrant.

A clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. Used as in my case, to prevent citizens from posting blogs or even better intervening into posts to distort their meaning. The Russia investigation pales in significance to what the Democrats and the Justice Department allow by turning a blind eye to illegal immigration, the Israel lobby, and Microsoft collusion with our intelligence agencies — to say nothing of their control over Google and Facebook.

This Russia investigation seems to be really about Kaspersky’s [a Russian cyber security technologist] Total Security that blew the whistle on Microsoft and the untrustworthiness of their software*, and by implication American software in general. In my opinion, a gigantic story going unresearched and unprobed by the Zionist Fourth Estate.

*note: Using I might add the spy platforms of “Aftermidnight” and “Assassin” trojan viruses that take advantage of what they like to call a “programming error,” but what I really believe was intentional, since Microsoft refuses to issue a patch for it– [PsSetLoadImgageNotifyRoutine]. I would also add for the noninitiated that said programming error provides the means by which installed viruses can elude detection by any anti-virus program — including Kaspersky and Malwarebytes, among many others. So if you’re scanning for bugs, forgettabout it. A total waste of time. What you have to do is to do a complete wipe and reinstall your operating system — a big hassle — to say the least. But that does not prevent the CIA, NSA, and FBI from reinfecting your computer. Even Windows update can be employed to deliver these spy platforms to your computer. In the process you must also wipe all remote services loaded by Microsoft, and Active-X software. The Russia probe, I believe, is really about the corruption of the American software industry, infected by the CIA, NSA, and FBI viruses that permits surveillance of the general American population — to say nothing of foreigners who use our software. Violations to be sure of the Fourth Amendment and privacy, also cited in the Nuremberg indictment against German war criminals.

How dumb are the Democrats? This dumb . . .

House Democrats have crafted legislation that would abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

This will drive Republicans to the polls, even independents, and cost the Democrats control of the House. We can only hope the Donkeys bring it up for a vote before the Midterms. And what hopeless libtard romantics, like Donald J. Trump would sign any such Federal Government change into law? All polls that I’ve seen, show the public favors ICE. Why? Pretty simple if such a law were to pass, Muslim terrorists would make a bee-line to Tijuana to cross into the United States. Democrats I guess are so clueless, that they must think the country is loved. It’s not, and any such action will constitute a huge national security risk. What a freakin’ gift to the GOP and Trump. You want the Democrats to own this issue going into the Midterms.

La Raza: a racist organization filled with the uneducated.

More Maduro baloney from I’m sorry to say, a UCLA Professor. However, the outcome will be a failed California just as Venezuela failed. But judge for yourself, dear readers. Can you name a single socialist country that has produced sustained income growth per capita over hundreds of years as Protestant countries have done in Europe and the United States. So the Latinos excuse must be American imperialism. However, Asia has advanced even in the face of such imperialism led by Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and China. Japan advanced by keeping outsiders at bay, but this was not normally the case. Mexico appeared to be on the cusp of such advancement in 1966, but then failed again to do so. Latin America like the Club Med countries of Europe has failed at capitalism because of religion.

Catholicism does not make everyday reproduction a test of one’s election and salvation. Protestantism, unlike Catholicism, makes mundane work into a religious ritual centered around the uncertainty of one’s divine fate, one that is predetermined but unknown to the believer. No one dispenses the sacraments to you for divine salvation, you basically earn your stripes through success in a calling.

By contrast, Catholics constantly seek to be bailed out, and fail to take responsibility — even for their own salvation. They rely on the priesthood to bail them out from their moral deficits, and economically they expect to be bailed out by the state. Even a serial murderer will be bailed out under Catholicism as long as he accepts the sacraments. Hence the Protestants grow wealthier, though not necessarily any happier, while Catholic countries grow demonstrably poorer.

But it has little to do with imperialism. The Catholics were lagging behind Protestant countries like England and Germany by the end of the 16th century, before there was much capitalism. It has to do with discipline demanded by the religion for signs of one’s salvation.

Protestantism demands it while Catholicism does not. For the fellow in the video, the question is how does capital accumulation originate. Not even Marx answers this question. Everything he needs to explain capitalism is simply assumed without much thought. And this is the result of him, i.e., Marx, following the work of Adam Smith closely. The real kicker I think is that it matters little whether there is capitalism or socialism for the Catholics because the nature of their religion lacks the discipline to make any system work — whether Venezuela be capitalist or now socialist.

Hollwood’s problem? NBA’s problem?

Hollywood’s problem is that it has morphed into propaganda masquerading as “entertainment”. The exact same as the NBA, where you have political correctness masquerading as a sport? Now, I saw where the Big O, Oscar Robertson, asked where are all the white athletes that filled the rosters of teams like the Boston Celtics, to say nothing of the Cincinnati Royals where Jack Twyman and Adrian Smith starred alongside Robertson? The Celtics boasting the presence of Heinsohn, Ramsey, Sharman, and Cousy. As Robertson understands, if not the NBA, athleticism is just one quality to being a good basketball player, character and and competitiveness being another. Athleticism sold well to Al McGuire, and Jerry Tarkanian but less well to John Wooden where it was the system that counted — not one on one basketball–and why the Boston Celtics ruled the roost during the ’60s. Why again, King James will not displace the system of the Golden State Warriors. The critical question though is who controls both the NBA and Hollywood, and is touting their anti-whiteness?

Lebron has nothing to prove with the Lakers . . .

He’ll go down as one of the greatest without any title in Los Angeles. He’s just marking time until his induction into the basketball hall of fame at Springfield. So why not sign with the Lakers? This is basically a job interview for his next career in film making or whatever. A much tougher business than playing hoops. Here he’ll be judged not on how much he’s paid, but how much revenue he can generate on the big screen. Does he really have star qualities? Well, that’s up for debate, because he won’t just be another pretty face in Hollywood. When he’s done playing his marketability goes down immediately. Like in can he act as opposed to dishing out assists and scoring points? There the acting fraternity will be hard to win over. He appears to be bright, brighter than the average jock, because he realizes it is all coming to an end, even before his physical skills go south on him. Which is to say he has looked into the crystal ball and knows the future, like all us mortals know about death. Here his legacy won’t be judged on wins and losses, but artistic relevance. Does he have that intangible quality like a James Dean or Montgomery Clift? So if he imagined there was pressure in a game seven, he ain’t seen nothing yet till he begins sweating about movie reviews. Hahahaha. Good luck pal!