Don’t cave to special interest Mexicans

Fact: The Supreme Court has upheld all manner of federal statutes regulating immigration – States cannot pass legislation directly impinging on this area of federal domination.

Fact: Constitutional sources of Congress’ power to legislate immigration include:

Naturalization Clause: Article I, §8, clause 4:
Congress has the power to establish a “uniform Rule of

This clause does not expressly provide the federal government power to deny admission or remove
aliens, it really pertains to citizenship.

The Supreme Court eventually found the federal government’s plenary power over immigration to be a sovereign power.

In short, dear readers, it amounts to what makes us a nation state, established after the Wars of Religion and the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

One could argue that immigration control falls with
in the naturalization clause via the necessary and
proper clause. Also you could argue that lawful admission is required for naturalization, thus Congress
could specify the conditions for admission. In other words, if the Congress so chose, it could make legal entry as a prerequisite for American citizenship. Those who did not enter legally should leave and get in line with every other ethnic group seeking American citizenship.

Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, I would maintain amounts to special treatment for Mexican nationals over other ethnic groups and immigrants. Certainly, this amounts to a failure to treat all individuals equally before U.S. immigration laws. It is simply biased in favor of Mexicans for obvious political reasons of Democrats padding their voter rolls. I would even argue, the introduction of scab labor slows the introduction of technology and automation into our production, and as Barbara Jordan pointed out impacts the most vulnerable of our society negatively in terms of downward pressures upon wages.

Mexican don’t want a better society, but rather special dispensation for themselves. What they have accomplished is to open a pandora’s box. For just as they maintain California has a right to grant sancturary to illegal aliens, drawing upon state’s rights, such plenary powers of the state could just as easily be used to deny other immigrant groups, and why the Supreme Court struck down California’s Chinese exclusionary laws of the 19th century. California does not make immigration and naturalization laws, and cannot exclude people on the basis of race or include people on the basis of race.

It is not a power reserved for the state at all, but expressly delegated to the Federal government: “[t]he power of exclusion of foreigners [is] an incident of sovereignty belonging to the government of the United States, as a part of [[[its] sovereign powers delegated by the Constitution.”

In short, the DACA crowd does not have a leg to stand on. And it is the height of naivete to believe the Democrats did not know these facts. After all, it was the racist Democrats that also passed Japanese exclusionary laws, and threw Japanese Americans into internment camps, and while they were locked up to steal lands made valuable by their labor. As they say, you don’t get often what you expect, but you do get what you deserve for being uneducated. Just let me ask you “Taco Bowls” because that is how you are referred to in the DNC emails released by WikiLeaks, just how is that DACA narrative going now? It is Donald J. Trump that offered to expand DACA to 1.8 million persons, but was rejected by the Democrats. Wise up Bro!


U.S. preparing for real war, not a trade war — the same as Russia and China

Vlade didn’t unveil his strategic hypersonic missiles for the so-called trade war. He’s preparing as are the Chinese, because the U.S. has absolutely no alternative now that both counbtries are distancing themselves from the petro-dollar. Once the Chinese and Russians pull out of the dollar, and that is precisely what they’re planning, the U.S. would sink to being a Third World country in short order. The only hope for the U.S remaining hegemonic is to take both of them out. Like Germany, a war must be risked, lest globalism pushes to the sidelines American dominance. Countries simply don’t give up such power willingly, anymore than Spain could concede dominance to Queen Elizabeth. This doesn’t mean the U.S. can win such a war, only that it will not downside its empire. The clue is that it is sacrificing its democracy to maintain empire, precisely what Barack Obama’s administration was all about, as its illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign has revealed. No doubt about it. We are going to war, and perhaps soon, since there remains an opportunity to prevail over our adversaries while we have a technological edge — that erodes with each passing day we delay.

Protecting steel and aluminum industries is a national security issue

No country with a military sector as large as the United States can rely exclusively for these strategic metals used in weapons systems on outside countries. Especially, not China which is much more likely to be an enemy combatant in the future, and not our ally. Meaning, I think that sound foreign policy requires the United States to remain independent of suppliers who are diametrically opposed to our way of life. That means, as Josephus Daniels advocated at the beginning of the 20th century, that the U.S. must have a viable iron industry to supply our military needs. In fact, there should be a state supplier of the metals to keep the prices of private American suppliers honest. Just think what might happen if we go to war with China, and we have no steel industry to speak of, and are dependent for such strategic metals upon our enemy? It might very well lead to our destruction for lack of metals for weapons. Above all why the United States must be self sufficient in steel and aluminum production — raise the damn tariffs, Mr. President, and allow the econoheads to pound sand. Certainly, Sparta would not have been so daft as to rely upon Athens for its bronze. And why in particular, the Uranium One deal amounted to treason, by selling out stores of uranium to Russia, the heart of any nuclear defense.


Oscars soooooo Boring!

Variety reports that between “8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ABC’s Oscars telecast averaged an 18.9 household rating and 32 share in Nielsen’s metered market overnight ratings. For you Hollywood eggheads, that’s represents a 16% drop from the 22.5/37 rating generated by the 2017 Oscars. Hollywood is filled today with minor league talent and yesterday’s entertainment. Take for example the Creature from the Black Lagoon returning to win the Oscar for Best Picture. The only thing worse than their so-called entertainment are their communist politics of political correctness that only V.I. Lenin could appreciate. Dear Hollywood, your globalist clap trap is soooooooo yesterday! The only stage where diversity trumps merit. Give me British cinema any day of the week,


Civil penalties for invasion of privacy

State and federal law protect privacy, including cyber privacy, and prohibit illegal hacking software, GPS tracking devices, accessing someone else’s emails or text messages and other forms of interceptions— without proper consent.

The “Computer Fraud and Abuse Act” (CFAA) is a federal statute that bans the unauthorized use of a computer to acquire information, obtain something of value, or cause damage to the computer. The CFAA sanctions violations with both civil and criminal penalties, including the possibility of federal felony charges. See 18 U.S.C. § 1030. Similarly, the “Electronic Communications Privacy Act” (ECPA) prohibits the intentional interception of oral or written communications as well as the unauthorized intrusion into stored electronic communications (i.e. email accounts). Like the CFAA, the ECPA provides both criminal and civil penalties for violations. See 18 U.S.C. § 2510.

Contrary to common perception, computer hacking, that is the unauthorized access of a computing device such as a phone, iPad, tabloid is illegal and can expose perpetrators to significant fines. In more extreme cases, computer hacking can attract the attention of state and federal law enforcement agencies and may result in criminal charges.
Civil Liability

Violations of electronic privacy laws can trigger federal and state claims against the perpetrator. Frequently used state causes of action are invasion of privacy, trespass, fraud, theft, tortious interference, and defamation.
Courts can award damages, attorney’s fees, punitive damages, and treble damages.
In certain states, like Texas, courts can award up to $ 10,000.00 for each violation. For example, if someone accesses a computing devices 5 times without authority, courts could award damages, lawyer’s fees, punitive damages and additionally $ 50,000.00 for the five violations.
It is important to note that civil liability does not require a specific intent to violate the law, but simply that someone accessed an email account with the knowledge that no authorization existed.

Criminal Prosecution

Accessing someone else’s computing device without authorization can also be charged criminally in form of a federal felony pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1030.
18 U.S.C. 1030 makes it unlawful to intentionally access a computer without authorization or to exceed authorized access, and thereby obtaining information from a protected computer. Another federal statute at 18 U.S.C. § 2511 makes it unlawful to intentionally intercept, endeavor to intercept, or procure another person to intercept any wire, oral, or electronic communication.
Penalties include criminal fines, incarceration of up to 5 years in federal prison per each count, or both.
Furthermore, most states to prosecute interception and unauthorized accessing of an electronic device also as a state criminal offense.



Most of the Remote Access Trojan are downloaded in malicious emails, unauthorized programs and web links that take you nowhere. Capabilities:

Keylogging: Your keystrokes could be monitored, and usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information could be recovered from it.
Screen Capture: Screenshots can be obtained to see what is going on your computer.
Hardware Media Capture: RATs can take access to your webcam and mic to record you and your surroundings completely violating privacy.
Administration Rights: The attacker may change any settings, modify registry values and do a lot more to your computer without your permission. RAT can provide an administrator level privileges to the attacker.
Overclocking: The attacker may increase processor speeds, overclocking the system can harm the hardware components and eventually burn them to ashes.
Other system-specific capabilities: Attacker can have access to anything on your computer, your files, passwords, chats and just anything.

And of course the ability to use the computer microphone and speakers to listen in on your conversations.

Remote Access Trojans come in a server-client configuration where the server is covertly installed on the victim PC, and the client can be used to access the victim PC through a GUI or a command interface. A link between server and client is opened on a specific port, and encrypted or plain communication can happen between the server and the client. If the network and packets sent/received are monitored properly, RATs can be identified and removed.

They can also be back tracked.


Well known traders see crackup in the cards

Legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones argues that US inflation is set to accelerate sharply. Meaning bonds are a very poor investment. The Fed will have to act swiftly to deflate financial bubbles created by prolonged lax monetary policy.

Tudor is not alone in this assessment. Bill Gross and Ray Dalio, who have both claimed the bull market in bonds is over, also warned that “markets disciplined Greece for its budget transgressions; it’s just a matter of time before they discipline us” and as a result Tudor sees the 10-year yields rising to 3.75 percent by year-end as a “conservative” target. Central banks will end the party, to maintain their franchise of money printing, lest the public lose all confidence in fiat currency.

Beginning next September, the ECB concludes its asset purchases as well, and the aggregate balance sheet of the main central banks will start contracting suffocating the gas that powered the market skyward. After nearly a decade of expansion, that will be a major data break and shock to the financial system, making it a horrible time to be holding bonds.*

The question, however, is can the Fed hold out as political pressure mounts to resume quantitative easing. My bet is that they are not politically independent. They will kick the can down the road again delaying only briefly this time the complete collapse of the dollar. Either that or the U.S. initiates World War III to cover the butts of the Khazarian Mafia banksters who have undermined the system with their daft central planning.

It is over. And zombie countries can continue to walk the earth like the living dead or rather the nightmare of the dead over the living.

*Based upon reports of Zero Hedge.