Not even insiders believe the bubble is sustainable

“The global economy is caught in a permanent trap of boom-bust financial cycles. This deformed structure is becoming ever more corrosive and dangerous as debt ratios rise to vertiginous levels, the world’s top monetary watchdog has warned. The Bank for International Settlements said the rot in the global monetary system has not been cut out since the Lehman crisis in 2008. The current ageing and unstable cycle could finish in much the same explosive way, contrary to the widespread belief that it was a once-in-a-century event caused by speculators.”

For Wall Street, it always different this time around. But history shows this is never the case. What goes up on the fraud of fiat currency will come down equally fast when such monetary largesse ceases. And looking at my chart of 10-year-bonds, that appears to be the case. Which is to say interest rates are no longer falling, and as the latter rises, bond prices are falling. This will soon be confirmed by the price of gold, which also spikes with the yield on the ten-year bond. So you have debt leveraged upon debt, over lain with a quadrillion dollars of derivatives, interest rate and credit default swaps. Unsustainable.


Mike Pompeo: when the CIA director says he wants the agency to become more vicious . . .

What he really means is that he wants the CIA to become more like the Schutzstaffel of the Third Reich.

That is, he wants the agency to oppress not only foreigners, but also the domestic population from questioning a failed policy of globalism, of policing the world and nation building in our image.

Therefore as I noted previously, the CIA has used electrical power surges to knock out electrical appliances like air conditioners, to gain access to home residences. Whereupon they attempt to screw up or surveil your computer with the help of Microsoft Windows, and the backdoor discovered by Kapersky Antivirus that allows the CIA to access your computer through updates that mask themselves to be from Microsoft. Electrical surges are used when the “Company” needs actual physical access to your computer or other such shenanigans for surveillance.

This amounts to nothing but another tax upon the domestic population, sort of like when knights sallied forth from the lord’s castle to bash a few peasant skulls. In the present case it amounts to a tax to your dear editor of some $6500 to replace their daft handy work. Their shit will fail however. Because it just infuriates the domestic population that understands what they are up to, as in knocking out the power just prior to the Las Vegas shooting to prevent a certain blogger, moi, from blowing the whistle on their sophomoric schemes.

When it comes to botched CIA operations, nothing tops the Las Vegas fiasco. Why any statism is a bad thing. It is like Philip Zimbardo’s prison experiment of student subjects becoming ever more authoritarian and cruel when placed in a position of power over other student prisoners. Mooks like Pompeo are like the Good Fellas; they should be put out to pasture lest they become another Reinhard Gehlen or even worse, an Otto Skorzeny.

I will say this however, the banksters are engineering this hard right political turn to bring forth people just like the one-brick-short of a load Pompeo. The idea is to oppress the domestic population in violation of the Nuremberg Treaty that found surveillance of the domestic population to be a war crime. The CIA is also not to be intervening in domestic matters at all. Yes, the objective eventually is to bring the U.S. ruling class to trial for the same war crimes as the Nazis. Yes, what sweet Schadenfreude . . . for the Krauts, anyway.

Headline of the day–FBN’s Dobbs: Uranium One ‘May Well Turn Out To Be the Biggest Scandal in American Political History’ .

Absolutely! It is far bigger than the trespasses of Benedict Arnold. It ranks up there with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who passed along atomic secrets to the Soviets in the 1950s. The Clintons by comparison sold out an important strategic U.S. resource, uranium, to the Russians in exchange for some $145 million dollars funneled to the Clinton Foundation. The ultimate pay-to-play scheme while Hillary was Secretary of State under Barack Obama. The details of the espionage which were covered up by Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder. The unfolding scandal is, however, the fact the Trump administration and now Attorney General Jeff Session are also not pursuing prosecution in this biggest of cases in the 21st century. Indeed, there may even be reason to suspect, Hillary leveraged this criminal act to blackmail the Democratic establishment to steal the 2016 nomination for her. For globalists, there is no national loyalty other than the bottom line to their bank accounts. Is it any surprise Hillary is now in London hobnobbing with the Rothschilds?

What is identity politics except division?

Obama: We Reject the ‘Politics of Division’ That ‘We See Now’

What a bunch of horse manure. Identity politics is precisely designed to divide the working class against itself, by identifying with race, gender, and ethnicity, instead of socioeconomic status. When in truth we are all just American citizens first and foremost. However, identity politics does have one clear advantage, it dissipates the power of workers to defend their civil rights, standard of living against such things as illegal immigration which has the profound effect of placing downward pressures upon wages. Hence, profits for the Democrats’ corporate masters soar, while that of the average American falls. This has been going on since 1973, when real wages per capita stopped growing for the average American. By dividing the working class against itself, the globalists, both Democrats and Republicans, were then able to push through trade deals like NAFTA which empowered Corporations to export jobs, and make even greater profits. The end result being, the manufacturing of the greatest inequality since the last Great Depression. To the contrary Democrats love division since it leads directly to greater corporate profits that also leads to more illegal immigration which fills their voter rolls as the latter become eligible to vote. Democrats love division because it directly leads to more political power in the long run. And this scam has been going on since the 1980s, so not coincidentally they grew more powerful, with its apex peaking in the Obama administration. That was preeminently a globalist coup d’etat, that hijacked American prosperity and national defense for the benefit of foreign powers like Germany, and other globalist interests, specifically the Rothschilds empire of central banks. One of the first acts, for example, of our regime change in Libya was to set up a Rothschild central bank. And our involvement in Syria is directly tied to the fact that Bashar al-Assad does not have a Rothschild central bank in Syria. Under financialization, the monopoly over money printing is the key mechanism by which collective wealth is redistributed to the 1 percent by having access to unsterilized fiat currency first. Accomplished by using the fiat money to buy up companies, load them up with debt, fire workers to cut costs, thereby making them highly profitable, and then taking them public or selling them off for large gains. That is, the new form of surplus extraction. The downside is that it has led to a hollowing out of American manufacturing and other industries that globalists refer to as deindustrialization. What it is a recipe for, however, is economic decline. So Obama’s identity politics leads to the defeat of the working class, and the triumph of fascism, states governed by Big Business. The coup de gras of this process is that it reverses the results of World War II because it works to the advantage of industrial powerhouses like Germany. Dear Americans, how fucking dumb can you get. My hat’s off to the Krauts who once again prove their diabolical genius.


GDP (Gross Domestic Product) according to the New York Fed for Q3, it’s 1.8%. If you look at the Atlanta Fed, it’s just a little bit above 2%. So, you are still stuck in that 2% range. There’s no real growth in GDP and no real growth in earnings. The only thing you have left (holding up the markets) is central banks, and that game is ending. You have central banks selling when there is a high risk of nuclear war, WWIII, stocks are trading at all-time record highs and 138% total market cap to GDP when the average is 50%.–Michael Pento, USA Watch Dog

Printing money to the moon is over; so ask yourself, what’s going to levitate the markets? Nothing, that’s right, nothing can keep them up like the Wiley Coyote chasing the Roadrunner over the cliff, and finally realizing there is nothing to hold him up. It was an airy fabrication of fiat money printing floating on the hot air of the Federal Reserve. As Pento advises, 10 percent of your assets should be in gold when the shit hits the fan . . . people. The exchange of oil for yuan with the added incentive of converting yuan to gold will finally undermine the petrodollar, and what is now a trickle of liquidations will turn into a stampede for the exits. Trump has clearly signaled to the market he intends to de facto default on American obligations through the tried and true method of inflation. When the Germans attempted this after 1938, the United States decided to go to war with Germany but needed a pretext: hence Pearl Harbor. The watch word: sell bonds and prepare for war by buying gold. China, Iran and Russia are on a collision course with the U.S. that cannot be avoided. The pretext might just be North Korea but the real objective is the People’s Republic of China. Now why should the U.S. preemptively attack now? Simple, the Chinese military is not yet ready but will be in a decade’s time. This is about realpolitik, not wishful thinking. We have a window to defeat our adversaries, but it is closing fast. Wake up! Biggest drawback to going now is that boots on the ground will still be needed after the first strike. The Chinese have long had a decentralized notion of defense to force us to invade. That is, to prevent us from simply winning with a first strike. Which means we should already be reestablishing a universal draft–time is short.

Freakin’ incomprehensible! Sessions needs to indict Clinton for violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

In addition, agents obtained an account by an eyewitness that was substantiated by documentation that Russian nuclear actors routed millions of dollars to the U.S. specifically to benefit Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ‘charitable’ foundation while the latter was serving as secretary of state, and on a government body that gave a thumbs-up to the deal.–J.D. Heyes, Government Slaves, Oct. 18, 2017

The Justice Department has full knowledge and the facts of criminal wrongdoing by the Clinton’s, yet refuses to act. As noted during the campaign, Trump said he would return the nation to the rule of law, and not the cronyism of the Obama administration. Trump’s base cannot settle for anything less than criminal prosecutions of the Clintons. And Obama and Eric Holder must be held accountable as accessories to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act which have compromised U.S. national security, because uranium constitutes a vital strategic resource to our national defense and nuclear weapons program.

Democrats warned about Weinstein predations

“I confess to having had no problem warning at least three top-level Democratic operatives against allowing Harvey Weinstein to host political fundraisers. A warning that evidently fell on deaf ears.”–Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, producer of the sitcom Designing Women, and friend of the Clintons.

Democrats lecture the populace on political correctness, but are quite simply hypocrites. When it comes to sexual predation and pedophilia, they are in bed with the criminals. Pizzagate pedophilia was not imagined, but covered up with the help of the Democrats, and such people as John Podesta and Nancy Pelosi. A replay of what happened with sexual predator Harvey Weinstein who also had access to the Obama White House.