The new DNC plan to steal the midterms; the Dems will grant citizenship to migrants.

According to Washington D.C. sources there is talk about granting citizenship to illegal aliens flooding across the southern border with a Presidential Executive Order shortly before the mid-term election in November. That would allow illegals to vote, and that sort of outright cheating could touch off violence. Economic cycle guru Martin Armstrong says, “I am concerned if they pull that and they grant all these people citizenship. He’s been flying them in and dropping them off in the middle of the night, why are they doing that? It is to change the election. . . . I am concerned you would be talking about civil unrest going into 2023 that is going to be significant. You have already divided the country between blue and red to begin with. They have misrepresented the abortion thing. Now, with the aliens, how much more are we going to take of this?”

The globalists always have a plan cooking. Their plandemic, while successful in killing the so-called “useless eaters” has now been discredited by the number of people dying of the clot shot. Though that was globalists’ objective all along. They did not anticipate, that is the globalists, the die off happening so quickly. Their statistical models projected such results some 6 to 6.5 years out from the “vaccination.” However, surveys by statistician Steve Kirsch estimate some 750,000 people have died from the vaccine in the U.S. They are presently attempting to start World War III in the Ukraine, which they also hope turns nuclear to achieve their population targets of reducing world population by at least two-thirds by 2029. So if that doesn’t pan out they then plan to inundate the U.S. with migrants, then grant them citizenship through an executive order to remain in power. The White Hats like to claim they are in control, but objectively, the globalists are far from being controlled as long as their fake presidency remains in power. At best, the White Hats appear to be jailing the robotoids or skin jobs that stand in for the real political actors. Some like Tom Hanks have actually been done away with, but even Hanks has his robotoid stand-in to promote his latest movie about Elvis. As long as that strategy is in play the Democrats can fake the presidency and remain in power, because it is not actually Democrats who call the shots, but rather the World Economic Forum. That is who is running the country not the mentally impaired Joe Biden.

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