Tom Luongo: the reality

American geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo remarked that the ongoing conflict in the eastern European nation is nothing more than a “war between civilizations,” in US neoconservatives’ efforts to “forestall Russia taking control of Ukraine.”

Touching on Washington officials’ motives behind the ever-increasing aid to Kiev, Luongo told Sputnik that the American president, “as a proxy for the oligarchs in Davos, is acting on their behalf to ultimately weaken the US by sending weapons overseas and destroying US leadership and credibility.”

“This will only end when there is a real political revolution in the US,” he argued.

Asked about why the Biden administration is concentrated so much on the crisis abroad rather than resolving issues at home, the analyst asserted that the president was “put in charge to destroy the US.”

Biden and his administration are vandals,” he claimed. “They are not acting in the US’s best interests but have subordinated our public policy to the wishes of foreign powers.”

This is no one’s problem to solve other than the American people. But continuing to send aid to Ukraine can only lead to war. But the American people are completely clueless as to where the conflict is heading. That is, the conflict is going to come right to their own doorsteps with a preemptive strike or some sort, either EMP or nuclear. The Zionist Fourth Estate has completely pulled the wool over the eyes of the public, and why democracy is pretty much a dead letter in the country. There is nothing sacrosanct about democracy now. It brought Hitler to power, and we know what happened in that case. Now democracy have brought globalists to power in Obama and Biden, and I predicted in 1992 where that was headed: to the same outcome as that of the Third Reich. Of course, nobody believed me way back then, but now it is on the precipice of becoming our future. But that is the evolution of military led social development; it ends in a cataclysmic failure. First it evolves into a dictatorship, and then complete totalitarianism. It murders millions of people, either by death camps like Birkenau or as today in hospitals employing vaccines. It uses biological weapons against people as I.G. Farben did and now as Pfizer does. Next we will see the opening of concentration camps or as we today call them FEMA camps. The social origins of military led social development goes back to the original property relationships founded in the establishment of the country. In short, we have developed just as Germany did, and it was preordained because the permanent war economy escaped critical discussion by the Zionist Fourth Estate. Don’t believe journalism matters? It matters a whole lot. And because of it, the country is headed to becoming a failed state, like every other state that has adopted socialism or communism or fascism. There is not a dime’s worth of difference among any of them.

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