Paul Craig Roberts: By dawdling Putin and Trump have guaranteed Armageddon. Putin needed to raze Ukraine quickly, and Trump to purge Biden.

In other words the White Hats will not be successful, by staying the course they have guaranteed nothing less than Armageddon—and soon.

I said that it was a strategic mistake for the Kremlin to limit its military operation in Ukraine and to impose restraints on the military action that would drag out the process of Russian victory. I said this would wrongly convince the West that the Russian military wasn’t as formidable as it is and give the West plenty of time to widen the war by becoming more and more involved. With the cold shoulder the West gave to Russia’s security concerns, I said nothing less than a lightning conquest of all of Ukraine and replacement of the US puppet government with a Russian puppet government would convince the West that Russia’s red lines were real and that Russia’s security concerns had to be addressed.

It has happened as I predicted. The US and NATO have become combatants in the conflict over Donbass, formerly part of Russia, by supplying weapon systems, military intelligence, volunteers, diplomatic support and money to Ukraine. The US and NATO have clearly stated that they intend to keep the war going and that they support Ukraine’s reconquest of Donbass and Crimea.

Washington arranged for Lithuania, a NATO member, to block Russian access to part of Russia, Kaliningrad. With Turkey suitably paid to withdraw objection, NATO has invited two historically neutral countries, Finland and Sweden, to align with Washington against Russia and to join NATO. If Finland accepts, NATO will be positioned on another 832 miles of Russia’s border. As preventing Ukraine’s NATO membership and less NATO presence on Russia’s border was one reason for Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, the intervention, despite Russia’s victory in Donbass, was a loss for Russia’s overall goal.

I will continue to post other viewpoints on the coming conflagration, but what we know now is that war is a given. And I would say the United States is unprepared to win it, while the Chinese and Russians have continued to test and develop their nuclear arsenal, even while the 1963 Test Ban Treaty was in place. Which brings us to the useless eaters. That the burden of war falls on the little guy is a given, but our governing class does not care about them. High gas prices and the deplorables complaints about them do not carry much weight because they will soon be vaporized or starved to death in an EMP attack. They are the proverbial dead voters walking–but not for much longer–in my honest opinion.

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