By sending so many arms and munitions to Ukraine we cannot fight and win a conventional war . . .

Ergo: America won’t be able to keep its troops armed for more than a few weeks during war.

Lt. Col. Alex Vershinin published on the website of the Royal United Services Institute, a think tank focusing on issues of defense and international security.

In the article, titled “The Return of Industrial Warfare,” Vershinin argued that the scale of combat in Ukraine shows that the West, and America in particular, needs the kind of industrial capacity it had during World War II to still be called the “arsenal of democracy.”

“The effort to arm, feed and supply these armies is a monumental task,” wrote Vershinin.

And when you are incapable of fighting a conventional industrial war, the probability you will have to go nuclear is high. There is little doubt in my mind and other people I’ve posted on this blogsite that the next war will be nuclear. And we are decades behind both the Russians and Chinese in strategic nuclear technology and missile systems to deliver them. We will lose. Meaning we will be occupied by Chinese troops, and we will need to wage a guerrilla war against our adversaries. Now is the time to distribute small arms to the public, and pamphlets on building IEDs. We can still make it hell for the CCP to attempt to occupy our territory. That is, take a page out of Seminole resistance and the leadership of their chief Osceola against the likes of Andrew Jackson. But that means removing Joe Biden now. Rebuilding our industrial base will take decades to accomplish, but insurgency requires reorganization and networks. After the radioactive fallout dissipates, we will need a plan to restore the confidence of suvivors. This might be the first step in that process. Defense of the country is not just the responsibility of the military class, but everyone’s. And the more people that participate the more they feel they are part of the team, the United States. It’s nothing more than sports psychology.

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