I predicted it was coming and now it has arrived; Sotomayor reported hanged

READERS may recall that the Islamist-in-Chief’s (a/k/a Barack HUSSEIN Obama) main hench-person on the highest court in the land, SCJ S O TO M A Y O R, was scooped up by JAG for heinous crimes against the people. Incontestably, the two were thick as thieves. That close.

AS per the scoop-up, the following are patriotic recaps:

ONTO Monday’s dispatch to the hell-fire that surely awaits this soulless creature, heretofore known as, SCJ S O TO M A Y O R!

At 9:00 a.m. the criminal who had sworn eternal allegiance to Obama was removed from her Camp Delta cage and under Marine guard escorted to a clearing where the execution detail had readied gallows for her arrival.

JAG’s traditional observer, Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall, was not among the military brass present to witness the execution. Instead, Rear Adm. Les E. Reardanz, Deputy Commander, Naval Legal Service Command, stood ready to fulfilled that role.

Surrounded by JAG subordinates and two Marine generals, Rear Adm. Reardanz commented he felt like a “fish out a of water,” for this was his first time either attended or oversaw a Deep Stater’s execution. With what can be described as a hint of hesitancy, he instructed Marines to steer the condemned, by force, if necessary, to the platform where a Navy chaplain and the ‘hangman,’ a soldier whose uniform bore no rank or insignia, waited to administer Last Rites and slip a noose around her neck, respectively.

But like several other Deep Staters whose time had come to face the rope, Sotomayor refused final words of contrition and instead began hurling obscenities.

“You’ll all pay for this! You think we don’t know who you are, you and your families. You think Trump can protect you? You’re fucking stupid.” She spit and words flew from her mouth at once. “We’ll find you fuckers, each of you.”

“Ms. Sotomayor, a military commission has found you guilty of treason and sentenced you to death. It is my responsibility to enforce the sentencing. I’m required to ask if you want to give a statement of contrition, final words?” Rear Adm. Reardanz said slowly, as if reading from a cue card.

“You already heard my last words. And they’re not just words—they’re a promise,” Sotomayor hissed.

Rear Adm. Reardanz whispered something into the ear of a Marine general standing beside him, and the general whispered something back.

“Carry out your instructions,” Rear Adm. Reardanz said to the soldier atop the platform.

“Barack will—” Sotomayor began, but her final utterance trailed off to guttural, gurgling sounds as the door beneath her feet swung open and she dropped to her death.

She was pronounced dead at 9:45 a.m. Monday.

The Nazi big whigs also thought they were untouchable and would not pay any price for launching wars of aggression and committing crimes against humanity. Yet, there they were smirking and smiling during the Nuremberg Military Tribunal. Needless to say they weren’t smirking when the trials concluded and many of them were hanged, just like Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. They too might have hurled epithets and promised to get even, but in truth, they brought their hangings upon themselves by being morally deficient. No one, and I mean no one is going to escape their just punishment for committing genocide during the “plandemic.” And thinking that Bari Shabaaz is going to bail you out or exercise revenge on your behalf is pure wishful thinking. I am 100 percent confident Mr. Shabaaz is also going to hang, along with other Deep Staters and their political operatives. The “plandemic” was the greatest crime in modern history, that tore a hole in the conscience collective wide open. Society will have to repair that tear in the conscience collective and that can only be accomplished by bringing to justice each and every person who participated in the genocide.

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