The “Bush” family was created to destroy America.

This was the claim made by Don Nicoloff, publisher of the Idaho Observer in 2007. In an story on the Bush family whose real surname is Scherff, Mr. Nicoloff released the following photograph taken from the personal belongings of Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s one time personal body guard. After this story was published, Mr. Nicoloff died under suspicious circumstances according to his wife. Mr. Skorzeny had given the photograph to a young man who was dating his daughter in Florida. This will prove to be an important fact momentarily. As you can see, this a family picture of sorts of a middle class German family with what would become many luminaries of the Nazi Party. To the far left, a young Martin Bormann is holding the hand of the matriarch of the Scherff family.

Martin Bormann

As stated in the prior post, Martin Bormann (Hitler’s second in command and who controlled much of the purse strings of the Nazi Party) was vital in the protection and secreting of Der Führer. Bormann further worked closely with Allen Dulles on Operation Sunrise which led to the capitulation of Nazi forces in Italy, and the capture and surrender of Karl Wolff, the highest ranking SS Officer to do so. Now in February 1993, the Paraguay government reported that Herr Bormann died there in 1959. During his time on the lam in South America, Bormann was responsible for the huge cache of gold accumulated using slave labor during World War II by the Schutzstaffel or SS. The allies recovered a 100 tons of Nazi gold in Merkers Germany. That’s what we know of. All this is important because he, Bormann, appears to have served in the German Navy with George H. Scherff, Jr. (pictured in the center) According to Otto Skorzeny sitting beneath the window in the photograph, Scherff, Jr. is actually George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States.* Is it just a coincidence that the Bushes own a family compound in Paraguay of some 300,000 acres? And is it also a coincidence that the Huffington Post reported on July 13, 2016 that Hitler is also believed to have died in Paraguay in 1971, according to Paraguay documentation and the research of Abel Basti. It is well known Paraguay’s dictator Alfredo Stroessner welcomed German war criminals, himself being of German heritage.

In the left panel we can see a comparison between the young German sailor and an older George H.W. Bush. To the right we have a comparison between George Scherff, Sr. and Prescott Bush. I make no judgment as to the young lady seated next to Prescott Bush, though it could be Dorothy Walker. What’s important from all this is the high likelihood we had key Nazi functionaries serving in the U.S. government. George H.W. Bush would rise to become Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and POTUS, and Prescott Bush would be elected to the U.S. Senate. Reinhardt Gehlen actually helped establish the CIA along with the treacherous Allen Dulles, and had strong ties to fascists in the Ukraine and later developed intelligence for Conrad Adenauer. Gehlen was one of the central figures in the hunting down of Germany’s Jewish population. Joseph Mengele the Angel of Death seated at the far back of the group was never brought to justice dying in a swimming accident in Brazil, though his crimes against humanity were beyond gruesome, and I’ll leave it at that. Mengele however also did go to Paraguay when Bormann was diagnosed with cancer, and provided his medical care. As many times as I say this, it doesn’t seem to register to most Americans. The Nazis never surrendered, the Wehrmacht did. They are still at war with the United States, and they are kicking our butts in this stealth plandemic attack. Thanks to the strategic genius of George H. Scherff, Jr., the Nazis first effected deindustrialization, and then began to test using medicine to control populations, like the LGBT crowd during the AIDS epidemic. That earlier experience formed the basis for the current stealth attack using the SARS-CoV-2 virus to sell the real bioweapon, the pseudo-vaccine or mRNA gene therapy, which really goes back to the German eugenics of Joseph Mengele which were used at Birkenau. What goes around finally comes around.

*Note: It is believed George H. Scherff, Jr. and Otto Skorzeny both vied for the affection of the girl who would become Barbara Pierce Bush (her real identiy is unknown to myself). Skorzeny was also reported to have been miffed by George H.W. Bush who had apparently cheated him out of some money Skorzeny believed he was owed. One last observation, the Germans are making a point with the plandemic. Americans got on their high horse and convicted the Germans of crimes against humanity after World War II, like for example doing experiments upon its citizens without informed consent. The COVID-19 pseudo-vaccine is an out and out experiment. When once we would have terminated trials with as few deaths as 50, we have now killed in excess of 17,128 using this pseudo-vaccine which neither prevents infection nor prevents transmission. We pranced and preened like a moral peacock. That we were so much better than the Germans. Well, we have exactly duplicated what the good Germans did by going along to get along. We have committed crimes against humanity. We even have our own Joseph Mengele in the person of Anthony Fauci who like Mengele walks around free as a bird. I think the Germans are having one hell of a good laugh.

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